30 Friendship Day Gifts To Appreciate The Friends In Your Life

Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

Buckle up and dive right in through our list of friendship day gifts for your friends.

After all, there had been at least one friend who stood by your side when you thought the world was falling apart. 

You found solace in their presence, motivation in their talks, and love in their laughs.

Imagine what your life would be without them? It’s impossible to think, right?

Friendship day is approaching! So take time off your schedule to meet up with your friends and give them lovely friendship day gifts.

Just kidding! 

You know one of the best things about friends is that they don’t expect expensive stuff from you (they don’t even expect anything at all!). 

Just chocolates or snacks will make them happy. 

But it’s Friendship Day, my friend. It’s the celebration of friendship! 

Take a step ahead and say thank you to your friends by giving them unique friendship day gifts. 

(Remember that friendship day is about fun, so your gifts must be unique and funky!)

So get ready to browse through the 30 best friendship day gifts to appreciate the friends in your life. 

To make things easier for you, I have split the friendship day gifts into different categories, so you can find unique gifts for your best friend, your boyfriend, your husband, or anyone! (everyone deserves friendship day gifts!)

Let’s roll!

A. Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friendship Day Gift Ideas PortraitFlip

It can get confusing to find perfect friendship day gifts for friends. What gift will they really like? 

There are so many options to choose from, and it can be a nail-biting experience to come up with unique Friendship day gift ideas.

And that’s why I’m here. To save your precious nails! 

Below you’ll find three friendship day gift ideas that your friends will love.

1. Funky Pens For Groovy Friends!

Funky Pens For Groovy Friends Friendship Day Gifts!

Pens. Every human needs a bunch of em! 

Gifting pens may seem a very common friendship day gift idea, but it is not.

You know that Pens are used every day. You carry one with you; it’s in your office, at your study table, and a few lying among the stuff in your house.

And you definitely know that once you lend your pen to someone, you’ll never get them back!

So, celebrate friendship day by giving funky pens as friendship day gifts.

Your friends will surely love these funky pens (and they won’t lend them to anybody!)

2. Solar Backpacks For The Friend On The Go.

Solar Backpacks Friendship Day Gifts

The phone battery doesn’t last the whole day and it can be difficult to find a power outlet while traveling. 

Powerbank is great, but it won’t be enough if your friend spends most of their time traveling (unless they carry a dozen power banks).

Help them out by getting them solar backpacks as friendship day gifts!

These backpacks are lightweight and come with solar cells and a built-in battery that can charge your phone on the go.

This is especially useful if your friend loves hiking, biking, or camping.

Some advanced Solar backpacks can also power a laptop for up to 3 hours!

3. Let Them Flaunt Their Cool Shades To Beat The Summer Heat

Two women goggles Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

Having a pair of summer googles is never enough. We need more for our collection.

Giving sunglasses as friendship day gifts is a great way to keep your friends chill in the summer.

You can also get the same type of sunglasses for your group. This way, when you all are at the beach, everyone will know you’re from the same tribe.

And ya, you’ll be able to click some cool photographs too. 

B. Best Friendship Day Gifts 

Best Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

Something out of the ordinary for the best people of your life! 

We have made a list of three best friendship day gifts that will surprise your friends.  

How many times have you heard that your friend dropped their phone and shattered the screen?

1. Protect Their Laptop With A Military-Grade Laptop Cover

Laptop Cover PortraitFlip Friendship Day Gifts

We all have a clumsy friend who often breaks things (blame their butterfingers).

So if your friend has a butterfinger, giving them a military-grade laptop cover will be one of the best friendship day gifts. 

Perfect for anyone, a military-grade laptop cover is great for keeping the laptop safe, especially during traveling or accidental drop. 

2. Relive Your Friendship With A Handmade Oil Portrait

A Handmade Oil Portrait Friendship Day Gifts

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” — Tennessee Williams

I’m sure you have made awesome friends along the way. 

So this friendship day, take this opportunity to cherish the friendship by giving them the best friendship day gift ever.

Invite your best friends over, and hand them the gift.

Watch them unwrap the package (do record the moment on your phone) and let them discover a beautiful Handmade Oil Painting of the group. 

Imagine how awesome they will feel when you give them such a wonderful present.

A painting is a way to strengthen the bond and heal any relationship – so if there have been any ups and downs in your friendship, the painting will fix it!

Also, gifting a portrait just doesn’t mean that you appreciate their friendship; it implies that you want to be friends with them forever <3

I’m sure your best friends will like the painting, and they will appreciate your efforts in giving such a pleasant gift.

Got a cool photo of your tribe? Send it to us and our artist will paint an awesome oil portrait for you (just like the pic above).

3. Save Their Eyes With Blue Light Filter Glasses

Filter Glasses Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

It’s a digital world and almost all of us are spending most of the day in front of the screen. 

Our day starts with a mobile phone, then we work for hours in front of laptops, then there’s chilling in front of the TV and at last, the day ends with us checking the phone before we fall asleep!

Do you know spending so much time on screen can cause eye strain and headaches?

Save your friends’ eyes by getting them blue light filter glasses as a friendship day gift. 

The blue light filter glasses filter out harmful blue-violet rays emitted from digital screens. 

Now your friends will never complain of tired eyes.

C. Friendship Day Gifts For Male Friend 

Friendship Day Gifts For Male Friend PortraitFlip

So it’s Friendship day and you are looking for a gift to give to a male bud. 

Well, you know what to give your girlfriends this friendship day, but when it comes to giving a gift to a guy friend you’re like umm…..Uh? 

Dont stress! We have a list of Friendship day gifts for male friends. Scroll through them and select the one you think is the best.

1. Kickstart His Morning With A Friendship Mug

 Mug Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

Every morning when your male bud goes for his morning caffeine fix, he will be delighted to drink coffee in the mug that you gave. 

This mug will remind him about your friendship every time he drinks the coffee. So be sure to get a couple of them and give them to him as friendship day gifts.

You can also add a customized message to make the mug personalized. 

2. Funny Keychains For The Funny Man

Keychains Friendship Day Gifts

If your male friend is a humor-loving guy, then there’s nothing better than giving him funny keychains on this friendship day.

There are a lot of funny keychains available online. You can get everything from a funny message keychain to poop keychains!

He will let out a laugh when you hand him this hilarious friendship day gift.

And when someone asks him where he got this keychain, I’m sure he will giggle and think about you.

3. Get Him A Funky Men Wallet

Wallet Friendship Day Gifts

A wallet is an essential accessory for keeping cards, cash, driving license, business cards, receipts, and more.

And guess what?

Being an important accessory, most guys (like me) use the same wallet for years. 

They don’t get a new one until their current wallet is torn or lost.

So if you have a male friend, get him a funky men’s wallet as a friendship day gif. 

Getting a decent wallet is nice but a funky wallet will be colorful, just like your friendship. 

D. Friendship Day Gifts For Boyfriend 

“Hey! How can I give my boyfriend a friendship day gift? It’s friendship day, not Valentine’s day!

If you’re thinking the same, I’ll let my friend guide you. 

Friendship day is a celebration of “friendship” irrespective of the relationship you share with that person. You can celebrate friendship day with your friends, family members, and with your special someone.

Thanks, SpongeBob! 

So are we clear now? Let’s see friendship day gifts for boyfriends

1. Level Up His Grooming With A High-Quality Trimmer

Trimmer PortraitFlip

Trimmers are an essential part of the grooming kit, but sometimes they can be saviors for men. 

Say your boyfriend is running late for the office and he remembers that he hasn’t shaved. 

In this case, he can use the help of high-quality trimmers to trim his facial hair.

He will thank you for giving such a friendship day gift and saving the day!

2. A Crate Of Beer For The Beer Loving Guy

A Crate Of Beer

If your boyfriend has a thing for beer, then get him a beer crate as a friendship day gift.

Although it is a simple gift, giving his favorite beverage is a nice way to thank him for his friendship.

And ya, he will enjoy spending time with you (while having his favorite beverage!) 

3. Refine His Style With A Cool Jacket

Jacket Friendship Day Gifts

Step up your boyfriend’s fashion by getting him a jacket on this friendship day.

This stylish jacket will let him take some cool photos and flaunt his style.

If he has a jacket on his wishlist, buy it for him. If he doesn’t, surprise him with a new jacket!

Men love wearing jackets and it is one of the best friendship day gifts for boyfriend.

E. Friendship Day Gifts For Girlfriend 

Friendship Day Gifts For Girlfriend PortraitFlip

If you’re not sure what to give your girlfriend on the occasion of friendship day, I’m here to help (Brofist!).

I know the feeling of not being able to choose the gift, that’s why I have selected the top three friendship day gifts for girlfriend.

Check ’em out!

1. Get Her A Beautiful Necklace

Necklace Friendship Day Gifts

Women love to express themselves and wearing a necklace is one of the best ways to increase self-esteem. 

Your Girlfriend will appreciate it when you get a beautiful necklace as a friendship day gift for her.

Gifting a necklace will also let her know that you genuinely love her (a bonus point for your relationship) 

If you have the budget, you can actually go for an expensive necklace. 

2. Keep Her Young With Makeup Products

Makeup Products Friendship Day Gifts

Oh man, you already must be knowing how much women (most of them, to be precise) love doing makeup.

If your girlfriend is among them, then why not give her makeup products as friendship day gifts?

If you don’t know much about makeup products (just like me), you can go with the following brands: 

  • L’Oreal
  • Covergirl
  • Estee Lauder
  • Maybelline
  • Chanel

There are even more brands that manufacturers great beauty products. So be sure to do your research before getting one.

Your girlfriends will love to use these makeup products to keep her skin radiant and will never miss a chance to wear it whenever she’s outing with you

3. Let Her Hug A Big Teddy Bear

Big Teddy Bear

Why are the girls obsessed with Teddy Bears? Was one of the questions that I never found an answer for – until now when I was writing this blog.

It turns out, women love Teddy Bears because they look cute to them and are comforting when hugged.

So take this knowledge to your advantage and get a big teddy bear as a friendship day gift for girlfriend.

I’m sure you’ll get a “big hug” right after you give her this sweet friendship day gift. 

Before we move ahead with our next category, take a look at some of the songs that you can dedicate to your friends on this friendship day:

  • “We’re Going to Be Friends,” by The White Stripes.
  • “Count on Me,” by Bruno Mars
  • “You’re My Best Friend,” by Queen.
  • “With a Little Help From My Friends,” by The Beatles.
  • “Graduation (Friends Forever),” by Vitamin C.
  • Or play “AC/DC – All My Friends Are Gonna Be There Too” Album if you guys are into Rock

F. Friendship Day Gifts For Husband

Friendship Day Gifts For Husband PortraitFlip

Take Friendship day as an opportunity to show how much you’re thankful to your husband. 

You know men are not that fond of receiving gifts, but still, consider giving one on this friendship day.  

Choose anything from his wishlist, or scroll down to find some cool friendship day gift for husband. 

1. Get Airpods For Hands-Free Experience 

Airpods Friendship Day Gifts

Airpods are wonderful wireless earbuds out there that will let your husband do his tasks hands-free.

It can read messages and notifications, play music, can control phone features, and the best part- can be connected to any device including android.

They are a great tool if your hubby spends a lot of time on calls.

And apart from just managing calls, Airpods gives awesome spatial music playback. Now your husband will enjoy the music much more! 

So get Airpods for your husband as a friendship day gift. 

2. Add A Wristwatch To His Collection

Wristwatch Friendship Day Gifts

A wristwatch is an awesome friendship day gift for husband. 

Wearing an analog wristwatch will give your husband a classy look, so it’s worth getting him a new timepiece. 

You can consider getting a smartwatch that will connect to his phone. This way he will be able to manage his notification, without having to look at the phone. 

If he is an athletic type, gifting him a sports watch will be a nice choice. 

3. Gift Him His Favorite Liquor

Liquor Friendship Day Gifts

Every man has a love for his favorite drink, and how great it would be if you buy a bottle of it?

Bring his favorite liquor and give it to him as a friendship day gift. 

Be sure to spend time with him and spend the friendship day evening with music and sweet talks.

Your husband will love it!

G. Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend 

Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend PortraitFlip

Your every friend deserves a friendship day gift, but your besties deserve something special. (After all, they are amazing people in your life!)

Think out of the box, and consider giving them special gifts that will strengthen your bond with them a hundred times!

Below, you’ll find three unique friendship day gifts for best friend. 

1. Appreciate Their Friendship With A Thank You Cake

Thank You Cake Friendship Day Gifts

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

A Thank you cake is one of the awesome Friendship day gifts for best friend. 

Choose your best friend’s favorite type (and flavor) of cake and customize it with a “thank you” message.

Give this cake along with other gifts on friendship day. You can also DIY it and bake a tasty cake at home. 

Although simple, your best friend will love this friendship day gift.

2. Bluetooth Speakers To Blast The Music

Bluetooth Speakers Friendship Day Gifts

For anyone who loves music, getting a High-quality Bluetooth speaker is much like a wish fulfilled.

So do what best friends do!

Get a HIgh-Quality Bluetooth speaker as a friendship day gift for the bestie of your life and let them blast their favorite music!

A few best Bluetooth Speakers suggestions you can consider giving to your BFF:

  • UE Megaboom 3
  • JBL Charge 5
  • JBL Link 20
  • Sonos Roam
  • Bose S1 Pro

3. A Handmade Portrait To Lock Your Friendship Forever

A Handmade Portrait Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

If your best friend is closest to your heart,  you can do one thing that will ensure that your bond stays strong forever:

Get a custom handmade portrait of you and your bestie!

This may sound untrue, but when you give someone a handmade portrait, they are likely to keep it forever. Plus it will do wonders for your relationship with them. 

Giving a handmade portrait as a friendship day gift will let your best friend know how much you treasure your relationship with them.

It is also a way to tell them that you want to be their best friend forever.

So send us a photo of you and your best friend, and our artists will turn the photo into a painting.

The whole process is easy, fast, and light on your pocket.

A note: Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still get a handmade painting by paying just 30% in advance and the rest before getting the delivery of the painting. Check our website to know more

H. DIY Friendship Day Gifts

DIY Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

So you want your gift to be unique and want your friends to know that it is crafted with love? 

Then go Do-it-Yourself Way!

Gather the materials, pour your creativity, and have fun making these DIY friendship day gifts. 

1. Say “Happy Friendship Day” With A Friendship Day Card

Friendship Day Card Friendship Day Gifts

Making a Friendship card is an awesome DIY activity and there are a hundred ways to make it. 

You can choose the easy approach and make a simple card with a friendship day message, or you can go for something unique like a folding card or a heart-shaped card.

Remember that the sky’s the limit when you’re making DIY friendship day gifts.

So take your time and make friendship day cards for all your friends and give them as DIY friendship day gifts.

2. Give Them A Friends Collage

Friends Collage Friendship Day Gifts

This DIY friendship day gift is easy to make and great for giving to your group.

Just gather all your group photos and stick them on the cardboard to make a photo collage. 

Decorate, add messages to it and your Friends collage is ready!

You can also choose to give this DIY friendship day gift to your best friend by sticking a collage of your and their photos together!

3. Make A BFF Care Package For Them

BFF Care Package Friendship Day Gifts

BFF care packages are awesome DIY friendship day gifts to show your friends that you think (and care) about them.

It is a package that can contain anything from food items (mint, snacks, cookies, candies, beverage) to clothes, photos, and everything you can think of!

You can put t-shirts, posters, matching keychains, photos, makeup stuff (for girls), and whatnot!

To be precise, a BFF care package is a little fun box having awesome stuff.

So get boxes, fill them with awesome stuff, write friendship messages and gift them to your friends on this friendship day.

Hey! Don’t forget them! 

You’ve made a lot of friends along the way.  There were school friends, classroom friends, playtime mates, friends at the job, and maybe even friends at the bar. 

No matter where you went, they accompanied your chit-chats and even the serious talks. 

Today, some may be still close to you, while some may be just another number in your contact list. 

So take friendship day as an opportunity to connect with your long-lost friends! 

Just wish them on a call or leave a DM! 

I’m sure they would be surprised to receive your call… 

I. Cheap Friendship Day Gifts 

Cheap Friendship Day Gifts PortraitFlip

You’re trying to save money and yet want to get friendship day gifts for your tribe? 

You’re in for a treat. 

Scroll down to find some of the cheap friendship day gifts that you can consider giving your pals on this friendship day. 

These three friendship day gift ideas will be great for a gift and light on your pocket.

1. Get Friendship Day Bracelets From The Store

Bracelets Friendship Day Gifts

Friendship day bracelets are commonly exchanged between friends on friendship day. 

Those bracelets may seem ordinary, but they symbolize friendship. 

So when you give a friendship day bracelet to your friend, it signifies that your friendship with them is strong and endless. 

Another pro of friendship bands? They are inexpensive and easy to get (just rush to a store near you or get it online).

You can even DIY it at home!

So, get a lot of bracelets and give them to your friends as friendship day gifts. 

2. Thank Them With Chocolates and Flowers 

Chocolates and Flowers Friendship Day Gifts

Another way to celebrate friendship day when you’re on a tight budget is to give your friends chocolates and flowers as cheap friendship day gifts

This friendship day gift idea is simple and a nice gesture to appreciate your friends for their companionship.

You can choose any type of chocolate, but most people prefer yellow roses while choosing a flower.

You can also go for red roses or other flowers like Ivy, Sunflower,  Pink tulip, Pear blossom, Campanula, or whatever suits you. 

Just know that every flower has a different meaning. So do your homework before gifting one!

3. Lift Their Stress With A Doodle Book 

A Doodle Book

A much-needed tool for all; doodle books are a great fit for cheap friendship day gifts.

You know how hectic our schedules are! There’s work we need to keep up with and there’s the constant distraction of a phone.  

This often leaves us stressed and unable to concentrate.

Doodling is a great way to improve concentration, relieve stress, provoke creativity, and process emotions effectively. 

So help your pals relieve stress by giving them doodle books on this friendship day.

Now your friends will love to doodle in their free time (instead of scrolling their feed).

J. Last Minute Friendship Day Gifts 

Getting a friendship day Gift is –

10%  luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will. 

5% percent pleasure, 50% percent planning, and 100% anxiety if you forget to get a gift!

So here are three last minute friendship day gifts for the procrastinators! (and for those who genuinely forgot to get friendship day gifts)

1. Get Them A Precious PortraitFlip Gift Card

PortraitFlip Gift Card Friendship Days Gift

You wanted to give your best friend a precious friendship day gift, but there’s no time left…

It’s friendship day today and you’re aimlessly searching the web for amazing last minute friendship day gifts…

But nothing good is showing up… you’re growing frustrated…

That’s when I come into the picture and save you with the best last minute friendship day gift:

A Custom Handmade Painting Gift Card!

I hope you know that a custom handmade painting is the best gift to cherish any relationship (if you don’t, check it here)

You just have to customize the gift card, enter your friend’s email ID, and zoom! Your friend receives the friendship day gift card instantly.

This gift card will allow your friend to choose a photo of their choice and get a portrait hand-painted by our professional artists. 

2. Give Them Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats Friendship Day Gifts

Candies, cookies, muffins, desserts, or anything sweet is a great fit for last minute friendship day gifts.

These sweet treats are easy to get or you can make them at home (only if you have already not run out of time).

Apart from satiating, sweet treats can do wonders for your friends’ health (I’m not kidding!)

Sweets can lower blood pressure and prevent a stroke!

What’s more, is that sweets can lift anyone’s mood and are a great snack to munch. 

So, get some sweet treats for your friends on this friendship day! 

3. Buy Them Their Favorite Snacks

Favorite Snacks Friendship Day Gifts

This one is one of the great friendship day gift ideas, especially when you’re looking for a last minute quick fix for the gift.

You must have an idea what snacks your friends love the most.  So, get their favorite snacks and give them as friendship day gifts.

Or the Best: 

Invite all your friends over and throw a snack party! (don’t forget to invite me if there’s going to be pizza at the party!)

Hey Folks, you are here! 

Those were our 30 friendship day gifts to appreciate the friends in your life. Before you go and buy a gift, consider these four friendship day gifts tips:

1. Don’t Be Boring

Please dont just say “happy friendship day”. Get them a gift! Get at least friendship day bracelets or chocolates.

2. No Expensive Gifts Expectations

Look you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a gift for your friends (unless they are the sweetheart of your life). Just go with an inexpensive gift, and offer them your friendship and support. They will be happy.

3. Add A Personalized Thank-You Note To Every Gift

Whatever gift you give, don’t forget to add a handwritten thank-you note. Even something as simple as jotting “Thank you for being my friend” on a piece of paper will work. 

4. Be Thoughtful, Please!

Whatever gift you may give, it should be useful to that friend. So select gifts that will add value to their lives. Gift something that will cherish your friendship with them.

(That’s why we recommend you to get a custom handmade painting!)

Hey folks!

The Day is getting long and my blogs are getting longer! Thanks for sticking till the end.

I’m sure you found awesome friendship day gifts for your friends.

If you think I missed mentioning some best friendship day gifts, please feel free to comment down below. 

You can also reach out to us on social media.

Also, check PortraitFlip, the best platform to get handmade portraits from photos.

Now, go ahead and get the best friendship day gifts for your friends.

Until next time, pal 😉

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