Here’s What to Know About Picking a Home Decor Painting

home decor painting on a living room wall

You need a home decor painting to make that wall look better than ever. 

A piece that can add interest, personality, and emotions to your walls. 

Mounting a home decor painting offers several perks. 

Before I share them with you, let me show you how a home decor painting will look if you mount it. 

Here you go.

a cat portrait mounted behind the sofa.
Image Source: Freepik

Isn’t it visually pleasing? 

You know, it’ll look flawlessly appealing on bedroom walls as well.

a family portrait mounted above the headboard
Image Source: Freepik

And of course, your dining room area.

a compilation portrait on the dining room wall
Image Source: Envato

Don’t you think having home decor wall art is better than wallpaper or a piece of furniture? 

Because it’s so magical.

Family painting from different photos

It’s timeless, thoughtful, and the best a wall can ever get.

Well, we all know the importance of wall art in home interior design. 

But we barely pay attention or put in the effort to know the right size or mediums before buying paintings for our walls.

This is why you should spare some time, and do thorough research—because your walls do deserve your attention and love!

This is why some paintings end up on walls that don’t embrace their beauty—meaning, the paintings don’t go with their decor, wall paints, and others. 

As we always say, you may find tons of home decor paintings online. 

But what’s the point of buying them if you don’t know which one to look for for your wall? 

To resolve all sorts of queries and confusion on choosing home decor wall art, I’ve created this blog. 

Not only will you learn about amazing home decor paintings online but you also become certain in terms of choosing them. 

Let’s go. 

How To Choose A Home Decor Painting?

a girl and a boy measuring the length of the wall with a measuring tape
Image Source: Envato

Let’s learn the basics. 

Then, only you will learn how to become a master at something—here it’s about choosing the picture-perfect home decor wall art. 

Although wall shelves and cabinets help us store valuable stuff and items, and declutter the space, you’ll still go ahead with home decor paintings.

Because it’s time for you to break the dogma of choosing convenience over art. 

You can balance it out by keeping stuff in other places. But your walls have to look visually captivating as it sets the tone and vibe of the entire room.

This allows you for a perfect home decor idea within the budget.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to ordering a home decor painting. 

Decide Where You Want To Mount

a young man thinking
Image Source: Globallinker

My cousin got a ready-made painting for herself last year. 

She thought she’d mount it on her bedroom wall and ditch the plan of incorporating floral wallpaper.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t. The painting was oversized, and she had to give it to one of her friends. 

How sad it is to get something desirable for yourself and realize it is not actually worth your money and time. 

That’s why we suggest you decide on the spot where you want to mount a home decor painting—it could be anywhere—behind the sofa, next to the bookshelf, above the headboard, and other pieces of furniture.

Because it’s pointless and worthless to start hammering the nail on the spot that’s been vacant for years. 

Before you think of a pet or family portrait, make sure you gauge the area—if possible, outline the wall that you want to use for home decor painting with the help of painter’s tape, sticky notes, or paper.

Don’t rush, take deep breaths, and envision a painting on that wall. 

Once you’re done, move to the next part. 

Decide How To Pick The Right Size

a man in green dungri measuring the wall with a measuring tape
Image Source: Freepik

Be confident, clear, and firm when it comes to choosing the home decor painting for your wall. 

As I said, hammering the nail onto the wall to mount a wall art without knowing its requirement is a waste of money and effort. 

As you know where to hang a home decor painting, you have to measure its size—importantly, visualize whether a portrait or landscape painting will look good.

Pro Tip: Your home decor painting should be half of its area where it’ll be mounted. 

If you do this, the painting will perfectly go with its surroundings, and amplify the beauty of the room. 

Here are some advanced tips:

  1. Small painting: The painting will look catchy and stand out if it’s placed on the bedside table, on Ritmo, and on a desk as well. 
  2. Medium-sized painting: The painting will look dynamic and picturesque when you mount it on a subtle part of the room—a wall going upwards with stairways, above headboards, etc.
  3. Large-sized painting: The painting will cover a relevant part of the wall, and look appealing and magical on the main entrance, behind the sofa (living room), next to the bookshelf, and so on. 

Consider The Decor

a girlfriend boyfriend portrait on the wall
Image Source: Freepik

Now you know where to put maximum effort, you should also have some sense and idea about the decor where you will mount a portrait. 

As said, it won’t look wonderful unless it complements the decor of the room.

You will have to analyze each segment—types of furniture, placement of light fixtures, the direction of windows, and others.

To be better at it, take these two factors into consideration:

  1. Your painting should’ve shades of those wall colors where you mount. 
  2. Compare your wall color with a color palette.

However, you have to pick one from neutral, or warm colors. 

Pro Tip: Not only does a home decor painting add unique dimensions to your wall but also satiates your desire. 

For instance, a beach-lover would want a painting that displays color shades of sea, beach, palm trees, and setting sun. 

Now, you’re enlightened on the subject of choosing home decor painting by its size, color, and decor. 

Let’s move to the actual part that you’ve been waiting for for a while. 

Top 21 Home Decor Painting Ideas To Look For In 2022

Top 21 Home Decor Painting Ideas To Look For In 2022
Image Source: reelpaper

Here you’ll find 7 home decor paintings for each wall of your home—living room, bedroom, and dining room.

If you want to style your bathroom with picture-perfect wall art, you can consider these wall decor ideas ideas for bathrooms

Let’s start with the heart of the house—the living room

Seven Horses Portrait 

Seven Horses Portrait on the entryways wall
Image Source: Flipkart

It’s a must-have home decor painting. 

And it’s wise to have it on your living room wall; that appears strikingly beautiful behind the couch.

It’s dynamic, auspicious, and meaningful, which is being recommended by astrologers as well. 

You have to have a painting of seven horses that defines power, courage, and confidence. 

Or else you can order a replica of seven horses of your choice—we’ll customize it the way you want—here’s how we make a horse portrait

Woodland Black & Red Canvas

a black and red tree wall art behind the sofa set
Image Source: Etsy

Your living room wall deserves a timeless piece that’ll develop one’s perspective toward life and nature. 

Beautifully made woodland black and red canvas will warm the wall and set a tone that’s irresistible. 

Forest Scenery Panoramic Painting

a forest scenery panoramic painting on the wall of the living room
Image Source: Freepik

Although this picture-perfect panoramic portrait has characters in it, it still looks like a piece made only with the dabbing technique. 

Colorful, thoughtful, and meaningful wall art that’ll add texture to walls with cool colors.

Buddha Wall Canvas

a Buddha wall art mounted on the off-white colored wall with stunning pieces of furniture
Image Source: Walshs

This full-sized Buddha portrait will catch everyone’s eyeballs as it displays meditating Buddha with whimsical lights in his background.

According to Vastu Shastra, a Buddha painting is a must that signifies peace, tranquility, and positivity. 

Besides, it’ll turn a vacant wall into a focal point that’ll reflect your admiration for meditation and yoga. 

Flower Canvas Wall Art

flower canvas wall art on the living room wall
Image Source: Etsy

Create a unique talking point on your favorite wall!

Not with succulent or small plants but with this home decor painting that’ll beautify your entire space. 

Landscape Portrait From Photos

a landscape painting on the wall of the living room
Image Source: Etsy

Looking for an amazing wall decor idea?

Look no further than a landscape portrait made of your photos. 

First, it’s a no-brainer idea. And even if you have one, you should still look for a personalized landscape portrait. 

That can set the tone and capture the essence of landscape photography.

Apply OFF10 and get a 10 percent discount on your first order.

creation of adam reproduction

Sunset Lake Canvas

a sunset wall art behind the sofa set
Image Source: Freepik

Another panoramic sunset lake canvas for your wall, that’ll dominate an entire room with its charismatic depiction.

A full-size painting depicts a rural scenic landscape in shades of yellow—which will best be mounted on the wall behind a sofa set, or above a TV set.  

Now you know what types of home decor paintings you will have to look out for on your living room wall.

Let’s move further and try considering these home wall paintings for a bedroom.

Like the living room, bedrooms require some makeover, especially on the wall.

Here are some home decor painting suggestions for you. 

Abstract Wall Art

a beautiful abstract wall art above the headboard in the bedroom
Image Source: Amazon

Let everyone know your love for ideas that are beyond one’s imagination.

An abstract wall painting above your headboard, next to your closet, or a wall adjacent to the window looks flawless. 

This way you can add a mysterious tone to your wall, making your decor look captivating and interesting. 

Portrait Of Your Favorite Pet

a pet portrait made out of photos mounted on the wall of the bedroom
Image Source: Etsy

Not only do you personalize your wall but make each one realize how much you befriend your pet.

This sweetest gesture by you won’t make a difference in your pet’s life. However, it’ll certainly add emotion and depth to your wall.

For that, you’ve to send us some of his (or her) pet photos to get a portrait made in your favorite medium. 

Large Coastal Wall Art

Large Coastal Wall Art mounted on the bedroom wall
Image Source: Freepik

Can’t own a beach house?

No worries as you can create a sizeable coastal view from your bedroom itself.

The feeling, the satisfaction, the calm you experience while walking on a seashore, will be brought to your home. 

Your wall will get an impactful touch, that’d be irresistible, gorgeous, and balanced. 

Kiss Portrait

a kiss portrait on the wall of the bedroom
Image Source: Etsy

For a larger, modern space, look no further than a kiss portrait made from photos.

A meticulously designed portrait will look charismatic on a wall that craves timeless art.

Apart from that, it displays your admiration for your partner in crime.

And if you are planning to design your room with valentine’s day decor with this romantic gesture then why not? 

Tell me, what else can be better than showing your love through art?

Suggested: 55+ Modern Home Decor Ideas 

B&W Highland Bull Painting

a b&w bull painting on the wall of the bedroom
Image Source: Freepik

A bull painting is a must for your bedroom wall. Here’s why?

First, it’s said that a bull painting brings financial success to your life. 

Secondly, it’s a type of painting that goes well with any bedroom decor exactly shown in the picture. 

Even Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bacchan owns a bull painting—that looks dope! 

Translucent Blue Wall Canvas

a translucent blue wall art on the bedroom wall
Image Source: Envato

Brighten up your space with this translucent wall art that shows blooming flowers. 

A dreamy and floral blue painting looks good above your sofa or console table. 

It’s a home decor painting that can look aesthetically pleasing despite having boring decor or items around. 

3 set of Minimalistic Geometric shapes

3 set of Minimalistic Geometric shapes on the bedroom wall
Image Source: Thebimba

They will turn a drab wall into a sophisticated and elegant spot, giving your wall an eclectic and refreshing look.

Although the pieces are minimalistic, they still look upbeat because of their unique shapes, and modern frames. 

Now you learned how to adorn your bedroom walls without spending a fortune.

Let’s move to our next part—wall art in the dining room. 

But do you also need home decor painting for your dining room? 


But why?

Because a dining room is a place where most of us socialize with our family and friends, and have our food together.

And it’s a blessing if we have our supper with other loved ones.

For that, you must be surrounded by things that pass positive energy. And wall art is one of those that could make the dining room appear pleasing and tranquil. 

Here’s what you can do with your dining room wall. 

Fall Sunset Wall Art 

a fall sunset wall art on the wall of a dining room
Image Source: Rof

If you have extensive space in your dining room wall, why not mount a fall sunset wall art?

A perfect fit that’ll bring positivity, calm, and serenity to the environment. And also influence your psyche for good reasons. 

Phoenix Wall Art

a phoenix wall art on the right side of the wall
Image Source: Freepik

You should have at least one phoenix wall art in your room. 

First, it looks like a masterpiece and signifies prosperity, power, and success in tough times.

At least, one statement piece is mandatory—this has to be that one. 

Butterfly Portrait

a butterfly wall art on a dining room wall
Image Source: Etsy

It looks good on any wall. But make sure to mount it behind your dining table as it flows positive energy.

Who needs an open shelf or flower wall if you can mount a butterfly portrait?

It shows the importance of endurance and how you can evolve with time and become the best version of yourself. 

Vintage Portrait of Your Favorite Star

a vintage portrait from photos placed on the side table
Image Source: Freepik

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite Fifa player or gamer who makes dope YouTube videos. 

It could be your dad, uncle, or even your annoying sibling. 

Display a portrait of your favorite star and cherish the moment you’ve shared it with them.

Bright Wall Art

a bright wall art behind the dining table
Image Source: Trendir

Bright wall art makes a great accent to your dining room. 

The wall art goes well with any dining room decor and arrangement and makes your dining room stand out. 

No matter whether you have a bright-colored dining room, pop art, or digital art it will look on the wall of the dining room. 

3 Pieces Elephant Wall Art

3 Pieces Elephant Wall Art on the dining room wall
Image Source: Freepik

These 3 pieces elephant wall art will add interest to your wall without any other wall decor items.

They’ll add great detail and personality to a more minimal dining space.

A Portrait Of Quote

A Portrait Of Quote on the dining room wall
Image Source: Amazon

Keep it simple and meaningful with a quote frame exactly shown above.

A portrait of the quote on an off-white wall looks strikingly beautiful.

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Follow The Arrow Wherever It Points!

This is the pro home decor painting tip everyone must know of.

Before you get into the heart of the matter, here’s a piece of advice you should carry with you all the time: always go for something you want, not what your guests will like!

I’ve seen people putting all the fancy things in their houses just to impress people.

You don’t have to do this as it’s your home and you should have the right to set the tone of your home.

Home decor painting should not just beautify your home, but it should evoke a reaction.

In a nutshell, always go for what you like when it comes to art. 

Hey Peeps!

Thank you for reading our blog “Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Home Decor Painting In 2021”

I hope you were able to decide what type of painting to get for your home decor.

If you have any tip that you feel is valuable or have some insights on home decor paintings, please let me know in the comments.

You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Visit our gallery to see our precious artworks. I promise you won’t be disappointed 😉


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