13+ Paintings on Love: Here are Some Paintings that Provoke Love and Affection

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Those who never loved or lost love can’t understand the emotions of an artist!

But, what if I tell you that there are some mesmerizing paintings on love that will provoke the feelings of love and affection in your heart?

You’d be surprised, right?

Many artists chose the romantic route, greatly influenced by the exquisite way that the idea of love was depicted in paintings.

So, with this being said, when you take a look at these paintings on love, you will either feel butterflies in your stomach or a longing for love!

Either way, these paintings are best known for their depiction of romance.

Love in art has been the subject of inspiration for many artists throughout history, capturing sensual qualities; be it with a tender embrace or a kiss.

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So, let us take a look at these paintings on love from great artists like Gustave Klimt, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Roy Lichtenstein, etc.

1. The Kiss

the kiss is  a painting on love by Gustav Klimt
Image Source: Wikipedia, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistGustav Klimt
Created In1907-1908
Related Art PeriodArt Nouveau, Symbolism, Modern art, Vienna Secession
Current LocationBelvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria

An artist who was known for his depiction of love in paintings is none other than Gustav Klimt and this is his painting of love, “The Kiss”.

You can notice a couple embracing each other with their hands and bodies twirled around each other.

Perhaps that is why The Kiss is the most romantic painting on this list: the soft, sensual kiss, adorned with ornate richness.

The Kiss is an oversized artwork that has succeeded in evoking a moment of intense sensual pleasure, within a sharply stylized and flattened composition.

2. We Rose Up Slowly

We rose up slowly is a painting of love by Roy Lichtenstein
Image Source: Wikiart
ArtistRoy Lichtenstein
Created In1964
Related Art PeriodPop Art
Current LocationMuseum für Moderne Kunst

One of the pop art paintings that made it to this list is Roy Lichtenstein’s “We Rose up Slowly”.

At first, it may look like a regular American depiction of love where a handsome actor with a chiseled jaw falls in love with a heroine with luscious lips.

But, this is a mockery of the mainstream media that sets up unrealistic beauty standards and expectations.

It also dives deeper with its take on the social divide by showing how people see being white, attractive, and blond as the “perfect look.”.

3. In Bed, The Kiss

An romantic and erotic painting that represents love is In bed, the kiss by Henri Toulouse- Lautrec.
Image Source: The Guardian
ArtistHenri Toulouse- Lautrec
Created In1892
Related Art PeriodPost-Impression
Current LocationPrivate Collection

One of the renowned paintings on love is this one by Henri, labeled “In Bed, The Kiss.” 

This art is a depiction of his belief that what is true is not ideal.

Now you may ask why. 

It is because this painting showcases two women in a bed kissing each other passionately and being so in love with each other!

This painting truly speaks for itself,  without being the “ideal” kind of painting on love.

4. The Lovers

The Lovers is a painting by rene Magritte
Image Source: widowcranky
ArtistRené Magritte
Created In1928
Related Art PeriodSurrealism
Current LocationMoMA, New York

One of the paintings by René Magritte is this one, which is known for its mysterious depiction of emotions.

Well, this is what Magritte was famous for, wasn’t he?

The Lovers is one of the paintings on love that brings out the curiosity and the not-so-dreamy part of loving someone.

To add to that, it also makes us realize that maybe this is what falling in love is really like.

It’s blind; it’s absurd, urgent, and beautiful.

5. Danse à la Campagne

Danse à la Campagne is a painting on love by Reoir
Image Source: The Guardian
ArtistPierre Auguste Renoir
Created In1883
Related Art PeriodModern Art, Impressionism
Current LocationMusée d’Orsay

A painting that is the perfect portrayal of being in your partner’s arms and just forgetting about the world and everything else that happens.

This painting on love by Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of the most accurate depictions of what Romanticism was about.

You can see a couple embracing the love that they share and enjoying each other’s company at its finest.

It will be easy to say if I just say that this painting is what being on cloud nine looks like!

6. The Honeysuckle Bower

This is a  by Peter Paul Rubens
Image Source: Wikipedia, edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistPeter Paul Rubens
Created In1609
Related Art PeriodBaroque
Current LocationAlte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany

If I ever get a self-portrait with my partner, it has to be like The Honeysuckle Bower!

A painting on love by Peter Paul Rubens that depicts just the right emotions of sensuality, comfort, love and what not!

For your information, it is a self-portrait of him and his wife Isabella. 

Romantic, right?

Also, not to forget that this is a painting from the 17th century! But this painting breaks the stereotypes of that century.

Both leaned into each other, looking comfortable and relaxed, contrary to other marriage portraits from the 17th century that were rigid and formal.

7. Le Printemps (Springtime)

Le Printemps (Springtime) by Pierre- Auguste Cot
Image Source: Wikipedia, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistPierre-Auguste Cot
Created In1873
Related Art PeriodParis Salon
Current LocationMetropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC

Love is just a glance, the feeling of being in your man’s arms—oh,  what a sight!

Pierre Cot has mastered the art of portraying romance in painting with Le Printemps.

In this beautiful painting on love, you can see the flirtatious duo lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes, giving us a glimpse of their young love.

The sensual woman hangs from her lover’s neck with their gazes locked with each other, while his arms hold tightly to the ropes, which support them.

8. Lovers In The Snow Under An Umbrella

Lovers In The Snow Under An Umbrella by suzuki Harunobu
Image Source: metmuseum, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistSuzuki Harunobu
Created In1764-1772
Related Art PeriodJapanese Art 
Current LocationHonolulu Museum of Art

A scene that portrays simplicity and the beauty of stillness is what lovers in the snow under an umbrella about.

This is one of the paintings on love that uses Ukiyo-e style woodblock print.

This tranquil scene depicts a couple walking together in the snow, sharing an umbrella.

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In this painting you can also see the partners bowing down and walking; this was also regarded as a sign of respect towards each other.

So, this artwork surely sums to the fact that respect is important in love, no matter what. 

9. The Swing

The swing is a painting on love
Image Source: Wikidata
ArtistJean Honoré Fragonard
Created In1767
Related Art PeriodRococo
Current LocationThe Wallace Collection, London

While talking about the famous paintings on love, how can we not talk about The Swing by Jean Honoré Fragonard.

The most famous piece by Fragonard shows a lighthearted and naughty moment between Baron de Saint-Julien and his mistress.

The complex composition, beautiful scenery, and style of this romantic artwork are praiseworthy.

The swing is admired for the drama created by heightening contrasts in light and shade.

10. A Romance

A romance by Santiago Rusiñol.
Image Source: Wikipedia, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistSantiago Rusiñol
Created In1894
Related Art PeriodPost-Impressionism, Modern art, Art Nouveau
Current LocationMuseu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona

Talking about one of the most famous yet low-key paintings on love, how can we miss out on “A Romance” by Santiago Rusinol.

He is the man whose art style has inspired artists like Pablo Picasso.

This romantic artwork depicts a portrait of a woman playing the piano while a man stands next to her.

The backdrop of this painting is a simple, domesticated setting. 

The woman here is entirely engrossed in her music, just like the man who seems to be lost listening to or admiring her or doing both.

It has a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which one might consider unusual for romantic artwork from that time.

11. Romance

Romance by Thomas Hart Benton.
Image Source: artrkl
ArtistThomas Hart Benton
Created In1931
Related Art Period
Current LocationBlanton Museum Of Art

Artists have been painting about love for centuries, but seldom do we see people of color on canvas in love.

This famous painting of lovers on a walk looks composed and content in their acts and lives.

They have a loving disposition due to their easygoing gait and posture.

With this understated yet powerful piece of art featuring a black couple, romance explores love and beyond.

Benton often used his art to bring social awareness and political reforms and this painting is no exception.

12. The Farewell Of Telemachus and Eucharis

The Farewell Of Telemachus and Eucharis is a painting by Jacques- Louis David
Image Source: Wikipedia, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistJacques-Louis David
Created In1818
Related Art PeriodNeoclassicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

This painting on love, labeled The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis by Jacques- Louis David, is one of the most ancient representations of love in art.

In this story of adolescent love, Jacques captures both the tenderness of their relationship and the fleeting misery of their circumstances.

A classic example of a neoclassical masterpiece, the story behind this painting was no less than a drama.

The story behind the characters of this painting is loosely based on characters from the Odyssey, Telemachus, a young prince and the son of Odysseus.

He fell in love with the beautiful nymph Eucharis and, unfortunately, could not stay with her as he had to go on a search for his father.

13. Love Letter

Love Letter is a painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard
Image Source: metmuseum, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistJean-Honoré Fragonard
Created In1770-1773
Related Art PeriodRococo, Renaissance
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This painting on love perfectly captures the romance theme in paintings by Jean Honore, as well as his masterful use of light and color.

Known for making graceful art, Jean has emphasized the soft features of the subject sitting in solace.

It grabs the attention of viewers as the coy woman holds a love letter drawn from a posy.

14. A Huguenot

A Huguenot is a painting by John Everett Millais
Image Source: Wikipedia, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistJohn Everett Millais
Created In1852
Related Art PeriodPre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Current LocationPrivate Collection

A painting that gives the sense of rebellion, comfort and fighting just to spend the last moments with your love.

One of the paintings on love that leaves me teary-eyed is this painting by John Everett called “A Huguenot.”

The painting refers to the historical event of the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre in 1572.

During the French Wars of Religion, some Huguenots were massacred in Paris.

Some managed to escape from Paris by wearing white armbands, shielding themselves from danger by showing Roman Catholic symbols.

This romantic artwork depicts a loving couple in an affectionate embrace.

Looking carefully at the dramatic details, the girl is trying to get her lover to wear a white armband, in a desperate yet gentle attempt to save his life.

On the other hand, the man is refusing to wear the armband and can be seen pulling it too.

15. Slow Dance

Slow dance by Kerry James Marshall is a painting that is based on love.
Image Source: metmuseum, Edited by PortraitFlip
ArtistKerry James Marshall
Created In1992-1993
Related Art PeriodModern Art
Current LocationPast- MetMuseum

In this painting of love, a loving African-American couple is shown in their home environment, which is full of color and vibrancy.

The couple is shown slow dancing in their living room, surrounded by comforting objects representing their Yoruba and Haitian cultures.

The image is trying to normalize the presence of black people and their lives without always being conditioned or associated with racism.


So, this is love!

Love brings joy, but it also brings pain and hurt and the paintings on love that we discussed in this blog convey the same.

Our love-drunk artists bring all the faces of love—affectionate and ferocious, monogamous and polyamorous, fleeting and timeless.

Romance in art throughout history is rich and comes with the ability to stir emotion in many.

And if you are a hopeless romantic or a dazzling ruler of hearts, then you must be wondering whether you will ever have your own romantic painting. 

Well, look no further, with PortraitFlip, you can get your romantic moment painted from a photo in just a few clicks.

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1. Which artist was famous for his expertise in intimate paintings?

Famous French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir was quiet well know for his highly nuanced intimate and romanticized artworks. He created over 4000 couple portraits in his lifetime.

2. Which genre of art includes romance as a major elements in paintings?

Romanticism includes the element of romance in paintings very often.

3. Do nude paintings fall under the category of Romanticism?

Some nude paintings like Japanese erotic art can be considered as a apart of Romanticism. As they are painted with the admiration of human body.

4. Who created the most romantic painting of all time?

Artists like Gustav Klimt and Pierre Auguste Renoir produced some of the most romantic paintings of all time such as Dance in the Country and The Kiss.

5. How can art be related to love?

Through paintings and colors, art can be a means of connecting with your loved one, expressing your affection and learning about their desires.

6. Name some of the famous paintings on love.

Some of the famous paintings on love are: The Honeysuckle Bower by Peter Paul Rubens, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, The Lovers by René Magritte, etc.

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