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9 Artists of Pop Art Who Rejected The Notion Of Uniqueness

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Pop art commenced in England in the late 1950s.  Among the early artists of pop art were Richard Hamilton, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Peter Blake.  Soon after, the Pop Art movement expanded to New York with artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Pop art placed both fine art and low culture on the same pedestal. […]

Artists of Romanticism Who Explored Darker Depths of Human Psyche

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“The artist’s feeling is his law” – Caspar David Friedrich Artists of Romanticism preached and believed in the importance of feelings and imagination rather than rationality. The artists of romanticism aimed to be free from all kinds of artificial rules about what a piece of art should be. Instead, romanticist artists believed art should flow […]

Romanticism Art Period: A Search For Individual Rights and Liberty

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“Romanticism was more than merely an alternative to a sterile classicism; romanticism made possible, especially in art, a great expansion of the human consciousness.” – Edward Abbey The romanticism art period was a cultural movement that emerged around 1780. While the word “Romanticism” may restrict your thought to an idea that is oriented with eternal […]

Look No Further: These Spook-tacular Halloween Gifts Are Just Spot On

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Ghostly Greetings! It is finally time to bring out the eerie decor and put on your spooky costumes as Halloween is around the corner. And when it comes to the Halloween celebration, there is a plateful of things you can do to give your house and your party a unique festive makeover.  But how do […]

Memorial Day Gifts: A Tribute To The Lionhearted Souls 

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Thinking of a Memorial Day gift always feels heavy on my heart.   It makes me think of all the families who no longer have their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and other family members.   The ones who sacrificed their lives to defend the freedom of a country.   So Memorial Day weekend should be a […]

51+ Gifts For Father-In-Law That Are Totally Worth The Hype

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It must be easier for you to find a great gift for your dad or Father’s Day gifts, as you know what suits him the most.  But getting gifts for your father-in-law will probably be an ordeal because you’re still getting to know him and strengthening this precious bond.  If you’ve been scrolling through every […]

39+ Handmade Gifts That’ll Totally Win Anyone Over!

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, or any other holiday handmade gifts are the perfect choice for someone you really care about. The thing with handmade items is they always leave a person’s mark on them. The moment you hold them close you feel a little less alone. That’s because handmade gifts carry special meaning […]

Become A Maestro With These 6 Oil Painting Tips

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Are you interested in painting with oils but find the intricacy of oil painting intimidating? These oil painting tips will help you start your journey with confidence. From afar when we see oil painting, we see the works of great masters and the complexities in them. Oil painting has been around for centuries, allowing it […]