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Sample Art Reproductions

Famous paintings have forever been the pride of Art Galleries and Museums. What if we said that we could bring Museum Quality Painting Reproductions to the living room of your house?

Mona Lisa, 1503 – 1508

The famous Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci between 1503 to 1508.  Known to be a living enigma, Mona Lisa has thousands of lovers who are ready to give their life just to have the painting. From Louvre, Paris, we are bringing this beauty to your home with our Mona Lisa replica.

Napoleon Crossing The Alps, 1801 – 1805

Napoleon Crossing The Alps, a painting that signifies authority, was a series of equestrian portraits painted by Jacques-Louis David. It was most likely painted between 1801-1805. Now hung in Château de Malmaison, France, this painting of the real crossing of the Napoleon army can be yours too.

The Milkmaid, 1657–1658

The Milkmaid, also called “The Kitchen Maid,” is an oil on canvas painting that captures the everyday life of the mundane. Simplicity at its best, the painting adds a great accent to the walls of a minimal home décor.

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633

The only seascape ever painted by Rembrandt, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, shows Jesus calming the ferocious sea to protect fourteen men aboard. Based on the idea that Jesus was a sailor sent to ease people’s struggles, the artwork emphasizes the significance of Christianity. Rembrandt’s Sea of Galilee replica is not so simple to find, but if you have reached here, surely get your hands on this mesmerizing painting!

August II the Strong, 1670 – 1733

Another portrait of strength and bravery, August II The Strong was painted by Louis de Silvestre between 1670 to 1733. This King of Poland was known for his unbeatable strength and was believed to have broken horseshoes with his hands. A replica of August II can be a great gift for somebody you know who is as strong as him.

Reproduction Paintings: An Insight

Handpainted by our very own Professional Artists, our art replicas are hard to differentiate from the original copies. You can either surprise your loved ones with a painting of their famous painters or get one to complement your home décor.

Besides using environment-friendly colors, high-quality canvas and wooden frames to give depth to your fine art reproductions, we also ensure that the detailing, shading and overall aesthetic are par excellence.

With our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, we are here to bring the experience of fine art and luxury to your home.

When To Buy A Reproduction Painting?

  • To show off your taste in art by hanging a famous art replica in your living room.
  • To gift an art lover a replica of his/her favorite artist on Birthdays, Anniversaries or Christmas.
  • To wake up every day and feel like you own a Mona Lisa.

Note: We also create fine art in other reproduction mediums and styles. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and a support manager will help you with the process.

Terms and Conditions of Commissioning Reproduction Paintings

  1. The artist of your commissioned painting reproduction should have died at least 70 years ago.
  2. By ordering a painting from us, you get into an unconscious agreement of not reselling the painting as the original. It is against the Copyright Law. In case of such happenings, PortraitFlip can sue you on the lines of Forgery.
  3. Please note that our paintings are art copies and not the original piece of artwork. It is 100% handmade and copied from the artworks of famous artists.
  4. If you want to place an order for an art copy of a contemporary artist, you have to provide consent from the artist for the same.
  5. We provide a 100% refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the final artwork preview.
    However, if you do not like the painting after your receive it, you will have to ship the artwork back to be liable for a refund. Read Our Refund Policy for more.

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    Yes, you can let us know your preferred painting reproduction medium and styles, and we will be glad to paint it for you?

    Yes, you can make any customizations that you want in your art reproduction on canvas. Simply write us an email with your changes and we will have it done. From writing a message, changing the background or correcting the elements, we can do it all.

    Yes, you can resale our art reproductions as long as it comes under fair trade. Selling art replicas on canvas as original is Forgery and we have the right to sue you in such cases.

    No, we do not sell original art since most of the famous paintings are the possession of National Museums. However, we can create an original painting from your photos. Click here to know more.

    According to the copyright law, we can only create are reproductions of artists who has passed away 70 years back. Although, we can create the reproduction of painting of a Contemporary Artist if you submit a consent from the artist.

    No! These are famous art replicas painted by our Professional Artists. The sole purpose of these paintings is to bring a touch of fine art to your life.