Wedding Portrait Artists

Wedding portrait artists

A wedding is a great symbol of the union of two lovers who crave for the warmth and affection of each other.

It is the epitome of the insane amount of love that is shared by two people.

This article shall serve as the perfect guide to choosing a great wedding portrait artist for your special portrait painting.

It is a great way to celebrate this special journey that you have undertaken.

 “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

Most of the people get married only once in a lifetime. (no intentional pun is intended)

Your ‘I do’ shall last an eternity and keep you bonded forever and ever.

Getting a wedding portrait painting to celebrate your most intimate moments together as a couple is a great way to strengthen the bond that you share.

It is a gift that can be cherished throughout your life as the memory shall never fade and the happiness that is attached to it will always be constant.

It will always remind you of one of the best day of your life.

All of us would go through life a little better if we knew that there was someone who had our back.

Choosing the perfect wedding portrait artist can be tough hence we have provided you with some pointers and basic guidelines.

Why should you get a wedding portrait painting done?

Before we discuss all the perfect wedding portrait artist and how to find him let us take a look at why you should commission a wedding portrait painting in the first place.

Every human being is always looking for ways to store and cherish the memories that are closest to his/her heart.

Let us first start by answering the most basic question, as to what makes purchasing a wedding portrait painting a good choice.

A true artist or in this case a true wedding portrait artist knows that this painting is not only a painting rather it is an emotional memory for the people who are involved in it.

It should be a fitting tribute to the bond that they share.

It is a great way to preserve and cherish those beloved memories that are oh so close to your heart.

When the picture is turned to paint on a canvas the memory that you create takes a life form of its own and makes those golden moments even more memorable.

The responsibility of properly showcasing those emotions and feeling on canvas is that of the wedding portrait artist.

Hence, in this case, he is not only an artist but also a preserver of those profound memories.

His skill and talent will immortalize your memories beyond your wildest imaginations.

It is a great memoir of glad tidings of joy.

Your wedding portrait artist is the composer of your important memories on canvas.

He is the creator of the symphony that you never want to let go from your heart.

I know that all of these examples may sound a little over the top but it is so that you realize that he is the most important aspect in this entire process.

You may have the best paints and brushes at your disposal but the talent is what will ultimately make an eternal and everlasting masterpiece.

a. Different elements of getting the perfect wedding portrait

There are different aspects that go into the making of the perfect wedding portrait painting and a wedding portrait artist is well aware of this fact.

1. Choosing The Medium

Medium size chart wedding

First of all, it is necessary that you decide beforehand the medium in which you want your special portrait painting.

After you have decided upon a medium, contact your wedding portrait artist and clarify whether they have apt experience in that given medium.

Some professional artists tend to stick to only a few select mediums whereas most of them tend to give you their services in different ones.

We shall discuss about mediums in detail in the next subheading.

2. Providing The Artist With Photos

Providing the artist with photos

It is always preferred that you give the wedding portrait artist a range of photos.

This is so that he can choose what best suits his needs and help him get a basic view from different angles and form a rough sketch.

Most of the artists will ask for more than just one photo but whether they ask or not it is always best to do so.

The better the resources the more help it will be for the wedding portrait artist.

If you already have a wedding album it can be a great source of reference for him.

3. Communicating With The Artist

It is important that you put down your desires and requirements quite clearly before your wedding portrait artist.

You should meet him at least a couple of times and discuss everything in detail.

This means everything, right from the medium too whether you can edit the picture to better assist the wedding portrait artist in his job.

The more you help him the better chances that you will receive an awesome masterpiece.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.

b. Different mediums in which you can get your wedding portrait painting done

1. Oil Portrait Painting

Oil portrait painting

This is one of the most realistic mediums in which you can paint a portrait.

The texture and shine that the oil portrait painting provides are rated as one of the tops.

Most of the wedding portrait artists prefer this medium as it gives a great glossy finish.

An oil painting takes a longer duration of time to create as the previous layers of paint have to dry before any new layers can be put.

This is due to the amount of oil that is present in the colors.

Some oil painting portraits may take weeks or even months.

It is a great medium and one of the first mediums to ever be used for paintings.

It provides a rich feel to your portrait painting.

2. Watercolor Portrait Painting

Watercolor portrait painting

As the name suggests it is made by suspending water soluble pigments.

It can be a tricky medium to handle at times.

 This is because the colors tend to drip if all the components are not mixed properly, thus ruining the entire look of your portrait painting.

It is famous for its transparency and bright reflection that it gives out.

You can get just the right kind of fluidity if you mix enough water and that really makes it stand out.

If you want your wedding portrait to be really bright and catch the eye this is the perfect medium for you.

Chose an expert wedding portrait artist for this medium and you will have no words to express the bliss that you feel.

3. Acrylic Portrait Painting

Acrylic portrait painting

It is quite recent compared to the oil and watercolor medium.

The acrylic medium can be called as a hybrid of the oil and watercolor medium.

It is best for those people who want the best of both worlds.

Many wedding portrait artist prefers this medium as it tries to combine the best aspects of both and provides them with a lot of versatility.

Since it dries up quickly an artist can complete successive layers without having to wait for a long duration of time.

Because of its versatile nature, it can be used on a variety of surfaces with ease.

This is the reason it is the favorite of many wedding portrait artists.

4. Charcoal Portrait Painting

Charcoal painting

This is a special form which has recently come to prominence.

Please confirm whether your wedding portrait artist is comfortable with this medium as it is relatively new and finding someone with good experience or knowledge is a tough task.

 A charcoal portrait painting gives a different dimension and a very shady rustic look.

It can be called as a more refined version of the pencil sketch portrait painting.

Charcoal smudges easily thus it can blend in with the background and give it a soothing effect.

Sharpened charcoals can be used for detailed work whereas rough ones can be used for those requiring different shades.

5. Pencil Sketch Portrait Painting

Pencil portrait painting

This may sound like a really boring medium but with the correct wedding portrait artist, it can be a really awesome choice.

The pencil is a great medium to bring out the different shades in a portrait painting right from the lightest shade to the darkest ones.

It is one of the simplest form in which you can poses a painting.

Its simple nature and suaveness is what makes it so appealing.

It can be prepared quite quickly as you do not have to wait for any layers to dry.

6. Color Pencil Sketch Portrait Painting

Colored pencil portrait painting

This may sound a little childish but it is, in fact, a great and creative way to cherish your most intimate moments.

If you have that funky and creative spark in you and want something really out of the way, this is the perfect medium for you.

It may even replenish some part of your childhood.

Most wedding portrait artists may use it as a rough sketch but very few resorts to using it as the finished product.

You can turn pictures to painting in any of the given media that is mentioned above by visiting our site PortraitFlip.

You are constantly kept in the loop throughout the entire process and can make unlimited provisions throughout.

Our wedding portrait artists will continuously assist you in choosing a medium, and other different aspects that go into the making of a portrait painting.

c. How to choose the perfect wedding portrait artist

There are different things that one should keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding portrait artist.

Choose your wedding portrait artist according to the medium, in which you want your portrait painting.

There are some artists who only stick to a certain medium so it is important that you select accordingly.

See that he is open to various suggestions and is ready to make several changes throughout the process to accommodate your needs.

This is not a hard and fast rule but ask him for his previous commissioned work so that you can get a rough idea of his skills and talent as an artist.

If he has just started and not yet landed any orders you can ask him to create a sample and send it to you.

Most wedding portrait artists will oblige to any and every requirement that you have.

d. Different occasions when you can commission a portrait painting

A wedding portrait painting is a great gifting option to reignite the spark and romance.

It is a great way to strengthen and develop this relationship in a befitting manner.

1. Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary

What better way to remind your special half of the love that you share with them than getting them a special couple portrait of the day when you finally consummated your love and vowed to be together always and forever.

Moments may come and go but the way they made us feel will always be present within us.

A wedding portrait painting is a great way to cherish that important day when you finally showed the world that you want to spend the rest of your life with your beloved.

Choose a suitable wedding portrait artist and get this beautiful portrait painting done.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day

A couple of portrait painting is a perfect gift to your loved one, especially on a day that is dedicated to celebrating the special bond between two people who are madly in love.

It is a day when the cupids have to put in extra time simply because of all the love that is in the air.

Everybody is tired of those same old chocolates and roses as none of them last for a really long time.

A couple of portrait painting is a perfect tribute to a relationship that has matured and withstood the obstacles that come in every relationship.

3. Birthday Present

Birthday present

Just imagine a smile that will come upon their face when they watch this beautiful portrait painting.

4. In General

Who said that you only need a special occasion to showcase your love!

Randomly surprise the love of your life by getting this awesome couple portrait painting.

It is sure to broaden the smile on that face which cannot be measured in any terms.

It is simply priceless!


“The most important thing in this world is family and love.”

– John Wooden

Marriage is a sacred union and gives you hope that no matter what happens there will always be someone beside you who will support you no matter what.

Hope is a great thing and no great thing ever truly dies, it only transforms from one form to another.

It gives you a support system to go through the tough phases of life.

Love can be that driving force which uplifts you and transforms you into a more mature and well-formed adult.

Our team at PortraitFlip hopes that this article has been a useful guide for all those love birds and romanticists out there.

Choose the perfect wedding portrait artist and gift your special half a true masterpiece which is not expensive but priceless.

You can check out our collection and contact our artists for more information or even if you want to commission a portrait painting.

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