A Pet Lovers Guide To Commission A Pet Portrait Artist

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Commissioned paintings from a pet portrait artist are simply ageless. 

A pet portrait artist does not just memorialise its subjects but in a way tells a story in a painting.  

Imagine those beautiful tinted eyes of your pooch captured in a portrait. Eyes that are saying something to you. 

Imagine the texture of their flowy, silky coat, their furlike ears and firm paws engraved into a canvas. 

Thus, a pet painting always helps in capturing the true spirit of an animal. 

So, keep reading to know everything about commissioning the best pet portraits from a custom painting artist

If you are someone who wants a personally hand-painted, unique piece of art just for your furball you have come to the right place. 

Things to keep in mind while commissioning a pet portrait artist 

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If you are planning to get a pet portrait, you need to keep in mind various elements that go into the art of making pet portraits. 

It is a fine work of art and you need to be careful before you make the final call. 

Several factors need to be taken into consideration while curating this modern-day art. 

Family painting from different photos

From choosing an expert pet portrait artist to considering the desired size, and medium, to numerous custom features. 

To commission a pet portrait artist rightly, you need to have a perfect understanding of these elements rather than depending on any external source. 

Below are some key aspects that you have to take into account before commissioning a pet portrait: 

1. Photo 

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Choosing the correct photo of your pet is the first step toward your desired pet portrait. 

Often people send blurry images of their pet that make it difficult for the artist to understand resulting in a bad pet portrait painting. 

While it is possible to curate a portrait out of a bad picture but you won’t get the desired result out of it. 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while clicking a picture. 

Try clicking a portrait shot with a clear view of the eyes and facial features. 

A sharp view of your pet’s face could be vital for the pet portrait artist to understand every little detail of their face. 

A moving shot is a big NO-NO for portraits! 

It will most likely be a blurred picture unless taken with a proper shutter speed that makes it look clear. 

A well-lit picture always works great for portraits, as dark photographs are not very great for visual interest. 

Therefore, the first important step is to click, store, and give a proper photo of your pet to the pet portrait artist for reference. 

2. Size 

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Choosing the right size for your pet portrait can be a task at hand. 

There are a few important aspects to consider to know what size will gratify your needs. 

Whether you are buying a portrait for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, try to picture its surroundings or rather where it will hang.  

Large portraits are appropriate for a larger wall space like a living room.   

While smaller portraits will look more at home in a cosier set-up like a bedroom or hallway. 

Always discuss your desired dimensions with the best pet portrait artists to get a better idea of what you need and what is ideal based on your setup. 

You can order a portrait as small as 8”x 8” to as large as 24”x 36”, it all boils down to what your requirement is! 

Size is a very important factor when it comes to pricing. 

The more the size and number of contents in the painting the more the price! 

As more subjects equate to more time and effort by the commission portrait artist that would indirectly increase the size and making cost. 

We at PortraitFlip also offer an option for selecting a custom size for your portraits, where you could get your portrait in any size you desire! 

If you want to know more, view our detailed size chart here!  

3. Medium 

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Not sure about what kind of medium you want for your pet portrait?  

It can be a tricky decision, as different mediums convey different tones and emotions. 

Choosing the right medium that goes best with the texture and looks of your pet is of paramount importance. 

Because in the end, your artwork should capture the best of your beloved pet.  

Pet portrait artists generally have a proper understanding of mediums and will be able to guide you towards making a perfect choice. 

Also, one thing to keep in mind is with every medium price is bound to vary. 

We at PortraitFlip have an entire palette of pet portrait mediums ranging from Charcoal, Pencil, Colour-Pencil, Oil, Watercolour, and Pet Portrait Acrylic. 

But before we proceed you need to understand how to choose the best mediums for your portraits


A charcoal pet portrait can result in an alluring contrast, often with sharp dark strokes that are warm yet distinctive.  

If losing out on the color is not something you care about then charcoal can be an impressive catch for black and white pets. 


If you are someone who puts his heart and soul into getting every detail right, then pencil portraits will be your favourite kind. 

A pencil pet portrait can be extremely time time-consuming but will result in some exquisite strokes by the pet artists.  

If you want every detail of your pet’s face captured in a single portrait, a pencil sketch surely will be a good choice.  

Colour Pencil 

This one is just like a pencil portrait, but with loads of colour added to it!  

These colour pencil portraits carry the precision of those exquisite strokes while adding the warmth of colours all in a single frame. 

A colour pencil pet portrait can help accentuate your pet’s coat texture.

So, this will be an ideal choice if your pet has a stylish silky coat. 


With a pastel pet portrait, you can achieve a flamboyant and vibrant painting of your pet. 

Pastel portraits are famously known for their subtle hues in depicting their subjects. 

These portraits are an ideal choice for all those who are aiming for a softer yet lively look in a frame. 


If your desired portrait finish is a replica of a painting then a watercolour portrait will be it. 

The pure charm of a watercolour pet portrait lies in its unique quality like its transparent strokes. 

These paintings have the power to convey depths in those fluid opaque strokes. 

creation of adam reproduction


Oil is a traditional portrait medium that has been a favourite for decades now. 

The depth of colours in these portraits almost gives the feel of visualising something real. 

So if you are looking for a realistic or rather a living breathing painting then this one would be just perfect. 

To know more about pet portrait mediums and their characteristics check out our article. 

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4. Costing Factors to Consider 

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When you think of pet painting commission the thought that first comes to your mind is that won’t it be too expensive to commission the best pet portraits?

But it’s not one but several factors that can alter the cost of a commissioned painting. 

We already spoke about some factors including the size, number of subjects and type of medium that affect the cost of a painting. 

Now let’s just take a look at some other factors that could affect the pricing.

If it’s a private artist a commissioned painting would range from somewhere around $100 and can go as high as $10,000.  

On the other hand, if you commission a painting from a service like PortraitFlip you can get a portrait commissioned from professional artists at a much more affordable rate.  

Finally, be sure to consider the shipping cost of the artwork.  

If the portrait is commissioned from a private artist, the shipping cost will be directed based on the geographical distance.  

While the benefit of commissioning a pet portrait from a service like PortraitFlip is that we grant worldwide free shipping for all kinds of paintings. 

Again, the shipping cost could vary based on the finishing option you choose for your artwork.

It could be either rolled, gallery wrapped or framed based on customer requirements.  

These framed portraits are higher in the price range and take more time and effort to ship them safely.

While on the other hand, a rolled painting is the cheapest because it’s much more convenient to ship them. 

5. Categories 

Pet portraits from different categories displayed on a plain white background. the text reads types of categories.

Custom Pet Portrait

We can never have a dull moment when we have our furry humans in our life. 

They bring so much happiness even on the gloomiest of days! 

So why leave a chance to cherish them, be it as a gift or as a classic home decor piece? 

Custom pet portraits have been a favourite among all the pet lovers out there! 

So, honour your pets with the most exquisite custom pet portrait from PortraitFlip! 

From a portrait of your cat, dog, or even rabbit to wildlife paintings you’ll find everything at PortraitFlip!

Our popular Pet Portrait categories include best Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits and Horse Portraits. 

People and Pet Portraits 

Paintings turn out to be wonderful gifts for a pet owner. 

Anybody right from your spouse, parents, friends, or family member would love to have a pet portrait to embrace the love they have for their pet. 

Frame their favourite memory with their pet as a timeless memoir. 

Royal Pet Portraits 

This will surely activate all your funny bones! 

Paint a portrait of your pet in royal attire, which would symbolise their ruling powers. 

A royal pet portrait could also be the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for your loved ones or friends. 

This custom piece could light up any mood and be the talk of every room.

Compilation Pet Portraits 

Compile all your pets into one single painting, wouldn’t that be a stunning gift to yourself or any loved one? 

What if they were never snapped together, we here at PortraitFlip make the most adorable compilation portraits. 

Now you can enjoy the presence of all your furballs together in a single frame. 

Service v/s Private 

A man pointing both his fingers upwards to two choices service or private. The text reads service or private

Whether you want to commission a portrait from a service or a private artist it all depends on the needs you have for your painting.

When it comes to a private pet portrait artist there are several reasons you would select them for. 

An independent painter will always have a unique painting style. 

They always get popular with the word of mouth, through friends or family who share reviews of their personal experiences. 

If it’s a wedding anniversary or a birthday gift for someone special and you need the portrait to be delivered to you in a short span, a local artist will be a saviour. 

On the other hand, many choose pet portrait commissions from a service based on their wide array of customer satisfaction reviews. 

 A service always provides a hassle-free booking and review procedure. 

Whether you want to choose a desired medium, size, category or frame you can find it all in one place. 

Why You Should Choose PortraitFlip? 

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When a customer chooses to commission pet portrait as a gift or otherwise, it is because they want to celebrate a memory through the magic of paintings. 

Somewhere deep down they know that memories fade but these timeless portraits will keep breathing life into those lot moments. 

So, a good service will always understand a customer’s sentiment behind commissioning a portrait! 

Hence, they will not just target the quality of artwork but also the requirements of the customer. 

For this, the service requires a strong customer service team. 

Now why choose us when you have so many avenues to commission your portrait from? 

It is because we believe that memories should not be expensive and everyone needs to get that chance to memorialize them! 

With our service, you could simply take the armchair while our artist curates the painting of your dreams. 

So, give us chance to fortify your wandering memories into a beautiful handmade painting! 

Dear Readers, 

I hope with this article you were able to understand how you could commission a pet portrait for the future. 

It is the most valuable gift you could give to a pet lover! 

Firstly finding, the right service is essential and we here at PortraitFlip are always there to help you with it. 

Let us know about your experiences if you have ever commissioned a pet portrait before. 

You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you liked this article, do share it further!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to make a customised portrait of your pet the first and foremost thing you ought to do is find the right service that would make you the painting of your dreams. Only a professional pet portrait artist will be able to guide you through how to make a pet portrait.

If you are wondering how much portrait artists make then a Portrait artist in America makes an average salary of $64,844 per year or $31 per hour. This is just the data for an independent artist which is way too expensive. But you could find better quality and cheaper prices for portraits with a service-based artist.

Your pet’s face in a portrait will look nothing less than stunning. It would be the best way to exhibit the aura of your most beloved pet.

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