40+ Friendship Day Gifts to Laud Your Comrade in Life

A group of four friends walking arm in arm on the street. The text reads 40+ friendship day gifts

Doesn’t a special day for friends call for friendship day gifts?

“Because a friend to me is someone believing the best in you at all times”.

Isn’t it a blessing to have someone who will always have your back, even if it’s a 4 am call?

Someone supportive, trustworthy, loyal, and always down for a good mocktail!”

May it be good or bad they are the ones who will always stick around when times are tough.

Whether you like it or not, they will always deliver the truth.

These funny bones called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. always make sure you have a good laugh until you pee your pants.

The bottom line is friends are home away from home and no matter where you live in the world, you cannot keep afloat without them!

Memorial Portrait

So, this Friendship Day, do something special for these lovely humans in your life.

But it’s always difficult to put your finger on that one perfect gift!

Don’t worry I am here to help you make them feel on top of the world with these amazing friendship day gifts.

Keep reading to know more!

A. Gifts for Best Friends

Two girls hugging each other. The text reads gifts for best friends.

Something out of the ordinary for the best people of your life!

Every friend deserves a friendship day gift, but when it is for your bestie, you ought to think of something special.

These special gifts for best friends will strengthen your bond with them a hundred times more!

1. Relive Your Friendship With A Handmade Oil Portrait

A handmade oil painting from PortraitFlip where a group of friends are enjoying their friendly banter with some drinks to go with it. The text reads handmade oil portrait, photo to painting.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” — Tennessee Williams

I’m sure you have made awesome friends along the way.

So, on this friendship day, take this opportunity to cherish the friendship by giving them the best friendship day gift ever.

Invite your best friends over, and hand them the gift.

Watch them unwrap the package (do record the moment on your phone) and let them discover a beautiful Handmade Oil Painting of your OG friends’ group.

Imagine how awesome they will feel when you give them such a wonderful present.

A painting is a way to strengthen the bond and heal any relationship so if there have been many ups and downs in your friendship, the painting will fix it!

Oh, but are you worried that you have an old tattered photo which is precious?

You got nothing to worry because you can now order bad photos to pencil portraits from PortraitFlip!

2. Military-Grade Laptop Cover

A grey color military grade laptop cover for friendship day
Image Source: Amazon

We all have a clumsy friend who often breaks things (blame their butterfingers).

So if your friend has a Butterfinger, giving them a military-grade laptop cover will be one of the best friendship day gifts.

Perfect for anyone to keep their laptop safe, especially during traveling or accidental drops.

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3. Blue Light Filter Glasses

Black framed blue light filter glasses as a friendship day gift
Image Source: freepik

Do you know spending so much time on screen can cause eye strain and headaches?

Save your friends’ eyes by getting them blue light filter glasses as a friendship day gift. The blue light filter glasses filter out harmful blue-violet rays emitted from digital screens.

Now your friends will never complain of tired eyes.

4. Best Friends Forever Mug

Best friends forever mug with a print of five best friends on one side of the mug and a caption on the other side that reads never apart maybe in distance but never at heart
Image Source: Etsy

Every morning when your bud goes for a morning caffeine fix, they will be delighted to drink coffee in the mug that you gave.

This mug will remind them about your friendship every time they drink the coffee.

You can also add a customized message to make the mug personalized.

5. Why You Are My Bestie Book

A book which has a cover that reads why you are my bestie for friendship day
Image Source: Amazon

No matter how much time you spend together, you will still have an ocean to share with your BFF.

Jot down everything from your favorite memories, and funniest inside jokes, to reasons why you’re glad they are your bestie in this book.

6. Personalized Best Friend Sequin Pillow

A personalized sequin pillow specially for you best friend
Image Source: Amazon

Thinking of a best friend gift ideas then customize a sequin pillow for this friendship’s day.

You could personalize it with cute messages that pop up every time they swipe the sequins.

7. Paw Print Ring

Three different colored paw print rings in golden, rose gold and silver. These rings have custom prints on them that has your beloved pets paw impressions.
Image Source: Etsy

Did you know of the one thing they love more than you?

This four-legged furball!

Find a way to take a picture of their cat or dog’s paw and turn it into a beautiful paw print ring.

B. Unique Friendship Gifts

A girl receiving unique friendship gifts with a big smiling face

So you want your gift to be unique and want your friends to know that it is crafted with love? 

Then you are surely in for a treat!

We have personally curated a list of unique friendship gifts for you. Keep scrolling! 

1. A Royal Portrait to Awake Their Funny Bone

A royal portrait from PortraitFlip that has a man in a kinds attire. This painting is hung on a living rom wall.

How many times have we left a chance to make fun of our friends?

Paint a portrait of them in a funny fantasy character or rather into paintings of Kings, Queens, Prince, or Princess.

No superpower can stop their laughter once they set their eyes on this custom royal portrait.

Make the most of this friendship day by surprising them with these unique royal portraits from PortraitFlip.

If your friend likes all things out of the box, this one will surely be his favorite!

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2. Terrarium Candle

Terrarium candles customized in plant and flower based patterns.
Image Source: apartmenttherapy

As much as they would love to fill the house with plants, the probability of them surviving is not likely.

Thanks to their lazy a**.

Leave the real stuff and go for these wax versions that are packed with divine scents.

3. Jewel-Tone Birth Month Dish

Customized jewel tone birth month dish for friendship day gifts
Image Source: uncommongoods

On this national friendship day customize a stoneware trinket dish inspired by their birthstone.

Birthstones are considered lucky for a reason, so why shy away from showering them with some additional luck!

4. Goal Getter Notebook

A goal getter diary on a work table that has a keypad, a cup of coffee a pair of glasses and a mobile phone on it.
Image Source: freepik

Which one’s your best friend a go-getter or rather a goal-getter?

This stylish notebook will be the perfect anchor to help them tick all their goals and stay organized.

Have they just got graduated?

Go get them this unique graduation gifts that they will adore and move towards their goal!

5. Medium Tea Assortment Kit

Tea made of an assorted tea kit and a hand leaning forward to take a sip of that tea. The table also has a tea kettle and a piece of cloth on it.
Image Source: freepik

Your favorite tea lover deserves more than just any usual tea bag for tea time.

Instead, give them a wooden box of assorted pressed teas that comes in different variants.

6. Solar Backpacks

A man on a trekking trip with his solar backpack.
Image Source: inhabitat

These backpacks are lightweight and come with solar cells and a built-in battery that can charge your phone on the go.

This is especially useful if your friend loves hiking, biking, or camping.

7. “The One Where They Don’t Share Food” Bowl

A customized bowl with a caption that reads similar to a famous quote from the series friends that goes like, the one where Stacey doesn't share food.
Image Source: Etsy

If you are looking for gifts for your best friend, then this Friends-inspired bowl is perfect?

If your friend is an ultimate foodie this one would best suit him.

C. Meaningful Friendship Gift

Two girls with meaningful friendship day gifts

A gift that will be a thought to remember things by, something that holds meaning.

These gifts have that mandatory personal touch effect because a lot of thought goes behind curating them!

If you have a buddy who is someone who earns something keepsake then this meaningful friendship gift list will be perfect for you!

1. Turn a Treasured Moment Together Into A Portrait

A charcoal portrait of a group of friends standing together by PortraitFlip

Aren’t friends the family you choose, the wine to your life and the yin to your yang?

They may embody all of the things I just mentioned above, or even one yet they count to be one of the the most special humans in your life.

It’s always wonderful to be reminded of your special bond and the moments you have spent together.

A token which is timeless and something which they can remember you by, wouldn’t that be a perfect friendship day gift!

Customize a charcoal painting with your friends from PortraitFlip.

The beauty of charcoal portraits is that it casts such a beautiful and textured feel to your painting making it more special.

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You know what else you could do?

You could secretly acquire their baby photos and turn it into a customized baby charcoal sketch!

2. Open When … Cards

A couple of open when cards as friendship day gifts
Image Source: pinterest

Blimey! Sadly, we don’t have the power to teleport.

So, there can be times when you can’t be there for your BFF.

Write all your heart-to-heart thoughts on each card in this set for all the times you won’t be there for them

3. A BFF Care Package

Hands holding a personalized BFF care package that has coffee beans. a cup and saucer, scented candles, cookies and a small gif box.
Image Source: freepik

Wish them nothing but wellness with this hand-picked BFF care package.

You could also add a beautiful card and a note along with the gift box and give it that personal touch.

4. PortraitFlip Gift Card

A custom gift card from PortraitFlip

Do you want to give your best friend a precious friendship day gift, but can’t think of anything specific?

Don’t worry I have got you covered!

A Custom Gift Card from PortraitFlip!

All you got to do is customize a gift card and send it over to your friend!

This will surely save you from doing the honors of choosing a gift yourself!

Now your friend will be able to order a portrait of his choice from us in just four easy steps.

5. Woven Astrology Zip Pouch

An astrology zip pouch that is customized with beautiful thread work based on different star signs.
Image Source: Etsy

Your horoscope-loving bud will go nowhere without this pouch.

It’s a perfect pocket-size companion that could store everything from makeup, pens, and other handy little things they love carrying around.

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6. Our Adventure Book

Our adventure book placed a marble table
Image Source: pinterest

This little book gives you a spot where you could remember all your adventures together.

May it be big or small, crazy times spent with our friends should always be treasured.

7. Moon Lamp

A customized moon lamp on a wooden stand surrounded with beautiful fairy lights
Image Source: unsplash

Brighten their rooms with the serene moonlight experience that they could experience within the comfort of their home.

P.S. Cause you will always love them to the moon and back!

Painting of Two girls

D. Sentimental Gifts for Friends

Four friends arm in arm siting on a wooden plank. The text reads sentimental gifts for friends

From small hand-written notes, your first photograph, your first friendship day band we all have friends who love to keep the small little friendship memories safe.

That is because they have attached a lot of sentimental value to these things that are memoirs of your friendship.

If you too have one such friend this list of sentimental gifts for friends will be where you’ll find your friendship day gifts.

1. A Handmade Portrait To Lock Your Friendship Forever

A custom oil portrait where two friends are posing for a picture by PortraitFlip

If your best friend is close to your heart, then there’s one thing you can do that ensures that your bond stays strong forever!

We all have our share of ups and downs with our best buddies, but with this gift, you could let them know that no matter what this is forever!

It’s one of the best handmade presents to amaze your friend and strengthen the bond both of you share.

Get a handmade Oil Portrait from PortraitFlip that would help treasure your relationship with each other.

The whole process is easy, fast, and light in your pocket.

A timeless souvenir to mark your timeless bond!

2. Friendship Day Bracelets

Two friends hand in hand wearing friendship day bracelets
Image Source: pixabay

We have all exchanged friendship day bracelets since the time we remember.

It is an age-old symbol of friendship that ties your relationship into an endless one.

3. Pocket Hug Keepsake Token

Customized pocket hug keepsake token as friendship day gifts
Image Source: lovebugdesigns

Near or far, if you want to always be there for your friend this heart-shaped token will keep you close to their heart.

4. Guardian Angel Keychain

Guardian angel keychain as friendship day gift that reads never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
Image Source: Etsy

This keychain will help you remind them that you are their very own guardian angel that will always watch over them.

5. Custom Embroidered Sweatshirt

Embroidered sweatshirts with custom dates stitched on it in roman numerical.
Image Source: Etsy

Customized a sweatshirt with a memorable date, it could be the day you first met or even your friendship anniversary date.

6. Handwriting Bracelet

A handwritten bracelet customized in a personal handwriting as friendship day gifts.
Image Source: Etsy

Anything hand-written is precious because that stays as a constant reminder!

You can customize a name bracelet in your handwriting to add your personal touch to their accessory collection.

7. Friendship Day Gift Box

Two girls smiling at each other holding a friendship day gift box as a present.
Image Source: freepik

One box that is everything personal, meaningful, and handpicked.

 This box could have all things they love from chocolates, books, gadgets, and much more!

E. Friendship Gifts for Women

Three happy girls wearing sunglasses and enjoying their time together. The text reads friendship gifts for women.

Not sure of what would be the perfect friendship gifts for women?

All the women in your life who have stayed by your side through thick and thin, deserve the perfect friendship day gifts!

Below you’ll find some awesome BFF gifts for all your girlfriends out there!

1. Reminiscing Your Childhood Together Through a Baby Portrait

A custom baby portrait where two sisters are holding on to each other on a garden bench made by PortraitFlip

Through thick and thin, good days or bad days siblings are always there with us through it all.

They are the friends we can always fall back on no matter what!

It’s important to have gratitude for the special bond with our siblings, and to acknowledge the importance of such a lifelong relationship.

You might have so many beautiful memories together that you could never forget.

What better way to do it than with a custom baby portrait that could bring back your favorite childhood moment to life?

We at PortraitFlip make the most exquisite paintings that will surely take them down memory lane!

2. Satin Pajama Set

A girl relaxing in a satin pajama set with a cup of coffee in her hand inside her bedroom
Image Source: hermoney

A solid yes for this one!

Set your bestie up with this lush satin pajama sleepwear set that will be their go-to for the sleep hour.

3. Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Instax mini 11 camera in purple color placed on a tiled wall.
Image Source: indiatvnews

Capture all your fun moments together with this cute, mini camera!

This one will surely help them SIEZE THE DAY!  

4. Facial Masks Kit

Facial masks kit in color golden and different variants to pamper yourself
Image Source: lukkapack

Set her up with the essentials for her perfect self-care routine by gifting her this thoughtful sheet mask kit.

5. Customized Star Necklace

Custom star necklaces in three different colors golden, silver and rose gold. They have beautiful star lockets attached to tiny chain strings.
Image Source: Etsy

This customized start necklace is the perfect way to remind her that she shines bright like a star in your life.

6. Makeup Collection

Makeup collection that includes some brushes, eyeshadow pallet, blush pallet and a highlighter pallet.
Image Source: freepik

We all know how much women (most of them, to be precise) love a good set of makeup products.

Bestow your favorite girl with some branded makeup products on this friendship day as a perfect vanity addition.

7. Toy Bear

A girl with a white color toy bear.
Image Source: freepik

A huge toy bear will be the perfect cuddle companion for your girl pal.

Why shy away when it’s when is national best friend day!

F. Friendship Gifts for a Man

A guy with some friendship day gifts like a bottle of wine and a gift box. The text reads friendship gifts for a man.

Take Friendship day as an opportunity to show how lucky you are to have them in your life. 

It’s such a preconceived notion that men are not fond of receiving gifts on special occasions!

On this friendship day, make them feel loved with some amazing friendship day gifts.

Choose anything from his wish list, or scroll down to find some cool friendship day gifts for a man who has been there for you at all times. 

1. In Memory of his First Love

Is there really an answer to why men love their cars so much?

Men always tend to develop a personal relationship with their cars.

You might have noticed, the amount of thought they put in even before getting one for themselves.

One among every three guys has dreamt of buying a certain model of a car since he was a kid?

For most guys, their first cars hold a very special place in their hearts.

To mark this life-changing part of a guy’s world, gift him a car oil color portrait or vehicle watercolor portrait in memory of his first car (love) or rather of his dream car model!

The oil color medium will enhance the features of his most prized possession in the best possible way!

Customize the most unique and picturesque Car Oil Color Portraits from PortraitFlip!

2. Monthly Wine Subscription

A glass of wine and a wine bottle lying next to it. There are some ripe black grapes too on the grey panel.
Image Source: freepik

For that friend who always says “Pass that wine over”

When it’s national bestie day what could be a better gift than a monthly supply of their favorite drink!

Is your friend and ex-servicemen? A retired Navy Captain? That’s great, I have the perfect suggestion for him.

How about a portrait of his service ship! He’ll be in tears of nostalgia after witnessing it. Worried about where to get it done? Just click on the button below to order your ship portrait!

3. Merlot Infused Coffee

Merlot infused coffee beans as friendship day gifts.
Image Source: freepik

Yet another gift, if their taste buds are just in for wine and coffee 24/7.

These special kits of merlot-infused beans will be a unique thought for this year’s bestie day.

4. Quirky Wallet

A customized quirky wallet with a wolf print on it inspired from game of thrones. the text on the wallet reads winter is coming.
Image Source: freepik

He won’t have to compromise comfort for style when he’s out and about.

This quirky wallet has sufficient storage to help him stock all his essentials.

5. Airpods

White color Air pods for friendship day.
Image Source: reliancedigital

This friendship day gift is a crowd favorite!

As this one helps manage all their messages and notifications while playing some good music all at once.

(Special Deals: Avail Discounts on the House Pencil Portraits With A Coupon Code “OFF10”)

6. Chocolates and Flowers

A couple of roses and a heart shaped box in red color filled with different chocolate variants.
Image Source: freepik

Thinking of best friend gifts for your male pals?

Make them feel special on this friendship day with some amazing chocolates and flowers!

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7. Travel Checker Game Set

Travel checker game set
Image Source: Amazon

Keep them entertained in their future travels even while you are away with this travel checker game set!

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End Note

Friendship day gift are really special for me!

As they are the one day you could actually go all out in making your amigos feel special.

Let me give you a pro tip, give them something that would leave a lasting impact on their heart.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you choose but if it has your personal touch in it I’m sure they are going to love it!

So cherish your bond forever with something eternal and unique like a customized painting.

We have a set of beautiful paintings customized as per every customers requirement and needs.

So why wait when you could buy them the perfect friendship day gift!

Hey folks!

Thank you for staying with me till the end of this blog.

I hope this list has helped you find the right friendship day gifts for your friends.

If you think I missed mentioning any gift ideas for friends, please feel free to comment down below.

Also, share your friendship day gifting experiences!

You can also reach out to us on social media.

Now, go ahead and get the best friendship day gifts for your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

The International best friends day in the United Nations (UN) promotes the role that friendship plays in promoting peace. It is observed on July 30 each year.

It’s difficult to choose that one perfect gift for the special person in your life. You could read the article above to get to know more about some amazing friendship day gifts.

If it’s about gift ideas for best friend anniversary then it’s important to make them feel special with that gift. A gift that would mark your togetherness so far will be one of the best choices. Do check out the article above for more such fun ideas!

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