A Guide To Commission Pet Portrait Artists

Pet Portrait Artists

While getting a pet portrait as a gift sounds like a great option, what is difficult is to properly commission the pet portrait artists.

Nothing can be better than getting home a pet portrait to honor what our pets have done for us.

They spend their entire life giving you all the love and positivity they have and expect nothing in return.

“I realized that today I truly understood my purpose as Ellie: not just to find people but to save them.” – Ellie, A Dog’s Purpose

Rightly said, we don’t own pets as much as they own us. We cannot even be half of what they are.

In this clock-stricken life that our pets live, it would be an injustice to do the least.

Crystallizing memories spent with him into a custom pet portrait will be one of the least.

What may come as a challenge is to find an authentic and ideal pet portrait artist to do justice to your pet portraits.

Worry not child! We have got you covered.

Our guide to commission pet portrait artists is here to tackle all your issues and make you a better controller of your pet portrait.

First things first!

What Are The Roots Of Custom Pet Portrait?

History of Custom Pet Portrait

The phenomena of gifting pet portraits may be new but the idea of pet portraits date back as far as 19,000 years.

Pet portrait paintings were found in caves of Southern France that showed some 600 animals at work.

Thereafter pets have played a crucial part in world settlement, civilization, and evolution.

Egyptians believe cats to be a semi-divine creature and only Pharaohs were allowed to keep them as pets.

There has been a depiction of cats in various Egyptian artworks too.

Greeks, however, in 800BC showed fascination towards dogs and featured them in murals, pieces of pottery, and other artworks.

Romans, traditionally known to have taken from Greeks on everything have taken their fondness for dogs.

Until the Middle Ages, dogs were used as hunting aids but were slowly moving towards the companion category.

It is also believed that Alexander, the Great, was saved from a maddening bull by a Greyhound. 

Then came the Renaissance which saw various paintings of the aristocrats emerge with their dogs by their side or on their lap.

We have only known the relation of dogs and their master through pet portraits.

Cats, interestingly, were an active part in Indian, Japanese, and Chinese arts too.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) was one of the first recorded pet portrait artists.

It would be safe to say that pets have been by our side in art and otherwise since times untraceable.

It would also be safe to say that it is not a new-found practice of creating and displaying art images with your pets.


The history of art stands witness to this tradition and will continue into times ahead.

By getting a pet portrait you are following a great tradition.

It is also a noble deed of making people aware of this rich custom.


When Should You Get A Custom Pet Portrait?

When Should You Get A Custom Pet Portrait?

You do not need an occasion to shower love on your pets.

Pets are as important to us as our close ones, and as humane is their love for us.

Therefore, they deserve to get the same affection they spread.

Although there is no specific date or time to make your pets happy, you can get a custom pet portrait on the following occasions:


Dog Memorial Handmade Painting

It is a struggle to accept that your pet has gone leaving a huge void in your heart and your life.

You go through a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes it hurts irreparably.

The least you can do to honor this companion is to get a pet portrait.

The passing of a pet can leave a heavy heart.

A pet portrait from a professional pet portrait artist can provide positivity and comfort to healing pet parents.

A portrait can serve to be a lasting memory of your deceased pet.

“No more at our feet, but always in our hearts.”

Birthdays And Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversary Handmade Painting

Birthdays and anniversaries are never complete without gifts…

…and a cake of course (but we can get to that later!).

A pet portrait would be a thoughtful and creative gift especially because he would not be expecting it.

A pet portrait will give them immense pleasure, especially if they are pet parents.

Make sure you get it from a professional pet portrait artist because you would not want to disappoint them.

Festivals And Gatherings

Family Handmade Painting

Festivals are a great way to show love and gratitude towards your close ones.

Getting a pet portrait from a good pet portrait artist would be a great gift idea.

Portraits spread paw-sitivity by being creative evidence of happy times and always leave a smile on people’s faces.

In General

Dog Handmade Painting

We don’t really need a reason to send people love wrapped in a canvas.

Imagine coming home to a custom pet portrait of you and your puppy without any cause – feels great, right?

Be a reason for someone to smile after a tough day at the office by giving them a pet portrait.

All you need to keep in mind is to get hold of a professional pet portrait artist because

“A professional knows what he is doing.”

You can visit Portraitflip and delve into a world of gorgeous pet portraits made by some immensely talented pet portrait artists who pay attention to every little detail and make a portrait exactly how you want it.

Things To Keep In Mind While Commissioning Pet Portrait Artist

Vector of a girl writing

A pet portrait is a lot of work, and you need to keep in mind the various elements that go into the art of making pet portraits.

Besides choosing an expert pet portrait artist, you also need to consider the size, medium, and numerous custom features that go into making modern-day art.

To rightly commission a pet portrait artist, you need to have a perfect understanding of these elements yourself.

Portraitflip has a digital representation of every step that makes it easier for you to go about the portrait.

It would not be a problem for you to make yourself a perfect pet portrait on our platform since we personally help our customers through the entire process.

However, “Knowledge is power”, and knowing what you want from the pet portrait artist is very important.

The key aspects that you have to take account of are:

Choosing The Correct Photo

Choosing the correct photo

Choosing a correct photo of your pet is the first step towards your desired pet portrait.

Often people send blurry images of their pet that make it difficult for the artist to understand resulting in a bad portrait.

Even the world’s best pet portrait artist cannot do without a clear image of your pet.

Some may begin with one photo while others may need a little more to understand every nitty-gritty facial quality of your pet.

Things that you need to keep in mind while clicking a picture is:

  1. Try clicking a portrait shot:
    A little bit of torse with paws looks great for visual interest.
  2.  A clear view of facial features:
    Making the facial feature is the trickiest part of any portrait and also the one that decides how good a portrait is.
    A sharp view of your pet’s face is really important for the pet portrait artist to understand every little detail of their face.
  3. A clear view of eyes:
    Ideally, both eyes look good in a portrait but if you plan to take a side profile make sure it is well lit.
  4. NOT AN ACTION SHOT unless it is not taken with a proper shutter-speed that makes it look clear.
  5. The face should be at least partially lit.
    Dark photographs are not very great for visual interest.
  6. An asymmetrical view is preferred.
    The symmetrical view of the face creates static making a comparatively boring pet portrait.

Therefore, it is important to click, store, and give a proper photo of your pet to the pet portrait artist for reference.


Modern living room interior with sofa and green plants,lamp,table on white wall background. 3d rendering

Honey, size matters!

It is very important for you to know what size will satiate your needs.

What you need to take into consideration is the surrounding where you are planning to hang the portrait.

It is advised that you discuss your required dimensions with the pet portrait artists to get a better idea of what you need and what is ideal.

Portraitflip offers portrait size starting from 8”x8” for small portraits and 18”x24” for large portraits.

We at Portraitflip also give you the freedom of selecting a custom size for your portrait without any strings pulling you.

The love for our pets cannot be limited to a certain width and height, after all.

Selecting A Medium

Selecting A Medium

Selecting a proper medium that goes best with the texture and looks of your pet is of utmost value.

There can be an array of mediums to choose from like Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic, and even color-pencil.

Chances are that a particular photo that looks good in the Charcoal medium may not look good in color-pencil.

It is important to discuss an ideal medium with pet portrait artists who have a proper understanding of mediums and will be able to guide you better.

Deciding on a medium and sticking to it is important because not even pet portrait artists provide all the mediums.

Some may even manipulate you into buying a portrait that you probably didn’t imagine of.

We at Portraitflip give you an entire palette of Charcoal, Pencil, Color-Pencil, Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic medium to choose from.

But before we proceed you need to understand all these mediums and how they work.

A Handbook For Understanding Different Mediums Used By Pet Portrait Artists

Understanding Medium of Painting

Portraits are becoming a growing trend especially for gifting purposes but you need to understand the basic difference between the mediums and select the just one for you.

Whether it is the rich and intense oil portraits or subtle and soothing gleam of watercolor, or the vivid shades of black in pencil sketches – it is important to know which one suits your portrait before commissioning pet portrait artists.

Pet Oil Portrait

Cat Handmade Portraits

Pet Oil Portraits have more pigmentation which makes the portrait look brighter and richer.

Due to its buttery consistency, pet oil portraits take a longer time to dry which gives the pet portrait artist more space to mix colors forming better textures and subtle color variations.

Most of the pet owners prefer pet oil portrait because it holds a significant visual interest making the portrait look more real and lively.

However, since it takes considerable time for the layers to set it, it can take weeks for the portrait to complete.

One must be really careful since oil portraits are sensitive to heat, smoke, light, and a lot of other factors.

To get a better idea of how oil portrait looks like Browse PortraitFlip’s Button.

I am sure you wouldn’t leave without getting one made for your pet too.

Pet Acrylic Portrait

Acrylic Painting

The acrylic painting was first used in the 1940s and is known to be a unique medium that combines both the properties of both oil and watercolors.

Pet Acrylic Portraits look more versatile since the pet portrait artists can modify the textures, appearance, and shade very easily, just by adding water. 

Pet Acrylic Portrait is a great choice since it takes lesser time to dry.

However, it has a smaller palette, leaving no room for capturing complex ideas.

If you want the best Oil Portrait and Watercolor Portrait, you should go for Pet Acrylic Portrait from the best pet portrait artists who know how to work with acrylic colors.

Pet Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Dog Painting

Watercolor looks lustrous and translucent making the pet watercolor portrait look luminous. Watercolors have a thin consistency and use pure color with water and no filter to create a unique effect.

It looks absolutely subtle and somber but the pet portrait artists need to choose a proper material that absorbs the paint quickly and be very careful about not dripping the paint at unwanted areas.

Check Portraitflip’s watercolor gallery.

Pet Charcoal Portrait

Charcoal portraits were a commonplace practice in the 1840s but gradually lost its way.

With the advent of editing apps that started using charcoal as a filter, and with the widely liked aesthetics for charcoal, it has again come back to trend.

Charcoal comes from charred wood, a cheaply available material.

That definitely does not mean that the portrait comes out to look cheap.

It is astonishing what charcoal can do on a canvas.

It can be used for some excellent shading and effects for black and white paintings.

However, the pet portrait artist should have a fixative to avoid unwanted charcoal stains or damages.

Check out our enchanting charcoal portraits made by one of the best pet portrait artists here.

Pet Pencil Portrait

Pencil Dog Sketch

Pencil sketch has been a versatile and common medium for centuries.

It’s comparatively low costing and speed has made it people’s favorite.

Pet Pencil Portraits can have better detailing due to the availability of different sizes and types of pencils.

Pet portrait artists who make professional sketches can give wonderful black and white effects that will want you to keep aside everything and admire the sketch.

Portraitflip has a list of professional pet portrait artists that work especially on pencil portraits that will make you go “wow!”.

Find their portrait here.

Pet Color Pencil Portraits

Color Pencil Dog Sketch

Pet Color Pencil Portraits may not sound exactly like a masterpiece you would want to see on your wall but it makes a great table piece for sure.

If the pet portrait artists have a special hand in color pencil portrait making, then you are definitely up for something very beautiful.

Color pencil portraits are just a more colorful and vivid way of making the portrait look more visually interesting.

While you decide and discuss the mediums with your pet portrait artists, let me take you to our color pencil portrait gallery at Portraitflip.

What Does The Pet Portrait Artists Of Portraitflip Have To Offer You?


A lot of people look out for various ways to connect to their pets.

Pet Portraits are one of the best ways to show your bond with your pet.

It does not only serve as a piece of home décor but also serves as a perfect memory to cherish for a lifetime – even when your pet is not around anymore.

Pet portraits can bring about certain positivity and make you feel good about having at least your pet beside you on days cold and blue.

And for all the things this companion is done for you, it would be just to give them a little honor in form of these portraits.

Pet portrait artists at Portraitflip shares with you the most common choices of people when it comes to pet portraits.

“I don’t understand people who don’t touch their pets. Their cat or dog is called a pet for a reason.” – Jarod Kintz

Custom Dog Portraits

Custom Dog Portrait

“Man’s Best Friend” they call a dog, and rightly so.

History stands witness to a dog’s loyalty and unconditional love, and he is the only being that loves you more than you love yourself.

Pet portrait artists have said to received thousands of custom dog portrait demands precisely because people are finding new ways to strengthen their bond with their pet dogs.

Custom dog portraits have been a common choice among dog-fanatics and parents not just as home décors but also for gifting purposes.

Get a custom dog portrait to honor yours from PortraitFlip.

Custom Cat Portraits

Cat Custom Portrait

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted”, and we cannot agree more.

Cats have an “I-got-this-shit” personality and anybody who has pet a cat knows that you get to learn something new from them every day.

Cats consider themselves as gods and this demi-god totally needs to be treated as one.

A lot of cat parents, as heard from the mouth of our pet portrait artists, expect the portraits royal as their cat’s personality.

Custom cat portraits have suddenly taken an uphill since people realized that cats really enjoy attention.

Getting them custom cat portraits will definitely better your relations with your cats.

Cats have a blue-blood since the time of pharaohs. If you can, get a custom cat portrait to leave evidence of her royal heritage for your feline’s future generation.

Here’s what one of our favorite customer, Richard, has to say:

Custom Horse Portraits

“Horse sense is a thing that keeps a horse from betting on people,”

…and with more awareness on animal abuse, people are slowly getting some horse sense and adopting horses as pets.

There are hardly any horse shelters.

But horses continue to be sold at a high price while people are generously spending on adopting horses as pets.

Custom Horse Portraits

We were astonished to know from our pet portrait artist that people are heavily indulging in getting custom horse portraits.

Charcoal remains one of their favorite mediums.

This may seem very unusual but people in the countryside are actually adopting and getting custom horse portraits of their handsome pets.

As BailyAnn Neal always says and I ardently follow…

“I’d rather ride a mustang, than in one.”

Why Choose Pet Portrait Artists Of Portraitflip?

Why choose PortraitFlip?

We will give you four reasons to choose pet portrait artists of Portraitflip with a bet that you are not going to leave our page without getting yourself a pet portrait.

  1. Our portraits are 100% Handmade by Pet Portrait Artists selected from across the globe.
  2. We give Free Shipping Worldwide – Yes! No, there are no hidden costs.
  3. No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
    If the portrait does not reach you due to some reason or if the product is not what you thought it to be (we don’t think this day is going to arrive, however), you get your money back.
  4. 4.7 Trustpilot Rating – I don’t think I need to explain this.
  5. Flat 10% discount on checkout.


“There are no bad days… when you come home to a pet that loves you more than it does himself.”

Cherish this love while it lasts and crystallize the happy memories with a custom pet portrait from Portraitflip.

With this note,

That’s all folks!

If you have reached here, thank you!

Go, spread love and joy.

Hope this article has prepared you to properly commission pet portrait artists.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

Do check out Portrait Flip, a one-stop platform to get the best handmade portraits,


A Have A Wonderful Day!

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