10 Wedding Portrait Artists To Paint Your Love Story

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Getting married is no less than a fairy tale—so shall you make it memorable with the help of a wedding portrait artist ❤

A wedding is one of the best days in the life of a couple where two admirers take an oath to be together forever.

Between the toast and clinking of wine glasses, memories are made that remain the epitome for a lifetime.

While photographs and videos can document the wedding, only a portrait painting can capture its true essence.

You can call a live painter who can be at the venue to paint a portrait or you can get a custom handmade painting made from your wedding photo.

Although both the options sound fascinating, you could find yourself stuck with an obvious question:  Where can I find a wedding portrait painter?

Whether you’re looking for commissioning an artist for your wedding, or whether you want to pump life into your wedding photo—you can find the best resources here.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours finding the best Wedding Portrait Artists; just scroll and take a look at our roundup list below.

Custom Portrait Artist Or Live Wedding Portrait Artist?

Live wedding painting artists are skilled artists that visit your wedding venue and paint a live portrait.

On the other hand, custom painting artists are talented ones who can paint a painting from your wedding photo with custom changes.

Depending on your needs, you can find wedding painting artists who can turn your photos into custom handmade paintings and live wedding painters who will visit your wedding venue and paint a live painting for you.

Family painting from different photos

Below, you’ll find the places where you can commission both types of wedding portrait artists.

A) Custom Wedding Portrait Artists

an artist looking at camera in her studio. Behind her is a wedding painting made by the artists of portraitflip
Image source: freepik

For the times when you and your sweetheart want to re-create your wedding memories in a beautiful way, commissioning an artist to paint a handmade painting from your photo is the way to go.

The price involved in getting a custom painting can go from $60 to $800 and above, depending upon the painting service that you choose.

Whether you wanna give a wedding portrait as a gift or want to get it for yourself, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Following are my best bets.

1. PortraitFlip

a trustpilot review of Tanique Baker on Portraitflip's services.

For the times when you want to get a flawless and mesmerizing wedding portrait, PortraitFlip should be your first choice—that’s what 765 people say on Trustpilot.

From a wide range of mediums like oils, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, colored pencil, pencil sketch; PortraitFlip has a lot to offer.

Don’t believe me? You can check out the recent best wedding portraits that they made. 

To get yours, all you have to do is upload your wedding photo in the order menu, customize the order, and you’re done!

In the next 15 days, you’ll have a wedding portrait at your doorstep, irrespective of where you live on the globe.

But what if you don’t have a perfect wedding photo? Or did any of your loved ones missed coming to your wedding?

No worries! With the paintbrushes in their hand, their artists can skillfully create wedding painting that has your loved one close to you even if they didn’t attend the wedding!

You gotta see the gallery to believe it!

Another benefit you get after choosing this platform is that they give unlimited free revisions, so the painting that reaches you is a masterpiece in itself.

Do you know the best part? If you don’t like the painting, you get a full refund! So tell me why shouldn’t you choose PortraitFlip for getting wedding portraits? 

Pricing: $140 and above (depending on the medium and characters in a painting)

Turnaround time: Free shipping:   days Express shipping: days

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2. Etsy

Etsy logo that show that it is one of the best places to find wedding portrait artists
Image source: baymard.com

When it comes to selling art and craft online, the first thing to come to mind is always Etsy.

A C2C online platform: Etsy offers a wide range of handmade categories including jewelry, crafts, decor items, paintings, and whatnot!

On Etsy, you can find many independent wedding painting artists that you can commission to get a handmade painting from your photo.

One of the advantages of choosing Etsy to commission for a wedding portrait is that you get to explore a diverse portfolio of artists.

But on the downside, you’ll have to do thorough research on the credibility of an artist before you cash in—because you wouldn’t want to get a wedding painting that looks unprofessional.

In all, Etsy still remains a good place to get wedding portraits made from photos.

3. Social Media Websites

a man in red jacket thinking which social media platform should he choose for finding wedding portrait artists

Many people on the internet believe social media sites like Instagram, Facebook are a waste of time (ouch!)

But the thing remains the same:

“If you know how to be resourceful, you can turn brick into gold!” a famous writer once quoted—I’m just kidding, I totally made up that one. Now, back to the topic.

Social media sites can be a great platform not just for socializing but for finding artists as well, and that includes famous wedding portrait artists.

On Instagram, you can use hashtags like #weddingportraitartist or #weddingpainters, or you can type in the search bar to find relevant accounts.

On Facebook, you can find groups related to wedding portraits, you can search for pages, or account for commissioning an artist.

In the same way, you can find many artists on Pinterest, youtube, and other social media platforms.

But don’t forget that you’ll have to do thorough research on the artist before you select them for commissioning the wedding portrait of your wedding day.

4. Other Custom Painting Services

Logos of Paintru, paintyourlife, myDavinci, 1's Art gallery and Instapainting.

Just like us, there are other custom painting services that can turn your photos into paintings.

This includes PaintYourLife™, MyDaVinchi, 1st-Art-Gallery, Instapainting, Paintru, and a lot more.

Although you’re free to explore any of the websites for getting a  wedding portrait; if you’re here, you can just commission our artists!

In my opinion, the quality and affordable price that we provide can hardly be matched by any other painting services. If you feel otherwise, you can share your thoughts down below.

B) Live Wedding Portrait Artists

a vector image of a live wedding portrait artist painting a live wedding.
Image source: hasthemes.com

Live wedding painting artist or event portrait artist is a talented painter that shows up at your wedding with a canvas, easel, and all their supplies and you can expect what they do…

Creation of Adam painting

They paint a live portrait as the ceremony progresses!

As of 2022, live wedding portrait artists are on the rise, and many to-be-married couples are calling for a live wedding artist for the special day.

Not only do these artists entertain the audience with their extroverted personalities, but also they paint amazing portraits.

The price involved in commissioning a live wedding artist differs from artist to artist depending upon a number of factors that include their experience, expertise, and traveling cost.

Roughly, the pricing can fall between $1000 and $8000 or more.

Below are some of the awesome live wedding portrait artists.

(Please note that there are hundreds of artists, and mentioning them in one roundup post is not possible; so I’ve made my best attempt to mention most of them)

1. Jennie Lou

a screenshot of Jennie Lou's website jennielouart.com

Jennie Lou (jennielouart.com), a BFA graduate from Baylor University, is a passionate live wedding painter from Texas.

She loves to combine painting with a wedding environment to create a memorable experience for the hosts.

As she loves art and building relationships with people, she’s inclined toward live painting, especially wedding painting.

For a wedding portrait, the charges are between $4500-5500 depending upon the availability and location.

2. Amanda Hawthorne

a screenshot of Amanda 's website: livewellpaintoften.com

Amanda (livewellpaintoften.com) is a wedding painting artist who loves to illuminate people’s emotional memories on the canvas with her skills!

Having B.F.A in Studio Art and Art History, she loves to capture the true essence of a setting as it unfolds in front of her eyes.

Amanda has done hundreds of paintings and is adept at her skills.

Not only does this painter love to do live wedding painting events, does she love to give back to the community by participating in charities.

Amanda’s live wedding painting packages start at $3950

3. Stephanie Gaffney

a screenshot of Stephanie's website: torregrossafineart.com

Stephanie (torregrossafineart.com) loves to paint couples on their happiest day of life—the day when they officially exchange rings!

Having a love for painting, she was driven toward her art so much that her passion turned into a profession; and now, she works as a live wedding portrait artist.

This artist loves to paint realistic paintings that are well-detailed and vibrant. Plus, her colorful personality makes her a fun-to-have person at weddings.

Not mentioned on the website. You’ll have to contact the Stephanie.

4. Maggie Smith Kuhn

a screenshot of Maggie's website: watchmaggiepaint.com

Maggie (watchmaggiepaint.com)  is a talented live wedding painting artist who had been painting since she was 4 years old.

Having a painting degree from UGA’s Lamar Dodd Art School, she loves to create stunning live portraits of events, especially wedding portraits.

Having a skilled hand at painting, she likes to create detailed paintings.

Charges: The charges of commissioning a live wedding portrait starts at $3000

5. Christina Pappion

a screenshot of Christina's website: pappionartistry.com

Christina (pappionartistry.com) is a live wedding painter who loves to capture emotions onto the canvas.

Being a professional painter for 8 years, she loves to fulfill her purpose: to paint!

Her unique painting style makes it possible to add another dimension to the wedding portrait that the couples will cherish for years to come!

For getting a live wedding portrait, the packages start at $1850

6. Other live artists and painting services

a creative vector image showing different artists painting
Image source: istockphoto.com

Apart from the wedding painting artists mentioned above, there are hundreds of artists that can do a live painting for you.

Some of the art galleries also have in-house artists that you can commission; also there are many painting companies that offer the same service.

Where to find them?

Internet (duh!)

You can use Google or any other search engine to find wedding portrait artists; alternately, you can use social media sites to explore other artists.

Whom Should You Choose? Custom Or Live Wedding Portrait Artist?

a vector image of a person thinking about whom should he choose for getting a live wedding portrait.
Image source: freepik

Although choosing both have their pros and cons, here’s what you should do

Choose a Custom wedding portrait artist when:

  • the event (wedding) has already occurred.
  • you want to add or delete characters or customize the painting
  • you want the painting in the desired medium like watercolor, charcoal, oil, acrylic.
  • you want a realistic and detailed painting

Choose a live wedding portrait artist when:

  • your or your loved one’s wedding is scheduled
  • you want a painting to be made live at your wedding
  • you want to experience a live artist in action
  • you wanna capture the live essence of the wedding directly on the canvas

Also, don’t forget to consider the pricing difference between the two options


Over and all, a wedding is one of the most amazing experiences that adheres as a lifelong memory.

For such a beautiful instance, capturing every moment digitally is a good way to preserve those memories, but the real deal is in seizing them onto the canvas.

So decide your needs and either choose a live wedding artist or go with a custom handmade painting service to get a memorable painting.

So take your shot now!

Hey darling,

I’m glad that you’re here!

After reading this blog, I’m sure you’d be able to decide which wedding portrait artist you should commission.

Whether you find the blog useful or have something to say, you can let me know in the comment section.

We, at PortaitFlip, believe in giving the customers the best portrait and serving them with the best we can.

You can follow us on our social media




Also, check our portfolio for amazing wedding portraits below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your requirement, there are plenty of wedding portrait artists that can turn your wedding photo into a handmade painting. Some of the best services are provided by PortraitFlip and other custom painting services. You can also find relevant artists on the web and on social media websites

Live wedding portrait artists are talented painters who come to your wedding and paint a live portrait as the ceremony goes ahead. Some of the best artists are Jennie Lou, Amanda Hawthorne, Stephanie Gaffney, Maggie Smith Kuhn, and Christina Pappion. You can find many other skilled painters as well on the internet.

A wedding portrait is a handpainted portrait of your wedding day. It can be made from your wedding photograph or you can have a live artist who can paint a portrait of your wedding.

Depending upon different artists, each artist has their own way of painting a portrait. They could work with regular mediums or combine different painting techniques and styles.

The amount of time required to complete a portrait depends on many factors like the type of painting, the package that you are choosing, and the number of characters in it. Although it can take as little as 3 hours to complete a wedding portrait – some artists even take the painting to their studio for adding the final touch. In the end, it differs from artist to artist.

Although all the mediums have their own uniqueness, oil medium is generally considered for getting a custom wedding portrait. This is due to the fact that oil paintings are rich in texture and look vibrant.

Depending upon your liking, you can hang your wedding portrait in any room of your home. On a personal note, we think that hanging a wedding portrait in the room where you spend your most of time is best. It can be your living room or bedroom.

While commissioning live portrait artists can cost thousands of dollars and above, commissioning an artist to paint a painting by looking at the wedding photograph can cost above $200. Depending upon different artists, the pricing can be different.

multiple photos to painting

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