Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Handmade Paintings

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Handmade Paintings

“This blog is dedicated to all the people who, somewhere in their lives, have lost their loved ones and struggled to heal from the pain.”

The most heartbreaking memory is when you lose someone precious and close to your heart.

Celebrating their stories, their little habits, or simply incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures.  That’s the least that we can do!

Losing someone  aches your heart in a way that no one could ever imagine. I have lost one of my close ones too. I know exactly how it feels.

Remember the pandemic? Yes, that hellish time was one of the worst nightmares of everyone’s lives.

The whole world was grieving on a large scale, and it seems that we have lost ourselves.

A warm hug or  the presence of our family and friends is  what we seek when we are in pain.

But there could be another way to express your longing sadness that will help you move on in life after the tragedy: incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures! 

When I say move on, I don’t necessarily mean to forget, but to remember them in a way that you can cherish them for eternity.

I am talking about getting memorial paintings of lost loved ones that reflect them in their truest form. 

Family painting from different photos

Here I bring you a creative and unique way to adore your memories with your lost loved ones, which has a personal touch that a photo lacks.

Getting your deceased loved ones painted is a great way to preserve their memories. 

This way, you can always feel their presence around you, just like you felt when your father hugged you or when your fluffy dog made a pretty face just to get all your attention.

Why just keep your beloved ones in your memory? Let’s recall them through some amazing handmade paintings.

My Whole Family in One

Whole family Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

“Hi, I am Lisa, and this painting is the best thing that I have ever received in my life. PortraitFlip brought my lost family in one frame,  and I can’t thank them enough. Loved it!”

You witnessed how a painting overwhelmed Lisa by just watching all the loved ones captured in a single place.

This merge photos is a sign for you to get a compilation portrait by sending your pictures to us. 

PortraitFlip’s in house designers and skilled artists will ship the most amazing work to your doorstep.

Watch how magically we incorporate a lost loved one into family pictures.

Photos with lost loved ones compiled into a painting are an artistic way to express your love for them.

People come and go, but a painting stays with you just like a memory does.

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My Little One could Meet his Granny

Picture of a an old woman with a baby in her lap incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

This beautiful portrait of a grandmother with her grandson makes us believe that anything is possible if you really want it.

Look at this heartfelt painting! This is how to get a picture with a passed loved one.

The photo represents Carl’s mother, who passed away just before the birth of his grandson.

When sending the picture, Carl attached a small note that said: 

“I was very close to my grandmother, but unfortunately, my son wouldn’t receive all the same love and care from his grandmother as she is not with us anymore. I just wanted a painting that reflected them together.”

After receiving this note, we knew how to bring a deceased loved one in photo that would pass out a feeling of love and warmth.

Our artists worked hard to meet this level of satisfaction. It is these small details that make a painting exceptional.

They act as a memento that cannot fade away with time.

Incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures could be a meaningful way to keep your memories alive.

Just like Carl, give color to your vision and watch it blend gracefully on canvas.

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My Lovelies were Able to Attend my Wedding

A wedding pictures incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

“A wedding is the most precious day for a father whom I lost a few years ago. He always wanted to see me as a bride. Although that couldn’t be possible, PortraitFlip said, Why not? They made my dreams come true – Emily McCurdy”

An everlasting memory that has been created in the most unique way could be the finest decision that Emily ever made.

We placed Emily’s father into her wedding portrait, which was received by her in the form of a blessing.

She couldn’t believe how incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures would make such a huge impact on their lives.

A memory that Emily didn’t know how much she needed until she saw its first glance.

After reading these customer reviews and their stories, I think incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures could be counted as one of the amazing ways to remember our favorites.

The reaction we got after the delivery said everything.

The way we add lost loved ones to family pictures will surely burst you into tears. Don’t believe me?

Just look at Emily’s reaction when she received the painting. 

Disclaimer: This will make you cry!

Friends that Became Family

Two ladies standing between a man and a woman incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

“I decided to surprise my best friend with a painting of us along with her parents. She lost her mother a few months ago, before her graduation. She was heartbroken. After receiving this painting, Moira (my best friend) burst into tears. Watching her mom placed flawlessly on canvas made her happier. She hugged me so tight that you can’t even imagine. Thank you, PortraitFlip, for making it possible. – Sarah Johansson”

There are friends, and there is family. But there are some friends who become family.

Because of people like Sarah, we believe that true friendship does exist.

Adding deceased loved one to photo gives the other person a feeling of reassurance that someone is always there for them.

I don’t think I need to say anything, as the note by Sarah has already pretty much explained everything.

All I know is that when you have the right person in your life, they make your pain lessen and your happiness double.

You just have to hand out some memorial gifts that include photos with lost loved ones, and look how it brings immense contentment into their lives.

That reaction, my friend, is priceless!

My Parents are with Me Forever

A woman with a baby in her arms is between an old man and woman incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

“My wife has recently become a mother. I wish her parents were present with us to share this beautiful moment. Unfortunately, she lost both of them a few years ago. I decided to get a charcoal painting of my wife, our newborn baby, and her parents. When she opened the package, she couldn’t help but let her tears roll down her face. Watching her smile made me happy. Kudos to PortraitFlip! – Austin Laux”

Austin surprised his wife with a portrait of her lost parents, which brought the biggest smile to her face.

The comfort that comes from incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures is beyond one’s feelings.

Losing parents at an early age is heart wrenching. A painting that portrays them makes his wife feel their presence and blessing.

Pictures of deceased loved ones with a new baby are a little challenging, but possible.

Our artist makes sure that your painting has a personal touch.

The pictures of loved ones that passed away make your heart ache. But when you put that picture on a canvas, it comes to life.

You know an amazing fact about handmade paintings? 

According to your requirements, you can request the artist to create a scene that doesn’t exist in the photo with passed loved ones.

Check out the PortraitFlip gallery to have a quick glance at their fabulous works.

Death Ends a Life, Not a Relationship

Woman holding a pet memorial portrait incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

“I have tears in my eyes. My beloved pet is in front of me, enclosed in a frame that I could cherish for life. Amazing guys, this pet memorial portrait is exactly what I needed to heal after my pet’s loss. – Courtney”

The loss of a pet is the hardest and most painful thing a dog or cat lover goes through.

Our beloved customer got her dog, Brunei, painted when she lost her a few months ago.

Just look at her—isn’t she gorgeous? I know she is! But sadly, she is not with us anymore.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts with their large, adorable eyes, furry bodies, and, of course, their puppy face look.

Capturing essence and incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures, especially pets, is what makes a handmade painting worth a million.

The bond you share with your pet counts as one of your most precious memories.

Explore our pet portraits page, which has numerous paintings with the most adorable faces.


Suggesting what to do is easy to talk about, but you are the one who is going through immense pain.

Losing a loved one means struggling each day and saddening ourselves with their memories.

I just suggested a way for you to express your love openly and pay a small tribute by incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures.

But at the end, you have to heal from the pain you are suffering from.

Memorial paintings are the ideal sympathy gifts for your friends and family. It imparts a sense of comfort and brings solace to one’s life.

Memories fade away; paintings don’t!

Author’s Note

How are you feeling after reading my blog, “Incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures?”

Just like our customer’s, share your pain with us via comments or write to me at – Arpita Parashar

Let us be a small part of your healing process.

You can also catch us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we update new content regularly.

Visit PortraitFlip and go through our works that will mesmerize you.

Thanks for reading my blog. I’d love to entertain again with some mindful topics. Till then, stay healthy and content!


1. How do I add a lost loved one to my family pictures?

The best way to add your lost loved one to a family picture is through handmade paintings that will give you an authentic look.

2. How do you preserve loved ones’ memories?

A painting that never fades away with time could be an amazing way to cherish the memories of our lost loved ones for eternity.

3. What to do with photos of the deceased?

Healing from the loss of a close one is difficult, but you can surely get a remembrance of their beautiful moments on canvas that will never vanish with time. A memorial painting is the best way to recall those old memories.

4. How do I get the desired paintings?

If you wish to add or subtract any elements, then you just have to provide an instruction related to the painting, and your custom art will be delivered to your doorstep according to your requirements.

2 thoughts on “Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Handmade Paintings

  1. Beverly Watson says:

    Hello. I have a photo of the front of a 55 Chevrolet. My Dad past away 25 years ago. He and my son were very close and they both loved cars. Would it be possible to have their photos into the 55 like they are looking out the windshield. Thanks so much

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have a picture of my high school senior pic and my brothers high school senior pic. I would like to get a painting made with our sister added to the two of us. However, her school picture is from first grade because she passed away when she was 5.

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