Pet Portraits: Factors To Consider Before Buying

Pet Portraits

Getting a custom pet portrait from photo or pet portraits pop art for your furry friend could have been on your mind for a long time.

You might have been puzzled with should I get a pet portrait in oil or a pet portrait on canvas?

Put an end to all your questions related to ordering a pet portrait and explore your answers further in the blog or click on any of the following links to navigate to a specific section:

Best Pet Portrait Services:



PortraitFlip is an affordable service that can convert your photo into Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting or Pencil, Coloured Pencil or Charcoal Sketches as well!

You also can use the Free Editing Services like – Merging Multiple People/Characters into a single painting, Background Replacement, Adding Name, Date, or any other detail, etc.

You may see our work here.

Etsy Vendors:


Apart from using a painting service, you can also pick an artist from Etsy to paint your pet based on his extraordinary or unique style of painting.

You can checkout works of some famous Etsy artist by clicking on their names below:

Emma Kaufmann, Vivian Cooper, Eddie Kagimu, or Elshan.

Reasons to Get a Pet Portrait:

There are many reasons to splash colors on a white canvas and create a pet portrait; let’s discuss why people generally get a Pet Portrait?

To Memorialize a Deceased Pet:

To memorialize a deceased pet

A memorial pet portrait is commissioned by pet owners who lost their pets.

Pet owners like to talk in front of a painting believing their pet might be listening to them, some people also feel light after crying their heart out in front of the painting, while some people place the pet’s belongings near the painting and feel he’s around them.

You might think of getting a memorial photograph, but the motive does not go right with a printed photo.

A memorial painting is much better than a memorial photo frame, as a painting is naturally handmade by an artist who considers the emotional value behind it when he paints.

As a Gift:

As a gifr

Paintings turn out to be wonderful gifts for a dog owner.

Anybody right from your spouse, parents, friends, or family member would love to have a pet portrait on the wall of their living room.

It is a thoughtful gifting option available for pet owners, or you can even paint the owner with the pet.

A pet portrait is an amazing gift on occasions like:

  1. Pet’s Birthday
  2. Pet parent’s birthday. (A painting of both the parent and the pet.)
  3. Any family gathering. (Family Portrait With the pet in it)
  4. Christmas.

Just For Fun – Royal Pet Portraits:

Just for fun

You can also get a funny looking painting done for a pet like a pet wearing a uniform or in any attire which would hit the funny bone of the owner!

Factors to Consider When Ordering a Pet Portrait:

There are some factors you might want to think before you order a Pet Portrait.


Painting Medium

There are a lot of mediums available for you to choose from like Oil, Pastel, Watercolour, Charcoal, Pencil, and Coloured Pencil for your pet portrait.

Our recommendation would be to get an oil painting if you are looking for a colored painting, and if you are looking for a sketch, then a charcoal sketch would work wonders!

Pet Photos & Pet Photography:

Pet Photos and Pet Photography

While choosing a pet’s photo, you should spend thought on the clarity of the image, and to do so just zoom it 2x and see if the pixels are clear or not.

If you don’t have all the subjects in a frame or have clutter or want to replace the background or want to add the name you can ask your painting service or the individual artist to execute such changes.

Individual artists are a bit hesitant when it comes to major changes like background change or merging multiple characters as they don’t offer editing services as other painting services do.


Size of Handmade Painting on Wall

The size of your paintings should be thoroughly thought about before placing an order.

You should consider where you are going to hang it and measure the available space and then select the size accordingly.

You can order a portrait as small as 8”x 8” and as large as 24”x 36”, the choice ultimately depends upon you.

If you want to know more, read our blog on “How To Choose The Right Size For Your Painting.”



All the painting services offer a framing option to their customers, but if you are ordering from Etsy, options will change from vendor to vendor.

You can opt for following framing options:


When you select no framing option, you will get a rolled painting that has no frame, but you can frame it from a local shop whenever you want to.

This is good if you want to postpone the framing decision to suit your liking once the pet painting is delivered.

Watch how a Rolled Painting looks like when it’s done.

This framing option is only offered to paintings with a canvas base that is Oil or Acrylic. The canvas is stretched across a wooden frame and gives a natural look that goes perfectly on any wall.

The frame is not visible, a viewer can only see the painting and nothing else in this framing option.

Watch how a Gallery Wrapped Painting looks like when it’s done.


A framed painting is delivered with a frame to go with it.

A frame option can be delayed to get a rolled one and then frame it once it reaches you.

A black frame goes perfectly on any painting unless the background is black.

There a lot of varieties in framing, but you might want to stick to classic black frames as you want the painting to lose its thunder!

Watch how a Framed Painting looks like when it’s done.

Service vs. Private Artist:

Commissioning a service or a private artist depends on the requirements you have for your painting.

For instance, you might choose a private artist for:

  1. The painting style he/she has.
  2. Availability in your vicinity leading to less delivery time.
  3. Good reviews that you might have heard from friends or family.

You might choose a service for your Pet Portrait for reasons like:

  1. The quality of painting offered to previous customers.
  2. Saving the hassles of reaching to a gallery and explaining your requirements and then going again to review and then finally to receive the painting.
  3. A one-stop destination for mediums, frames, and any changes you might have.
  4. Money-Back guarantee, some websites like PortraitFlip offer such a guarantee and if you are not satisfied, you can return the painting to get a full refund.

You & Pet vs. Pet Alone:

Pet and Human Handmade Painting

If you are ordering a pet portrait for yourself, then the choice is ultimately yours.

Generally, you would want to be in the painting as it is more personalized and goes as a good décor element on your living room’s wall.

Also, Because of painting services you need not look for photos in which you are with your dog. You can merge two images for free!

If you are ordering a memorial painting, then avoid being in it.

But know this that paintings with two characters are pricier than one character.

Pet Portraits On Canvas vs. Pet Portraits On Paper:

A canvas is made by the closely weaved cloth that acts as a good base for paintings.

Traditional oil or acrylic painters use canvas because of its durability and drying features.

Paper, on the other hand, is used for mediums that don’t require drying capabilities.

Hence, mediums like Oil and Acrylic are painted on canvas sheets, and other mediums like Pencil, Charcoal, Watercolour, and Coloured Pencil are painted on paper.

You never need to worry about what is right for you, all you need to choose is your desired medium, and the artist selects the base accordingly.

Canvas paintings that are Oil and Acrylic have an added feature to them; they can be being Gallery Wrapped!

Whereas all the other mediums can either be Framed or Rolled.

Pet Portrait Mediums: Which to Choose?

Pet portrait mediums

Pet Portraits In Oil & Acrylic are the best and highest on the price list; they turn out good because an artist can better exploit the details of the subject on the canvas and layer the painting better in an oil or acrylic painting.

Oil paintings, if appropriately maintained, can last for more than 100 years, but for that, you must know how to preserve an oil painting?

Charcoal and Pencil Sketches should be selected if you are looking for a classic black & white sketch.

A charcoal pet sketch is painted on a paper and has contrasting shades of black and white; these don’t hurt your wallet.

Watercolor Pet Portraits have a completely different feel to them as they give a more animated look to the painting.

The colors are mixed with water and the painting has an artistic vibe to it.

Coloured Pencil Pet Portraits delivers the same elegance of charcoal/pencil portrait only in color!

Your canine’s fur would be highlighted with a lot of detail in a colored pencil sketch.

Pet Pop Art is a trending art form that is being loved by pet parents worldwide.

In this style, your pet’s photo is converted into a comic style portrait; you can also add an interesting comic name to it!

Colour vs. Black And White Pet Portraits:

Dog Handmade Painting

Black and white paintings are underrated as compared to colored paintings, but you should certainly not commit this mistake!

B&W sketches are strikingly beautiful; the white and black contrasts give the viewer an experience that they cannot get in a colored painting.

If you think your pet has a color on his body that must showcase you might opt for colored otherwise, B&W sketches are a great option to consider because they are low priced.

Best Pet Portrait Services:


PortraitFlip is an excellent service that is a one-stop destination for all your handmade painting requirements. They offer services like:

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.
  • An Artist Network of 100+ Painters.
  • Worldwide Free Shipping.
  • Free Editing Services. (Royal Pet Portrait, Background Change, etc.)
  • All 3 Framing Options Availability.
  • Unlimited Revisions.

We have a Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5 and are trusted by them you can read the reviews here.

Portrait Flip Art On Etsy:

Portraitflip on etsy

Delphimages On Etsy For Royal Portraits.

Delphi images

KIKIPETTEE On Etsy For Digital Pop Art.


ZILEART On Etsy For Black & White Drawings.


WATERCOLORHAPPYPET On Etsy For Watercolour Paintings.

Watch How To Order A Pet Portrait From The Video Below:

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