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There are one too many reasons to pick up a paintbrush. And have made it easier than ever for you to start your journey in the art of painting. Our artists are here with their expert advice on everything from painting to preserving a painting.

Oil Painting Vs Acrylic Painting: Which One To Go For And Why?

Are you a team ‘’Oil’’ or a team ‘’Acrylic’’? Well, it all depends on various factors, which will help you pick one amid these two paint mediums. Now, if you ask me which is better in the battle of oil painting vs. acrylic painting, I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference.  If you’re an […]

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners: 5 Proven Steps To Master Your Skill

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners 5 Proven Steps To Master Your Skill

Despite being an amateur, you can make paintings like this… Also this. …this too However, you’ll require some tools, supplies, and importantly, the right technique to learn and bring the best to the table. This is why we’ve decided to write this blog to explain to you the nitty-gritty of acrylic paintings.  What you just […]

How To Get Watercolor Portraits From Photos In 2022 [Etsy Vs PortraitFlip]

A lady painting a watercolor portrait of portraiflip

Watercolor Portraits— The most underrated artwork in the world! We’re sailing through the first half of 2022 and the pandemic has taught us—no matter what happens, life goes on. Amidst the pandemic, the world has shifted online. Getting stuff delivered to your doorsteps has become easier than ever — it is even easier to get […]

Everything You Should Know About How To Clean An Oil Painting

How To Clean An Oil Painting At Home PortraitFlip

If you have ever wondered how to clean an oil painting, here are some things you need to know. Oil paintings, whether heirlooms or collector’s pieces, less valuable garage sale finds, or as a gift require cleaning after a while.  Cleaning oil paintings without damaging them is a difficult and time-consuming task.  We’ve outlined how […]

15+ Best Watercolor Tips For Beginners: 2023 Edition

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Aquarelle! That’s not a coffee order! Just kidding! This is what watercolors are called mostly in Europe. Watercolor is indeed an astonishing medium to work with, but it can get daunting at times (even for professionals). Now if you are wondering about how to do watercolor painting, then don’t worry because we will take it […]

Become A Maestro With These 6 Oil Painting Tips

Oil painting Tips for beginners

Are you interested in painting with oils but find the intricacy of oil painting intimidating? These oil painting tips will help you start your journey with confidence. From afar when we see oil painting, we see the works of great masters and the complexities in them. Oil painting has been around for centuries, allowing it […]