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10 Tips on Art Marketing: The Complete Guide 2024 

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Being an artist, one tends to fall in love with the process of art making rather than art marketing!  Phew, the number of Instagram reels I come across featuring worried artists and their attempts to show the world their art is shocking! That said, I know each artist strives to do this because they understand […]

Can You Make Money Selling Handmade Paintings Online?

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If you are an artist in a fix of whether selling handmade paintings online will make you money or not, I have a simple answer to it. Yes! You can make money by selling your handmade paintings on digital platforms. We house more than 250 artists under us and have successfully managed to sell custom […]

8 Custom Pet Portrait Companies: The Top Picks For Your Pets

8 Custom Pet Portrait Companies: The Top Picks For Your Pets

This blog is dedicated to all the pet lovers who adore their pets and treat them as family members. The smallest family member who plays the most important role in human’s lives. Yes, I am talking about your beautiful pets, be they a dog, a cat, a parrot, a rabbit, or even a cow.  There […]

15 Ways to Heal After Pet Loss: Get Your Therapy Here!

A black and white picture of a girl hugging a dog with the quote next to it, "loss of a pet, The Nuts & Bolts To Heal From Pet Loss: Get Your Therapy Here!"

Losing someone you love is heart-wrenching. Relationships are described by the bond we share with each other, whether it’s humans or pets. Losing a pet that you have cared for almost half of your life could be the hardest thing you have to go through. People find it difficult to cope with the memories of […]

The Beauty Of Choosing The Best Medium For Your Portraits

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We can’t expect a painter who is proficient in oil art to be excellent with the watercolor medium. Every artist is unique. Some prefer charcoal medium, some colored-pencil, and some other types of paint mediums.  For an artist, it is important to know which painting medium he/she is good at so they can make more […]

9 Custom Painting Places: Filter Out Your Finest Option!

8 Custom Painting Places: Filter Out Your Finest Option!

What on earth can still make you feel worthy after spending hundreds of dollars? A simple two word answer—custom painting! Let me walk you through this. Have you ever spent a lot of money on gifts or things that you regretted later? Of course you have! Speaking from my personal experience, I invested my money […]

Look Out For These 10 New Painting Trends In 2024

Look Out For These 10 New Painting Trends In 2023

Who is the trendy person over here? I guess it’s me! Guilty as charged, I love going with trends, whether it is grooving on reels or wearing the most vibrant outfit. And I just heard the news that there is a new trend in the market. Have you heard what exactly that is? They’re handmade […]

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Handmade Paintings

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Handmade Paintings

“This blog is dedicated to all the people who, somewhere in their lives, have lost their loved ones and struggled to heal from the pain.” The most heartbreaking memory is when you lose someone precious and close to your heart. Celebrating their stories, their little habits, or simply incorporating a lost loved one in family […]

Why to Gift a Painting and When: Solving the Gifting Dilemma

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Bouquet of roses, candles, and confetti, sparkles, and shiny clothes!  All of this sounds amazing when received or given as a gift to someone. When you think of gifting someone, probably the first thing that comes to mind is how you can make a mark on their heart. With all this being said, the thing […]

What To Do With Old Photos: The Art of Preserving Memories!

Memories are exquisite in nature. They tend to caress the inner consciousness of the mind.  Be it any special occasion or a life changing event, memories are the one to cherish always. Without any doubt, the best form of memoirs are photographs! They testify to the emotions and feelings of that occasion and capture them […]