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Delve into the most iconic art movements that have impacted the history of art and aesthetics. From the Old and Gold Classic Age to 21st Century Modern Art, PortraitFlip’s Art Movement category covers everything that you need to know.

Minimalist Art: A Descriptive Guide on What Minimalism Is About

Minimalist art featured image

Each and every work of art has its own essence, its own perspective and an individual concept. Moreover, it is an artist’s form of expression that they use to portray their views to their audience. But what if I tell you that a form of art that rejects the concept of expressionism and solely gives […]

In-Depth View on Neoclassical Art: Return of Classical Age

In-Depth View on Neoclassical Art: Return of Classical Age

“The one way for us to become great, perhaps inimitable, is by imitating the ancients.” This quote from one of Winckelmann’s publications is what our blog is all about. Let me walk you through this quote and the topic we are going to cover. You already have an idea that there have been several different […]

Classical Art: A Contribution of Ancient Greece to Roman Art

Classical Art: A Contribution of Ancient Greece to Roman Art

Imagine that you are standing in a gallery that is devoted to the arts or, let’s say, the classical arts. The entire place throws light on Greek and Roman culture, literature, and architecture. The sculptures or paintings that you’re witnessing are classic, as they derive from the best. Yes, I am talking about the famous […]

Chinese Art: Learn How Imperialism Shaped Chinese Art History

How we see Chinese art in today’s world is inherently different from ancient times. It’s more diverse, vast, and evolving than ever before.  But did you know Chinese art evolved, transformed, and moved beyond boundaries during Chinese imperialism? If Zhou, Qin, and the Han Dynasties hadn’t existed, China wouldn’t probably have seen advancement in its […]

Pointillism: The Dotted Art of Neo-Impressionist Period

Pointillism: The Dotted Art of Neo-Impressionist Period

There is a saying, “drops of water can turn into an ocean.” Quite familiar, right? There is another saying that is somewhat the same. “Dots by dots can turn into a painting.” Well, I just made that up but some famous artists created history with this quote. You must be wondering what I’m trying to […]

Hyperrealism Art: Hyper-Realistic Paintings That Look Real

Hyperrealism Art: Hyper-Realistic Paintings That Look Real

Hyperrealist images! Something that is so real that it makes you wonder how can an artist pull it off? Is it really hand-painted or a photograph? The images will make you feel intrigued, whether the part you’re witnessing is original or just a playful act of your subconscious mind.  It aims to erase the wall […]

Medieval Art: The Dramatic Art of The Middle Ages

Medieval Art featured image

Do you remember how, in the history lectures, we were all taught about the medieval period at some point in time? Well, the period was not just prior to civilization; it was also the establishment of art and literature. The medieval art period covers an immense range of history, drama, and a variety of places […]

Harlem Renaissance (Migration Story Of 200,000 Black People)

the cover photo of Harlem Renaissance

(Disclaimer: You will see words such as “black people” or “negro” in this article. These words are used to provide context and not to hurt or mock any race, creed, or group) Black people are unsung heroes, brave souls, and somebody who are loyal and hardworking. They have been significant and prominent contributors to the […]

Realism Art Movement: An Era of Revolution

Realism art movement cover image

Keeping it real, keeping it 100! That is the motto of the Realism art movement.  As a realist, an artist portrays the world from his point of view. A Realist artist is someone who clearly portrays what they see and what actually is going around them.  Realism art covered every situation, whether if it’s about […]