Top 11 Portrait Painting Trends To Look Out For In 2023

top 11 portrait painting trends in 2022 by portraitflip

If you’re a trendy-chic-modern fam, you shouldn’t miss checking these portrait painting trends in 2022.

With a buzz of fireworks and cheers, the new year brought new opportunities that would push the world toward a better tomorrow.

As for the art and gifting industry, 2022 holds a promising future. Gifting is evolving and so people are choosing art over other materialistic gifts.

And so one of the all-time favorites of many remains a custom handmade painting from photos.

But with the emergence of new portrait painting styles, we get to witness amazing portrait painting trends. From human portraits to pet portraits, and from compilation paintings to creating royal portraits; 2022 has a lot to offer. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 11 portrait painting types that are trending in the art and gifting world!

But First, What Is Portrait Painting?

Portrait painting involves capturing the subject onto the canvas. In the early days, portrait painting was a way of keeping records and was a way for many artists to showcase their skills.

Later when the camera showed up, photography started trending from mid 18th century. But, it didn’t stop artists from painting the portraits! Portrait painting has been practiced since early times and is still today.

In the realm of art, drawing portraits lets an artist reflect into their own “self”.

Having its root since the beginning, portrait painting had been a royal gift among the wealthiest.

Family painting from different photos

Today, you don’t have to have the fortune to get a handmade painting; neither do you have to spend a deal searching for the artist. 

You just need internet, photos that you want to be painted, and money as low as $60 to get a painting delivered to your doorstep.

A trustpilot review of PortraitFlip by Kristen

People realized the value a portrait holds and thanks to the internet— people were able to get in touch with the artists, so it started becoming a gift for everyone.

Being a great gift, with the added advantage of being low in price; many people have turned to gift painting.

Whether you’re planning to get a portrait for yourself or if you’re planning to gift it to someone; you need to be aware of portrait painting types.

Knowing the portrait painting trends will let you get that perfect type of painting that suits the occasion you’re planning to gift for.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

11. Compilation Portraits

An image depicting a famous portrait trend! Two family photos are turned into a handmade compilation painting by the artist of PortraitFlip

Missed your loved one’s wedding ceremony or did you forget to click a good photo of your friend’s birthday bash?

No issues! You still can get a portrait painted with the magic orchestrated by the cursor and keyboard.

One of the most famous portrait painting trends requires a creative mind and a skilled hand in managing the technical aspects.

A compilation portrait or merged portrait involves merging the elements of different photos into a single photo that is sent to the artist for painting.

And that’s what our graphic designers and artists are experts at! You send us the photos with specifications of what you’d like the painting to be.

Our designers merge the photos and make the changes as asked by you and the photo is sent for your reference.

Once approved by you, that photo goes to the artist for painting.

Indeed, we can say compilation portrait is the cutting milestone of portrait painting trends of 2022! (Oh, did I forget to say it was the most trending on our website in 2021?)

10. Custom Pet Portrait

Wanna see how a pet portrait is made?

Turn your pooch or kitty katty immortal with a pet portrait that’ll carry their legacy even after they’ve departed to a better place.

This portrait painting trend is famous among pet lovers who think that their pets are better than hooman (they’re in a sense, correct!)

Whether it’s a parrot, mice, hamster, dog, cat, fish, or any animal that you call your pet; getting a pet portrait is a nice way to memorialize the little buddies.

If you have a friend who has recently lost their pet, a pet portrait made from the photo is a nice way to help them cope with the grief. (On a side note, did you know that grief of losing a pet can be as same as losing a loved one?)

A Pet portrait—whether for someone or for yourself—is a nice way to praise the little angels in your home; plus, they’re a great addition to home decor.

09. Custom Family Portraits

Many photographs of family members are complied to create an awesome family painting by the artist of PortraitFlip

David Ogden Stiers, a famous American actor quoted, “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

And there’s nothing truer than that.

What can you do to celebrate the livelihood of your family and to make sure no one is ever forgotten? You take a family photograph, right?

But as we’re proceeding toward the new era, the best thing to admire your family is to get a handpainted family portrait.

Jenna, the one in the photograph above, did the same with her family. She got a family portrait made even when she didn’t have everyone in the same picture.

Akarakadabra! That’s the magic our artists are capable of doing!

This portrait painting trend is one that you should follow to make sure that nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

As a photo may fade in years, and digital copy just stays on screen; a handpainted portrait will stay the same on the wall of your hall forever!

Even when your hair turns grey, the painting will remind you of the happy times you spent with your family.

Make Vin diesel proud 😉

08. Custom Couple Portraits

a photo of a couple hugging is painted on to the canvas by the PortraitFlip's artist

Time flies by when you’re in love!  Well, you can’t stop the time but you can preserve the memories as it is and frame it forever.

Forget gifting them expensive gifts that carry no or little value; instead, get a gift that’ll strengthen your bond with them!

No matter what the occasion is or if it’s a just because gift,  a handmade painting of you and your love of life will be one of the best gifts they have will ever receive.

Not only will it portray the sweet love between you and them; it will look good on the walls too.

This portrait painting trend has gained mass popularity among couples, and some folks even find the idea of gifting a painting along with the ring while popping the question.

07. Custom Baby Portraits

A photo depicting a cute baby is turned into painting by portraitflip's artists

They say babies are little angels on earth, and it’s true! For newly become parents, the joy of raising the baby cannot be expressed in just a few words.

The happiness they experience is once in a lifetime and is just beyond comprehension.

creation of adam reproduction

Babies grow up so fast and within no time they enter adulthood.

The only true way to preserve their memory is to get a baby portrait of them.

As the baby grows older, their painting on the wall will remind them of their childhood—and the parents will recall the joy once again.

A baby portrait is not just a painting on the wall; it’s a doorway for parents to relive the memories of raising a child again!

No wonder why this portrait painting style is trending! Amongst all portrait painting types, a Newborn portrait is a well-preferred gift among new parents.

06. Custom Royal Portraits

A famous portrait painting trend where a royal portrait is painted of a lady where she is shown to be a queen from 16th century. The painting is made by PortraitFlip's artists

Ever wondered if you can become the king of ancient Rome or if you can ride a dragon in a mystical world? Or have you ever wanted to fight against the enemies with your favorite superhero?

Well, everything you can imagine is possible with Custom Royal Portraits! This portrait painting type will let your wildest fantasy turn into reality!

This portrait painting style is a trend among creatives and people who like to think out of the box.

The real glory of this portrait painting type is when you hang it in the living room — imagine how surprised your guests will be when they see you as a king in the portrait!

So next time you throw a party, you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the ice — this royal portrait will be a conversation starter.

05. People And Pet Portrait

PortraitFlip's happy customer holding people and pet portrait.
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Didn’t I cover the same trend above? Well not exactly… this trend does deserve a different category.

People and pet portrait is another famous trend among pet lovers.

Here, instead of portraying their little buddy in the painting, hoomans get a chance to become part of the painting. (Double advantage!)

I must say that this portrait painting trend is not the one that you should miss following in 2022.

Take a look at some of our pet portraits below to fill your day with pawsome positive energy (woof! woof!)

04. Christmas portrait

A wonderful painting of a couple kissing under Christmas tree made by PortraitFlip's artists

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O’er the fields we go

Laughing all the way!

A verse from Jingle bells written by James Lord Pierpont

Ho! Ho! Ho!  This portrait painting trend is a famous trend when the holiday season is up in the corner.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the occasions to give a gift and there hardly could be a gift better than a Christmas portrait.

Be it an oil painting, acrylic, or charcoal sketch; gifting a portrait will cherish the Christmas spirit in every way.

So become chic this Christmas by giving a Christmas portrait and become everyone’s favorite!

03. Old Photos To Portraits

The image represents how different old photos are made into custom handmade painting by the artists of PortraitFlip

What to do with your old photographs? At some point in your life, you must’ve wondered.

Old photographs taken from film camera starts to decay and I’m sure you must have a few of them.

Whether it’s a wedding photo of your parents or is a photo that your grandparents treasure a lot; the photo does deserve justice.

And that’s where you take the old decaying photo and turn it into a portrait!

It may seem impossible but we have had restored old photos that were beyond restoration, but I just gave you proof! (check above.)

So this year, join this portrait painting trend and restore all your old decaying photograph by giving them a new life.

I’m sure when you turn your loved one’s treasured photograph into a handmade painting, they’ll be more than pleased to have you in their life.

02. GrandParents & GrandChildren Portrait

A photo of grandpa and a baby are complied to depict the gradpa holding his grandchild in the painting painted by Portraitflip's artist.

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is a unique one.

The grandparents pass valuable lessons and traditions to the grandchild and in doing so form a unique friendship with them.

Over time, children learn that they can love someone unconditionally other than their parents. Grandparents and grandchildren portrait is a great way to treasure the unbreakable bond.

But unfortunately, grandparents depart the world and some don’t even get to see their grandchildren.

But with a little help from our team, you’d be able to let your dad hold their grandson even if they never get a chance to see them —just like in the image above.

Following this portrait painting trend is an awesome way to cherish grandparents and grandchildren.

01. Black and White To Portrait

Three black and white photos are hand painted into a colorful portrait of three women by PortraitFlip's artists.

Another trending portrait painting type is where you take old photographs and give life to them. But here, the photo is not just any old photo, it’s a black and white photo. And here comes the magic:

With black and white to color portrait, you can get a colored painting made from monochrome photographs. Now you’d be able to see how your great-grandparents looked!

So those are the famous portrait painting trends of 2022! In an era that’s evolving faster and faster, it’s of the utmost importance that you keep up with the latest trends!

As a chic,  when it comes to giving a gift or getting one for yourself, you should focus on buying a gift that is not only modist but also useful.

While choosing a gift, you should ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  1. Will this add any value to the receiver’s life?
  2. Is it worth spending money on something like this?
  3. Will they like the gift?
  4. Will the gift help the person in any way?
  5. Will this gift last long or will it be unusable after a brief period of time?

Only if you answered yes to all these questions, shall you get that gift. And a gift that always fills these criteria is an artistic gift like a handmade painting.

If you are planning to buy a handmade painting, I would like you to make an informed decision.

Here’s a little comparison between PortraitFlip and MyDaVinci, two top portrait painting artists.

Hey people!

So those are the top 11 portrait painting trends of 2022. I hope you follow one!

Also, I’d like to tell you that we give ears to thoughts — so if you have anything to say, you can comment down below. Or you can reach out to us on our social media platforms:

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See ya!

Portrait painting involves painting the subject onto the canvas. Usually, the subject is human, but with the change of time, portrait painting can refer to capturing non-human subjects like pets, or animals.

As of 2022, there are many portrait painting trends that are worth knowing. Among tens of trends, answering what trend is best is subjective; either way, these are some of the famous types of portrait painting: Compilation portraits, Family portraits, Pet portraits, Royal portraits, and Human portraits.

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