What to See When Hiring a Live Wedding Painter For Your Grand Wedding?

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There’s a lot that happens pre-wedding that sucks out your energy. 

Wedding preparations are actually overwhelming!

But it’s worth doing because who doesn’t want to say “I-do” in the most pleasing and visually captivating arrangements?

Which is why couples have started incorporating fancy stuff such as shimmery lights, vintage music, and whatnot! 

To keep the wedding ceremony on point, they’ve even started hiring a live painter who can add more energy and love to this special day.

A live wedding painter is absolutely trendy and makes a ceremony incredibly memorable and happening.

But don’t photographers and videographers do the same? 

Well, they do. But let me ask you: when was the last time you attended a wedding with a live painter painting the couple in real time?

I know the answer… 

Live paintings are a rare yet trendy thing to do at wedding ceremonies.

Family painting from different photos

Which is why couples have begun considering wedding painting, as it produces an entertaining experience!

Guests at the event even feel more connected and remain active and participative throughout the day.

Here’s a blog that teaches you what to consider when hiring a live wedding painter for your grand wedding day!

5 Considerations to Take When Finding a Live Wedding Painter

A. Budget

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Overspending isn’t a new thing at weddings. 

But we must not forget that hiring a wedding painter can be an extra burden on our finances. 

A wise decision one can make is to consider a live painter’s experiences, skillsets, and other expenses and accordingly compensate them.

One who’s reliable, exceptional, and well-experienced may charge a high bid, and if you don’t consider what you want and how much he/she is willing to provide, you end up breaking the bank.

Keep the communication clear and concise with a ceremony painter, and let them bring their best to the table.

B. Reliability

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Image: Envato Elements

You may have enough to spend on your wedding day. But it’s absolutely essential to verify the services you use and compensate them mindfully.

Before you hire a professional live painter, make sure you go through their history, past experiences, and reviews, and essentially see whether they have their own business website/channel or not. 

Remember, not having proper credentials is a red flag!

Our fast-paced world has experienced countless scams, and you never know how one can deceive you with their fake credentials. 

Ensure that the one you onboard is worth working with on your special day.

C. Artistic Style

a live wedding painter with a canvas in his hands
Image: Freepik

Live painting is a challenging task that one can undertake. 

It’s better if you know what artistic style the live painter is expert in and, more importantly, which one you want them to use to capture your wedding scenes.

Well, it’s hard to feature those who are deceased or who aren’t able to attend it. But with our compilation painting service, you can have anyone featured in a handmade painting—post-wedding. 

Going through their portfolios and comparing them with your own expectations brings more clarity and understanding of how things are going to take place on the wedding day. 

Whether you want live handmade painting made with darker colors with vigorous brush strokes or lighter colors with with more delicately used brush strokes, you must have it all clear and sorted initially. 

D. Personality 

a live wedding painter smile and pointing his finger to the viewer
Image: Freepik

Some want to work in a quiet and comfortable environment; others are extroverted souls who want to blend in with others and make them part of the process. 

It’s important to know which type of live painter you want on board. Because every live wedding artist works differently, if you don’t create an environment that suits their creativity well, they may end up producing something you wouldn’t approve of. 

Ensure that the one you hire acts on your wants—either they contribute to art while simultaneously dancing with you or sit/stand idle, perfecting their composition.

E. Availability

A live wedding painter is thinking
Image: Freepik

The schedule for live wedding painters remains tight, especially during seasons. 

If you’re planning to keep your wedding in the winter or early summer, then ensure that you check their availability. 

In most scenarios, they charge double and sometimes three or four times their regular fee since it’s a matter of availability.

On rare occasions, they merely create an outline on canvas and take the other work to their studio, adding details and colors to it later on.

It’s essential that you check their calendar and book the date accordingly.

Should You Hire a Live Wedding Painter?

Yes, you should hire a live wedding painter if you want to preserve wedding scenes in real time.

It’s fair to say that live paintings are game changers; from commemorating your wedding day to capturing sentimental moments, they add an extra layer of love and happiness to the event.

But you shouldn’t neglect the fact that it is a professional business that takes away more cash than you can ever imagine.

If you want everything on point, you need to invest in a genuine and skilled live painter rather than a rookie or wannabe live wedding artist.

But the case is far different from ours, as we charge a very small amount and produce any couple portraits from photos professionally.

a mockup of a painting made by PortraitFlip
Image: Freepik, Painting: PortraitFlip

It’s always a special gesture to have yourself or loved ones painted by professionals, whether it’s done by a live wedding painter or PortraitFlip, which promises to deliver high quality hand painted art straight to your doorstep.

Final Note

From arranging stunning lights to hosting a party, every effort contributes to making a wedding more captivating, memorable, and happening. 

However, choosing a live wedding painter is a task, but having your priorities sorted bring you closer to what you want and how you want.

The above-shared considerations help any couple to plan their wedding, and on-board the right talent who add the spark and entertainment to right amount.

Live wedding paintings are comparatively premium but there’s nothing more romantic and happening than being painted on the wedding day in real time!

But, wait… Here’s something that we’d like to offer which may satisfy your need and save some money.

We are giving 10 per cent off on our new product.


What are the five things a couple should see when hiring a live wedding painter?

A couple should see the fee, availability, artistic style, comfort, and personality when hiring a live wedding portrait painter.

Why is reliability important when selecting a live marriage painter?

As a couple, one needs to see whether a live painter provides what they offer. Since it’s the most important day in one’s life, one shouldn’t overlook a painter’s credentials and should verify whether service is valid or not.

Why should you hire a professional live artist (wedding)?

Live wedding painters creates an enriching and entertaining experience for your guests, produce art that eventually becomes keepsake, and make the wedding day even more special and memorable.

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