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People say that the highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage. It doesn’t matter what, It is with the wedding that a never-ending story is woven into memories for a lifetime. Convert these memories into a Handmade Wedding Painting from photo.

Why Get A Wedding Painting From Photo?

  • Gifting a Wedding Painting will always remind the couple of the day they joined hands to walk a journey together.
  • Not just Anniversaries or Valentines, Wedding Paintings can be a great gift even on your partner’s Birthdays or Christmas.
  • Wedding Paintings also serve as a wonderful piece of home décor especially for your bedroom. The sweet spot for love!
  • Don’t miss a loved one on your special day with our Merged Photo Service.
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What Else Do We Offer?

We have a few fantastic customization services that you can avail free of cost for your Wedding Painting:

  • Add A Message:

A Handmade Wedding Painting has the power to speak significant emotions, but a painting with a message can be wonderful way to say something you always wanted to. With PortraitFlip, this customization comes at no costs. All you have to do is leave your message in the “suggestion for painter” box and we will have it incorporated in your Wedding Portrait.

  • Add A Date:

It is silly of your husband to forget your Anniversary. But we know how he can escape that. Get the date of your special day added to your Wedding Painting. Do not forget to leave the date of your marriage in the suggestion box.
Now if your husband forgets your anniversary in spite of this, God give him power. 😂

  • Merge Multiple Photos into A Merged Portrait:

To make your day a special memory, PortraitFlip provides a service to merge characters from multiple photos into one Wedding Painting. Be it a family that has left too early, or a friend who couldn’t make it to the wedding, we can do it all.
Send the images and we will take care of perfect memory.

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People wait for this day to be perfect, and what would be better than giving a memory of their perfect day. So, PortraitFlip is offering FLAT 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE when you use the coupon OFF10 during checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions:

PortraitFlip provides a variety of Wedding Painting Ideas but if your friend likes things out-of-the-box, you can go for a Royal Oil Portrait.
It a service that lets you place the head of the subject on the body of a King, Queen, Superhero (you name it). Royal Oil Portraits are a wonderful way to humour the couple’s married life and give them something to laugh on together.

Our Merged Portrait Service allows our customers to compile characters from different photos into one organic Wedding Portrait.
While placing the order, feel free to share multiple photos of your spouse’s father for our artist to pick the best one. We will have it compiled together and send you a photoshop preview within 2-3 days of placing the order.
At this point, you can either suggest changes or approve the design to begin the painting process.

Yes, PortraitFlip offers unlimited revisions at no cost. The Wedding Artwork will be sent to you only after you approve the final rendition.

Don’t worry, our professional artists can convert old, tattered photos into a wonderful piece of Wedding Portrait. We also add color to black and white photos just how you like it.
You can either mention your requirements in the suggestion for painter’s box or let us know the details via email. We will execute and ship the artwork only when you approve of it.

I hope we could resolve most of your concerns. If not, you can chat with us from the widget placed at the bottom left, or drop an email at [email protected].


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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!