Why to Gift a Painting and When: Solving the Gifting Dilemma

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Bouquet of roses, candles, and confetti, sparkles, and shiny clothes! 

All of this sounds amazing when received or given as a gift to someone.

When you think of gifting someone, probably the first thing that comes to mind is how you can make a mark on their heart.

With all this being said, the thing that we tend to forget is that it is not necessary to spend bucks and bucks of money on a gift that won’t even last long!

Have you ever considered painting as gifts?

Well, most of you would say no, as the trends in paintings and letters are too old-school.

Let me tell you, it’s not about how much money you spend, it is about your efforts that you’ve put in creating a personal experience for someone who is close to you. 

Now you may wonder, why painting as gifts? Well, why not? But for your clarity, I have curated a special listicle for you that will help you in understanding why paintings make a perfect gift.

From a basic human pastel portrait to some of the best pet oil portraits, paintings can surely leave a person reminiscing about the good memories!

And not only this, I have also stated the occasions and moments that can be made special just with a custom handmade portrait.

Family painting from different photos

Timeless gift

A pencil sketch that depicts that handmade portrait is a timeless gift.

When you think about a portrait or a painting, you know that it is going to last a long time. 

Also, when it comes to sorting out the best gifts for your loved ones, what else can be better than art?

Art is one of the best ways to express your sincere emotions towards your loved ones.

And the perfect gift that you can give to someone is a painting that will last in their memory and remind them of you forever.

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Fits under every budget

gift a painting that fits under every budget
Image Source: envato

What’s the point of gifts that weigh your pockets down and also leave you thinking twice about whether the receiver will love them or not?

In that case, I would suggest that gifting a painting can be one of the safest yet most memorable options out there.

Gifts, when given with pure intentions, make the best place in the receiver’s heart!

And what else can be better than portraits as gift that start at $89 and last a lifetime!

Unexpected Emotions

gift a painting that provokes emotions
Image Source: envato

Who does not love surprises?

Until and unless it’s a legal notice, well, kidding! But yeah, everyone loves surprises, and guess what?

An unexpected gift can be the greatest surprise you can give to your partner, your friend, or one of your friends!

So, gift a portrait and keep in mind that you have to surprise your partner or friend in the most unexpected way possible.

No Maintenance

gift a painting that requires no maintainance
Image Source: freepik

Imagine that you have ordered a handmade painting as a gift for someone who is very close to you.

And then think of it in this way that the gift that you have given them comes with absolutely no cost of maintenance.

All you have to do is give it a few shakes to remove all the dust that has settled, and voilà! It’s as good as new.

On the other hand, think about this: the expensive perfume and jewelry will lose their worth and shine with time.

Do you think a handmade portrait will?

Absolutely not! So, decide for yourself, who is the winner here? And I barely doubt that giving someone a portrait as a gift is a bad idea.

Perfect for all Occasions and Moments

A man appreciating
Image Source: envato

A handmade portrait not only outshines every other gift on a special day but also shines like a star in your living room!

Matter of fact that they actually are personally curated, portraits as gifts make sure to make a special place in the receiver’s heart!

Any moment can be turned into a photo and can stay with you forever in the form of a portrait!

There are many occasions when you can give a gift, and there is nothing wrong with it!

Occasions are not limited to Christmas, the new year, or Hanukkah. It can be celebrating small milestones or the biggest achievements in your life.

Take a look at all  the occasions in which you can surprise and appreciate your partner!

Art as a Gift under Family Tree

A family photo
Image Source: envato

Family is something that keeps a man sane and is their support system whenever they are in need.

Family is the ultimate support system one can ask for, your first school and the people you call home.

What else can be better than safeguarding the memories of your family in the form of art?

Let us understand what it looks like to appreciate your family and how you can actually express gratitude towards them!

Check our exquisite collection of family portraits and order for yourself now!

Birth of a baby

A baby portrait by PortraitFlip

Those initial stages of parenthood are hard on anyone, especially first-time parents.

Though everything is forgotten when the baby cracks that first smile or laugh, it fills every heart with joy.

Capturing that precious smile could be a task. 

If you did manage to get that angelic face in a frame, then it’s time to turn it into a custom baby painting. 

Transforming it into the best-personalized portrait. 

Something that the parents will cherish for the rest of their lives.

The birth of a child is an occasion where you can give a gift that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Give life to your photos by getting a custom painting commissioned by some of the best artists.

Eventually, once the baby grows up, he/she will also know who the painting is from.

Father’s day 

Father's day portrait by PortraitFlip

A hero with no cape on, the one who makes sure that you eat good and study hard!

The one person who has your back no matter what. 

The one who loves you unconditionally but is no pro in expressing.

The one who cried in concern secretly, when you were sick he made sure that the medicines you need are by your side.

That is a father, who is as emotional as you but will never show you because he gotta be the strong one.

So, why not celebrate your father in the form of a portrait in which you both are smiling stunningly and the fact that you are proud to call him ‘DAD’.

Mother’s Day 

Mother's day portrait by PortraitFlip

She cooks, cleans, takes care of her children even if she is sick, she makes the place called house a ‘home’.

I don’t have any clue how she manages to do it all, and that too with grace!

But, My, Oh, my! No one can take a mother’s place and she legit can handle anything that comes in her children’s way!

She is the one who is always just one call away and she will leave everything beside just to listen to you.

It always gets so difficult to express how much she means to us and the closest we can get is to give her something personalized.

So, I suggest you to gift a painting to her, not just a regular painting, a special handmade portrait that includes both of your photos!

Where you are in your childhood wrapped up in her arms and the genuine smile before life got too busy!

Grandparents day 

An elderly couple saving money
Image Source: envato

Grandparents are one of the biggest supporters in a child’s life, and they also serve as the roots of the family tree.

But we often tend to forget that they need love and support, and they love their grandchildren a little too much.

So, celebrate grandparents with grandparents & grandchildren pastel portraits.

Housewarming gift

a family visiting
Image Source: freepik

Imagine you purchased a house, and then you hung a beautiful house watercolor portrait in your living room!

The first thing your guests will notice is the amazing portrait that hangs in your living room.

They will definitely be awestruck when they learn that the portrait is handmade!

Because, we at PortraitFlip take extra care of quality and the portraits we make are curated with love.

Handmade Expression of love

A girl painting on a canvas
Image Source: envato

You do love your better half, but do you find it difficult to express it?

Well, we understand! 

It often gets overwhelming to express what’s in your heart, but let art speak your heart out!

Also, below mentioned are the special occasions on which you can bag your brownie points!

Valentine’s day 

A couple celebrating valentine's day
Image Source: envato

Holding the hands of your loved one is the best feeling in the world. 

And Valentine’s Day is one of the special days on which you freely express your gratitude and love for your better half.

And what if I told you that you could also relive this moment with them and get a portrait made just for you both?

I am sure you will be excited, so order your favorite couple portraits now!

Wedding Anniversary 

a wedding portrait by PortraitFlip

One of the most memorable days of a person’s life is when they get married and they recite the vows to stay together with a person they are going to spend the rest of their lives with.

So, why not get that special moment painted forever on a canvas?

If I got you wondering who are some of the best wedding portrait painters out there? 

Then don’t worry, PortraitFlip got your back!

Celebrating Milestones of Life

Social media these days has raised our expectations so high that we have almost forgotten that small milestones matter as well!

So, here are some of the milestones that are barely talked about but are some of the best occasions to incorporate painting as a gift!

First birthday

Celebrating first birthday of a child
Image Source: envato

A moment when you realize that the seed has started to sprout and your little kid has started to grow!

It is indeed an emotional moment, and what else can be better than capturing your baby’s first cake smash and converting it into a custom portrait?

18th birthday 

A fact that every parent denies is that their little munchkin has grown a lot and is now ready to step-into adult life.

Not just parents, but every elder sibling can relate to the fact that their younger sibling is growing up so fast that they wonder how fast the time flew by!

And what else can be better than giving your little one a portrait from their 18th birthday? 

They can hang that in their room or take it with them into the college dormitory!

This will always remind them of the days they’ve spent with you!


A snippet from graduation
Image Source: envato

One of the best days in the life of a student is when they graduate!

The efforts that they put into their college days and the memories they made all through all come to an end!

That’s the moment they definitely want to re-live in the hassle of corporate!

Gift a painting to your bestie who is graduating, which will remind them of the good time they’ve spent in college!

First Job

a girl congratulating someone
Image Source: envato

Someone who is struggling through adult life and they finally land on their dream job—that is one of the sweetest feelings!

If someone who is close to you has recently landed a job, show your appreciation by giving them a handmade portrait that will always remind them of how proud you are of them!

Purr-Fect Gifts

When you come home after a long day at work and you open the door, the first thing you see is a wagging tail and a super-excited pup who has been waiting for you!

Yes, I know that’s such a sweet feeling and you can relate if you have a pet that they are basically our child!

They need extra care, attention and love just as we do!

Pet parents always have their fur babies in their mind and they are closest to their heart.

A pet-portrait is the closest we can get to showcase how we adore their love. Make sure to check our pet portraits as well!

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First pet 

A couple adopting a pet puppy
Image Source: envato

Adopting a pet for the first time?

It definitely gets overwhelming, you have to be extra cautious, you have to set a schedule for them, take them out for a walk, and whatnot?

But they become a part of your family and you start adoring the things they do (even if they create a mess).

So, if someone you know has recently adopted a pet then gift them a pet portrait and watch their eyes shine.

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Rainbow-Bridge Remembrance Day  

A portrait of a cat on rainbow bridge remembrance day

Losing a pet is one of the saddest days in the life of a pet-parent. 

But, their furry baby always stays by their side. Rainbow-Bridge Remembrance day signifies the loss of a dearest friend in the form of a pet.

If someone you know has recently lost their pet, you can give them a custom pet portrait (we can add angel wings or halo to the little departed soul) and you can comfort them!

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Festive Portraits

Variety of festivals
Image Source: Freepik

Those special days that you spend with your loved ones and you make memories that last for a lifetime!

Yes, I am talking about the vacation days and the time of festivals, in which every member of the family gets together and celebrates.

Friends who are on that family level also count!

And we help you in preserving those moments on a canvas!

You can get a family portrait from photos made at PortraitFlip now!


A family raising toast on Thanksgiving
Image Source: freepik

Every 4th Thursday in November, when everyone in the family gets together to celebrate thanksgiving!

What else can be better than handing over a family portrait to the eldest member of the family? 


A couple exchanging gifts on christmas
Image Source: envato

Christmas is not only when kids are excited that dear Santa will come and leave gifts for them, even we as adults are excited for the gifts.

Amid this excitement, be the secret Santa and give a lovely portrait for your family members or your friends!

Explore options from our Christmas portraits and order now!


gift a painting on halloween'
Image Source: envato

Remember the spooky outfits that you and your siblings used to twin?

Then go ahead and knock on gates in your neighborhood asking them the biggest question of Halloween, ‘Trick or treat’?

This Halloween, treat your family and friends with a custom spooky handmade portrait and make them laugh.

The New Year

Gift a painting on new year
Image Source: envato

Years and years pass by, but the bond between you and your family members remains the same!

To cherish the upcoming days and memories from the past years, surprise them by giving a painting as a gift and you’ll be amazed at their reactions!

New Year, new you and a portrait that will last forever.

Just Because Portraits..

Gift a painting just because
Image Source: envato

Who said gifting always needs a special occasion or reason?

There are days when you just want to appreciate your family, friends, or dear ones!

That’s when you sit down and think, What can be the best gift that is affordable yet memorable?

I will suggest to you that incorporating memories into art is never a bad option!

So, go ahead and order a custom handmade portrait and gift a painting to your loved ones!

They will surely remember it forever and be grateful for it!


A portrait is indeed one of the most personal and sentimental gifts you can give to someone.

When you gift a painting, you are not only giving a framed canvas, but you are also making them relive memories and moments they almost forgot about!

Whether it is the moment of celebration or the moment of someone reminiscing about the one they have recently lost!

A portrait is perfect for every moment and showcases your art of gifting! Plus, you can never go wrong with it, so what are you waiting for?

Author’s Note

Thank you so much for reading this informative article on gifting someone a painting!

I have researched quite well and compiled this blog on when you can gift a painting and why!

If you find this blog helpful or if you have any questions/ feedback regarding it, then do leave a comment down below.

Also, feel free to reach out to us via our socials, you can connect with us on Instagram, Threads, YouTube, and Pinterest.

See you soon, till then, take care and stay hydrated.

Adios folks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I gift a painting?

If you’re looking to gift a painting to someone in your life, all you have to do is visit our website and place the order. Once done, the portrait will be painted by the artist and delivered anywhere in the world.

Q2. What is a custom painting?

A custom painting is basically a mixture of colors, subject matter, and composition, all of these work together to create a painting that is pleasing to the customer. These handmade custom paintings are underrated gifts.

Q3. Is a painting a good gift?

Giving painting as a gift is one of the best gifts out there! Paintings are said to improve mood, rescue stress, and provide a calm environment in the place where they are kept. It’s a bonus if the painting is a custom handmade painting of a person.

Q4. What are some of the special occasions on which you can gift a painting?

Although you can gift a painting regardless of the occasion, but, when you intentionally want to gift a painting as a token of love, you can go ahead and give it on Mother’s day, Father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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