Best Wedding Portrait Painters For Your Big Day!

Best Wedding Portrait Painters For Your Big Day!


A day that is emotional, memorable, and, most of all, the most  favorite chapter in anyone’s life.

Many new themes have captivated today’s world, but there is one thing that will always remain a constant part of a wedding is photography.

Each person wants to capture their most precious moments in a frame that remains with them for eternity.

But photos fade with time, too. 

In the world of pictures and clicks, why not preserve your memories on canvas with beautiful colors added?

A painting that reflects your bond could be an amazing way to narrate your love story.

Beautiful idea, right?

You can have a live wedding portrait painter at the venue or a custom painting made from your old wedding photograph.

Whichever option you choose, both are equally fascinating.

Family painting from different photos

But you must be wondering: How do I hire a custom painting artist in the first place?

You need not worry because we have gathered all the resources of the best artists around the world into one blog.

Scroll down and get your favorite wedding portrait painter now!

Kinds of Wedding Portrait Painter

Before we talk about various sources, why not examine those two factors under which you could get the best wedding portrait painter?

Let’s read!

1. Custom

Custom wedding portrait painters are those who bring colors to the canvas with the wedding photographs that you provide them.

They are the talented ones who know how to add a personal touch to your painting.

This way, you can even gift a painting to the newlywed if you were not present at the ceremony.

You can also provide some extra details that you missed on your wedding day, like lilies in your picture or a love heart that enhances your portrait.

A personalized wedding painting is one of the pros when you go for a custom wedding portrait painter.

2. Live

What is a live wedding painter?

An artist who paints a portrait at the exact moment of the event is known as a live wedding portrait painter.

They are skilled artists who visit the venue and capture your live moments on canvas.

Isn’t this a beautiful concept that could be implemented on your big day?

I am sure you will love to watch your memories come to life!

Now that you know about the two options, you can shape your wedding day in whichever way you want.

In the section below, we have discussed the best custom and live wedding portrait painters. 

Filter your own choices, and may the best man win!

Best Custom Wedding Portrait Painters

Before we start with who is the best custom wedding figure artist, one thing we should consider first is the budget.

You should always be clear about what your exact cost is.

If you ask me, then a custom painting can range from $80 to $800 depending on size, medium, and characters.

Clarity about how much to invest in a painting will lead you in the right direction.

So, who are the best custom wedding portrait painters in town?

1. PortraitFlip

Picture of a couple holding wedding painting by PortraitFlip which is converted from a photo by one of the wedding portrait painter
Image: Painting by PortraitFlip

If you are looking for a painting that is as timeless as your love, then PortraitFlip is your one-stop platform.

It’s not just me; it’s also said by more than 1100 people who have left honest reviews on TrustPilot.

Free worldwide shipments, unlimited revisions, and a 100% money back guarantee make them the best in the market.

Even your wedding painting will be delivered within the next 15 days, which is literally a delivery in no-time!

The only role you play is to provide them with your wedding pictures.

But what if you couldn’t get the perfect click the way you wanted? Or is one of your loved ones missing from your big day?

Well, no worries! Their wedding portrait artist can flawlessly add elements, people or even pets  to your perfect painting that are on your wishlist.

Don’t believe me? Browse their gallery, which will make you wonder whether the things you are witnessing are really paintings or pictures.

Spotting the differences could be a little difficult because they are amazing at what they do.

Wait a minute; I haven’t disclosed the best part about them yet.

They provide different mediums to develop a painting, which means multiple options on your doorstep. Their most popular medium among customers is oil painting.

And if you don’t like what you receive, you get a full refund. I mean, there are zero reasons why someone shouldn’t go for PortraitFlip.

Why wait when you are already getting the right thing in front of your eyes?

2. Online Sellers like Etsy

The page of Etsy website when searched wedding portrait painter
Image: Etsy

You must have this name on your list, right?

When it comes to online selling, Etsy tops the list with their amazing collection of wedding portrait painter.

Just search, select, and order, and it’s done. Easy-peasy!

This C2C platform gives you a wedding sketch artist that you can commission to get your handmade portrait done.

The pros that make Etsy the best at their job are that before commissioning an artist, you get to survey the portfolio of each painter.

This way, you get to choose your personal favorite.

But on the other hand, you’ll have to do deep research before you put your money in, as it all depends on your analysis.

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3. Social Media

Three pair of hands showing the logo of social media platform that can be used for wedding portrait painter
Image: Freepik

In today’s world, people rely on verification and reviews from customers who have already undergone the process.

Well, if we say social media platforms, it is believed to be a waste of time as some things are fake.

But it’s a place of goldmine that needs to be discovered. And when I am saying this, I am speaking on behalf of people who have already found the treasure on this platform.

It’s an amazing place for socializing and even finding your best custom wedding portrait painter.

Go to the search bar and type wedding portrait painter, and you just hit the bull’s eye!

Even hashtags work as great finders on social media because they show you the results that are trending.

Numerous options appear on your screen, giving you an open field full of wedding portrait painter.

And as I said earlier, do thorough research about the artist and the feedback they have received from their customers before you move further.

creation of adam reproduction

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4. Other Wedding Portraits Website

Logo of different website that can be one of the wedding portrait painter

Just like PortraitFlip, there are other custom wedding artist sites that can turn your big day pictures into paintings.

Including PaintYourLife™, MyDaVinci, Painttru, Instapainting, and many more.

It’s obvious that you can find many options when it comes to wedding portrait artists, but there is always one who is the best among the others.

You are free to choose whichever site suits you, but if you are here, then you can order now for your wedding painting.

You can even look at PortraitFlip in comparison, where we have talked about why we are better at our jobs.

This will give you satisfaction with what you are looking for.

5 Best Live Wedding Portrait Painters

As we live in the 21st century, new ideas captivate our eyes and make us follow the new trends.

You already know what a live wedding portrait painter is, right?

The artist comes with the canvas, brushes, paints, and all the supplies they need during the work.

It’s a live painting, which means the work is done at that particular moment as the event progresses.

This makes the ceremony more interesting and attracts guests with its techniques.

I know this all is fascinating, but one question must be asked repeatedly in your mind which is how much should I pay an artist for a portrait?

Let me tell you that it depends from artist to artist, which includes their experiences and the travel cost.

A roughly reasonable price would start in the range of $1000 and can go up to $8000 depending on your requirements.

Below are some of the best live wedding painters, according to their experience.

1. Amanda Hawthrone

One of the famous wedding portrait painter Amanda Hawthrone and the art by her.
Image: Live well paint often

Amanda Hawthrone is an artist in Live Well Paint Often who paints her heart out.

She offers people the highlights of their best moments, bringing them to life on canvas.

Amanda has painted over 100 projects and has a B.F.A. in Studio Art and Art History.

She gives the option of three packages, which include silver, rose gold, and platinum, depending on different sizes and prices.

With each brush stroke, she captures the magical moments occurring in front of her eyes.

If you look into the services and pricing section, you will get an overview of what exactly she gives to their customers.

Charges: Amanda’s live wedding painting package starts from $3950 (silver package)

2. Maggie Smith Kuhn

One of the famous wedding portrait painter Maggie Smith Kuhn and the art by her.
Image: watch maggie paint

Another amazing wedding portrait painter is Maggie Smith Kuhn.

A 4 year old girl who called herself little Picasso has always been into painting and creating new imagery.

Her intense study of human figures always brings a new essence to the painting of weddings.

Watch Maggie Paint is where you can book slots for wedding portraits paintings and even observe her mind blowing expertise.

Charges: Maggie Smith Kuhn cost as per package starts from $3000

You can witness her wonderful skills in the interview below, which is a glimpse from the famous Ellen show.

3. Jennie Lou

One of the famous wedding portrait painter Jennie Lou and the art by her.
Image: Jennie Lou Art

Jennie Lou is an artist who keeps the personal touch intact in her paintings.

She creates an impressionist style that blends with the couple’s enduring love story.

Her philosophy is to make herself feel known about the painting and grant the couple intimacy through her every brush stroke.

You can find her best works at Jennie Lou Art, which gives you a view of her wide collections.

Charges: Jennie’s live wedding painting package starts at $4500, depending on the venue and availability.

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4. Stephanie Gaffney

One of the famous wedding portrait painter Stephanie Gaffney and the art by her.
Image: torregrossa fine art

Stephanie Gaffney loves to capture special moments on canvas, like couples exchanging their vows.

She makes it obvious through her work that she is passionate about what she does and has the coolest job in the world.

With vibrant colors that add life to your big day, she brings a joyful vibe to her paintings of weddings.

She carries a fun-loving personality, which is an add on to the person’s wedding.

If you want to get her dates packed with your special day, then you can definitely visit Torregrossa Fine Art.

There are some people who like their pets to be included in the wedding paintings.

Well, Stephanie also has pet portraits on her list, which is the cherry on top for people who love their pets and want to portray them in the paintings.

Charges: The prices are not mentioned on the website. You can directly connect with Stephanie about the same.

5. Kate Scrivner

One of the famous wedding portrait painter Kate Scrivner and the art by her.
Image: Kate Scrivner Art

What does a couple on their big day want?

An amazing painting from an artist that captures their love in the most romantic way.

Kate Scrivner is a live wedding painter as well as a puppy portrait artist, and she offers the most elegant portraits to the couples.

Her passion for art makes her optimistic and focused on making each piece better.

On Kate Scrivner Art, you can observe her works and the way she incorporates every little detail in her paintings.

Charges: The prices are not disclosed, but you can contact the artist through the website and talk directly to her.

I may have talked about the top five that come on the list of the best live wedding portrait painters, but there are more on the checklist that you can definitely go for.

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Which one should I choose?

Two options showing live and custom wedding portrait painter
Image: Left image is from squarespace; Right image is from mockup: freepik and painting: PortraitFlip

Now you have a clear view of what custom and live wedding portrait painters are and how they work.

Both have their pros and cons, but here’s something you can do:

Go for a custom wedding portrait when:

  • You want to add some extra details to your paintings.
  • The ceremony has already happened.
  • You want to preserve your old pictures.
  • You have a desire for different mediums such as oil, watercolor, charcoal, and more.
  • You want a budget-friendly painting.

Go for a live wedding painter when:

  • You want to capture the exact live moments.
  • You want to experience live painting at your wedding.
  • You want to have a portrait at the exact moment.

Always work according to the budget and the checklist you have when it comes to commissioning the wedding portrait painter.

Author’s Note

Everyone has a perfect plan for how their wedding day will be.

A digital way is great to capture the moments, but when it comes to something creative, a picture placed on canvas sounds like a cool way to frame your beautiful time.

I have tried to deliver all the information about the wedding portrait painter in this blog; now it’s your turn to move forward with the best man.

I am pretty sure that you have already made up your mind after reading this blog.

If you have any questions regarding the wedding portrait painter, feel free to write them in the comments.

Get your wedding day painting that gives meaning to your love and bond!


What are some of the best wedding portrait artists?

Some of the best services are provided by PortraitFlip and other custom painting services. You can also find relevant artists on the web and on social media websites

What is a wedding portrait painting?

A wedding portrait is a hand painted portrait of your wedding day. It can be made from your wedding photograph or you can have a live artist who can paint a portrait of your wedding.

How much time does a live wedding portrait artist take to paint?

The amount of time required to complete a portrait depends on many factors like the type of painting, the package that you are choosing, and the number of characters in it. Although it can take as little as 3 hours to complete a wedding portrait – some artists even take the painting to their studio for adding the final touch. In the end, it differs from artist to artist.

Which is the best medium to get a custom wedding portrait?

Any medium could be best for painting a wedding, but oil painting is the most popular among customers.

Are live artists at weddings more costly than custom wedding portrait artists?

Well, the answer may depend on artist to artist, but if we look at the graph, the live artist at a wedding is expensive (including their travel expenses) as compared to the custom wedding painters.

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