What to Do With Old Photos: 6 Creative Ways To Preserve Old Photos

What to Do With Old Photos: 6 Creative Ways To Preserve Old Photos

Recently, my mother was rearranging things when she found some old pictures of our childhood, her wedding day, and us celebrating little moments.

We had a good laugh remembering those memories until we were stuck with a question, “What to do with old photos now?”

A thought that rushed through my mind was that there must be millions of people who would have struggled with the same problem.

It’s sad that pictures portraying our best times are stuck in some random corner of our houses.

But it will be sadder if we let them rot like that forever or, even worse, remove them.

As a writer, my desire to share all the possibilities of what to do with old photos inspired me to create this blog.

So, my dear readers, let me help you turn your old pictures into something gorgeous for eternity.

Recover Memories: Turn Into Handmade Paintings

Old photo into handmade painting by PortraitFlip
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Have you heard about handmade paintings before?

One of the beautiful ways I came across during the search for what to do with old photos was “handmade portraits.”

And, my friend, this is a treasure trove of antique pictures.

Family painting from different photos

To my surprise, there are various places to buy custom paintings that give you fabulous services at reasonable prices.

The fact that it is handmade adds a personal touch and helps you convert your old memories in a new way.

My favorite was PortraitFlip, which turned my old pictures into a flawless painting.

Don’t let that memory fade away; cherish them through a painting.

Digitalize Old Pictures

Digitalizing old picture is one of the way of what to do with old photos
Image: Freepik

Another way to preserve old pictures could be digitalization.

Today, anyone can easily store their pictures without thinking about the space it may require.

All you have to do is scan your pictures and watch them turn into a fresh piece.

It creates a high-quality image, which can be stored for free. 

The only thing you need to take care of while digitalizing is the lights when you’re about to scan the picture.

Make sure that the light on the photo is in the right direction in order to avoid glare on the scanned image.

Photomyne is one of the app which makes your antique pictures into digital gems.

Take Professional Help

Take Professional Help is one of the way  of what to do with old photos
Image: Freepik

Are your cluttered pictures overwhelming you?

Here’s my third solution to what to do with old photos.

Taking professional help is the easiest thing to do for people who are swamped with their photos.

Associations like Photo Managers will save you time and give you a hassle-free experience.

The perks of seeking professional help are that they have tools and techniques that can effortlessly organize and sort your pictures in one go.

Gorgeous, right?

Create a Photo Album

Create a Photo Album is one of the way of what to do with old photos
Image: Freepik

I wonder why photo albums are treated as a not-so-beautiful way to preserve old pictures.

I can recall when my mother used to keep a stack of pictures in an album. 

The best part of my childhood was when we used to sit together and cherish all the moments we shared together just by glancing at the album.

People are stuck with what to do with photo albums.

How about bringing back this classy trend once again?

Narrate your little family stories by giving each page its own theme. This could be one of the best ways to store old photos.

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Incorporating Old Photos Into DIY

Incorporating Old Photos Into heart shaped locket as DIY
Image: Image: Photoglory

You must have heard about the DIY (do it yourself) technique. 

And if you’re a creative person, then this is your time to show off some skills and store all your old photos.

Your answer to “what to do with old pictures” is right in front of you.

DIY consists of countless ideas when it comes to incorporating old images.

For starters, you can go for:

  • Insert Photo into Locket
  • Photo Clock
  • Photo Magnet
  • Calendar

How about adding a small quote that describes the moment you shared? Sounds perfect!

Frame and Gift to Loved Ones

Framing old pictures as a gift for loved ones
Image: PortraitFlip

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are unsure of what to get your loved ones?

I’m sure you must have. Well, I just unlocked a thoughtful gift idea for my favorites.

Despite giving something expensive, why not gift them the memories in frames?

If you ask me how to preserve old photos, I would say that gift them away to your people and get a priceless reaction in return.

No surprise is bigger than the gift of memories and giving them enclosed in frames adds a cherry on top to the moment.

Your ideas for organizing pictures are now sorted!

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Writer’s Choice

Now tell me which ideas to organize photos have a place in your heart?

Was it the handmade portraits, the idea of digitalizing or DIY?

If you ask me, then turning my old memories into handmade art sounds like an innovative way.

As per my experience, handmade portraits work like magic.

It is as if someone has moved their magic sword with some spell and my old photos have been flawlessly turned into a vintage painting.

You can also go for digital art, which can be less time consuming.

And if you are looking for something that doesn’t make your old pictures lose their authenticity, then a painting is just for you.

Choose wisely and be creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do with old photo albums?

You can create a collage of old photos or a family scrapbook with beautiful messages and quotes in them.

2. What else can you do rather than digitize old photos?

Instead of scanning and printing digital copies, you can contact PortraitFlip and get your old photos transformed into stunning handmade paintings in seven different mediums.

3. Suggest some DIY ideas on what to do with old family portraits?

You can create a personalized locket, a photo clock, or a jewelry box. These DIY ideas for old pictures are easy to do and pocket-friendly.

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