10 Closing Gifts From Realtors That Clients Will Love

10 Closing Gifts From Realtors That Clients Will Love

Closing a real estate deal isn’t just about signing papers.

It’s also about celebrating a milestone with your clients.

And one way realtors may mark the occasion is by giving a token of appreciation or closing gifts.

However, many realtors struggle to find closing gifts for their clients, as it may cost them a fortune.

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of closing gifts, share thoughtful closing gift ideas, and also discuss how these small gestures can strengthen relationships with clients.

Whether you’re a seasoned realtor or new to the field, join us as we uncover the art of giving (from a realtor perspective).

5 Custom Closing Gifts

Below are some personalized and unique closing gifts from real estate agents that will be adored by your clients.

Custom House Portraits

House portrait as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: House Portrait by PortraitFlip

Something that illuminates a personal touch and feel should definitely be on the list.

Memorial Portrait

Therefore, a beautiful custom portrait that shows their new home or the home they used to live is a perfect call for realtors looking for closing gifts.

A house portrait will definitely make you stand out in their mind whenever they are looking for real estate.

Also, it adds sentimental value to the gift for your client, making your relationship stronger.

Personalized Realtor Keychains

Personalized Keychains as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: etsystatic.com

A personalized keychain is surely an amazing and affordable closing gift from realtors.

It gives a meaningful message to the clients that their realtors value their emotions.

Add on: You can gift your client’s new house keys on these keychains. Amazing right?

Closing Gift Basket

Gift Basket as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: etsystatic.com

A basket full of customized decorative items for the client is a lovely way to close the deal.

These baskets can contain things that a person needs in their home, like a key holder, mini plant, door mat, and so on.

The packaging and presentation are definitely to die for.

Although it may not cost more from your pocket, it easily makes a luxurious closing gift.

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Custom Welcome Mats

Custom Mats as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: etsystatic.com

Aren’t these one of the best ways to tell your clients, “Welcome to your new home?”

They will feel welcomed whenever they step in or out of the house.

Although they are customized, they come at reasonable prices as well.

Cutting Board

Cutting Board as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: etsystatic.com

A new home surely calls for new kitchen appliances.

A cutting board is just perfect for clients who love to cook.

Your client may also be a foodie or enjoy hosting in their home. 

Agents can customize the cutting board with various messages, like the welcome mat above.

5 Thoughtful & Best Closing Gifts

If you’re a real estate agent who is looking for thoughtful and best closing gifts from realtors, then here is your list below.

A Bottle of Wine with Glasses

Bottle of Wine with Glasses as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: pexels.com

What can be better than a bottle of wine with glasses to keep the experience memorable?

Painting of Two girls

It is a symbol of gratitude and builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your client.

And when your clients are happy, then it is likely that they will recommend you to others as well.

Therefore, it’s a win-win situation!

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: pexels.com

Who doesn’t want a coffee maker in their house?

It’s a practical gift that your clients can use on a daily basis, keeping the different styles and sizes in mind.

A coffee maker also signifies warmth and hospitality, making your clients feel welcome in their new homes.

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Garden Kits

Garden Kits as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: freepik.com

Giving garden kits as closing gifts from realtors is a great idea to promote relaxation and well-being.

The kit leaves a lasting impression, a personal touch, and an amazing way to decorate their home.

It also imparts a positive memory about you to your clients, who will surely think of you if their is some real estate work.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: freepik.com

If you are looking for the best closing gifts from realtors but also something that fits your budget, then scented candles are your stuff.

Scented candles create a cozy atmosphere, have an aesthetic appeal, and promote well-being.

A plus is that it’s a non-intrusive closing gift that doesn’t impose personal taste and will fit perfectly with your closing gift ideas.

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Mugs and Coaster

Mug and Coaster as a closing gifts from realtors
Image: freepik.com

I’m sure everyone loves cute mugs and beautifully designed coasters.

Your client will adore such charming yet cute closing gifts.

They can use it every day; it is cost effective and memorable with every sip.

Do I have to say more? I guess you already know which closing gifts will suit you best.

Final Words

A relationship between a real estate agent and clients is said to be professional with a slight informal mixture.

A realtor sees the emotion, connection, and memories you shared with the place or happiness of buying a new home.

They help with buying or selling properties, which is personal for any client.

This way, a relationship is already built between the client and the realtor.

Giving a closing gift is definitely a beautiful way to end the deal, as you have also gone through what your client felt.

And as per my experience with PortraitFlip, I would highly recommend a custom portrait as one of the best and most personalized closing gifts for your client.

They are affordable, unique, and hand-painted, which makes them a thoughtful gift.

Let me know which gift catches your heart in the comments below.

I’ll be back with a new piece of writing soon. Happy gifting!


Q. Is a custom portrait a good closing gift?

A custom portrait that shows their old or new house is a unique closing gift idea.House Oil Portraits

Q. How much does a closing gift can cost?

The cost depends on your budget. It can also starts at $10 and go till $300 or so. The closing gifts from realtors mentioned above are budget friendly and thoughtful ideas.

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