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Three Pastel paintings, where the left one portray two dogs standing next to each other, the middle one portray a woman and man taking selfie and the right one portray a dog snuggle in a fur cloth

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Pastel is one of the best painting mediums to produce bright colored portraits. Pastel Portrait Paintings are skillful, accurate, and more lifelike in nature.

The paintings have a mere ‘bloom’ quality to them as the physical characteristics of this medium has a much velvety, matte finish.

We house Professional Pastel Portrait artists who have years of experience in drawing pastel artworks.

We use Marco Raffine Soft Pastels and a high-quality paper to deliver an experience of a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Soft pastels are a type of painting medium that is best used for work that is subtle, delicate, precise, and rich.  They produce stunning colorwork, with the ability to gently increase intensity and tones.

They are widely used to create skin tones in a variety of colors, including pinks, reds, oranges, white, cream, greys, blues, and mint green. They are amazing for solo portraits of humans and animals.

Yes, we can make a portrait to your specifications. In the Order Notes, provide the specific dimensions, and we’ll paint it to that size.

When checking out, choose the closest size and proceed to the checkout. To know the available frames, check out our finishing options page.

Acrylic Portraits start from $149. The price of your pastel portrait will vary based on the number of characters and size you choose; please click the ‘Paint My Portrait’ button and see the custom prices on the checkout screen.

When you place an order of a pastel portrait painting with PortraitFlip you get to choose the finishing option between a rolled canvas paper with a glassine paper on top of it or a framed portrait with the frame of your choice. The best way to preserve a pastel drawing is by framing it. To save you time and effort a pastel portrait with the frame option will preserve your painting for a really long time.

Yes, we excel in Pastel Portraits from photographs. If you want us to merge your brother’s photo with your dog’s photograph just let us know. We don’t start the painting process unless you give us a thumbs up.

PortraitFlip is a renowned portrait painting service that offers products like photo to painting in various mediums. We have experienced pastel portrait artists that produce exceptional hyper-realistic oil pastel portraits from photographs. You can get different types of Pastel Portraits like Pet Portraits, Couple Portraits, or even Custom Royal Portraits.

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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!