Choosing the right canvas size for your painting is essential. You don’t want your painting to look too small or big once it is put up on the wall.

In fact, the size of the canvas also depends on the number of characters you want us to include in your handmade painting.

Use our Canvas Size Chart guide to understand what size suits your imagination and the walls the best.

Small Canvas Sizes


This canvas size comes under Semi-Medium Portrait Paintings.
It is ideal for One character portraits and can be of great placement on Tabletops and Mantel Pieces.


This canvas size comes under Medium Portrait Paintings. 
It is ideal for Two-character paintings and looks best hung in Transition Spaces or Foyer. 
This is also one of our most popular sizes.


This canvas portrait size comes under Medium Paintings.
It is ideal if you are looking to include Three subjects in your painting. It can be placed in the Kitchen or your Home Office.
This is also one of our most popular sizes.

Medium Canvas Sizes


This portrait canvas size comes under Semi-Large Paintings.
It is a perfect size for painting Four characters and can ideally be placed in the Dining Room or hung in your Guest Room.


This is a Large Portrait canvas size.
If you are looking to paint Five characters, this would be the recommended size. It looks perfect hung in the bedroom or Kid’s room.


This canvas size comes under Large Portraits.
This Portrait Size can take from Six to Seven characters and can ideally be hung in the Family or Living Room.

Large Canvas Sizes


This Large Canvas Size is ideal for Paintings that have Seven to Nine characters.
Most of our customers who want to paint a family portrait go for this size.
Ideal placement for canvas portraits this size is the Living Room.


This canvas size comes under Huge Portrait Paintings.
It can include up to Ten characters and looks great in Living Room or Big Office Spaces.


This is a Huge Portrait Size that can be opted for if you want a painting of Ten or more characters.
It is ideal for Master Bedrooms, Big Living Rooms, or Huge Office Spaces.

Additionally, you can also request a Custom Canvas Size to go according to your fancy. Just place the order by selecting the next closest size with your
requirements in the suggestions box. The rest is ours to deal with!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, but not after the painting process starts. It generally takes 4-5 days after you place the order for the artist to start working on your artwork.
Please drop an email in your email thread or at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

When we say 24”x36”, 24 inches is the width, and 36 inches is the height.

You can get a custom size by simply requesting your desired size in the notes section and checking out by selecting the next closest size possible.
You will be charged for the next closes size you selected while ordering, but the artwork will be made according to the custom dimensions provided by you in the Order Notes.

No, the canvas or paper that will be used will be of this size. The frame will take additional space.

While you can get a frame for all of the above mentioned sizes, we do not provide framing service for Charcoal and Pencil portraits, here are the framing options for all mediums:
A. Oil, and Acrylic Portraits – Gallery Wrap, and Framing are available.
B. Coloured Pencil, and Watercolour Portraits – Only Framing is available.
C. Pencil and Charcoal Portraits – Only Rolled or no finishing option available.

For more details on Finishing Options please click here.

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