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Delve into the most iconic art movements that have impacted the history of art and aesthetics. From the Old and Gold Classic Age to 21st Century Modern Art, PortraitFlip’s Art Movement category covers everything that you need to know.

Harlem Renaissance: An Era Of African-American’s Triumph & Accomplishments

the cover photo of Harlem Renaissance

(Disclaimer: The word “black people” or “negro” is used to give readers clarity on certain subjects. We’re not meant to hurt or mock any race, creed, or group) Black people are unsung heroes, brave souls, somebody who is loyal and hardworking. They are significant and prominent contributors who also changed the views of the world […]

Realism Art Movement: An Era of Revolution

Keeping it real, keeping it 100! That is the motto of the Realism art movement.  As a realist, an artist portrays the world from his point of view. A Realist artist is someone who clearly portrays what they see and what actually is going around them.  Realism art covered every situation, whether if it’s about […]

All About Surrealism & Its Influence On Modern-Day Painters

Andre Breton was a Dadaist and a mad follower of Sigmund Freud’s work in psychoanalysis. His decision to begin working on several eccentric concepts was a result of his exploration of Freud’s work. According to Andre, rational thoughts have their own significance in the art world.  However, change is inevitable when one goes beyond its […]