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Merge Photos to Painted Portraits and Bring your Loved Ones Together.

Merged portraits from a photo which compile a couple and two young boys

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Merge Photos or combine people from different images into a group painting with PortraitFlip. It often so happens that either the person is not present to be a part of the family picture, or time is cruel for taking them away too soon. But with our Merged Portraits, you can turn multiple images into one picture painting. Not just that, we can recreate any memory that you want us into painted portraits with just different photos.

When it comes to gifts, the more personalized, the better. Combine two images into one painting and gift the most emotional and thoughtful present to your loved ones. Our Merged Portraits take portrait painting from photo to the next level.

Now you don’t have to sob over the fact that your family couldn’t be a part of the same picture.

Why Order A Compilation Portrait?

  • If your children never got a chance to meet their grandparents, you can merge them into one painting and make it appear like all of them were together with a Compilation Portrait.
  • If you want a Family Painting with everyone, even if everyone never clicked a photo together, then a Family Compilation Portrait would be a good idea!
  • Compile all your pets into one painting and hang it on the living room wall; it will look stunning!
  • Gift a Compilation Portrait and express your love. Making an impossible memory come to life and gifting it to your loved ones is by far the best gift, and it will be remembered forever!
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How Merged Portraits Work?

Order Placed

Select Character & Upload Photos 🎞

Select the number of people you want to combine in your portrait. Make sure you choose the right number of subjects (pets are also regarded as a character).

Upload one high-quality picture for each person, so that we can combine the best photos. Leave the suggestion in the box requesting your customization.

Proceed with the next step and complete your order for Merged Portrait by paying a small deposit of 20%. This will help us start with the process.

Order now

Photoshop Preview 🖥

As soon as we receive your request for merging multiple images into one picture, our designers sit to work on the customization. They create a realistic Photoshop design with the photos. The same is sent to you on your registered email ID for preview. At this point, you can request changes to the preview or approve it the combined photo to paint.

Digital Customization
The Painting Begins!

Our Artist Gets To Work! 🎨

Once you approve the Photoshop Preview, our talented artists start working on your converting the portrait from photos with the help of the preview as the design.


Painting Preview 🖼

Once our artists complete working on the magic for you, you will receive a preview of the painting on the same Email ID. Again, as per our 100% customer satisfaction policy, we provide you with unlimited free revisions on the painting if you do not like it. If, however, you are happy with our artists’ compilation painting, you can complete the final payment.

Your Painting is Ready
Final Payment and Shipping

Final Payment and Shipping 🛳

As soon as we receive the rest of the 80% payment, we start the shipping process of the final Compilation Portrait to reach you as per your selected Delivery Service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can combine 3 photos into one with our Merged Portrait service. All you have to do is send us the photos of each character and leave the hard part to us.

Yes, we can do that for you! Just upload the photos, leave the details with your instructions in the Order Notes and we’ll send you a preview. Once you approve the preview, we will start the painting process.

Yes, you can change the hair color, background, clothes of people, positions, and a lot more.
It is recommended to get only essential changes because editing an image too much will lead to a painting that looks inorganic once completed.

You have the option to get Unlimited Revisions done, and we won’t charge for this. You can suggest changes, and if we are not able to impress you after a lot of revisions, you will only get a 100% refund.

Did we get your queries resolved? If not, we would love to chat with you, or you can also drop an email at [email protected].

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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 20% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!