About Us

We Turn Your Photo Into a Painting

Every color expresses a new, profound emotion and we at PortraitFlip firmly believe in the same and are set on a mission to deliver the most personal and intricate experience to our clients by not leaving even the slightest detail while painting the original custom-made portraits for them. Be it the serene monochrome, extravagant pastels or classy oil colors, you name it and we’ll do it for you.


We turn your favorite and most beloved images and photographs into original hand painted portraits.PortraitFlip specializes in various disciplines such as Oil Painting, Watercolor and Pencil Sketch being the prominent ones.

These days when everybody goes for materialistic gifts, we help people gift memories. It makes the receiver feel special and loved. Spending time with loved ones and creating memories is one of the most heart touching moments in a person’s life. Each and every thought counts when you plan to gift your special someone. It expresses the love and care that was put into. Some moments and memories are most cherished in a person’s life. Nothing can be more affectionate than gifting one of those fond memories of your special person.

PortraitFlip has to offer a very vast range of products. All sorts of customized paintings are done here. We offer various media of portrait painting which includes:

Any photograph of your favorite person or favorite memory is converted into a painting of your choice. It is well prepared to be framed and preserved to be admired forever.

Your gifts can be customized on the basis of various occasions as well. Be it

We are ready to hand-craft it the exact way you require. What could be more intimate than gifting one of the best moments from the past as a souvenir to your special relationship on a special day?

We help you in each and every step, from medium selection to size selection. To order you need to follow four simple steps:

  • You upload your photo to be painted and choose size and medium. Any specific requirement is most welcomed.
  • You are notified via e-mail as the painting starts.
  • Once we are finished with your painting, we send it to you for approval and entertain revisions.
  • After approval, it is delivered to our happy customers.

Key features of our websites are :

  • Our portraits are 100% handmade.
  • We give unlimited revisions to our customers.
  • We assure the lowest prices on our art pieces.
  • We give free shipping worldwide.
  • We have superior customer services.
  • Our products have exceptional value.
  • We have multi-tiered quality control process.
  • We guarantee “No questions asked-100% money back” policy on customer dissatisfaction.

Every bit of the effort put in by our artists’ counts for the smile of our happy customers. We also have active Facebook handle and Instagram page.

We are not driven by the money we make but by our customers’ satisfaction and employees’ happiness.


100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!