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Birthdays are fresh beginnings to new things, a reshuffle of old things, and a second chance to life. Be the sunshine on the birthday of your loved ones by gifting them a memory. Get her a Custom Handmade Birthday Painting by PortraitFlip for 365 days of adventure.

Why Get Birthday Paintings From Photo?

  • As the name suggests Birthday Paintings from Photo serve as a thoughtful gift for the Birthdays of your friend, family, or relatives.
  • Surprise new parents with their infant’s first Birthday Painting on their anniversary or their child’s birthday.
  • Make your friends laugh by customizing their Birthday Paintings into Royal Oil Portraits.
  • You can also club in characters from different photos into one Birthday Paintings with our Compilation Service.
  • Gift your loved ones a Birthday Painting which they can use as a table piece that will always remind them of their youth.
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What Else Do We Offer?

Make your Birthday Painting special with these free customizations.

  • Compilation Portraits

Birthdays are a special day and you often miss important people of your life beside you on such days. But with Compilation Portraits, you can make the birthday boy or girl feel the presence of their loved ones. All you have to do is send us an image of all the characters and leave the rest on us.
Birthdays are supposed to make you feel complete and Compilation Birthday Portraits are one of the ways.

Interested? Click Here To Begin!

  • Add Custom Message or Date

Archies Birthday Cards were the need of the hour in the 90s but with the world ever-changing, we have something better. Include the date or message in the Birthday Artwork from Photos and gift it as a birthday present.

Just leave the message in the “suggestions for painter” box and our artist will include it for you.

  • Change Background

The memories are mostly great but it is the background that stops you from posting them on social media. Time for a change? PortraitFlip allows you to change, remove or add background to your Birthday Paintings. Drop-in your suggestion on support@portraitflip.com after placing the order and we will have it included in the photoshop design.

We do not charge for this customization.

  • Add Elements To The Image

Birthday Paintings should be special and PortraitFlip understands that. A canvas is your playground and you can customize it the way you want it. Whether it is adding a birthday cap, removing the cake from a character’s dress, or including a party popper in the painting, we can do it all.

We will start painting only after you approve the photoshop preview.

  • Royal Birthday Portrait:

Take the quirkiness of your gift to another level. With Royal Birthday Paintings you can gift humor wrapped in a canvas of colors on the Birthday of your loved ones. Just send us a photo of them and we will convert them into a King, Queen, Prince, Superhero, Supervillain, or even an animal!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will be the best medium to get my Birthday Paintings?

In a total of six painting mediums for Birthday Paintings, our customers have chosen Oil Medium as the best seller. While all our mediums are painted by professional artists, they believe that Oil Painting looks realistic.

My brother is deceased and his birthday is tomorrow. Can you make it look like he is cutting the cake?

Yes! We would love to paint this fond memory for you. While placing the order, specify your customization in the “suggestion for painter” box along with a high-quality image of your brother.
Once we receive the order, our designer will make a photoshop design within 2-3 days and send it to you for approval. At this point, you can either suggest changes or approve the design to begin the painting.

My husband’s birthday is on the 30th of November. Will I receive my Birthday Painting by then?

If you want an urgent delivery on a particular date, drop us a message using our 24×7 Chat Feature, and our solution expert will guide you on whether we can ship the painting in time or not. He will also help you with the shipping option that deems fit your order.

My dad never got to celebrate my son’s birthday. Can you make add him to the Birthday Painting?

All you have to do is send us pictures of your dad and your son on his birthday. We can definitely include him in the Birthday Painting and make it look like he was there to celebrate your son’s birthday. Don’t worry, we will not begin the painting process unless you approve the photoshop design.

I hope I could resolve your queries. If you have other questions, you can chat with us from the widget placed at the bottom left, or drop an email at support@portraitflip.com.


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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!