Why Gift a Painting and When: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion!

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Aren’t you bored of gifting the same bouquet of roses, candles, and sparkles to your loved ones?

I’m sure you are! 

Why not consider paintings as gifts, which can be an-all-occasion present for you?

People mostly wonder that gifting a portrait may cost them a fortune. 

My friend, its not the same case anymore.

Now you can get a painting at nominal prices just by clicking one button while you sip your favorite tea on the couch.

To make you understand that giving someone a portrait is a thoughtful gesture, I’ve curated five whys and five whens to gift a painting.

Shall we remove all your doubts then?

Why Gift a Painting? (5 Reasons)

If you ask me why gift a painting, then my reply would be in three words:

It’s unique✅

Family painting from different photos

It’s meaningful ✅ 

And of course, it’s authentic ✅

Places like PortraitFlip have a budget-friendly price for any art piece you choose.

To make your decision definite, let me give you five reasons why gifting artwork is as beautiful as it sounds!

1. Timeless Gift

Couple Painting by PortraitFlip as timeless gifts

We can’t deny the fact that paintings are timeless.

When you think about a portrait or a painting, you know that it is going to last for a long time.

Art is one of the best ways to express your emotions towards your loved ones.

Explore our flawless watercolor painting gallery!

2. Fits Under Every Budget

Gift a painting that fits every budget

What’s the point of gifts that weigh your pockets down?

I would suggest that gifting a painting can be one of the safest yet most memorable options out there.

No matter what medium, category, or size you choose, it will still save some from your pockets.

What else can be better than portraits as a gift that start at $89 and last a lifetime?

Think about it!

3. Unexpected Emotions

A woman getting a pet painting as a gift is surprised

Who does not love surprises?

Until and unless it’s a legal notice, just kidding! But yeah, everyone loves surprises, and guess what?

An unexpected gift can be the greatest surprise you can give to your partner, your friend, or one of your friends!

So, gift a portrait and keep in mind that you have to surprise your partner or friend in the most unexpected way possible.

4. No Maintenance

Famous Sunflower painting getting cleaned with cloth

Handmade portraits don’t require a lot of attention.

They basically come with zero-cost maintenance; just a little bit of dust removal in a few months and voila, its as good as new.

I barely doubt that giving someone a portrait as a gift is a bad idea.

5. Perfect For All Events

Gift a painting that fits all event

A handmade portrait not only outshines every other gift but is also a star in your living room.

The fact that real artists make such mesmerizing pieces of art adds a personal touch to your gift.

Occasions are not limited to Christmas, the new year, or Hanukkah. It can be celebrated with small milestones or the biggest achievements in your life.

Take a look at when to gift a painting to give your dilemma some certainty!

When Should I Gift a Painting? (5 Occasions)

When it comes to art, people are mostly perplexed about whether gifting paintings will overdo it or could be a perfect call?

Let me clear up your confusion.

1. Family Gifts

Baby portrait, family painting, house portrait as gifts

The most important part of anyone’s life is their family.

They are the support system, their go-to people, and, of course, the first priority.

What else can be better than safeguarding the memories of your family in the form of art?

Whether its being a first-time parent, celebrating Father’s or Mother’s Day, giving a housewarming gift, or cherishing your grandparents love, painting fits all!

Check our exquisite collection of family portraits and order for yourself now!

2. Expression of Love

Gift a painting which could be couple painting, wedding or anniversary painting

In this world full of changes, your partner is the only constant in your life, isn’t it?

Why give the same old gifts like roses, candles, and heart-shaped cushions to them?

This time, surprise them with a painting and watch their priceless reactions, which I guarantee will be worth every penny.

Below are the special occasions on which you can bag your brownie points!

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • Your Wedding Day
  • First Meet-Up Day
  • The Unexpected Proposal
  • Engagement Ceremony and What Not!

A couple portrait that narrates your love story sounds romantic.

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3. Celebrating Milestone

Celebrating milestone by gifting a painting by PortraitFlip

Social media has raised our expectations so high that we have almost forgotten that small milestones matter as well.

It can be:

  • The first walk of your baby
  • Your first job
  • The graduation ceremony of your daughter
  • Celebrating your son’s first or 18th birthday
  • Or the retirement of your favorite teacher

These are little moments that should definitely be cherished for eternity.

Gift a painting to your close ones that reminds them of their achievements.

Because each celebration matters, whether its small or big!

4. Paintings that Adores Pets

Gift a pet portrait by PortraitFlip

Are you a pet parent or know someone who adores their pet as their own child?

Then here is your chance to gift a painting that reflects their pet’s true personality.

For a pet parent, occasions are just an excuse to celebrate their furry friend.

Whether it is owning a pet for the first time, celebrating their birthdays or a rainbow-bridge remembrance day.

Give them a priceless piece of art where their pets are enclosed within vibrant colors.

Trust me, they will adore it for life!

You can check out PortraitFlip’s pet portrait review of one of the happy customers, which will surely turn your thoughts about gifting a painting to your close ones.

5. Festival Portraits

Celebrate festivals like Christmas, Halloween by gifting a painting

Which is your favorite festival?

Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, or Halloween🎃?

No matter which festival you treasure the most, you have to get something special for your loved ones. am I right?

Family, friends, or colleagues—a painting can make anyone’s heart smile.

Painting as a gift helps them preserve those moments on a canvas and also doubles your celebration.

I guess you have all your doubts cleared now!

To Conclude

If you’re here, then I think I succeeded in conveying why gift a painting.

A portrait is indeed one of the most personal and sentimental gifts you can give to someone.

When you gift a painting, you are not only giving them a framed canvas, but you are also making them relive memories and moments again!

Whether it is the moment of celebration or the moment of someone reminiscing about the one they have recently lost!

A portrait is perfect for every occasion and showcases your art of gifting.

Plus, you can never go wrong with it, so what are you waiting for?

Get one for yourself now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I gift a painting?

To gift a painting, all you have to do is visit our website and place the order. Once done, the portrait will be painted by the artist and delivered anywhere in the world.

Q2. What is a custom painting?

A custom painting is art that is personalized according to the customer’s desires. A mixture of colors, subject matter, and composition.

Q3. Is a painting a good gift?

Giving a painting as a gift is one of the best presents out there. Paintings are said to improve mood, rescue stress, and provide a calm environment in the place where they are kept.

Q4. What are some of the special occasions on which you can gift a painting?

Although you can gift a painting regardless of the occasion, you can give a portrait as a token of love or on Mother’s day, Father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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