Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Home Decor Painting In 2022

Choosing Home Decor Painting: a cute dog painting on a wall

Whether you’re moving to a new home or are planning to add style this Christmas, choosing the right home decor painting can be a task.

You stare at the empty wall and wonder how you can make it aesthetic. But acing your home decor is more than just getting a painting and nailing it on the wall.

It involves choosing the right painting for the right place in your house. And how do you do that?

There are a thousand ways to choose a painting for home decor, but you never know what’ll work out.

But I’m here! Below you’ll find a guide on how to choose home decor painting, tips, ideas, and more!

Let’s go!

How To Choose A Home Decor Painting?

Choosing a painting to hang on the wall can be a tedious job, but it’s always worth the effort.

Not only does the art beautify the room, but it also ties everything together.

Although there’s no strict rule to adhere to while choosing home decor painting, you can follow the tips given below to get that perfect painting for your home decor.

Here are four ways that’ll help you determine what you need to get as per your home decor.

1.   Choose The Painting By The Size

A compilation of handmade painting by portraitflip's artists are hung on a wall to show how to choose home decor painting by size

When you’re there hunting for the wall decor painting,  you should never miss considering its size.

Will that painting go on the wall? or will it go on the top of the desk?

You should keep in the mind the empty space on your wall and the size of the painting before cashing in on the piece —because wrong sizes can throw off the balance of the room.

Here are a few painting sizes and where you can place them:

Small paintings: Can be placed on table, nightstand, desk. Looks best when grouped together on a wall.

Medium-sized paintings: Those paintings look great in compact places and can be grouped with mini-sized or small paintings to create a dynamic effect.

Large size or oversized paintings: Those paintings speaks for themselves! Just hanging a single oversized or large painting will become the center of attention.

Are you still confused? Here’s a pro tip while choosing home artwork:

First envision what painting will go where. Are you looking for a painting above the sofa? or do you want to place it by the bedside table? or do you want to mount many paintings at the corner?

By deciding where you want to place the painting, you’d be able to determine the right size.

2.   Choose The Painting By Style

A beautiful portrait made by the artists of portraitflip is hung on the wall  above the sofa

Whatever painting you choose, whether it is a replica of famous artwork or it is a custom handmade painting of your loved ones; it should suit your interior decor style.

Tell me what’s the point in choosing a painting if it doesn’t “fit” into your decor?

It’ll be a dumb idea to change the home decor style just to fit the painting. It’ll be dumber to throw away the painting. And yes, the dumbest will be hanging the painting even if it doesn’t compliment your decor theme.

jim carrey from dumb and dumber
(Jim Carrey from Dumb And Dumber (1994))

So here’s the deal:

Irrespective of the size, always take into consideration the theme of your home decor. If your home decor speaks of modern style, go with paintings that’ll complement it. If it is old-style, go with the vintage wall painting. There’s no rocket science here!

3.   Choose The Painting By Color

A home decor painting is on the orange wall..

Another way to go around wall painting art is to choose the painting by the color scheme on the walls.

The painting should tie in with your home’s existing color scheme —that’s the key rule here.

There are two ways of choosing home decor painting by color:

A) Play With Accent Hues

Look for the paintings that are as per the color scheme of your house.  Choose a color and look for paintings with similar shades and tones.

If you have light walls, you can go with bright paintings that’ll stand out. Going with this approach will get you a sophisticated and contemporary look on your walls.

B) Go Bezerk!

Be bold and look for the noticeable color of your walls and use that to choose the painting for home decor!

Compare the prominent color of your decor with the color pallet and choose the brightest color to get a painting in. Imagine, experiment, and go berserk with a unique colored artwork!

4.   Choose The Painting As Per The Decor

A painting of black dog made by the portraitflip's artists is hung in the living room decor

When you’ve spent so much time, energy, (and bucks!) designing your home decor; it’s important that the painting should complement it.

Your home decor may have different themes and colors that stand united as one; to keep it intact, you must go with a painting that’ll blend in well.

For choosing the perfect painting for home decor, you must first analyze your interior and envision what type of painting will look good. 

For example, if your home decor is a chill coastal type, you should go with light or neutral colored paintings instead of dark or bright paintings.

What it means is that the paintings should evoke the feeling same as the home decor.

If you have modern styled home decor, the paintings should speak of the modern lifestyle, not something from the mid-century era.

Home Decor Painting Places: Where To Hang Paintings?

a compilation of paintings made by portraitflip artists on the walls that gives you an idea on where to hang home decor paintings

One of the most important deciding factors while choosing artwork for home decor is deciding where you want to hang it. Is it the place of social gathering or is it the room where you sleep?

Depending on the place in your house, you can choose a lot of different home decor paintings that’ll just fit in the right spot.

Below are a few suggestions and tips while choosing the painting as per the room.

1.   For Livingroom

A handmade oil painting of two brothers is hanging above the sofa.

The living room is the heart of the home which connects all the blocks of your house. 

It’s the place to socialize and is the first thing your guest are gonna notice when they step inside your home.

Hanging the right type of painting in the living room is important because of three major reasons:

1. An art piece is a great conversation starter.

When there’s wall art in your living room, it’s gonna break the ice and get the convo going among the guests (and the shy ones will jump into the conversation


2. It reflects your character.

Just as your house speaks of the people living there, the type of painting you hang will show your inner-self.

3. Makes your living room ten times better.

Any kind of artwork you put on the wall is going to give a finishing touch to your home decor and make it attractive.

Now let’s jump into choosing the right artwork for your living room. Here are 4 tips that’ll help you ace up that room.

A) Living room decor painting tip #1: Choose the perfect place in your living room

Do you want to hang it at the center of the hall? or want to tug the painting at the corner? or will it look better if you hang small paintings in the empty spaces throughout the room?

Depending on the position of your furniture and other decors, you have to decide the spot where placing the painting will make more sense.

B) Living room decor painting tip #2: Blend in or stand out?

The painting should either complement your living room or should completely stand out.

If you want to fuse the painting into your home decor, you must choose the painting from the color pallet of your living room.

If you want it to be the center of attention, go with a contrasting painting.

C) Living room decor painting tip #3  Choose the right size.

Again. We can’t stress enough that you have to look for the right size of painting before you go and buy it.

D) Living room decor painting tip #4:  Choose the right style

The type of art that you choose is gonna define your persona and taste in art. So, always choose the painting that speaks of your style.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room:

What type of artwork should you choose for the living room decor?

As said earlier, you should go with artwork that speaks of your style, but it’s better said than done.

You know how mesmerizing the artworks are and it’s easier to get fond of all the paintings and get confused in choosing the one.

Abstract art or representational art or a replica of a famous painting? There’s a better way to do it.

How about instead of choosing the artwork from the gallery, you make your own artwork?

Nope, I’m not talking about any DIY project; neither I’m asking you to look out for an artist and commission them.

You can add a personalized touch to your home decor by hanging a custom handmade painting made from your photos! 

A personalized painting portraying you and your family is the best type of artwork out there for your living room decor. So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

All you have to do is choose the medium, upload photo(s), customize the order (select size, frame, or ask artists to merge photographs), and you’re done ordering the painting from the comfort of your home.

It takes less than 2 minutes to place an order, 15 days to receive the artwork, and a lifetime to praise the painting! 

Also, you can get any kind of custom handmade painting including Royal Portrait, Pet Portrait, House portrait, Landscape Portrait, or anything you want!

So what are you waiting for?

2.   For Kitchen

A beautiful white cat portrait made by portraitflip's artist is hung above the dining table.

We often look for artwork and paintings for living rooms and other spaces in the house, but what about the kitchen?

It’s uncommon to think that paintings can be hung in the kitchen, but it becomes more attractive when you do hang paintings in the kitchen. Paintings do deserve to be in the kitchen as they belong in other rooms.

Here are 5 tips to get paintings for your kitchen:

1) Location: Choose the space away from the stove, coz you wouldn’t want the smoke to smudge the painting. Look for places in the kitchen where there’s breathing space so that the painting doesn’t appear stacked.

2) Size, type, and style of painting will depend upon the available space and the color of your walls and cabinets.

3) One of the best places to hang a painting in the kitchen is above your dining table.  Here, you can hang a family portrait made from photos!  As everyone sits together to dine, a painting depicting everyone will strengthen the bond within the family.

4) Although you’re free to choose any type of painting for home decor, you should choose calm and peaceful paintings for your kitchen. This can include personalized paintings (custom portraits), landscape portraits, paintings depicting nature, and abstract art. 

5) If you’re up for a modern look, you can choose to get paintings made by contemporary artists.

3.   For Bedroom

A compilation portrait of grandpa and grandchild painted by portraitflip is hanging on the wall above the bed.

A place for retreat: a bedroom is a place to wind down and recharge — so it should evoke the feeling of serenity.

And one of the best ways to achieve that is by adding wall art to your bedroom. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect painting for your bedroom:

1. The best place to hang a portrait in the bedroom is above the bed or in front of the bed. (Personally, I think that a painting above the bed is the best.)

2. As the bedroom is a place to relax, you should go with paintings that evoke a feeling of calmness and security.

3. If there’s no empty place on the wall, you can choose to get a small painting that can be kept on the bedside desk.

4. Bedroom Painting suggestions: Hang soothing paintings. You can go with landscape paintings, paintings made from photos of your loved ones, and abstract art. Desaturated paintings are one of the best types of paintings for bedrooms. 

4.   For Bathroom

A pet portrait is hanging in the bathroom

“Art can only be placed in the living room or bedroom…” Those who make such statements will need to reconsider their choices!

I know it’s rude of me to say this, but the reality in fact is that art can be placed anywhere in your house. Anywhere!

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is another cubicle of the house that gets neglected when it comes to adding paintings.

If you prefer decorating your bathroom, hanging a painting or two will definitely make it better. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. The painting that you’re gonna select for the bathroom should go with the vibe of the bathroom. If your bathroom speaks of class, go with a classy painting; if the tone of your bathroom is light, go with bright colorful paintings.

2. Follow the rule of 2! In the bathroom, painting in the stack of a pair looks wonderful. So hang 2 paintings side by side or one above the other (whichever works best).

3. You can hang the paintings above the toilet, or bathtub (if you have one), or above the towel hooks.

4. The type of painting you choose will depend upon the tone of your bathroom.  Will dark abstract art make more sense or playful beach painting will work?  Visualize what’ll go best.

Now let’s see some awesome home decor painting tips that’ll make you a home decor expert.

5 Home Decor Painting Tips Nobody Is Talking About

A triptych painting hanging on the wall and giving a pleasant look to the home decor

1) Watch for the proportion

The paintings should be in proportion if you want a neat and clean look.  For example, if you want to hang a painting above your sofa, it shouldn’t be bigger than two-third of the sofa.

2) Proper placement is the key

The most important thing to consider is the placement of the painting. You have to find the sweet spot where the painting will make more sense. Even if the painting is small, it can have an alluring effect if you place it correctly.

3) Team play > Individual painting

If you’ve got a big empty space on the wall, you can group small pieces together instead of hanging a huge painting. If done properly, the paintings will complement the room well.

4) Luck Number 3

If you’re unsure of what will work out, buy in threes or get a triptych to get a stylish look.

5) Don’t overdo it

You don’t have to hang a painting at every empty space you see on the wall. Overdoing may look chaotic instead of harmonious. Remember this: Less is more!

Follow The Arrow Wherever It Points!

This is the pro home decor painting tip everyone must know of.

Before you get into the heart of the matter, here’s a piece of advice you should carry with you all the time: always go for something you want, not what your guests will like!

Come on, it’s your home. I’ve seen people putting all the fancy things in their house just to impress people.

You don’t have to do this when you hang a painting to your home decor. It’s art. The painting should not just beautify your home, but it should evoke a reaction (a good one).

In a nutshell, always go for what you like when it comes to art.  Throw all the rules out of the window and settle for what you like. Because in the end, it’s your home and you must do what makes you happy 🙂

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