PortraitFlip vs. MyDaVinci: Pros, Cons and Recommendation

PortraitFlip vs. MyDaVinci

Custom Handmade Art has become the new wine for the gifting industry.  With requirements for a better gifting option, people have pleasantly adapted to custom handmade art as a gift.  But the biggest challenge for any customer is which portrait painting service to choose for realistic custom art.  To take this confusion off your mind, […]

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Custom Portrait Artists In Comparison

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting

Looking for a portrait painting service that is economical and has quality? Daunting I must say.  You may find quality services, but the price may touch the skies, and the economic ones do not provide a good quality handmade painting. Despite many portrait painting services available across the internet, it is among the top five […]

PortraitFlip vs. Portraits On Demand: Choosing The Service Of Quality

PortraitFlip vs. PortraitsOnDemand

You scavenge the internet for portrait painting services and come across big names, but trust becomes one of the most significant factors while commissioning a custom handmade painting.  Trusting the quality, trusting the artist, and most importantly, trusting a company with your money.  You may want to go ahead with a local artist, but the […]

Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2022

An interior of a very beautiful house with a house portrait up on the wall, there are some plants, a lamp and a chair in the image. The text reads Trends In Home Decor: The New Statement Of 2022

The trends in home decor bedazzle themselves every year. We get Instagram-worthy trends, the ones that blow our minds away. How can something be so simple yet elegant or so bold yet calming? This year we are going all-in for comfort. Since the past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster, the experts predict this […]

Baby Portraits: Everlasting Source Of Joy

A photo of a baby that has been converted into a portrait with a reaction image. This is a baby portrait and the text on the image reads baby portraits: Everlasting source of joy.

What emotions do baby portraits evoke in you? Joy, love, everything is perfect in the world when you hear a baby laugh? I know what’s going on in your mind, why are paintings of babies so hyped up.  Come on, I’ll show you why. One: Why wouldn’t you want to get a painting portrait of […]

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

This is an attempt to take you back to the time when artifacts and artworks were created by pre-historic artists.  The history of painting is a vast subject that consists of various art movements, cultures, painting styles, and the origin of the painting. We’ve covered these aspects as well as others that include interesting facts […]

55+ Modern Home Decor Ideas That Can Enliven Your Space [2022 List]

55+ modern home decor ideas

This is a complete guide to modern home decor… From living space to entryway, we’ve shared 55+ practical ways to help you style or redesign a house of your choice! The best interior designers in the world had a lot to share about modern house decoration. But the fact is the modern decor idea that […]