5 Pet Portrait Painters (Keeping Budget and Expectations in Mind)

We’re happy you’ve decided to commission pet portrait painters, who can upgrade the look and feel of your wall.

Also, it’s a great move to showcase your love and emotions to your little furry friend, who wants nothing but a smile on your face.

Finding a good pet painter is a task, as our market is filled with plenty of dog portrait artists.

After careful observation and research, we found some pet portrait painters who deliver products at the most reasonable prices.

Whether you want to mount a dog portrait on your wall or gift a painting to your friend or someone who lost one lately, here’s a list of 5 professional pet portrait painters to look for.

No matter which part of the world you live in, these cat and pet portrait painters will certainly make your day!

But first, let’s understand what to keep in mind when commissioning these animal portrait painters.

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5 Things To Know Before You Hire a Pet Portrait Painter

1. Picture

The painter you’re going to commission or hire won’t know you or your pet in person unless you bring a known artist on board.

So it is better to send over the best pictures of your pet and have a clear and concise conversation.

Family painting from different photos

No matter how talented the pet portrait artist is, if they don’t get the right image to take inspiration from or understand your pet’s personality, they won’t be able to draw the subject meticulously.

Remember, the better the picture, the better the outcome!

2. Size

Knowing the size of the portrait is as important as sending good-quality pet pictures.

You must know which wall or in the background your pet portrait will be hung on.

Though measuring the wall or space where you place your dog art is a task, it’s essentially important. 

If you don’t pay heed to it and lay the art on the floor or in any corner, the dust will take over, ruining its essence and life expectancy. 

With the help of professionals, you can take out the dimensions. Or you can simply check out the size chart to send details to your pet portrait artists.

(Pro tip: A pet pastel portrait of your flawless fluffy friend sounds like a fantastic idea!)

3. Medium

Once you know the size, it’s important to know which medium you want your dog, cat, or horse portrait to be made in.

Oftentimes, people order art and realize that it doesn’t go well with the background they have. 

Knowing what medium works best for that wall, shelf, or wherever you lay your art is crucial.

The experts at PortraitFlip provide a basic guide to choosing a medium for portraits. That’s how you learn the intricacies of owning the best cat or dog portraits. 

Besides, we deal in seven different mediums: oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, colored-pencil, pastel, and watercolor.

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4. Cost

Our market is brimming with expensive and talented pet portrait artists. But you can pick up the one who’s skilled yet has a low budget.

Pet portrait artists’ fees vary based on the following things:

  • Geographical location
  • Expertise in medium, painting style and techniques
  • Quality of art supplies
  • Framing options

Some animal portrait artists don’t ship to certain locations. Some do, but end up charging an extra fee comparable to or higher than the cost of the product.

However, at PortraitFlip, we don’t charge extra bucks unless you want it delivered a little early.

Whether you want a compilation pet portrait or a royal pet painting, you can have a fine quality piece delivered with (no delivery cost).  

5. Category

When you hire a professional dog or cat painter, you can have your art customized the way you want.

Or else you can select the category that they offer to you.

There can be background customization, character addition, replacement of subjects, etc. However, it comes with different prices and terms and conditions.

For instance, we, at PortraitFlip, can make the pet or dog portrait the way you want.

Here are some of our pet portrait artists’ works:

Did you like them? Want to turn your pet pictures into handmade art?

Now that you know what to consider before you commission a pet portrait painter, let’s take a look at this list.

Emma Beth Linehan

Ema Beth is a self-taught artist based in Texas who specializes in realistic colored pencil art.

She’s talented, dynamic, and an avid pet portrait painter who’s also worked in oil and watercolor mediums.

Sketching has always been a significant part of her life since her childhood days, but she took it very seriously during the lockdown and sold hundreds of stunning pieces of pet art.

If you’re looking for pet portraits, especially cat or dog portraits, she can be your go-to artist who can match up with your artistic needs. 

Instagram: art_by_emmabeth

Karen Governale

Karen Governale is a Florida-based professional artist who specializes in various kinds of pet portraits.

Her eight years of experience speak a lot about her work and the way she uses charcoal and pastel colors to produce pet portraits.

Karen has a big influence on the communities and groups she’s been a part of; she loves nothing more than photorealism.

Countless advantages come our way when we take Karen on board. The first and foremost is that you can have pet portraits made in different sizes. If you want, you can even commission her for background changes, subject additions, or customization.

Her pricing starts at $125, and that varies depending on subjects, color medium, delivery, and other factors. 

Instagram: artbykarengovernale

Rebecca Maguire

Rebecca Maguire is an England-based painter who brilliantly showcases emotions on her canvas. 

She’s adept at drawing people and pet art and mainly deals in prismacolor pencil and graphite pencil. 

Her talent is rare; of course, she’s one of the prolific pet painters who deliver services at affordable prices.

If you look at her work, you’ll realize how great she is with brushstrokes and color combinations. 

Perhaps that’s the reason why countless pet parents approach her and get the type of pet art they want.

If you want a high-quality pet painting delivered to your doorstep in a short time with minimal cost, she should be your first choice!

Instagram: rebecca._art06

Ella Winter

Ella Winter is a professional portrait and wildlife artist based in Cheltenham, UK. 

She has some serious talent for producing stunning pet portraits. 

Ella is painfully talented and reliable, and she is known for detailed work and affordable pricing. 

If you look at her profile, you’ll see her putting out stories of her existing customers, which imply that she delivers satisfactory products to your doorstep. 

It won’t be wrong to say that she puts her soul into the process of creation and can fulfill all your artistic expectations.

Instagram: ellawinter.art


Sanket is a professional painter from Norway who produces fine quality pet and cat portraits.

Known for his affordable prices, Sanket, delivered hundreds of pet portraits last year.

He mainly deals in acrylic and watercolor, and sometimes, he takes up commission work offline from his studio in Norway.

He’s a self taught painter who also offers teaching to the locals.


When you commission pet portrait artists, you must know your own expectations and future plans.

As mentioned above, where you want to hang your pet pictures, considering their size, medium, canvas, and background, is important.

It’s a plus if you’re an aesthete, as you’ll grasp this process and perhaps share your insights throughout the journey.

Even if you’re unclear about your expectations, our customer service can still help you out and produce the finest quality of pet painting.  

Our customer support team works 24/7, and so far we have delivered thousands of pet artworks to customers across the globe.

So look no further than Portrait.

Dear Readers, 

I hope with this article you were able to understand how you could commission a pet portrait for the future. 

It is the most valuable gift you could give to a pet lover! 

Firstly finding, the right service is essential and we here at PortraitFlip are always there to help you with it. 

Let us know about your experiences if you have ever commissioned a pet portrait before. 

You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you liked this article, do share it further!


What are the five components you need to keep in check before commissioning a pet portrait artist?

Before you hire a pet portrait painter, you must keep these five things in mind: the picture you would want to turn into art, the size and quality of the canvas where you want the pet to be featured, the medium, the category, and the cost of a pet portrait artist.

What is better: the best service or a freelance pet painter?

We think that the service provider is better than the freelancer because it offers a lot of perks, although it charges some extra bucks. You may get 24/7 customer service, a legit quality check, invoices, etc.

Which medium is the cheapest for pet portraits?

Pencils and colored-pencils can be the cheapest medium for pet portraits.

What are the factors that determine the fees of pet portrait artists?

Geographical locations, the demand and popularity of the artists, the quality of art supplies they use, framing options, and others determine the cost of pet paintings and artists.

What are the various framing options for pet portraits?

Rolled, gallery wrapped, and framed are the various framing options for pet portraits.

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