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Wassily Kandinsky Paintings for Sale

If you are a fan of abstract art and think that it can add a mystery to your interiors, we have Wassily Kandinsky’s painting on Sale.

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Wassily Kandinsky Paintings For Sale

Wassily Kandinsky, known to be the first ever artist to make Abstract Portraits the reality of art world, can now be owned by you. If you want to own a painting that is great conversation starter and is open to multiple interpretations, Wassily is where you should go. Not only did this “madman” take inspiration from Music to create paintings but regarded his paints and color as “animate creature.” From many of the list, here are a few Wassily paintings that our customers have commissioned.

Picture With A Circle, Kandinsky (a.k.a Composition VII), 1911

Picture With A Circle by Kandinsky is believed to be the first abstract painting in the history of Art. Forget Picasso, Kandinsky was the real deal. Displayed at the National Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi this painting speaks to you with it vibrancy and colors. It is an adaptation of the nature and although chaotic, it stirs you up with a feeling of comfort. If you wanna own the first abstract painting of the world, we are the catch, because nobody else is doing it! So,

Kandinsky Composition 8 (VIII), 1923

Yet another famous painting, Kandinsky’s Composition 8 (VIII) can be considered as a more clearer, less chaotic abstract art. With sharp geometric patterns and colorful abstracts, the painting is creating a balance between dynamic and calm, aggressive and meek. A perfect gift for a person with multitudes in their personality. 

Color Study: Squares With Concentric Circles, 1913

According to Kandinsky colors had the power to inspire emotional and physical response in humans. This painting, as considered, wasn’t supposed to be a piece of master art. It was just an experiment to see how different color combinations are perceived. One can say that Wassily used his Color Study as a reference while painting his other artworks. Nonetheless, it has been considered the most entertaining and encapsulating piece and is now worth a billion. But you can have it is just a couple of dollars. 


Kandinsky was known to be a great lawyer but his love for color and with music as his inspiration, he decided to give up on his career.
In the pursuit of evoking physical and emotional feelings through abstract art, he unknowingly became the founding father of Abstract Movement.
He has not only been an inspiration to artists like Pablo Picasso but has also devoted a large chunk of his life to developing theories.
Kandinsky would be a great choice if you are planning to fill up the space on your walls.
His paintings are not meant to be given as gifts, but are to be honored by hanging at the most looked at space of your home.
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Terms and Conditions of Commissioning Wassily Kandinsky Reproduction

  • By ordering a painting from us, you get into an unsaid agreement of not reselling the painting as the original. It is against the Copyright Law. In case of such happenings, PortraitFlip can sue you on the lines of Forgery.
  • Please note that our paintings of Kandinsky are not the original piece of artwork. It is 100% handmade and copied from the paintings of the artist himself.
  • We provide a 100% refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the final artwork preview. However, if you do not like the painting after you receive it, you will have to ship the artwork back to be liable for a refund (shipping charges to be incurred by you).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Blue Rider is Wassily Kandinsky’s most famous painting. It was an oil painting produced on cardboard in 1903. As abstract as Kandinsky’s paintings has always been, this was remains a pure work of art that displays a cloaked rider and their horse racing through the meadows.

Wassily Kandinsky was famously know to paint abstract and geometric patterns.

Kandinsky, as his paintings are named, used to call them “compositions” while his spontaneous paintings were often referred to as “improvisations”. More like, Kandinsky used musical terms to identify his works and was highly influenced by it too.

Wassily Kandinsky is famous for his abstract painting. The early 20th century has never seen a work of art in geometric forms, lines and color and Kandinsky pioneered this making such elements the basis of his expression. He was largely influenced by music that helped him express his inner life.

Kandinsky Paintings has been auctioned a lot of times and the cost of a Wassily Kandinsky painting has gone up to $44,465,386. However, you can have it for $210 with PortraitFlip’s Kandinsky painting replicas.

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