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Pet portrait from photo

A pet portrait painting is a perfect memoir for all the special moments and the inseparable bond that you share with your beloved pet.

While getting a custom made pet portrait painting sounds like a good option it can be a really difficult thing to find that all elusive perfect pet portrait artist for the job.

Well, the following articles tackle all queries regarding it such as the different mediums, sizes and other features that one should take into consideration while buying a pet portrait painting.

Let us first start by asking the main question itself.

Why should I get a portrait painting?

Pets have transformed into crucial parts of our lives in recent years. They have become synonymous with us and are treated with the same affection, love, and respect with which you would treat your closest friends and family.

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.”

– John Grogan, Marley and Me

The above statement perfectly sums up the character and personality of the pet.

Therefore I feel that it is only fitting that you do something truly special for them.

There is no specific time and date as to get your pet portrait painting but given below are several occasions that will be perfectly suited for such a gift.



A pet portrait painting is a great memoir to remember the departed soul of the dearly beloved pet. It is certain to strike an emotional connection with any person.

Parties or Gatherings

Parties or gatherings

No party is ever complete without a gift and this is a perfectly quirky and creative gift that any person can think of.

It is sure to bring a broad smile on any pet lover’s face.

Well, you can thank me later!

In General

In general

Who says that you should do something special for the ones that you love only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or a gathering.

Surprise him/her with an exquisite pet portrait painting and their happiness will know no bounds.

One should take into consideration several different aspects that go into the art of making a pet portrait.

Apart from choosing the pet portrait artist, you need to think about quite a few different elements that go into the making of a pet portrait painting.

These elements range right from the medium, the size right up to the different custom features that are associated with modern day art.

It is thus important to discuss all the little intricacies and details of the painting with the pet portrait artist.

We shall thus discuss these details in depth in the given article.

Now after all the material and information that you have read it may look like a tough task to choose that all elusive perfect pet portrait artist but fear not.

Visit our site PortraitFlip and you can find an immense collection of some really talented pet portrait artists who will adhere to every little detail and wish that you have.

Apart from choosing the pet portrait artist, you need to think about quite a few different elements.


Sizechart pet portrait

One should take into consideration the surroundings of an area before determining the size in which he/she wants the pet portrait painting.

You can consult with the pet portrait artist to get a better understanding as to what the size of your pet portrait painting should be depending on your needs and preferences.

The range starts from small size portraits (8” by 8” and more) to large size portraits (18” by 24” and more).

We at PortraitFlip even offer you the chance to get a custom size portrait whose dimensions can be chosen by you without any given constraints.

The jubilation of our beloved memories is not restricted to any limits so why should your portrait painting be constrained to a certain height and size.


Medium size chart pet

A pet portrait painting can be created in many mediums such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and even color pencils.

One should consult with the pet portrait artist and then choose the medium that he/she wants accordingly.

Discuss the medium you would prefer beforehand because quite a few pet portrait artists stick only to a limited number of mediums.

Some pet portrait artists cover a vast array of mediums whereas some of the pet portrait artists only stick to one or few mediums.

Don’t worry!

We shall discuss a little more about this topic as we go further on.

The Photo has given for Reference

The photo has given for reference

No matter how good the painter is but even the best pet portrait artists in the world will require at least a decent picture of your pet.

Some artist will be content with one picture whereas other pet portrait artists will demand a collection of them to get a more comprehensive idea as to the face and body structure of your beloved pet.

Hence it is preferred that you keep a collection of some good and clear pictures ready as reference material for the pet portrait artists.



Some artists offer to get your pet portrait painting framed as an extra feature or you can choose to personally frame it. The decision is ultimately yours.

At PortraitFlip we give you the option of getting your pet portrait painting wrapped, rolled or framed.

These are basically a checklist of all the essential things that one should inquire about before commissioning any sort of painting.

Mediums are an important aspect of any pet portrait painting.

Different mediums provide different effects and entail different techniques.

Let us take a more comprehensive look at some of the mediums below.

1. Pet Oil Portraits

Oil painting

Oil is usually the preferred choice of most artists as well as customers.

An oil portrait painting allows the pet portrait artist to get a sorted mixture of some really complex shades and a beautiful texture to it.

An oil painting needs a lot of patience as it has many layers and some of these layers take a really long time to set in.

This process is also referred to as oxidation.

Thus it can take up to several weeks for a pet portrait painting of this medium to get done or completed.

You also need to be really careful when it comes to taking care of this medium as it is really sensitive to light, heat, smoke and other surrounding factors

2. Pet Acrylic Portraits

Acrylic painting

Acrylic paints are like a hybrid of oil and watercolor paints.

They contain water-soluted polymer pigments.

It is really practical due to its various features and can be used on different surfaces like canvas, paper etc and also along with other mediums without disturbing the feel and texture of the pet portrait painting.

One of its main advantages for the pet portrait artists is that the acrylic paints dry much faster thus considerably reducing the time that is required to make it.

A slight disadvantage is that acrylic paints offer a smaller pallet as some tones cannot be captured or are too complex to be created by it.

3. Pet Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor painting

Watercolors offer a brighter pallet in comparison to oil paints and thus help to include more light effects.

One drawback is that the pet portrait artist has to choose a material which absorbs quickly and with efficiency or risk the paint dripping into unwanted areas.

This happens basically due to the thin consistency of the watercolors.

A watercolor pet portrait can be quite an affordable option but that again depends on the different requirements that you have.

4. Pet Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal painting

As charcoal is obtained from charred wood it is one of the cheapest materials that you can work with but do not be fooled by it.

One can produce sensation pieces of work with outstanding shading effect and some really intense black and white pet portraits.

The pet portrait artist will require a fixative when working on a charcoal portrait to prevent it from any form of unwanted damages or stains.

5. Pet Pencil Portraits

Pencil painting

Pencil pet portraits have become common due to its relatively lower cost to speed with which it can be prepared.

A pencil portrait painting can be astonishingly detailed taking into factor the sharpness, hardness and other details of the pencil.

A pet portrait artist can get some really awesome shades in a pencil pet portrait.

6. Pet Colored Pencil Drawing

Colored pencil

This may sound a little childish and not worthy of being hung as a centerpiece or being gifted to a loved one but a color pencil pet portrait is also another option on the table.

It offers you the detailing of pencil work that too in various colors which will help to enhance the visual appeal of the pet portrait.

It can be a really great medium depending on the pet portrait artist’s familiarity with the medium and his innate creativity.

We also ultimately come to the debate over whether one should choose a colored or black and white portrait.

Though many of you may think that the colored option is much better, you will be surprised to see the striking effect that black and white charcoal or pencil sketch can have.

Have a thorough discussion with your pet portrait artist and then decide the option that you feel is best for you.

It is always good to commission your work to a pet portrait artist who is really keen on sharing every aspect in detail with you.

Apart from choosing the pet portrait artist, the medium and the size are some of the most essential parts of any pet portrait painting.

There are quite a few animals which can be domesticated and used as pets.

Many pet lovers look for objects that showcase and strengthen the bond that they share with their pet.

Hence a pet portrait is quite fashionable amongst them

Different people have different choices and opinions so we shall only discuss the most prevalent or most commonly made pet portraits.

Dog Portraits

Dog portrait

There have been many movies and stories which have lavishly praised the loyalty and affection of a dog towards humans and rightly so.

The dog is even called ‘ Man’s best friend’.

Thus many of the dog owners go the extra mile to show their love and the dog portrait is very famous.

Cat Portraits

Cat portrait

A cat is also beloved by many people, the ancient Egyptians even worshipped it and rightly so.

A cat can be really chilled out and not as hyperactive and full of enthusiasm as a dog but they certainly can relieve us of a lot of stress just by their presence.

Horse Portraits

Horse portrait

This may seem a little unconventional or uncanny but many people do get a horse portrait painting done.

It is the perfect animal for the countryside as it is viewed as more of a farm animal because of its features and attitudes.

The three mentioned above are one of the most common choices out there but many pet portrait artists will create a pet portrait painting of any animal or pet that you would prefer.

Let us now discuss a bit about the history of how this form of art has transformed throughout the ages.

History of pet portrait paintings.

Though this rising trend of getting a pet portrait painting done may seem like something of a modern world fantasy, pet portrait paintings have a surprisingly long and rich history.

They have come through in various parts of history in some form or the other.

Right from the cavemen to the engineer and from the Greeks to modern day civilization, everybody was interested in pet portrait paintings.

Only the techniques and the materials that the pet portrait artists use have evolved over this period of time.

The commencement of pet portraits can be traced back to almost 19,000 years with the famous cave paintings of Lascaux in southern France. There are more than 600 paintings and almost all of them feature different animals that range from bison to bears.

Pets have played an important part in our history and there are various pet portrait paintings that describe them in a glorious and rosy form.

The Egyptians even treated cats like semi-divine creatures and only the pharaohs could keep them as their pets.

Thus pet portrait artists have been there throughout the ages but were never compartmentalized in a separate genre for pet portraits.

Like many other concepts that the Greek had taken from the Egypt civilization like democracy, philosophy and so on they also adopted their love for domesticated pets.

This gave rise to the various pet portrait paintings in and during the peak of the Greek civilization.

Even the Greeks had a fondness towards animals and pets and their art depicts this in the form of sculptures, mosaics, murals and more.

It is also reportedly said that a greyhound once saved Alexander the Great from a raging bull.

The dog was the most frequently domesticated animal but some stories say that some of the Greeks even kept snakes as their pets.

Wow, now that is something really spooky!

Well, all roads lead to Rome they say, and so shall we.

Even the Romans had a fair share of affection for their pets and thus even the pet portrait artists.

According to the ancient text, the Romans were the first ones who kept fishes as pets.

It is also said that the first ever aquarium was built in early Rome.

Let us now take a look at some of the eastern civilizations.

In ancient China, the dog was used for domestic as well as hunting purposes.

Some of the researchers from China even suggest that they were the first to domesticate the dog and use it for recreational purposes.

The emperors of China’s Forbidden City had a royal lifestyle, but they were not the only ones who did so- royal dogs also received the royal treatment, living a pampered lifestyle. – it is reportedly said that they lived in pavilions with marble floors, slept on silk cushions and were waited on by dedicated servants who worked for the Dog Raising Office.

Can you believe it they actually had a department dedicated only to the services of dogs?

In ancient Japan, one notices that the various pet portrait artist created some jaw-dropping and sublime pet themed paintings.

This was an amenity that everybody could afford unlike in the western culture where art and paintings were only the things that could be found in the homes and spaces of royalty. Woodblock and Hokusai (the traditional artwork of those times) prints are now precious works of art displayed in museums.

Ukiyo-e, though extremely sophisticated, was originally a mass media and popular art form.

Creating them involved carving a piece of wood into an image, painting the carving, and stamping it, perhaps thousands of times- the first mass-produced art, an incredible innovation for its time.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) was one of the most famous woodblock cat artists of his time.

You could also say he was one of the very first pet portrait artists.

His humanistic portrayal of cats was incredible but was also deemed as creepy quite a few times.

He was so obsessed with cats that most visitors who came to his art studio saw it filled with cats and many times he was found working on a piece with a cat comfortably cuddled in his kimono which is a traditional Japanese garment.

We have discussed all of the points that should be taken into consideration while commissioning a pet portrait painting, right from the pet portrait artist to the different sizes and mediums in which you can procure your pet portrait painting.

Despite our best efforts and thorough research if you feel that we missed out on a point or require some more elaboration on certain essential factors, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

We hope that this article may have given you at least a rough idea or provided you with some necessary assistance as to getting all the details correct while commissioning a pet portrait painting.

“There are no bad days… when you come home to a pet that loves you more than it does himself.”

Cherish this love for as long as it lasts and immortalizes the memories that you have with it by getting a pet portrait painting done.

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