Memorial Day Gifts: A Tribute To The Lionhearted Souls 

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Thinking of a Memorial Day gift always feels heavy on my heart.  

It makes me think of all the families who no longer have their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and other family members.  

The ones who sacrificed their lives to defend the freedom of a country.  

So Memorial Day weekend should be a time for us to reflect on all of those who gave everything with such an unselfish heart.  

If you have any such brave hearts in your family or acquaintances give them a Memorial Day gift to honor their brave souls. 

There is nothing that could be paralleled to their loss. 

Just like Barack Obama said, 

“Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay.” 

So, we have come up with a list of heartfelt Memorial Day gifts that will be a perfect way to remember them fondly. 

A. Military Memorial Gifts for All Who Have Lost Their Loved Ones 

A soldier paying his respects on his friends memorial
Image Source: freepik

When you lose someone close to you, it leaves a blank space in your heart.  

In fact, it just leaves you shattered!  

You think of the memories that you could have made with them and all the past good times you have spent together. 

The grief of losing your dear one never really goes away completely. 

But these special military gifts will help these families remember their loved ones fondly. 

1. A deceased loved one into a painting 

A compilation portrait of a father and his daughters by PortraitFlip

If you have ever lost a dear one to the country, you would know how difficult it is to not even see them for one last time. 

With every telephone ring, doorbell or letter all you wish for is, what if it was from them? 

Gift them a piece of art that can be timeless for generations. 

Also, it would be the best way to cherish their lost time in this world. 

What better way to celebrate the life and the memory of a deceased loved one than with memorial portrait

But if you don’t have a picture with a loved one you have lost, we have got your back! 

A compilation portrait is the perfect way to treasured a memory that was never captured.

Incorporate your lost loved ones in one frame!

But are you worried that the photo you have of them is old and blurred?

You can shoo away your worries because PortraitFlip can turn bad photos to pencil portraits!

2. Hero memorial keepsake block 

A hero memorial block on a table
Image Source: freepik

Honour their patriotism with this striking hero memorial keepsake block as a memoir of their service to our country. 

3. Military memorial garden flag 

A military memorial flag in the garden yard
Image source: zazzle

This military memorial garden flag would make a great gift for any friend or relative who has sacrificed their life for the nation.  

Tell the world that you are proud of their selfless deed. 

4. In loving memory Jar 

A memory jar for a fallen soldier
Image Source: etsy

This memory jar is perfect as a modern alternative instead of the usual condolence book. 

Such a fun choice among DIY memorial gift ideas to store their memories alive. 

5. Customized flower bouquet 

A customized rose bouquets
Image Source: freepik

Flowers just fit in perfect for any occasion. 

A customised flower bouquet with a remembrance message in it could never go wrong. 

6. Freedom Quilts 

A freedom quilt as a memorial day gift.
Image: pinterest by quiltinspiration.blogspot

Freedom quilts popularly also known as mystery quilts are a very American thing. 

This long-lasting souvenir will be the perfect comforter in their tough times. 

7. Memory glass pendant 

Memory glass pendant for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

This memory glass pendant is a timeless piece that could have any of its tiny traces encapsulated in it. 

This piece is made to keep your lost ones close even when they are not within reach. 

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B. Thank You Gifts for Veterans 

A veteran with thankyou gifts for veterans day
Image Source: freepik

It’s more important than ever that we tell our Veterans how much their service has done for the nation. 

They give years of struggle leaving everything close to them behind. 

All of this is just to protect the people of the country. 

These thankyou gifts for veterans will be the perfect way to convey our gratitude towards them. 

1. Framing Their Most Cherished Memory 

Framing their most cherished memory in a color pencil portrait as a memorial day gift.

And what better way to honor them than gifting a Memorial Day gift that celebrates them in every single way? 

Art has the power to speak louder than words! 

This timeless piece is the best way to let them know how grateful you are for their impeccable service. 

Get their favorite moment painted with PortraitFlip. 

Be it a picture of them receiving a medal or award of honor or a photo with their squaddie or it could just be a photo of them when they looked the happiest.  

No matter what they choose, we will make a beautiful portrait out of it. 

A painting worthy of their walls and honor. 

And personally, the best medium to get such a painting is colored pencil. 

2. Veterans day banner 

A perfect memorial day gift is a veterans day banner or flag.
Image Source: freepik

What better way to Honour all the ones who served? 

This veteran’s day banner will be the perfect addition to their veteran’s day celebration shenanigans.  

3. Thank You Veterans T-shirts 

Thankyou veterans T-shirt for Memorial Day
Image Source: etsy

And what better way to show your adoration to everyone who was in the forces? 

When thinking of gifts for veterans on Memorial Day this t-shirt would be a fun choice. 

4. Gratitude diary 

A gratitude journal for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

Are you confused about what is a good veterans day gift? 

Gift them a gratitude diary with a personalized thank you letter for veterans day this year. 

5. Hero Bracelets 

Hero bracelets as a  Memorial Day gift
Image Souce: freepik

Aren’t they a true HERO in every sense? 

Remind them that there is nothing more heroic than serving your country with these hero bracelets. 

6. The Tree of Life 

A memory tree with lot of memories on it
Image Source: etsy

A tree of life that will capture all their past memories at a common spot. 

A place where they would surely love to share all their experiences during service. 

7. Thank you candle set 

Thankyou candles for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

Are you still thinking about how to honor veterans on Memorial Day? 

These thank you candle sets will be the most adorable way to tell them that in this lifetime they shined even brighter! 

C. Unique Memorial Gifts 

A little girl honoring an old veteran with some unique memorial day gift and flowers
Image Source: freepik

Men in the armed forces spend most of their lives safeguarding the country and its citizens.  

A Memorial Day gift is the perfect way to admire these selfless humans.  

Take a moment and read through the below ideas to find the most Unique Memorial Day gifts for the brave hearts.   

1. A Memorial Painting for The Real Hero  

It’s a shocking truth that you wouldn’t have them around to actually feel their presence or even see them 

The only way to feel their presence is by reminiscing the memories shared together. 

Just like it’s said, 

“Art is the way of survival” 

This gift will not only be among the most unique memorial gifts but will also remain a most prized possession. 

2. Flameless Memorial Lantern 

A memorial lantern for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

A flameless memorial lantern, to celebrate their life even after they are gone. 

Surely a good choice among the Memorial Day items to honor the fallen. 

3. Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel 

A personalized oak whiskey barrel is one of the best Memorial Day gifts
Image Source: etsy

If they are veterans, they are surely people who love a drink or a two with their pals. 

A personalized oak whiskey barrel will give their drink a special taste, color, and aroma.  

4. Military Care Package of Snacks and Games 

A military care package with lots of snacks and games and a note that says 'proud of you'
Image Source: etsy

Make them a care package to remind them of their old days. 

This package will be a powerhouse of yumminess and entertainment. 

5. Fallen Soldiers Memorial Box 

A memorial box for a fallen soldier
Image Source: amazon

Thinking of thoughtful memorial gift ideas? 

This fallen soldier’s Memory Box is the one. These families will have a sanctuary of memories of their lost loved ones. 

6. Memorial Day Hat 

Memorial hats in different colors and patterns with the country flag symbol on it
Image Source: amazon

These veterans have lost many friends on their way up here. 

A Memorial Day hat will be a symbol of them paying respects to the peers they have lost in the journey. 

7. Gift card 

A gift card by PortraitFlip as a memorial day gift
Image Source: PortraitFlip

If you are still skeptical about which would be the perfect remembrance gift, a gift card is your one-stop solution. 

If you are looking for a unique memorial gift then PortraitFlip offers the best photo-to-painting gift card option. 

They could now choose to gift themselves a painting of their choice using this gift card. 

D. Patriotic Gifts for Veterans 

A senior veteran honoring a fellow veteran with a patriotic badge as a memorial day gift
Image Source: freepik

A veteran’s love for his country is undying! 

So, what could be better than patriotic gifts for veterans, for the humans who literally live and breathe for their country? 

1. A timeless patriotic souvenir in a military portrait 

 A timeless portrait from PortraitFlip as a memorial day gift

The one’s on the borders, who stand armed to take it all just for the love of our country need to be lauded for their valor. 

I don’t know about others, but they would surely take a bullet for you! 

Photos are a visual reinstatement of past memories, both good and bad times. 

So, what better way to cherish these courageous soldiers other than gifting them Military Portraits from Photo by PortraitFlip. 

If you are thinking of gift ideas for soldiers this would fit in just perfect! 

2. A Multipurpose Military Pen 

Multipurpose pen for Memorial Day
Image Source: amazon

This multipurpose pen will help them pen their thoughts down on days when they fall short of words. 

3. Battle Cross Statue  

A battle cross statue for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

This battle cross statue is a symbol for sacrificial soldiers who have helped pave the way to freedom.  

4. ‘I am a veteran’ wooden panel 

I am a veteran wooden panel for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

This wooden panel will be a statement piece, which would steal a lot of attention. 

Help them tell the world they are veterans with this personalized panel. 

5. Country flag 

A country flag outside the home of a veteran on memorial day
Image source: freepik

A veteran would always hold his country flag close to his heart, no matter what. 

This gift would surely make his chest pound with joy. 

6. Tie tack 

Tie-tack for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

Being a veteran calls for too many social gatherings and events and trust me they are popularly known as the best-dressed humans. 

This tie tack will help them ace their attire like no other. 

7. Historical books 

Historical books for Memorial Day
Image Source: freepik

Historical books can never grow old on you. 

If you are brainstorming about presents for veterans’ day, a historical book should be your pick as they would never get tired of learning about their country. 

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To Round It Up!

Memorial Day is when we need to spend time remembering and honoring the countless souls who have served the country.

So, let’s not leave a stone unturned to memorialize their ultimate sacrifice!

I was completely overwhelmed while I was curating this special list.

That is because no gift could be paralleled to their countless sacrifices!

Also, if you want to get them the most exquisite gift, then nothing could work better than gifting a customized portrait.

Something that is timeless and has a personal touch both at the same time!

Check out our gallery to glance through our amazing portrait collection.

Hello people, 

Memorial Day has always been about celebrating your lost loved ones, be it by paying respect to them, visiting their loved ones, or doing a good deed for them. 

Don’t forget that Memorial Day is about remembering these brave-hearted souls, and celebrating the love that they had for their country and its people. 

Hope our list of Memorial Day gift ideas has helped you find the perfect remembrance gifts. 

Do let us know in the comment section below about your experiences of Memorial Day. Also, tell us about the remembrance gifts you have ever got! 

You can also reach out to us on social media. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day?

If you are thinking of how to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, any deed done in honour of the dead and comfort for the families who have lost someone in the war will be the ideal way to go about it.

Q2. How to honor veterans on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day presents should be symbolic of their sacrifice and courage reminding them of their successful service years will be the ideal way to honour veterans on Memorial Day.

Q3. What do we celebrate with Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is popularly an American holiday. It is commemorated to honour the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

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