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There is no better way to decorate your space than with personalized art. A well-styled home is full of art that exhibits our emotions. Read expert PortraitFlip’s blogs to bring life to your machine-made home with our interior decor ideas.

Vet Clinic Designs: 5 Tips On Selecting Vet Clinic Layout

cover photo of vet clinic design

Building a vet clinic on your own is no less than a big achievement. But setting up a vet clinic without taking a few things into consideration can give you nightmares for weeks. Unplanned and improper decision-making may put your dream in jeopardy, and you may end up losing your patients and eventually your business.  […]

How To Hang a Painting? 5 Ways To A Successful Mount

how to hang a painting cover

Do you find yourself in a fix where you have a wonderful portrait but don’t know how to hang a painting, especially without nails? Now, we all know that canvas paintings and portraits are the most common and minimalistic way of decking up your home. And with that thought, you often tend to get handmade […]

Best Dog Room Decor Design Ideas For Pet-Parents

Dog room decor ideas

Home is where your four-legged friend is.  You’ll either find him drooling over the edge of the couch or sleeping at the back of the bed. No matter whether he’s his separate beddings or pillows, he’ll end up stretching on your bed.  However, that doesn’t conclude that he doesn’t require his own dog room. Just […]