Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

Incorporating A Lost Loved One In Family Pictures with Handmade Portrait

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

A treasure that we should cherish and celebrate with their stories or by incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures.

And no matter whom we lose, be it our parents, grandparents, best friend, or our beloved pet; grieving is important.

But with the pandemic, it is difficult to grieve with millions who have people have lost their loved ones around the world.

A loss at a scale so huge makes us seem like the world is grieving.

And amidst the pandemic with social distancing in place, we have been deprived of human contact; which is quite essential to help us move on from our loss.

Physical touch or the mere presence of family or friends helps us by providing the comfort and support we seek when we grieve.

But Art or rather having a means of expressing your longing and sadness can help you and your family members move on from their traumatic experience of losing a loved one.

Getting a painting of lost loved ones can help the grieving person express his or her feeling better and accept the loss.

Don’t just keep your loved ones in your memory, share them, and celebrate them with a handmade painting.

This is a creative and meaningful way to keep their personality and physical features alive for the future generation.

Family painting from different photos

A skillfully painted portrait can bring them to life as paintings have a human touch that a photo lacks.

The painting only exists to be placed as a reminder of what their presence felt like or what they meant to you and of course as a symbol of your love for them.

It can remind you of something as small but significant as how your father’s hug felt or how your dog peeked at you with its large eyes.

Getting your descended loved ones painted is a great way to preserve their memory.

You can also add other family members to the painting making a family tree.

“I couldn’t believe I was seeing my family together”

A painting made from photos of deceased loved ones by PortraitFlip.

Our customer gave her family and herself the perfect way to remember their lost loved ones.

A painting of lost loved ones is an artistic way to express your loss and your love for them.

PortraitFlip was able to paint a beautiful painting from 3 different and very old photos of her family.

With the help of our designers and extremely skilled artists, we were able to create this compilation portrait

She got her parents, grandparents, and her siblings under one frame, something that isn’t possible anymore.

Here is her reaction to seeing her portrait painting of her family, honestly it is quite heartwarming to watch her relive her family together.

Don’t just believe us, see through your eyes how incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures has made the impossible seem possible to her.

“Wedding holds some of the most important moments in one’s life”

A photo of the bride and groom painted with her deceased mother by PortraitFlip.

“My mom had dreamt of being there at my wedding. Thank you, Kaitlin and Portraitflip for this absolutely beautiful gift that has made her dream come true”

Kaitlin had this painting made for her best friend who lost her mom 2 years ago and recently got married.

With some help from her best friend, Kaitlin was able to get their photos recreated into an everlasting memory.

A memory that they did not know how much she needed until they saw it, she couldn’t believe how incorporating a lost loved one into family pictures could make so much of a difference.

Not having her mom at the wedding pained them immensely but this painting gives them a sense of what would have looked like if she could have been there.

Looking at this gorgeous handmade painting makes her feel like her mother was there with her, blessing her.

And her dad couldn’t believe how perfect and real the painting looked.

We merged her mother’s photo with her favorite photo from the wedding.

Our designers and artists did their best to make her feel like her beloved mother was there with her.

And I would say, they did a dam well job!

“Thank you for being a second mother to me.”

A handmade painting where a young and brown-hair girl and a blonde hair woman are the two sides of a young man

“This family portrait means a lot to us. My husband lost his mum recently and we did not have any photos of us together. I couldn’t believe how real the artwork looks. Thank you for this beautiful gift. We are so grateful.”  – Kate Hudson

Kate gifted her husband a gift that will leave a legacy behind.

She knew her husband regretted not having good pictures with his mother, so she asked us to merge these photos with an abstract background.

It is difficult to make a painting of someone who has passed away and doesn’t have a good-quality photo.

creation of adam reproduction

But our artists did a great job of merging both the photos and making a realistic painting.

With our custom hand-painted portraits you can request our artist to create a scene that doesn’t exist in a photo.

Painting of deceased loved ones with family helps the person feel closer to the deceased and makes them feel as if they are right there with them.

The comfort that comes from incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures helps them move on with ease.

We at PortraitFlip, aspire to recreate your memories in the best way possible.
With our excellent team of artists, we make it possible for many to honor their loved ones in a creative and meaningful way.

“There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family.”

A painting portrait of lost loved ones made by PortraitFlip.

I decided to get my childhood best friend a painting of us along with her parents. She lost her mother to cancer a couple of months before our graduation. She was so heartbroken at the loss of her mother and hope that she would at least make it till her graduation, but God had other plans!
After I placed my order, the artist recommended getting the painting done in oil instead of in watercolor. And I’m glad that I agreed!
The painting looks so nice and I’m sure Moira (my best friend) is gonna love it! I can’t wait for her to see it. I’m very happy with their service and if I ever need another photo done, I’m coming back here for sure. Thank you PortraitFlip for this amazing gift.”
– Sarah Johansson

 I really don’t need to add anything here!

All I know here is that there is something comforting about having portraits of deceased loved ones, even if it is just a painting.

It symbolizes their love and support that often helps us get by on our worst days and celebrate harder our best days.

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“Because death is the only thing that could have ever kept him from you.”

A painting with a deceased loved one made by PortraitFlip.

This beautiful portrait of Florence and her father hugging is an emotional picture.

Just look how profound this image is, it speaks volumes of the love and comfort that have with each other.

This oil portrait was gifted to Florence by her husband on her 30th birthday.

Her favorite photo of her father was losing its charm, just like all old photos do.

 At PortraitFlip, you can get any old/bad photo into a painting.

Our artists and designers will do the best they can to help you cherish your favorite memory, as nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.

It is these small things that make a painting of your loved ones precious and important.

They act as a keepsake of movements that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Getting a painting of a deceased loved one with family is a meaningful way to keep their memories alive. 

With PortraitFlip, you can commission a professional to paint deceased loved one from a photo however you want it.

“A companion is gone… but the memory lives on”

memorial painting of a dog made by PortraitFlip.

Dogs or rather pets are someone whom we love throughout their lives and miss for the rest of our lives.

Our customer got her beloved dog sketched after she passed away.

She wanted something that would remind her of when Her pooch would look up to her with its large honey eyes, gazing at her with nothing but pure love.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and lives, and we try to do justice by capturing their personality and minute details hoping to bring that moment to life.

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End Note

Be it for grieving friends or family members; incorporating a lost loved one in pictures is the perfect and meaningful gift for them.

With a painting, you don’t just help them mourn their loss you also allow them to honor their memory and celebrate their life.

Getting a memorial painting of a lost loved one is a great way to cherish their love and embody their presence.

And that is why they are an ideal sympathy gift for your friends and family.

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  1. Beverly Watson says:

    Hello. I have a photo of the front of a 55 Chevrolet. My Dad past away 25 years ago. He and my son were very close and they both loved cars. Would it be possible to have their photos into the 55 like they are looking out the windshield. Thanks so much

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have a picture of my high school senior pic and my brothers high school senior pic. I would like to get a painting made with our sister added to the two of us. However, her school picture is from first grade because she passed away when she was 5.

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