Guarantee Page and Return Policy

Guarantee Page and Return Policy


100% Satisfaction or 100% Refund!

We have a lot of confidence in our Artist Team and the Quality Control process. Hence, we provide a 100% Moneyback Guarantee at any step throughout the Painting Process and Delivery.

You can raise a refund request at any stage of the Order Process till as far as 14 days of the delivery date.

100% Handmade by Professional Artists.

All our artworks are 100% Handmade and made by professional artists. We have an artist base of 150+ Professional Artists who are chosen after an intense test, and every artwork they create goes through a 3-tier quality check. Only after getting a green flag are these paintings out for delivery.

Unlimited Revisions.

Why get a refund if you can suggest changes to the artist?

We recommend you suggest Photoshop or Painting revisions as we do not charge for them, and you have Unlimited Revisions available with you.
One of the major reasons we don’t want you to directly go for a refund and ask the artist to make changes is that our artists have to bear a certain percentage of the painting price if you take a refund. As a company, we try our best to deliver smiles to the Customers and our Artist Team; we hope you understand.
If you don’t like the artwork even after multiple revisions, feel free to place a refund request, we owe a refund to you!

Refund Process:

Just send us an email, and we will send a 100% refund!

The refund process is straightforward:

  1. If you want a refund, just respond on your email thread or at with the reason for the return and the Order ID. We will make sure the amount is reflected in your Source Account within 5 days.
  2. If you want a replacement, we will happily replace the painting with a new one and arrange a pickup for the faulty product ourselves.

We would be happy to assist you with any queries related to your returns; just drop us a mail
at or use our chat feature for a quicker response from the bottom-left of your screen.

Terms and Conditions:

In all the cases of returns and cancellations, you have to drop us an email at All are returns and cancellations are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. If the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the product, he should drop us a mail stating his intent of return at within 14 days of delivery.
  2. Return policy covers the following cases:
  • Not satisfied:

If you are not satisfied with the painting, you can get a replacement or a 100% refund. Please consider that the painting is a custom product, and it has no value after you return it to us and the artist’s salaries vary according to the returns they get on their portraits.

  • Damaged Frame:
    You get a refund for the frame price you paid while checkout.
  • Lost Products:
    If our courier partner loses the product, you get a 100% refund.
  • Express Service:
    If you pay for express service and we fail to deliver the painting within 15 Business Days, we will refund the amount you paid for Express Service only.
    Please note that the delivery date might push if you request more than 5 revisions to the photoshop/preview. We won’t be able to provide a refund in such a case.
  1. The refund amount in the customer’s account will reflect within 5-7 Working Days.
  1. You are given store credit in case you need a replacement, which is further deducted at the time of checkout of the new product.

Eligibility for Returns:

  1. If you place a Return Request, we will pick up you’re painting. The product should be returned in its original condition only.
  2. No element of the painting should be tampered with to make sure it passes the quality check.
  3. No refrain should be filed against the bank through which the payment was made as it would take away your right to avail of the refund.
  4. Only return requests which are raised within 14 days of delivery will be considered.
  5. If a customer raises more than 2 return requests in 365 days, his 3rd return is ineligible on the grounds of fake requests.
  6. Gift cards do not qualify for returns.

Additional Policies:

  1. PortraitFlip holds the sole discretion for stating a return request valid or invalid.
  2. In case of returns or replacements, the customer is liable to return the faulty painting.
  3. In all the returns and replacements, PortraitFlip will run a quality check and refund or replace it after the inspection is successful.

Happy shopping to you!!