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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt: Depiction Of Love Or Artist’s Eroticism?

Painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

If you are into artwork, then you must know this answer. The most common subjects that are incorporated into the paintings are women! The admirers of the arts pay more attention to the paintings that showcase women as their primary objects. Gustav Klimt is described as an artist known for the depiction of women and […]

The Card Players – Study the Face of Local Peasants Through Art!

The Card Players

How do you describe art? It can be described by keeping a few things in mind, such as the painter’s point of view, the period in which the art was created, or the circumstances that led to its creation.  The three aforementioned factors give art a largely novel vision that is admired by viewers. Each […]

Picasso’s The Old Guitarist – Why Is It All Blue?

Picasso’s The Old Guitarist - Why Is It All Blue?

Anyone could be an artist, but what makes them unique and different from others? The Art! The painting that gives them fame, depicts their talent, and brings new meanings to life is what makes a painter wholesome. Who doesn’t know Pablo Picasso? This name is enough to explain the amazing art that we will examine […]

Liberty Leading the People – A Battle Through Eugene’s Eye

Cover of Liberty Leading the People painting

The artwork is defined as the idea or thought that the artist had in the first place. Some paintings depict fantasy, some stories, and some historical events that make the viewer question what exactly happened. The events that are later marked as the most important days in history always have different aspects related to them. […]

Painting Of Lady Godiva – Uncovering The Facts From Fiction

Painting of Lady Godiva with the text beside "Painting Of Lady Godiva - Uncovering The Facts From Fiction"

People are always inspired by paintings, but these are more than just works of art with brush strokes on canvas. A painting always has a narrative, truth, symbolism, deeper meaning, colors, lights, thoughts, and inspiration that add to its allure. With numerous famous paintings around the world, there are some that have a naked history. […]

Paintings By Gustav Klimt: Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Paintings By Gustav Klimt Vivid Depiction Of Fantasy & Pleasure Through Art

Prior to famous artists like Dali, a painter in Austria known as Gustav Klimt founded a movement called “Vienna Secession.” In 1897, Klimt became the former president of the Vienna movement to bring different forms into art culture.   Being a master of symbolism in art, his paintings depict sexuality and lavishly decorated figures with a […]

Paintings by Jackson Pollock: A Collection Of Abstract Expressionism

paintings by Jackson Pollock

As soon as you hear “Abstract Expressionist,” Jackson Pollock’s name pops up as the major figure of the art movement. He was among the leading artists of the 20th century with a notoriety tag added to his name. Pollock developed many styles in the history of abstract and modern art. Finding a new means to […]

12 Paintings By René Magritte That Reflect His Subconscious Mind!

One of the paintings by René Magritte with the text beside 12 Paintings By René Magritte That Reflect His Subconscious Mind!

An artist who is known for creating humorous images in his paintings is what René Magritte could be described as. He was a Belgian painter and famous Surrealist artist of his time. His work would always give a new meaning to ordinary things such as hats, green apples, the clouds, and more. Magritte used to […]

12 Rembrandt Paintings That Exhibit the Baroque Period

Famous Rembrandt Paintings

A painting is created by many artists, but who studies their art first? Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, commonly known as Rembrandt, was a Dutch painter, draftsman, and printmaker who studied his work intensely before splashing it on canvas. His hands were considered a god’s gift due to his incredible artwork. He conducted a deep psychological […]

12 Paintings By Raphael That Portray The Sublime Of Renaissance Art

12 Paintings By Raphael portrait with text at the bottom Raphael That Portrays The Sublime Of Renaissance Art

I have a question for you: What makes a painter renowned? Their skills, the way they portray their thoughts through artwork, or the inspiration they carry? From my point of view, all of the above makes a painter famous, but what if I told you that some are renowned due to their way of living […]