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Capturing a perfect shot is always an enormous task. Things may not always go as planned. Sometimes we miss the ideal background, and sometimes we miss a family member.
We offer you a simple solution, a feature using which you can merge photos and get a painting. You can merge people from different images into one painting using this feature.

How does compilation work? I need to know in detail. Do you charge money for this service?
No, we do not charge separately for compiling your photos. This is a free service, and you get Unlimited Revisions as well.

Here is the process:

Step 1: Upload The Pictures
Upload at least one photo of each character that you want in the painting and place the order.

Step 2Approval/Revisions
We will merge all the characters, execute the suggested changes, and send a Merged Preview to your email ID. At this stage, you can suggest changes or approve the preview.

Step 3Painting Starts
After executing the suggested changes, the painting process begins. You are notified by email as soon as we start your portrait.
Enjoy updates along the process.

Step 4: Your Painting Is Ready
Once your painting is ready, we send a photo to seek approval or make further changes (if any).
After the approval, the Happiness Package is shipped and is with you in a few days.

Why Order A Compilation Portrait?

  • If your children never got a chance to meet their grandparents, you can merge them into one painting and make it appear like all of them were together with a Compilation Portrait.
  • If you want a Family Painting with everyone, even if everyone never clicked a photo together, then a Family Compilation Portrait would be a good idea!
  • Compile all your pets into one painting and hang it on the living room wall; it will look stunning!
  • Gift a Compilation Portrait and express your love. Making an impossible memory come to life and gifting it to your loved ones is by far the best gift, and it will be remembered forever!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, all paintings are 100% Hand-Painted.
If you need to combine people from different photos into one painting, we will use the Photoshop tool to crop out characters and put them in one photo. Then we will add a background to it if not suggested by you. After that, we will adjust the colors and lighting to look like the photo was taken with everyone in one place.
Then we export the image and send it to you for approval; this is the Photoshop Preview. You can suggest Unlimited Changes to the preview at this point, and we will get them done.
Once you approve the photoshop design, we ask the artist to start the painting process referring to the photoshop design approved by you.

Yes, all of it! But it is necessary to work with our designers on at least two to three designs. If we can still land on your desired preview, we will initiate a 100% refund.

Yes, you can change the hair color, background, clothes of people, positions, and a lot more.
It is recommended to get only essential changes because editing an image too much will lead to a painting that looks inorganic once completed.

You have the option to get Unlimited Revisions done, and we won’t charge for this. You can suggest changes, and if we are not able to impress you after a lot of revisions, you will only get a 100% refund.

Did we get your queries resolved? If not, we would love to chat with you, or you can also drop an email at [email protected].


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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!