21 Famous Cat Paintings That Have Made History More Hissterical!

21 Famous Cat Paintings

Cats should be honored for their sass and all the famous cat paintings are a witness of it.

Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t kidding when he said “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” For centuries cats have been the subject of admiration and art.

And let’s accept it, even today the internet is going bonkers about these crazy little creatures.

Being popular around Victorian women, cats have been their cuddle buddies and have been portrayed so in all the famous cat paintings.

In fact, a lot of theorists have seen an uncanny resemblance between cats and female sexuality which has also been a central idea in a lot of famous paintings of cats.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these 21 famous cat paintings that have made history a little more hissterical.

21. The White Cat by Pierre Bonnard

Famous cat paintings of The White Cat
Date: 1984

If you are a cat parent, you would know that cats have this weird habit of arching their back.

Pretty much what Bonnard did with this famous painting with cats. He painted a distorted figure of a cat arching his back.

The White Cat was painted in 1984 in Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

As easy as it may look, this is one of the famous paintings with cats that took Bonnard some time to decide on the placement of paws.

Bonnard was fond of cats as the subject in art.

In fact, almost all his paintings have featured cats either as the subject or an element.

20. The Cat’s Lunch by Marguerite Gérard

The Cat’s Lunch by Marguerite Gérard.
Date: Late 18th – Early 20th Century

All I have known is Me-O wet and dry food but coming back to famous paintings with cats, The Cat Lunch by Marguerite Gérard has been an amusing piece of cat art.

Gérard was known to produce prolific oil paintings and her brother-in-law convinced her to add cats in her artworks.

She was known to depict domestic life and the importance of music and female companionship. But with time she started emphasizing the essence of a cat’s companionship.

A young lady feeding her cat shows a clear influence of both cat and females in her painting illustrating the experiences of motherhood and childhood within the household.

P.S. – Did you see the look on the dog’s face though? 😂

19. Julie Manet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Julie Manet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Famous cat paintings.
Date: 1887

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was known for the development of impressionist paintings and was a very dear friend of Berthe Morisot and her husband, Eugène Manet.

The couple wanted him to paint a picture of their daughter Julie.

Now, I wouldn’t call this as typical famous paintings of cats since Renoir’s main subject was their daughter.

However, this is a very sweet memory and keeps reminding us of how cats have been an important part of almost every woman’s life in the medieval and post-medieval eras.

Honestly, I am unsure of how I would have lived without my cats.


Julie Manet is also Known As Child With Cat.

18. The Cat by Bart Van Der Leck

The Cat by Bart Van Der Leck
Date: 1914

Ever heard about the magazine De Stijl? It was a magazine and a very important art movement that changed the entire course of history.

Known to use geometric lines, asymmetrical structures with simple colors, the belief of this movement was to use abstract to go beyond the limits of life and conventional art.

Bart Van Der Leck was the founder of the magazine and The Cat has been one of the most famous cat paintings around the 20th century.

Primarily his paintings consisted of the three primary colors – yellow, blue, and red.

But post his travel to Paris, he was inspired by the artists around and developed a likeness for sober and solid colors.

The result of which was The Cat.

Depicting the face of the cat from both sides and front using black, orange, red, and white as the only colors.

Indeed, one of the best famous paintings with cats – and very decent too.

17. The Cat At Play by Henriette Ronner-Knip

Cats playing with a globe, famous cat paintings
Date: 1860 – 1878

Pet portraits have forever been popular in the wealthy bourgeois of the Victorian era.

Born in a family of painters, Henriette Ronner was also fond of painting her pets and the mischief each animal contained.

Most of her sentimental paintings were of her cats playing in the most innocent of manners. In fact, most of her cat paintings were of them getting involved in nasty domestic scenes.

They have proved to be her favorite.

She has also been an avid reader of cats as a subject for painting with sincerity.

To an extent that she built a glass studio to let her cats play around and get in all kinds of trouble so that she could capture their beauty.

The Cat At Play has become one of the best cat paintings by famous artists.

16. The Black Cat by Min-Zhen

Fat black cat painting
Date: 18th Century

Min Zhen, a Chinese painter, was noted for painting human figures. He was also known to occasionally finger paint.

He was orphaned at an early age and is sometimes associated with the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou, a group of eight Chinese painters of the 18th century who were known in the Qing Dynasty for rejecting orthodox ideas about painting in favor of a style they deemed expressive and individualist.

One of the post-renaissance cat paintings, there is hardly any information about this cat painting.

A gorgeous fat cat and nothing more than that.

I guess it is just about how happy he is about having all the cat food in the world.

15. Cat Catching A Bird by Pablo Picasso

Cat Catching A Bird Famous cat paintings
Date: 1939

Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists, was always known for the kind of abstract art that he created.

However, Cat Catching A Bird, was less of an abstract and more a depiction of the horrors of war.

This famous cat painting was commissioned in the year 1939 – the year of the war.

Picasso said, “the subject obsessed me, I don’t know why.”

The struggles of the bird to desperately free itself from the harsh torments of the cat were clear depictions of the horrors of war.

The background, as neutral as it could be, did nothing to add comfort.

The cat made sure to postpone the killing of the bird for as long as possible putting giving her absolute power.

Of all the famous cat paintings, this one has blown the apocalyptic covers to a new height. Picasso made sure to portray the gruesome experience of war through this painting.

Now we know how important cat paintings have been in the history of civilization.

P.S. This is also one of the first famous black cat paintings on my list.

14. La Poeté by Marc Chagall

La Poeté by Marc Chagall
Date: 1949-50

A pioneer of modernism in art, Marc Chagall, has experience the golden age of Paris.

He has not only been an influential figure of modernism but has also been a proactive practitioner of Surrealism, Symbolism, and Fauvism.

Fun Fact:

Marc Chagall’s stained glass has been put up in Reims cathedral.

Throughout his life, he has painted struggles of peasants, raw villages, and personal experiences of a Jewish village.

Chagall has forever been a cat person and has often used their reference to the fantastic character of his paintings.

Like Marguerite Gérard, Chagall also used cats as companions of the main subject, poets, musicians, and women.

13. Raminou by Suzan Valadon

Raminou by Suzan Valadon Famous cat painting
Date: 1920

Suzan Valadon, the first woman painter to get admitted to Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, was a French painter known for her still paintings.

But she was majorly famous for her female nudes that were painted from her perspective.

Suzan was also a cat lover and painted their portraits quite often.

Her famous paintings of cats have been of her favorite kitty Raminou.

The striking colors of this painting of her fat tabby ginger cat have taken people with aww.

Raminou, in fact, looks absolutely cuddly. The striking colors along with strong compositions have made the artwork look attractive.

It does stand out from all the famous cat paintings.

12. A White Cat Playing with a String by Hiroshige II, 1863

A White Cat Playing with a String

Hiroshige II, a successor of his mentor, Hiroshige, mostly followed his styles and designs him.

It is mostly comprised of horizontal landscapes, urban population, and travel art.

Hiroshige II came up with a unique style for this artwork particularly.

He observed his house cat for a long time and decided to paint a cat portrait while he was at play in a bold and minimal manner.

The whitetail blob cat was captured with his hind leg braced against the ground, biting the string.

A depiction of a very regular day in a cat and his owner’s life.

Now, it may not be an ideal famous painting of a cat but it surely captures the most innocent of things in the most minimal way.

11. The White Cat By Franz Marc

The White Cat famous cat paintings
Date: 1698

Can you believe that this is one of the renaissance cat paintings?

Franz Marc was known for his pet portraits. He painted everything from horses, dogs, and well…cats too.

Now, cats are inquisitive animals. And it was their personality that made Franz capture these animals when they did the most unusual of things.
He captured them ideally while sleeping and grooming themselves.

He believed that animals especially cats were a symbol of purity, innocence, truth, and beauty. Most of Franz’s famous cat paintings were of cats in baskets, pillows, red cloth and he mostly used three colors to symbolize certain things.

For Franz blue represented masculinity and spirituality, yellow represented feminine happiness and red represented violence.

Making The White Cat one of the most famous cat paintings of history.

10. Girl and Cat by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Girl and Cat by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Date: 1880–81

Another Renoir.

We all know by now that Renoir’s subject of the painting was feline and female, forever

This painting is one of her more famous cat paintings. The central idea remains the same for both the portraits, but this one has a hinge of inquisitiveness and indifference attached to it.

Something took the cat’s attention who instantly alerted the woman too.

The perfect balance of a curious cat and an indifferent woman is well evident in the painting.

9. Woman With Cat by Kees Von Dongen

Woman With Cat Famous Cat Paintings
Date: 1908

This is one of the most delicate cat paintings that I have come across.

Dongen, a fauvists painter, juxtaposed delicate and serene colors to portray an androgynous woman.

The position of the woman tenderly holding the cat against her naked body –isn’t just another scene.

The curve of the female body goes along with the black cat while the woman’s headpiece is the epitome of the central idea.

If this isn’t one of the famous black cat paintings that I have seen, I don’t know what it.

8. Cat Head by Georg Baselitz

 Cat Head famous cat paintings
Date: 1966–67

This is a funny scene.

An almost humanized cat dominating a small dog.

Wow! Something being painted in 1966 with such a thought is indeed progressive.

We can also see a fence in between the cat and dog too.

This typical inversion by the figurative expressionist-cum-postmodernist painter is a symbol of both ruined post-Nazi Germany as well as the debatable artistic movements within the divided country.

7. By Day She Made Herself Into A Cat by Arthur Rackham

By Day She Made Herself Into A Cat
Date: 1920

It is one of the very best black cat paintings, yet again.

This famous cat painting is about a witch who turns virgins into birds and cages them.

If you have read the Hansel and Gretel stories by the Grimm brothers, you will definitely be able to relate to this painting.

It is astonishing how of all the famous black cat paintings, this one has in reality been able to demonstrate a witch-like cat.

It is all in the eyes, and if you look a little closer into her eyes, you will be able to see the anger and power in it.

6. The Bridge by Carl Olof Larsson

 The Bridge by Carl Olof Larsson famous cat paintings
Date: 1912

The painting is of a woman and her cat peeking at a man standing on the bridge.

The idea of the woman was to paint the bridge in solitude but is interrupted by a man.

Interestingly the focal point of the image remains the cat. There is an invisible thread connecting the cat and the man’s blackhead.

Most of the onlookers of this famous cat painting would want the cat to tug it so that the man can have a look at the woman.

There is a lot of curiosity prevalent in this watercolor artwork. However, at the same time, the artwork looks humorous.

5. Sara Holding A Cat by Mary Cassatt, 1908

Sara Holding A Cat by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt, an American artist, was known to capture the innocence of people’s children in a way that no one else could.

She was no new to capturing cats. In fact, she was often seen capturing young girls with their kittens.

One of such cat portraits was Sara holding a cat where you can see a little girl in a pink dressing, holding her cat and looking affectionately towards her.

Cassatt has a weird affinity towards capturing the innocence, purity, and affection of kids that was so difficult to capture in adults.

This possibly looks like one of those acrylic cat paintings, but one isn’t sure.

What we do know is that Mary Cassatt became an important leading figure of the Impressionist movement in the latter half of her life.

4. The Cat and Two Sparrows by Marc Chagall

The Cat and Two Sparrows Famous Cat Paintings
Date: 1952

We are aware of La Poeté by Marc Chagall but here’s another cat portrait from the same artist.

As I said, he was fond of paintings of cats which is pretty evident after this list.

Chagall was known to follow his unique style of abstract art especially portraying the daily world around him.

But as years passed, he found his comfort niche in cat paintings like The Cat and Two Sparrow.

This famous cat painting has used blurred lines and a warped perspective of what seems like a cat almost ready to pound on two birds.

Just waiting for them to come to a closer vicinity.

Two birds, one stone – one cat I must say!

3. The Cook and The Cat by Théodule-Augustin Ribot

The Cook and The Cat
Date: 1860

Have you ever been to a fish market? If yes, you would be friendly to this scene.

A fish seller and his cat! 😂

Taken from a very regular scene The Cook and The Cat couldn’t get any realistic.

Ribot was known for his famous paintings of domestic and kitchen scenes but this cat painting has stolen all the thunder.

Is it so that the cook’s friend has given a visit or is it that he is absolutely oblivious about the cat’s plan to snatch the fish?

What do you think? Comment below.

2. Barber Shop with Monkeys and Cats by Abraham Teniers

Barber Shop with Monkeys and Cats Famous Cat Paintings
Date: 1629-70

How bizarre can a painting get?

Well, this is one of the top famous cat paintings by Abraham Teniers that has gotten recognition.

Anthropomorphizing cats and dogs into a human-like environment have been a trend and this cat painting surpasses all.

Now the family Teniers belonged to were known to paint villages, inns, and as logical as it may sound, monkeys.

That’s how the entire idea of painting a barber scene with two of the most unpredictable animal species caught art enthusiasts’ attention.

Monkeys have been a part of Tenier’s paintings but it is the cats that steal the show. Making the monkeys work like servants and getting ready for the weekend. Bang on!

And since we are already there…

Another anthropomorphized artwork is on the way.

1. The Bachelor’s Party by Louis Wain, 1939

The Bachelor’s Party by Louis Wain

H.G. Wells remarked for Louis Wain, “he invented a cat style, a cat society, a whole cat world.”

Louis Wain was known to create an entire world of cats and was obsessed with them on a different level.

It is believed that Wain was probably mentally ill with schizophrenia because of which he might have caught an obsession with cats.

He was in fact elected as the president of the National Cat Club and painted anthropomorphic portraits of cats. 

He painted cat portraits for 30 years and has painted more than several hundred paintings in a year – for lovers of cat paintings.


Now that we have finally reached the end of the list, we all know how important cats have been to human civilization.

In fact, now more than ever, cats have become an indispensable part of our lives.

The tradition of honoring cats in form of cat portraits has continued. The only difference is, you do not have to pose or make your cat pose for hours to get hold of a handmade painting.

Imagine making your cat sit still. Sounds like a fairytale, right?

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Cat portrait by PortraitFlip

Don’t believe us?

That’s all folks!

Let us known if which one of these is your favorite famous cat paintings.

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