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Size Chart: Your Guide for Choosing the Correct Portrait Size

By Kritee Phoolwani

Struggling to choose your perfect portrait size?
Don’t worry we are here to help with our size chart!

Before we start, you should know why selecting the right portrait size is important,

A little difference in your canvas sizing may project a different feeling from what it was intended to.

A disproportion between the artwork and the wall or space you want it on can make it lose its charm.

Hence, it is very important to select the right size for the right emotion.

There is a wide array of possibilities and choosing proper canvas sizes can be overwhelming.

We often get questioned on choosing the right size portrait, so we have come up with a handy guide to break the size chart down for you.

The number of characters, types of background, and the place you want to display it dictates your portrait size options.

Also, the size of the portrait is determined by the photo size as well.

Each standard portrait size holds a different maximum number of subjects i.e., the maximum number of characters includes people, pets, etc.

The portrait Size chart mainly includes small, medium, and large portraits.

Here is your simplified size chart for choosing the correct portrait size

1. Small Portrait

The small portrait detentions are 8 by 10 inches (width by height) and with a frame, it is 11 by 14 inches,

This portrait-size canvas is compact and portable.

This is the best size of canvas for painting a self-portrait or single character portrait,

small canvas painting generally needs 2.5 inches of face dimensions to maintain a minimum threshold of visibility.

This is the perfect size for an accessory that complements your desk or bookcase.

Benefits Of Small Canvas Painting:

  1. A small-sized canvas painting or portrait does not take a lot of space.
  2. A Small canvas painting can be used to balance spatial arrangements, it can help you to have a well-designed and geometrical wall.
  3. They are less of a hassle; with their small size, they can be carried anywhere and beautify any wall.
  4. Above all, mixing can be easy with small canvas paintings. You can use other small items to complement and co-decorate with small canvas painting.

Suitable For:

  1. A self-portrait or a single character portrait.
  2. A perfect gift or souvenir for a loved one.
  3. It is a great size for a bookshelf, coffee table, study table, or bedside piece.
  4. A small canvas painting or portrait can be the anchor of your room, by hanging a small portrait at your eye level with approximately 8 inches to 10 inches gap from an object (ex. a chair).
  5. A Small wall looks pretty with small paintings all across, instead of one large portrait.
  6. A good frame defines the painting and complements the décor of the room.
  7. These canvas sizes dimensions are ideal for Bookcases, Offices, or over the working spaces, Apartment living rooms.

2. Medium Portrait

A medium Portrait’s aspect ratio is 1 1 by 14 inch and with a frame, the portrait dimension is 16 by 20 inches.

A popular choice amongst our customers, as it is big enough to hold viewers’ attention but not enough to dominate the room.

A medium portrait is can have up to three subjects, but making two characters can give space for the background too.

However, it can be customized as per customers’ requirements and the needs may differ case by case.

Benefits Of Medium Canvas Size:

  1. It allows flexibility, medium-size canvas can be hanged on the wall or kept as a table piece.
  2. A medium canvas size allows the portrait to have an atmosphere, and background, which elevates the main character in the piece.
  3. Gives flexible cropping options.
  4. To a medium-sized canvas, a moderate amount of detailing can be added, making it more appealing.
  5. It gives a clear image without any distortions.

Suitable For:

  1. An excellent option for a gift.
  2. This Size makes a good Stand-alone table piece.
  3. Can give a dominating impact on small walls especially when hung overhead a small object (ex. a mantelpiece or small bar cabinet).
  4. This Size is also said to be perfect for galleries.
  5. When blended well with small canvas paintings, it gives a striking impression of space.
  6. This canvas sizes dimensions are ideal for several locations:
    Living room, Guest room, Study.

3. Large Portrait

This canvas size for painting is preferred by many, the portrait size is 12 by 18 inches with the borderline, and the frame makes it 18 by 24 inches.

This large-sized canvas allows you to get creative, with the freedom to use multiple images (up to 4 – 5 characters) and a huge scope for background customizations as well.

It is best portrait size as a standalone canvas painting, create a focal point in your room.

Of course, the painting can be grouped with other canvas portrait sizes to make a striking mini gallery in your home.

Benefits Of Large Canvas Painting:

  1. Large canvas sizes are ideal for better background and proper detailing.
  2. It allows the intricacies of elements and colors to blend flawlessly.
  3. Serves as a better base for creativity and experimentation.
  4. With a large size canvas, the intricate details from the photo can be added, which may have not been possible with a smaller size.

Suitable For:

  1. It is suitable for a small family portrait (not more than 5 characters).
    Stick to our size chart if you have a a]family of more than 5.
  2. Create a visual impact when hung at the right viewpoint.
  3. It is the easiest way to improve the curb appeal of your home by giving it a fresh interior.
  4. It helps personalize your space, having a portrait of friends and family can make a positive impact on your mood.
  5. The large-sized canvas is perfect for: The space over a fireplace mantel, Down a long hallway, On the wall in a dining room or drawing-room.

4. Custom Portraits

If you would like a portrait of more than four people, it is recommended to go for a custom portrait.

Custom paintings are flexible with dimensions and do not constrain themselves to a portrait size chart.

Subsequently, the frame is also customized and can cater to the special requirements of the customer.

They are highly personalized and are always customizable to fit your style and preferences.

Benefits Of Custom Paintings:

  1. The custom portraits are exactly what they say – customizable to whatever size you’re looking for.
  2. It suits multiple characters to merged or compilation portraits.
  3. It can be tailor-made to fit any surrounding, area, or purpose, giving you maximum flexibility.
  4. Not only the painting, but the borderline, frame, and background can also be customized until the customer’s heart content.

Suitable For:

  1. For a large family portrait.
  2. Giving an anchor to your home décor, and complement the space.
  3. Customize portrait is ideal for accommodating people and the background with detail.
  4. Suitable as a huge centerpiece in the living room, bedroom, and long hallway.

Personal touches are what make a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as a hand-painted portrait.

But finding ways to incorporate a canvas into an interior design can at times prove challenging.

With considering the color schemes, other art pieces, overall atmosphere and not to mention the images themselves.

Tips To Display Your Portrait Painting

Portrait paintings are pieces that help define the personality and ego of a homeowner.

Hence, it is very important to have a little idea about the placement of portrait painting in space.

Portrait psychology says,

“A painting can change the entire mood of a person, and different spaces in the house demand different arrangements and portrait sizes.”

The best thing about a portrait painting is that you can take it with you wherever you move. It will continue to add value to your walls with time.

1. Main Room

A gathering place where your family makes the most memories.

It is a place where we converse and entertain our guests.

It makes sense to enhance this special place with portraits of our loved ones.

A portrait here should be warm, full of life, and brighten up space.

The medium of painting should complement the color, ambiance, and aesthetic appeal of the wall.

This important space of the home deserves a decorative focal point, it is an ideal place for a large painting to anchor the room.

family oil portrait works best as the cynosure of your living room – upholding the family bloodline and giving a royal touch to your living room.

2. Transition Spaces

Transitional spaces are the places where people move from one room to another.

These are places such as hallways, stairways, and walkways.

People often don’t decorate their transition space; this is a great place to put up small family portraits or individual member portraits.

Transitional spaces welcome unique designs, angles, and collages, they are a great space for you to show your creativity.

For this space, medium and small-size canvas are best suited.  

3. Bathroom

Another space we often don’t consider beautifying.

The portrait painting that you choose should complement the vibes of your bathroom.

Here a medium size painting is the best fit, big enough to compliment the décor but not overpower it.

While considering the powder room, you should choose a happy picture.

However, for the main bathroom, a more serein portrait painting goes well.

Maybe something from your recent travels to remind you of the calm and make you feel restful.

The interior of your bathroom will determine the medium of painting that you should hang.

So, a black and golden interior will require a Charcoal Portrait, so on and so forth.

4. Kitchen

Yet another space we don’t consider decorating, a kitchen is an important space that brings the family together.

‘The heart of the home’, kitchen, is a space that requires organized and beautiful décor.

What can be more fitting than a small canvas painting portrait that goes well with other kitchenware?

It can change the entire ambiance of your cooking room.

This will add charterer and depth to your kitchen, making it a more welcoming space.

Get your kitchen a small custom portrait from PortraitFlip to make the kitchen shelf more happening and your mornings happier.

5. Bonus Rooms

Every house has various types of rooms and bonus rooms include office rooms, playrooms, and lounges.

These areas can get extremely boring sometimes but constant motivation can go a long way.

Art influences your mood, and that’s when you need a custom portrait to get yourself going.

Be it working in your office or chilling in your lounge, the décor sets the tone of the space.

You can add a beautiful family portrait in your office to help you smile during stress or hang a loving portrait of the siblings in the playroom.

On the other hand, you can also choose minimalistic frames and keep them unnailed.

The possibilities are endless, just like our determination to satisfy you.


In conclusion, I’d say, with the world becoming a more global and social place with lesser intimate relationship,

You need to create your own little world to cherish the love of your loved ones.

A portrait instills deep emotions in you which slowly grows over you.

Consequently, for every perfect art, there is always a perfect size chart.

Time is ever-changing and ever-wavering, and amongst it, the only thing a person wants to clench for dear life is the memories.

PortraitFlip gives you the palette to draw your memories, frame them, and keep them forever.

A website that is dedicated to providing painting and sketches to all art enthusiasts across the globe.

This is how it looks.

There is an array of forms of paintings to choose from.

That is to say Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil, and Watercolor Portrait.

Besides our size chart has a wide range that can fit into your desired dimensions.

If not, there is always room for customization and improvisation.

The godsent talent of the artists with a little cooperation from you can create a unique portrait.

You can give it as a gift, hung as wall art, kept as a memoir, or placed on your bedside table or shelf.

Ar tworks in mysterious ways,

It can brighten your day and motivate you to get going. Above all, it will let you hold on to a dear memory forever.

“A memory is a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” 

Kevin Arnold

We have a collection of wonderful portrait paintings to choose from.

You do not need a reason to get yourself a portrait.
Tell yourself that art is the creation of beauty and order now!

It will surely accommodate itself naturally with space.

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After all, you got to

“Make sure your life is full of memories at the end.”

That’s all peeps!

Hope we could clear your doubts regarding the portrait size chart.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can always reach out to us in the comment section below.

You can also follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you liked this article, do share it further!

And if you have reached here, thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average portrait size?
The average portrait size is the medium size. Although most popular portrait size depends on the number of characters, background, and photo size.
What is the best size canvas for portrait painting?
The best size canvas for portrait painting is either medium or large, custom also works well
What is the best size for family picture?
If you have a small family of 3-4 people, it’s advisable to go for a large portrait painting. But if your family consists of more than 5 people (including pets) its advisable to go a custom portrait painting.
How big is a 16 by 20 canvas?
A 16 by 20 inches canvas size is medium size. It is big enough to fit 3 people comfortably.
How to choose the right canvas sizes for a wall?
Firstly, to select the right canvas size on a wall, you will need to Start by measuring the width and height of your wall, The aim here is to fill two-thirds to three-fourths of your available wall space. If you are looking to create a focal point with a portrait painting, you need to hand them above an element like, the couch, bed, mantel etc.
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