Best Dog Room Decor Design Ideas For Pet-Parents

Dog room decor ideas

Home is where your four-legged friend is. 

You’ll either find him drooling over the edge of the couch or sleeping at the back of the bed.

No matter whether he’s his separate beddings or pillows, he’ll end up stretching on your bed. 

However, that doesn’t conclude that he doesn’t require his own dog room.

Just like human beings, your pet deserves its separate space filled with necessary items.

Here, in this post, I’ll share the best dog room decor ideas with you—meaning, what all you require to set up a comfy and peaceful home for your dog that’ll actually look pleasing. 

Let’s dive in.

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1. Turn An Empty Room Into A Pet Home

a girl is holding a dog and looking at color paint kit that is being opened by her boyfriend

Your dog deserves a designated spot inside your house—away from your personal space. 

Here’s what you should consider before making or adding new features to your space:

  • Incorporate pieces of furniture depending on your dog’s personality. If he’s destructive, try to keep food, toys, and other stuff away from the floor. 
  • Avoid tricky dog dens that can confuse your pet.
  • Keep your room clutter-free and spacious
  • Install hooks at appropriate heights.

Now you know what you need. 

Family painting from different photos

Let’s head to images and understand how your dog room is supposed to be.

Within the budget, you can have fantastic home decor done.

a dog portrait mounted on the wall of dog room
Image: hgtv

You can have two beds placed in a room, a stainless steel drover in between the beds, and a beautiful dog portrait on the wall.

a dog room is filled with photo frames, hooks, and dog furniture
Image Source: farmhouseliving

Orelse, have minimalistic dog room decors such as photo frames, hooks, and Kebble bowls.

2. Make Use Of Nook For Your Pet

a nook is decorated with dog decor items

There’s a lot you can do with that little weird space. 

You can build a comfortable and convenient home for him regardless of its location. 

He’ll happily dine, rest, or stretch in this spot if you make a few adjustments shown in these pictures.

A. Under the stairs

a dog bed incorporated in the nook under the stairs
Image Source: Pinterest

Your pet won’t stay in 24/7 but he’ll definitely spend his significant time lying down in this homely-designed cave. 

You can also check out 15 home decor paintings, which are a must-have look for your home.

B. Under the Reading Nook

two beds are built on the both sides of a room.
Image Source: Pinterest

Your two favorite things in one place. 

Unarguably, this is going to be the most functional dog room where on one side you’ll be reading a book on another side, your pooch will be silently enjoying your presence. 

C. In the Laundry Room

kennels installed in a laundry room
Image Source:

If I had to describe it in one word, I’d say “amazing”.

Why? Laundry areas are designed with floors that handle moisture and mess. 

And if there’s a nook, it can certainly make a great dog room, which will be away from the household hustle and bustle.

3. Use Cabinet Wisely

 a cabinet with a dog kennel
Image: hepper

How to decorate a dog room?

Simple. Don’t decorate but build one in the most happening space. 

Add a kennel to the bedroom, living room, or whichever part you want.

Here are some instances:

A. Makeover your cabinet

a dog partially inside the small-sized cabinet
Image Source: Pinterest

And turn it into a perfectly cozy environment for your pooch. 

However, it shouldn’t be cramped or cluttered in any way that restricts air to pass through. 

The cabinet should’ve enough space, at least, space similar to your dog’s size. 

Later, you can adorn it with curtains, pillows, and beddings.

B. Install Kennel-Like Furniture

a room with a kennel-like furniture and open wall shelves
Image Source: dailypaws

And make a room for him in your bedroom itself. 

You can order a ready-made piece or customize it, which will make a room for your pet as well as space to keep your valuables. 

C. Build It Under The Wall Shelf

a dog under the wall shelf in a kennel-like furniture
Image Source: dailypaws

Who knew an open space under the wall shelf would also be used for dogs?

Two pets can fit in comfortably. Importantly, you can have a kennel built that matches its surroundings.

4. Build Dog Wash Stations At Home

a Labrador on the kitchen platform
Image: trinitile

Wherever you can but make sure you have enough space to install faucets, incorporate shelves, and other pieces of furniture. 

And here’s what you should know before creating a dog wash station.

A. Choose The Right Faucet

a dog is being showered by its owner
Image Source: dee-o-gee

More than bathing you’ll use this space to shower your pet. That’s why you’ll need a faucet with a handheld shower attachment that cleanses your dog from dirt, dead hair, and mud.

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B. Think About Drainage

a dog with its neck fully covered by foam
Image Source:

No matter how large the space is, you have to think about drainage.

Even if you have a shower tray, you should have a scope for drainage to keep the place clean and waste-free.

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C. Keep The Height And Length Ideal

a dog room is filled with various dog decor items
Image Source: Pinterest

It should have enough space for your pet to sit comfortably to perform activities. Enough space no matter how tall or short your pet is. 

Here’s what you can do.

Minimalistic yet beautiful just before the door to the living room. 

a dog wash station on the entrance of a house
Image Source: nextluxury

Compact space that fulfills all your dog shower needs. 

a dog wash station on the back gate.
Image Source: cesarsway

Or else you can set it up in your laundry room since you choose to enter from the back door.

The upper hand of using it is you can have a water connection easily accessible since you used it for your washing machine. 

Here’s what you can implement:

  • If they say perfect dog room decor doesn’t exist, show them these adjustments. Fully-tiled space with a faucet with handheld shower, with a room filled with cleaning products. 
a monochromatic while dog room is filled with dog decor items
Image Source: houzz
  • It doesn’t have to be large, but adequate with necessary products. There’s a faucet, hooks, and a tap to shower your pet.
a kitchen with a dog wash station on its left
Image Source: decorpad
  • Or a multifunctional dog wash station in a laundry room with more than enough space to store dog room decoration pieces. 
a spacious dog wash station in a laundry room.
Image Source: nordarchitecture

5. Create A Comfortable Space For His Sleep

two Caucasian dogs inside the cabinet

So you can take them away when your guests arrive. 

Also, it gives a chance for your pet to settle in where he feels comfortable. 

You can have a cozy spot built for him anywhere—nook, kitchen area, bedroom, and you name it. 

A. Inset Mirror Cabinet With Dog Bed

a brown Caucasian dog lying on the bed located in the bottom of shelf.
Image Source: Pinterest

A perfect dog room furniture with an in-built bed that’s a fluffy bed and large-sized cushions on both sides. 

B. Mudroom With In-Built Dog Bed

a dog room with dog room decor items
Image Source: Pinterest

Dog-friendly mudroom with a dog bed, shelves, hooks, and a platform to keep dog room decor items, accessories, and foods. 

C. Kitchen Platform With Dog Bed

Three dogs under the kitchen platform inside its open space
Image Source: decorpad

A Kitchen platform cum table that goes well with floors, with drawers and a dog bed beneath it. 

6. Makeover Walls, Corners, & Interiors

a couple along with their pet are lying on the ground and watching at the laptop screen

Above, you’ve learned the basics of adorning an empty room and setting up a comfortable, convenient, and playful environment for your pet to stroll, shower, and feed.

Let’s head to the part where you’ll learn how to add colors and features to your space with various dog room decor ideas.

A. Custom Pet Neon Signs

neonsign product of colorful lights

Place a small neon sign on the soft wall to represent its exclusive room. It takes away the monotony and makes the room look lively and interesting.

For example, you can customize a neon light with a dog pattern, or a dog name.

This way, you will create a dynamic space for your furry friend, which will bring an energetic vibe.

The best part is that it may also express their personality and uniqueness.

Find to help you complete the customization of neon lights, and give it to your pet as a gift!

B. Custom Pet Pillow

a half dozen of personalized dog pillow laying on the couch.
Image Source: Etsy

Besides, uploading your pet photos online, what else have you done with them? 

If you’re running out of ideas, look no further than to turn them into custom pet pillows as they’ll make great dog room decor.

(P.S Keep them away from your pet if he is an aggressive type) 

C. Dog Feeder

a dog is eating treats
Image Source: Patch

There are a few dog room decor products that are demanding yet inexpensive. One of them is this adjustable dog feeder with collapsible legs. 

This dog feeder can make a great dog room decor since it’s multi-functional and has a unique design that upgrades the charm of your new space. 

D. Dog Album

a dog photo album is placed on a white table
Image Source: Freepik

Take some time out to collect your dog’s photos to make a dog album out of them. 

As a pet parent, it’ll be a fun activity, which will gradually be used as a dog room decor.  

Make sure you follow the grid to make it captivating, which can be placed on the shelf, cabinet, and you name it. 

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E. Fun Dog Name Sign

a customized dog name sign
Image Source: Etsy

What’s your pet’s name? 

Because it’s an official time to get his name above the bed or dog feeder. 

F. Dog Initials Hook

dog initial hooks on the wall
Image Source: Etsy

Personalized hooks are a must for your newly owned dog room. 

You can keep the leashes, hats, dog harnesses, baggies, and other stuff on them.

It’s up to you whether you want hooks with your pet’s initials or name, both of them look good next to the door where your pet resides. 

G. Dog Room Decor Stickers

A wall covered by prints of dog paws and bones
Image Source: Amazon

Don’t know how to decorate your bland walls? 

Stick these dog decor stickers that come in two different shapes—dog paw and dog bone, which jazz up your entire wall.

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H. Mount A Pet Portrait

a dog portrait mounted on the living room wall
Image: amazingarchitecture

Let your love be displayed in his newly built space. Decorate it with customized people and pet pastel portraits or with high-class oil portraits!

Your pet won’t understand, but your well-wishers will undoubtedly do. 

The best is you can flip any of his photos into a pet portrait. And the beauty is you can ask us to change its background or add a feature to it. 

Here’s how we’ve compiled multiple photos and turned them into a pet portrait

Make sure you apply OFF10 to get 10 percent off on your first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best advice on dog room decor?

The best advice on dog room decor is to turn the room into a dog bedroom so that your pet can perform activities that free his mind and keep him active.

How to build a dog wash station at home?

First, create a bath space for your dog, including setting-up the right faucet and building a drainage system. Second, keep the height and length of the area ideal, so it becomes easier for you to clean your dog and let go of his liquid waste.

What are the three way through which you can a comfortable space for you dog to sleep?

Insetting mirror cabinets with a dog bed, building a dog-friendly mudroom with a dog bed, shelves, and hooks, or setting-up a kitchen platform with a dog bed, are some of the ways through which you can have a comfortable space for your dog to sleep.

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