Family Portrait with Dog Ideas: Tips For Families With Dogs

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If you are a dog owner, then you would definitely love to own a family portrait with your dear dog! 

However at the same time, there must be one question running through your mind that;

How does one manage to get a perfect family portrait with their dogs?

So, if you are looking for family portrait with dog ideas, you are on the right page! 

Your paw friend is of course part of your family which will want you to have the perfect family portrait to hang on the walls of your sweet abode. 

It is for sure doable, but there are a few things that you can keep in your mind to make the process easier. 

Having a dog as a pet is close to dealing with a toddler. Therefore, it would always be helpful to make the experience smooth for everyone—for your dog and your family. 

So, here’s a list of the best tips that I recommend to make sure you get amazing portraits with your dog and also have fun while you’re at it. 

Family Portrait with Dog Ideas:

1. Choose the Venue: Outdoor or Indoor?

two girls posing with their dog

    While thinking of family portraits with dog ideas, the first thing you should consider is the venue for the photoshoot. 

    While doing this you should also look out for the weather because if you choose outdoors, then it is likely to spend some extra time during the photoshoot. 

    Family painting from different photos

    But the goal is to prioritize what your fur-buddy is most comfortable with, because if you keep them happy, you are sure to get what you need. 

    2. Choose a Dog-Loving Photographer 

    a woman clicking a dog's picture

      When you’re thinking of a family portrait with dog ideas, one of the most important things to consider is, choosing a photographer who is dog-friendly. 

      Having a photographer who is dog-friendly will be beneficial for you, your dog and even the hired  photographer. 

      Because you definitely need ease and comfort in the air while the photographer captures the essence of your family which includes your dog too. 

      Having a dog-friendly photographer is also better because they will know certain commands and tricks that can be used on your dog while shooting family portraits with your pup.

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      3. Carry Lots of Treats and Toys

      two girls feeding their pet dog

        Your fur-baby definitely needs lots of toys and treats to keep them at their best behavior. 

        Well, you cannot expect your dog to be as patient or understanding as you, so keeping treats and toys handy will save you from a lot of trouble. 

        Every time a shot is taken or a command is followed, give them a treat and you will see how they start following your instructions and cooperating better. 

        Apart from that, your doggos deserve to be spoiled! 

        4. Leash is Important

        a family posing with their leashed dog

          Leash is something you must keep handy, even if your dog is well-obedient and easy going. 

          Having a dog leash handy makes it easier to execute wonderful family poses that would make a perfect portrait. 

          It also gets easier to control your pet if they are prone to cause trouble or are a tad bit mischievous and get hyperactive in a new setting. 

          If it is an outdoor or studio shoot, what you can do is take your pet dog leashed to the venue prior to your appointment and let them ease into the environment. 

          5. Bring Your Friend/Family Member Along

          leashed dog with their owner and kid

            This is something I would definitely recommend and have seen many people vouch for it. 

            If you have a close relative or a friend who is well accustomed to your pet, and preferably someone who your pet likes, bring them with you for the shoot. 

            This will be helpful when you are taking a few shots without the dog, or you need someone outside the frame to hold the leash of your dog. 

            Of course this job cannot be taken over by the photographer who would be busy clicking your portraits, so it’s best to bring in someone who you and your dog can trust. 

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            6. Keep Realistic Expectation

            photo of three girls with their dog

              Do not expect too much from your canine friend! After all, their understanding capacity cannot match yours. 

              Keep realistic expectations while planning a family portrait with dog ideas, so that you get to capture the true essence of your family. 

              Not all dogs are quiet and obedient, some just like to have fun and that is okay—see how you can incorporate their mischief into your portrait. 

              That said you could do a few things prior to the shoot to make sure your sweet fur-ball is in a calm mood or is tired enough to lay around and behave.

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              7. Have Fun Through it All! 

              a family taking a photograph with their dog

                I know I have given a list of dos and don’ts but I definitely want to stress on one thing in particular—have fun through it all! 

                After all, it is a family portrait with your pooch which you will be holding onto for years to come. 

                The portrait should represent your family, but also remind you of all the fun you had during the photoshoot. 

                Get into your natural zone with your pup and enjoy as much as you can, you will definitely find the best portraits then! 

                Conclusion: What Are Other Portrait Options?

                compilation portrait of family and pet

                Racking your mind for a family portrait with dog ideas can be such a task, so I hope this little list has helped you. 

                But that said, even after following everything, there are chances you may not have the perfect family portrait with a dog. 

                For example, there are two photographs; one in which your family looks great in one and your dog has moved.

                And in the other one of the hoomans messed up a pose while the doggo understood the assignment. 

                Let me tell you what you can do;

                You can send these photographs to PortraitFlip. The team here will digitally merge the photos where everyone looks perfect and the best part is—you will get a hand painted portrait! 

                Because we believe that something so special and intimate needs to be handmade! 

                Wondering where to start from? Let me help you;

                PS: This is also a great alternative for those people who do not want to go through the hassle of a photoshoot with your dog. 

                All you need to do is send an individual photo of your dog along with a family photo and wait and see the magic unfold. 

                I hope this article was of help to you and I will see you super soon in the next one. 

                Toodles xx 

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