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Art Investment: A Guide to Investing in Art

Art Investment: A Guide to Investing in Art

As we move into 2024, people are now more into investing. They want a better outcome in terms of money. Therefore, they always look for an investment that is secure and reliable. But the question here is: Do we even have any safe investments? Well, we do. An art investment is considered a well-founded investment […]

Top 4 Websites Like Instapainting For Custom Portrait

Top 4 Websites Like Instapainting For Custom Portrait

If you’re here, then you must have gone through the customer reviews and ratings on the website of Instapainting. Or you might have experienced something that left you unsatisfied. Otherwise, what else could have landed you on this page except the search for similar companies like them? We all know that Instapainting is an established […]

World’s 15 Stolen Artworks: List of Recovered & Lost Artworks

Stolen artworks

Although robbery is a crime, we can’t deny the fact that some heists have made history, especially in the art world. Everyone gets fascinated by a good mystery and the artistic community is full of them. I mean, turn the pages of art history. The hint of missing paintings, lost artworks, or stolen pieces will […]

What is Composition in Art? (In Depth View on Principles and Elements of Art Composition)

what is composition in art

Why is it that whenever we walk into the museum, some piece attracts us and we end up spending more time gazing at it? What is it that stops us and makes us wonder?  Let’s take some famous painter’s works into consideration to understand the depth of this question. What is it about the rich […]

Seven Elements of Art: Explaining Aspects of Art Elements (Examples Included)

Seven Elements of Art: In-Depth Explanation on Art Elements

Have you ever wondered why we find Mona Lisa’s smile mysterious? I mean, it’s just a lady who is posing for an artist. Well, this is because of how Leonardo depicted each element in it. Her smile, her hand posture, her body language—each detail tries to convey something unusual; it wouldn’t have been possible without […]

Understand the Definition of Line in Art, Its Types and How to Use it!

Line in art

Are you in the mood for some fun activities because I have one task for you. Can you draw a square without any trace of lines? Wondering how to draw a square that doesn’t include lines? Well, that is impossible! What I want to convey is that “lines” are everywhere. A person cannot paint or […]

The Soul of the Rose (My Sweet Rose): Explanation of John’s Romantic Art

The Soul of the Rose (My Sweet Rose): Explanation of John’s Romantic Art

Finding love, sensuality, affection, and misery in one painting has made me fall for it. Yes, I am in love! I am in love with the beauty that the painting offers, with the vivid yet graceful colors, and with the amount of love the woman has for the roses. You must be wondering: Does a […]

Matisse’s Dance Analysis: What Do the Figures Represent in Dance by Matisse?

Dance by Matisse

Today my eyes fell on a weird yet amusing painting. It showed a group of naked people dancing in a circle with uncanny expressions on their faces. And suddenly, my mind was flooded with questions. “Is the art promoting some kind of cult?” “What type of dance does the artist want to portray?” The curiosity […]