15 Home Decor Painting: A Must-Have Look For Your Room

15 Home Decor Painting A Must-Have Look For Your Room

During the renovation of my new house, the question just crossed my mind of what it would look like to have a stunning painting of myself on my abode.

I mean, aesthetic furniture and antique showpieces are cool, but how about a painting?

Doesn’t it seem costly? Or do I really need a home decor painting?

Well, my tedious wall was screaming at me to add something unique and appealing.

Who doesn’t want their home to have the best decor?

After thorough research, I learned about the home decor paintings that people were going crazy for.

Let’s see what crazy things are around the corner!

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Before I share how you should choose a painting for home decor, let me show you a glimpse of how it would look on your walls.

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Let’s see how it will look on bedroom walls as well.

Family painting from different photos
Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

How about a dining room area?

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Envato

This makes me think that having a wall art is more unique than going for the same old wallpaper?

It adds a personal touch to your home, makes your wall attractive, and is thoughtful as well.

But we hardly pay attention to the portrait mediums  before buying any for our walls. 

Our walls surely deserve a decor that makes them meaningful and understanding the complexities of a wall decoration paintings is important

There could be tons of home decor ideas that you can easily get online.

One thing about which you need to be sure is what exactly you are looking for to mount on your walls.

To make-up your mind and give you a clear picture of choosing home decor paintings, I’ve created this blog.

Not only will you learn about the different types of home decor wall art, but you’ll also get to know what factors you should consider before you go for a painting.

How do I Choose a Home Decor Painting?

A woman sitting with paints around her in a thinking position
Image: Freepik

A painting is an art form that portrays your story, your memories, and happy moments spent with your loved ones.

Let’s start with the basics, which will teach you how to choose the perfect home decor painting.

It’s time to break the dogma of opting for convenience over art.

Something that adds allure to your beautiful home can be on your list.

But the balance is important to keep your other stuff in order.

Always keep three things in mind: 

  • The subject you want in your painting.
  • The measurement of your wall and art.
  • The money.

I wish I would have known this before, but as said, it’s never too late.

These factors allow you to have budget friendly home decor ideas.

Look down for more factors to be known.

Where Should I Mount the Painting?

Woman trying to mount a frame on wall
Image: Freepik

Before I talk about the points, let me share a story with you.

My sister bought an interior decor painting for her new home last year.

She had this perfect space in her living area where the painting would go, but unfortunately, she couldn’t.

The portrait looked very small on the walls, as the space was quite large.

She ended up giving the painting to one of her  close friends, as it didn’t look great on any of her walls.

That’s why I suggest you first decide on the spot and take measurements to determine what size is preferable for you and your wall.

You can also look into the ultimate guide to canvas size chart, which will help you find the perfect size.

The painting could be placed anywhere. 

Next to your showpiece shelves, behind your couch, above your headboard, in your living room, or near your other furniture.

Wait, think, and move further because it’s pointless to start hammering on different places.

Always have an idea about which painting you want to mount on the walls, whether it is a pet or family portrait.

If possible, outline the wall or tell your decorator to leave a space with a perfect calculation of dimensions, which will help you order.

Don’t rush; envision your home decor painting and make a decision accordingly.

Learn how to hang a painting in five successful ways.

The next step could be considering your decor.

Review Your Decor

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

It won’t look wonderful unless it complements your home decor.

Putting all your efforts into nothing doesn’t sound like something you would go for.

While choosing wall art, trust me, you don’t want to have a space that doesn’t match.

Analyze different segments that accompany your home decor painting, like the furniture, light in your room, color of your wall, and other factors.

To be precise, you need to consider these two factors:

  1. The wall color where you want to hang your home decor painting.
  2. The color palette that you choose.

Writer’s tip: Go for neutral and light colors that give you a soothing appearance. Or you can also look for estimating software that will help you build your dream.

If you are into floral decor, then get a portrait of your home or any subject that goes with the vibrant shades.

Now that you’re enlightened on what exactly the factors are that you should consider, let’s acknowledge 15 home decor paintings that will make you want to own one.

15 Home Decor Painting Ideas (2023 Edition)

Here is a list where you can find the best home decor paintings for your living room, bedroom, or dining space.

Additional info: If you want to style your water closet, look for these wall decor ideas for bathrooms, which are also part of your home.

1. Seven Horses Portrait

Seven horses painting which is seen as one of the home decor painting
Image: Etsy

It’s a must-have house decor painting.

This painting will add a striking appearance and a royal touch to your walls.

You must have seen that in kingdoms, horses were considered the monarchy.

It’s spirited and optimistic, and it’s recommended by astrologers as well.

After adding this piece of art to your wall, it will symbolize power, confidence, and courage.

If you have different pictures of horses in mind, get it customized with a horse portrait, which is a stunning choice!

2. Forest Scenery Painting

Forest scenery as one of the home decor painting
Image: WallMantra

A perfect-panorama gives a home decor wall painting an astounding look because of its dabbing technique.

Vibrant colors that bring life to your home decor painting and make the wall attractive are just what you need.

3. Buddha Wall Canvas

Buddha wall art as one of the home decor painting
Image: Amazon

Imagine this portrait mounted on your wall. It feels like meditation, doesn’t it?

According to Vastu Shastra, a Buddha painting brings tranquility, peace, and good vibes.

This painting decor catches everyone’s eye with its restful and meditative posture.

The whimsical lights in the background illuminate the structure of the Buddha.

4. Flower Wall Art

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

Everyone deserves floral wall art for their amazing home decor.

Beautify your walls by adding a painting that gives your interior the look of a bunch of flowers growing on your walls.


Suggested style: You can look for some vintage portraits that will add an antique look to your room.

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5. Landscape Portrait from Photos

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

Looking for a unique, out-of-box wall decor idea?

Look no further than a landscape painting that will be perfect for your home decor.

The best part? You can customize your own landscape painting just by handing out the photo you want to see on canvas.

Landscapes are mostly for living room areas, where they look just perfect with their large size and beautiful colors.

Click on the link below to get one of the landscape paintings for your home.

6. Sunset on Canvas

Sunset on canvas as one of the home decor painting
Image: WallMantra

Close your eyes, and now imagine this as your living room decor painting.

How does that make your eyes feel? Beautiful, something easy to look at, right?

This is another scenic home decor painting that is an eye catcher with its amazing sunset shades and detailing.

This painting for home decoration dominates the entire room with its appealing look and feel.

Now you know which wall art to go for.

Suggested read: Best places to buy a custom portrait

7. Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art which is one of the home decor paintimg
Image: WallMantra

Letting your walls define different colors could be one of the most amazing ideas.

If you have a wall that is painted in a light shade, then this is the perfect way to add color to your walls.

People will surely seek the meaning that the painting illuminates, which makes it mysterious.

A home decor painting that is uncanny in its way—well, I want one!

8. Pet Portrait

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

If you have a fluffy friend in your family, then this is the pawfect choice that you could make.

Mount the true self of those adorable eyes and puppy face in your room, which will let the viewers know how important your pet friend is.

Preserve those delightful memories through pet portraits from photos.

A customized pet portrait that is a reflection of their personality gives it a unique appearance.

This home decor painting will add emotion and depth to your walls.

9. Large Coastal Wall Art

Coastal art as one of the home decor painting
Image: Etsy

Do you love the feeling of a cool breeze, water splashing, and the smell of sand? 


Well, here is one of the amazing home decor paintings that will make you feel like you are in the coastal area.

The calm and satisfaction feeling is just what you require for your house.

 10. Kiss Portrait

Painting by PortraitFlip that is seen as one of the home decor paintings
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip; Mockup: Freepik

Isn’t this home decor painting gorgeous?

A wall that narrates your love story—who doesn’t want such art?

Get your kiss portrait made from photos that will fit perfectly in your bedroom.

You can go for background colors according to your wall shade and personalize it by adding details that were missed in the picture.

This painting for home decor should be on your list!

Writer’s tip: If you are planning to surprise your beloved, this could be a romantic gesture for valentine’s day decor.

 11. B&W Bull Painting

Bull painting as one of the home decor painting
Image: WallMantra

A bull painting is a must for your room. Why?

girl with pearl earring replica

Firstly, it brings financial success into your life.

Secondly, a bull painting represents strength, highlights willpower, and goes with any decor.

Even some superstars have this home decor painting that looks super cool.

Don’t you want one now? Click on the link below and mount some amazing customizable bull art on your wall!

12. 3 Sets of Minimalist Decor

3 set of minimalist painting that is one of the home decor painting
Image: WallMantra

Want simple, sophisticated, and minimalist home decor ideas that just fit in with your aesthetic thoughts?

Here is one for you.

Although the pieces are minimalist, they have a clean look with unique appearances.

This home decor painting will mix with any of your room decor, giving it a refreshing look.

13. Phoenix Wall Art

Phoenix wall art as one of the home decor painting
Image: WallMantra

Your walls surely deserve at least one piece of phoenix wall art.

I mean, just look at this home decor painting; doesn’t it look mesmerizing on the walls?

The best part about the meaningful paintings for living room is that they symbolize power and success in tough times.

Now you know which painting has to be added to your cart!

14. Butterfly Portrait

Butterfly wall art that is one of the home decor painting
Image: Etsy

Each painting has a unique meaning within itself.

A butterfly portrait represents hope, life, and endurance. 

It flows with positive energy and shows how you can evolve with time and be a better version of yourself.

An art form that has such beautiful definition is enough to make you want to own one.

There are various modern home decor ideas that you can count on, including this wall art.

15. Painting with Quotes

Painting with quotes that is one of the home decor painting
Image: Etsy

Have you ever come across some quotes that changed your perspective on life?

You must have.

Why not bring those lines to life through a home decor painting?

Painting with quotes will be simple and effortless, giving your home decor painting ideas meaning.

At Last

Picking art for your home could be confusing. 

A small piece of advice before you choose your home decor painting is to always make sure your walls speak to what you admire in life.

Get art that you want, not something that your guests will like to see.

This way, you’ll have a space that’s set according to your tone and the thoughts that represent you as a whole.

A home decoration painting not only beautifies your room but also evokes a reaction.

In short, always choose what you like specifically when it comes to art!

Wait, there is one surprise for you that you’ll surely love.

If you have a picture in mind and are in a dilemma about how to get a customized painting, then you have come to the right place.

At PortraitFlip, you get what you desire to mount on your walls.

Visit our gallery and witness some precious artworks that will make you want to own one.

For My Lovelies

I hope you have made up your mind about which home decor painting you are going with.

Remember, all the art mentioned above is not specific to one space. 

There are n-number of wall decor ideas; you can select whichever painting suits you the best and goes with your walls.

If you have any insights on this topic, reach out via comments.

Your feedback is more valuable than anything.

Choose the best among all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best possible way to adorn the bland walls?

The best way to beautify your plain and blank wall is to mount a home decor painting. It’s an essential element to upgrade the interior of your home.

How to choose a home decor painting?

The first and foremost thing is to pick the right home decor painting. The second is probably deciding on the spot where you want it to mount. The other steps include checking the background, the environment, and other decor settings around it. The most important part is the size of the home decor painting—whether you want a small, medium, or large size art.

Why should you consider mounting Buddha wall art?

According to Vastu Shastra, a Buddha painting is a must because it signifies peace, tranquility, and positivity. Buddha wall art also goes well with any plain and blank walls.

What is the best piece of art you can mount?

The best piece of art can be a family or pet painting displaying the best moments of your life.

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