Famous Baroque Paintings That Walk You Through The Era Of Emotions!

You may wonder “what is Baroque art?” So, lights, shadows, and subject! This is how I would describe art in the Baroque period because it revolved around intense drama with light subjects and dramatic dark backgrounds. Even though every painting tells a story, but, Oh, my my, Baroque paintings recited a whole scene from a […]

13 Rembrandt Paintings That Portray His Mastery In Portraits

Famous Rembrandt Paintings

A true mastermind at painting is often not found at the heart of the Renaissance movement that took the world by storm in 15th-century Italy. However, there was a different side to the art movement that took place in the Netherlands, and these artists were no less prolific and masters in their own art. One […]

The Legacy Of Spanish Art: Famous Spanish Artists Who Inspired The World of Art

Photo of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali and Joan Miro on a of-yellow cover.

With an illustrious legacy spanning more than 1000 years, Spanish art never fails to amaze us with its cognizance among the classical European period.  From Neoclassical artworks to Cubist masterpieces, Spanish artists have elevated artistic liberty for centuries. Most of them are known for their astounding passion for various Art movements. Spanish artists have incorporated […]

Famous Baroque Artists Who Gave Art a New Meaning!

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The Baroque art style was a cultural movement that lasted between the 16th and 18th centuries.  It was a style of art that flourished in Europe, and the famous artist, Caravaggio was the father of the Baroque painting style. There were a lot of Baroque artists who joined the movement and later rose to fame. […]

15+ Famous French Artists And Their Impact on Art Movements

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Bonjour!  Welcome to France, the ‘land of art’ which has given the world some of the most famous artworks and artists as well. France is known for its rich culture, history of art, and artists! Also, it is France where the Impressionist movement originated! Whether it be primitive times or modern times, French art is […]

12 Paintings By Raphael That Portray The Sublime Of Renaissance Art

12 Paintings By Raphael portrait with text at the bottom Raphael That Portrays The Sublime Of Renaissance Art

Raphael, also known as Raffaello Sanzio or Raffaello Santi (1483–1520), was an Italian painter, architect, and printmaker who was born in Urbino. Raphael was well renowned for his attractiveness, opulent lifestyle, and relationships. At a young age, he started captivating customers, always getting paid and receiving commissions for his artwork. When it comes to well-known […]

The Sound Of Abstract Art: 15 Paintings By Kandinsky That Voiced Hidden Emotions!

A real photo of Wassily Kandinsky in a black background with the title paintings by Kandinsky written on it.

A pioneer of abstract art and expressionism, Wassily Kandinsky was born in 1866 in Moscow, Russia. Unlike other artists, Kandinsky started his career as a scholar of Law and Economics at University of Moscow.  After which, he was offered a professorship at University of Dorpat (University of Tartu,Estonia; currently).  An art lover by heart, Kandinsky […]

10 Most Talked-About Paintings By Rothko Which Sparked Emotional Conflict

Marcus Rothkowitz, famously known as Mark Rothko (1903-1970), was a well-known American abstract artist.  Born in Russia (now known as Daugavpils, Latvia), on September 25, 1903, in a Jewish household, and emigrated to America in 1913, settling in Portland, Oregon. His impact on the American Abstract Expressionist movement is mighty and so was his genre […]

11 Paintings By Botticelli: A Testament To A Genius’s Vision On Canvas

Madonnas, one of the famous paintings of Jesus Christ and other mythological figures, tend to fascinate everyone, regardless of one’s interest in art.  But how about learning more about the famous artist behind this genre’s extravagant reputation? The artist I am talking about is none other than Sandro Botticelli, a late-1400s master of art whose […]

15 Johannes Vermeer’s Paintings That Depict Life In A Subtle Way

Born in the Dutch Golden Age, Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer was a well-known artist during the  Baroque style of art.  His artworks portrayed domiciliary scenes in the most elusive and tangible ways.  Known for the use of costly pigments in his paintings, his expertise in handling colors spoke about the passion he had for art.  […]