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Finish your Handmade Paintings with a fantastic frame and increase the longevity of your portrait!
PortraitFlip offers a range of Premium Frames and Gallery Wrapping services at affordable prices.
Please check out the following page to explore the pricing and available designs.



Framing Price Table

* Framing is not available for Charcoal and Pencil Portraits.
* Only Oil and Acrylic Paintings can be Gallery Wrapped as they are painted on a Canvas.
* Frame pricing does not depend on the type of frame but on the size.
* Paintings don’t come with a glass on top as the paintings should be left in the open air to avoid smudging,
To know more about the oil painting cleaning process, read this blog.


How We Roll Our Paintings

How We Gallery Wrap Our Paintings

How We Frame Our paintings

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Finishing Options:Additional Information
Rolled:Your painting will be rolled in an Art Tube so that it is well protected during delivery.

Rolled paintings can be framed and hung whenever you or your loved ones wish to.

There are no extra charges for this finishing option.

Available in Mediums: All.

Gallery Wrapped:The canvas of your artwork will be stretched across a stretcher bar and secured on the back of a frame.

Portraits with an invisible frame add depth to the painting and attract the viewer.

Charges may vary according to the size.

Available in Mediums: Oil and Acrylic.

Framed:Your art piece will be securely framed and will be ready to decorate the walls once delivered.

Increase the longevity of your portrait by getting it framed.

You can select any one design from the above 6 Premium Designs while placing the order.

There are extra charges based on the size. 

Available in Mediums: Oil, Acrylic, Coloured Pencil, and Watercolour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you not put the glass on your paintings?

Generally, photo frames come with a glass on top, but paintings are very different than a photo frame.
Paintings are lively, and the beauty of it fades away if there is a glass on top.
Also, mediums like Oil smudge if they are not allowed to breathe.
If you still wish to get a glass on top of the frame, order a rolled painting and frame it locally,
but we won’t be able to provide a refund if the panting smudges after you frame it with glass.

2. Where can I find more information on cleaning an Oil Painting?

We have written an in-depth article on how to clean an oil painting; you can find it here.

3. If I order a rolled painting, will it be delivered safely? Can I frame it later?

We deliver all rolled paintings in a Hard Art Tube. The painting is well protected and safely delivered.
Yes, You can frame it later.

4. What material are the frames made of?

The Matte Black frame is made with high quality fibre and the rest of the frames are made of high-quality wood.

5. Which mediums do you Gallery Wrap?

Gallery Wrapping needs a canvas that can be stretched, and hence all canvas portraits that are Oil and Acrylic can be Gallery Wrapped.

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