What is Proportion in Art ? (Definition, Types, & Examples)

Look at the image on your left. What did you observe? Picture of a basketball that is relatively bigger than a baseball, right? Can you tell me what’s common in both pictures? Their proportion! The proportion used to create basketball is the same proportion used to create baseball. Confused? Think in this way. Whenever we […]

Unity in Art: Understanding the Variety in Art!

Unity in Art Cover Image

We are all well aware of the phrase— Unity in Diversity!  But how many of you know what Unity in Art means?  If this is something new for you, that’s alright! Because with Unity in Art we are getting into the technique and principles of art. Understanding how exactly art is put together! In simple […]

16 Famous American Artists: The Most Talented American Painters

Before we start reading about famous American artists, we must know how American art flourished and what made it popular in the 20th century. When we say “American Painters”, only a few names appear in front of us, i.e., Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Jackson Pollock.  But there are other American painters as well who […]

Famous Religious Paintings: The Enthralling Biblical Artworks

You may ask, what is the hype related to famous religious paintings about?  Religion and art have gone hand-in-hand since human existence and throughout history. The inclusion of religious themes in some of the famous paintings of history acted as a portfolio for the famous painters and everyone who identified as Christian or Catholic. This […]

Balance in Art (An Overview of Four Types of Art Balance)

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Ever wonder why some famous artworks that belong to Cubism, Abstract Art, or Modern Art, for that matter, get immense love and attention? The reason behind it could be endless, but one thing that’s certain is that they have balance.  Every art element used in them isn’t disproportionate. Basically, these famous or expensive artworks don’t […]

What are Art Commissions? (Simple Guide to Art Commissions)

What are Art Commissions? (Simple Guide to Art Commissions)

Have you ever thought about the famous Mona Lisa as a commissioned work? You heard it right. The painting that made Leonardo one of the most famous artists was actually a commissioned work. A rich Italian merchant, Francesco del Giocondo, wanted his wife Lisa’s portrait to be mounted in their new home. This gave birth […]

Texture in Art: Exploring the Vivid Depths of Textures

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Have you ever wondered where the effects in the paintings come from? Well, the answer is pretty clear that it is all because of the texture in art! With that being said, I’d love to share with you some intriguing details about the meaning and importance of texture in art. The depth of the texture […]

Rhythm in Art: Explore the Principles of Art Rhythm!

Rhythm in Art: Explore the Principles of Art Rhythm!

While playing chess, do you notice the checkerboard? Or, while walking down the street, do your eyes fall over the concrete patterns? That’s the rhythm that makes you stare at the repetitive shape. Repeating designs could be tedious and need rhythm in order to create a flow in the viewer’s eyes. But when you hear […]

12 Famous Medieval Artwork- Religious Middle Ages Art That Narrates History!

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What and how much do you know about medieval artwork? What did they stand for, and why were they made? And what made medieval paintings so special? It is, of course, the story behind them!  Medieval artwork definitely had a religious touch to it. Yes, the medieval period gave us art that revolved around the […]

24 Renaissance Facts: A Brief Summary of Renaissance

24 Renaissance facts cover

It won’t bore you, but it’ll take you hours to understand the timeline of the Renaissance. The Renaissance is a broad concept that played a key role in the development of European art. It also left an indelible mark on various art movements that took place after its end. Art lovers see it as a […]