Look Out For These 10 New Painting Trends In 2024

Look Out For These 10 New Painting Trends In 2023

Who is the trendy person over here? I guess it’s me!

Guilty as charged, I love going with trends, whether it is grooving on reels or wearing the most vibrant outfit.

And I just heard the news that there is a new trend in the market. Have you heard what exactly that is?

They’re handmade paintings!

Yes, you heard it right—people are ordering custom paintings from different places.

This news made me search for what exactly the trend is, and you won’t believe it, but there are n-numbers of paintings, styles, and techniques.

From human portraits to pet portraits, from compilations to custom royal portraits, the list of art painting trends for 2023 is endless.

I was stunned and thought, Why not share all the painting trends with my readers and art lovers?

So, here I am with a list of all the new painting trends.

Sit back and relax to witness all the wonderful portrait painting trends that will surely make you want to own one.

Family painting from different photos

PS: Here is your chance to surprise your loved ones with a unique and one-of-a-kind gift!

What is Portrait Painting?

Portrait painting is about capturing beautiful moments on canvas.

Painting has always been in style. 

It just dissolved with time when the world got captivated by cameras and photography.

Earlier, many famous artists used to paint their hearts out and show their skills in the most fascinating way.

The choice of colors, what can be the best medium for portraits, and how to seek the attention of the viewers are some common things that portrait painting involves.

People find honor in gifting portrait paintings to their loved ones.

It was counted as a royal gift among the wealthiest.

Today, you don’t have to search for good fortune to own a custom portrait painting or put money in a piggy bank in order to save for beautiful artwork.

All you need is the internet, your precious memory, which you want to be framed, and a budget that starts at $89 to get a beautiful portrait delivered to your doorstep.

So, what are the 2023 painting trends?

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A portrait painting from a photo holds an intimate touch that makes the person feel love and warmth.

Be it packed as a gift, an amazing idea for wall decor, or a festival present, painting trends can never go wrong.

Without any further ado, let’s learn all the painting trends that will definitely make you order one.

Compilation Portraits

Compilation portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Did you miss some important events or forget to get a picture with your friend on their special day?

No worries, because with a compilation portrait, one can easily create a painting that makes you fit in a frame.

Merge pictures will take you to the virtual world where you never actually missed an occasion or that big family picture.

It’s like a magic sword that our designers will move and create according to your requirements.

And upon your approval of the picture, it is sent to our artist, who paints you flawlessly on canvas with their most vibrant colors.

The above image is a compilation picture of one of our happy customers who missed their family events, but can you make out from the painting that it’s a compiled portrait?

No, right?

As I said, compilation portraits are magical and a cutting milestone in the painting trends of 2023!

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Pet Portraits

Pet portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Who loves their pets? I’m sure everyone does!

Now, who loves to have their gorgeous pet friend covered in an oil painting that describes their true selves?

You, I know! Here I introduce you to another painting trend—a pet portrait of your pawfect companion.

This trend in art is famous among pet lovers, who treat their fluffy buddies no less than family members.

Whether it’s a cat, dog, parrot, horse, cow, rabbit, or fish, a pet portrait is that small token of appreciation that your beloved friend needs for always being beside you as a silent partner.

You know the best part about a pet portrait? 

You can give a gift to the person who wants to heal from pet loss. It will ease their pain and make the healing process smooth.

After all, the presence of their little angel is always with them.

Funky tip: Get a royal pet portrait that reflects your cutie in the most amusing way.

Hang these painting trends on your walls and embrace your pet friend’s qualities!

Below is a small glimpse of the best puppers of the year 2023!

Family Portraits

Family portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

A trip down to your beautiful memories that bring a little bit of nostalgia is what a family portrait reflect.

Generations change, but what remains are the footprints that they left behind.

A family portrait is the reflection of those footprints, which include all members in one place.

It’s a wonderful idea for home decor—a painting that reflects your strength, a portrayal of your celebration together as a family, and many more.

A family picture has always been a part that showcases their origins.

If you somehow were not able to make it through your family picture, our compilation portrait ensures that no one is left behind.

A photo may fade, but a painting remains with you for eternity. To secure and preserve them at the first place you can also order family colored pencil portraits!

Give the painting trends a try and watch how they remind you of happy times with your family.

Couple Portraits

Couple portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

This is one of the most adorable painting trends that I have ever come across. 

You can say it’s my favorite!

A painting that narrates your fairytale love story—God, I want one!

Have you ever been in love? Those little moments together, holding hands, writing love letters, kisses, and hugs, Gosh!

Celebrating precious time with your other half can be more romantic when you add couple portraits to your quality time.

Whether it’s your anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or the birthday of your special one, a couple portrait fits in the most perfect way.

This painting trends has gained more popularity because the world is full of love birds.

Wouldn’t it be romantic to hang your most beautiful memory in your bedroom’s sweet love corner?

Yes, it would be! Let these gorgeous portraits make their way through your walls.

Extra Tip: A human acrylic portrait would look lovely narrating your love tale!

Baby Portraits

Baby portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Babies are those little angels of God that define the meaning of pure love.

The happiness after the birth of a baby is beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s the wholesome feeling that the newly parents share with each other.

But they grow up in a flash of time and enter adulthood. 

Pictures of their first walk, the first bite, their adorable laugh, and all the memories that involve raising a child give you a feeling of nostalgia.

Here’s what you can do with a picture that portrays their childhood.

A baby portrait that will not be just like a painting but will bring the old memories alive from when you first held them in your arms.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

No wonder people are finding the painting trends so graceful.

Writer’s tip: You can go for medium like baby oil portraits which is more in demand.

Memorial Portraits

Memorial portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Losing a close one could be heartbreaking, and the most painful part is the healing process.

I have seen people traumatized after losing their loved ones.

We can’t bring them back, but we can surely have a memory that will ease our pain.

How? Incorporating lost loved ones into handmade paintings!

A memorial portrait is what you need to cope up with your loss.

It’s a way to pay a small tribute to the deceased one and recall the happy times that you shared with each other.

A canvas that portrays the best time with your loved ones sounds decent.

Be it your grandparents, a friend, your parents, or your beloved pets, a memorial painting is for all.

Missing your loved ones? Here is your chance to take a step towards the healing process.

Pro Tip: You can also get our special edition of GrandParents & GrandChildren Colored Pencil Portraits handmade for yourself!

Christmas Portraits

Christmas portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Festival season is here, and you are still thinking about what to give as a Christmas present.

How about a Christmas portrait? Sounds like a plan, right?

The above image is so dreamy that it makes me wonder how someone can paint such beautiful art in the first place.

That’s not it; you can even get the painting in different mediums, such as oil, charcoal, watercolor, pencil, acrylic, and more.

Never thought of such a gift? Well, think now and order for your favorites.

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Old Photo to Painting

Old photo to portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

What to do with old photos? This question arises at some point in everyone’s life.

And the results are that they are kept in the same cupboard, where they rust and grow older.

Have you ever thought to bring those old pictures of yours to life? Never, right?

Turn your old pictures into paintings that not only refresh your memories but make you want to relive them again.

You must be wondering about those classic photos that have become faceless—how can someone paint from such pictures?

Don’t worry, our in-house designers will make all your problems go away with just a single note where you explain your requirements and attach an additional picture of yours.

They will flawlessly give face to your faceless photo, which will not be sent to an artist unless you approve it.

I mean everything in one go. Wow!

You can also have your bad photos to charcoal portrait that will add a antique look to your memories.

Wedding/Engagement Portraits

Wedding portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Look how happy the couple is in the above image.

A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in anyone’s life.

The feeling of marrying the love of your life can’t be expressed through words.

But it can surely be expressed through some painting trends that unfold your pretty love tale.

Exchanging rings, getting engaged, celebrating with your loved ones, decorations with lilies, and a perfect theme that you’ve always dreamed of.

A wedding or engagement portrait speaks your love language with your beautiful pictures presented on canvas.

Best part: Congratulate them with a customized wedding portrait engraved with their names and date, and get it delivered on a specific date that you desire.

A package of happiness will be right on your doorstep!

Reproduction Portraits

Reproduction portrait painting trends
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

Have you ever thought of owning a famous painting? You must have, but the price made you step backward, right? I know!

That’s why the painting trends of replicas have gained a large following because they are affordable and give a royal appearance to their wall decor.

And you know what makes them so attractive? Their uniqueness, which is as original as the real painting.

Our artist produces the finest reproduction portraits, ensuring the details, colors, and authenticity of the art.

When I ordered one for myself, I was stunned! It looked exactly like the original piece.

It was as if Salvador Dali had himself commissioned my Persistence of Memory.

Fun fact: You can even get a replacement face in paintings that portray you in the most humorous way. 

You just have to send your picture and the painting in which you want to see yourself as the lead. This main character’s energy is driving everyone crazy!

To My Art Lovers

Which painting trends fascinate you the most?

Well, mention in the comments below your favorite painting trends and if there are any suggestions regarding the blog.

You can even enlighten us if you have some new painting trends in mind.

We will be happy to hear from you!

Also, follow our Instagram page and subscribe to our YouTube channel, which will keep you updated with new trends.

Until then, place the order for your ideal type of portrait art. Happy ordering!


1. What are the best portrait painting trends?

This answer is subjective and depends on a person’s taste and desire. The famous types of portrait painting are: Compilation portraits, Family portraits, Pet portraits, Royal portraits, and Human portraits.

2. What types of mediums are there in which a portrait can be produced?

There are various mediums in which portraits can be made, such as pencil, oil, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, and color pencil.

3. How many characters can be included in a portrait?

You can include 12-15 characters, according to your requirements.

4. What is portrait painting?

Portrait painting involves painting the subject onto the canvas. Usually, the subject is a human, but with the passage of time, portrait painting can refer to capturing non-human subjects like pets or animals.

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