What To Do With Old Photos: The Art of Preserving Memories!

Memories are exquisite in nature. They tend to caress the inner consciousness of the mind. 

Be it any special occasion or a life changing event, memories are the one to cherish always.

Without any doubt, the best form of memoirs are photographs!

They testify to the emotions and feelings of that occasion and capture them for a lifetime. 

But, we often forget these little things and get busy in our fast paced lives. 

However, walking down the memory lane is always a brilliant idea. 

Gazing at our old photographs and witnessing the emotional roller coaster is something very enjoyable. 

Retrieving them in tattered, half torn and wrinkled condition could be a task sometimes. 

Don’t worry, I have some ideas on what you can do with old photos to engrave them in your memory. 

What Can You Do With Old Photos?

Picture of a groom and bride with bridesmaid What To Do With Old Photos

Old photos can be of any type from a wedding memory to a World War photo. 

Family painting from different photos

They can even be contrasting each other. So, it’ll be fun to figure out some ways to use them for our memory. 

Believe it or not, the best way to use your old photos is still preserving them and molding them into a plethora of different artifacts.

When we talk about what to do with old pictures, nothing beats a handmade portrait.

Wondering “ how I can turn my photo into a painting”?

Let me help you with some lovely suggestions for your old photo into painting. 

1. Create a Special Handcrafted Memoir 

Picture of an old man and woman that shows what to do with old photos

You know what? Best gifts are those which contain a personalized touch!

And how about an old photo being transformed into a personalized handmade portrait!

Well, that’s kind of a utopian touch to an old portrait. 

Imagine your grandpa adoring this old portrait which you have brought back to life!

I think now you have a perfect answer to your question “what to do with old pictures”?

2. Incorporate a Lost Loved One!

Picture of a man with white wings behind him and six babies in front shows what to do with old photos

Sometimes, memories of a loved one fade away and only photos are left behind. 

So why not convert them into something cherishable like a compilation portrait.

We should do this for the children who missed out on their granny’s love and affection. 

They’ll be able to feel the presence of their grandchildren through this old portrait and will adore them for the rest of their life.

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3. We Are a Family: Compilation Family Portraits

Picture of three men standing behind two men and a woman in between along with three children that show what to do with old photos

We all are living a very fast paced life. Often indulged in our work, we barely get to see our family members and friends. 

We sometimes miss those get-togethers and parties with our family members. 

Only the old family photos act as our escape to meet them. 

But, what to do with old family photos?

One of the best things to do with old photos happens to be compilation portraits!

Even if you hardly get time to meet each other, a merged painting will always make you feel complete. 

4. Bring your Black and White Photos to Life! 

Picture of two old men with a baby boy in one of the man's hand which shows what to do with old photos

Color is the essence of our life and has the tendency to make things evocative and surreal for us. 

But, most of our old photos are black and white in color. 

creation of adam reproduction

Bringing them to life is a scintillating idea altogether. Wondering about how to do it?

We at PortriatFlip produce high quality colored portraits from black and white photos. 

Now you can witness your dad’s old photograph uncovering its charm from the past in the form of a colored portrait. 

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5. Unique Décor Ideas: Vintage Photos

Picture of an old man with a woman that show what to do with old photos

Do you ever get this question “what to do with vintage photos”?

I have a perfect solution for that!

As we all know, handcrafted portraits are counted as some of the finest decor items. 

Then why not convert your best vintage photos into some really unique decor items?

You can bring old photo to life within a snap. 

Now elevate the aesthetics of your room with one of the best ideas for wall decor.

Bonus Ideas: 

A. Digitize your Portraits/Photos 

Picture of an old man looking at photographs

You might think quite often, What to do with old large portraits?

Retrieving physical copies of old large portraits from time to time is a real task. 

To avoid all the hassle, just take a quick scan of your portraits and save it in your drive. 

It’ll make it easier for you to access your favorite photos anywhere and anytime.

B. Create a Family Scrapbook 

Picture of an old photograph that show what to do with old photos

Being creative is a very high quality human tendency. 

It gives the liberty to experiment and create new things in an unconventional way. 

Similarly, we can create a fabulous scrapbook with our family photos. 

It’ll be a treat for the elders and children in your house. 

C. Make a Family Tree

A tree that depict a glimpse of different people around

Keeping a track of all the family members is not easy at all. 

However, we can make it fun and appealing by using our old photos to make a spectacular family tree. 

It’ll not only be aesthetically pleasing but also a great source of information for the upcoming generations of your family. 

Trust me, it’s one of the best ways of preserving old photos. 


Old photographs are nothing less than a treasure for us. They’re willing to tell a lot of stories from our past. 

Preserving old photos is very close to our heart. It’s very joyful to turn a photo into a canvas painting.  

We should cherish them and value them in the best way possible. 

We can give them a classic tribute by turning photos into art!

Author’s Note: 

Hello Readers, 

I thank you all for reading this blog about What to do with old photos!

I am really glad to be able to share my expertise on this topic with you guys. 

We keep on producing such valuable content at PortraitFlip. 

Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for latest updates. 

See you soon in the next blog! Till then keep reading and keep appreciating art!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do with old family photos?

You can get your old family photos painted. It is an excellent way to preserve your memories and cherish them forever. And the best thing? You can add missing family members to the painting and get the perfect family portrait..

2. What to do with old pictures?

Old photos can be digitized and made into a photo album that will allow you to take walk down the memory lane, but there is something even better you can do; it is to get your favorite memory hand-painted.

3. What to do with black and white old photos?

Your black and white photos can be painted to preserve your precious memory from fading. And this allows you to have the same vintage feel as the original photo. You can also get your black and white photos painted in color to see them come to life.

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