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Let your pet’s personality be nourished on canvas with a Royal Pet Portraits. Each pet is unique and so are PortraitFlip’s artistic hands, who bring their true essence to life.

Commission Pet Royal Portraits to eternalize the kings and queens of your life. Benefits: Unlimited Revisions & Free Shipping Worlwide!


Why Get A Royal Pet Portrait From Photo?

  • A Renaissance pet portrait from photo can be a thoughtful and humorous gift on Pet’s Birthday, or Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.
  • Hanging a Royal Pet Portrait on the walls of your home not only reflects the fun side of your pet but will also add a dash of comedy to your living spaces.
  • You can use our Merged Portrait Service to compile pets from different photos and create an entire Kingdom of pets.
  • Royal Pet Portraits can be wonderful pet memorial gifts to heal a grieving pet parent.
  • Renaissance Dog or Royal Cat Portraits can be a unique gift for Pet Parents too.

Pet Royal Portrait

Portrait of a cat dressed as a Policeman

The Sheriff

Portrait of a dog as the admiral

The General

Portrait of a dog as a princess

Victorian Princess

Portrait of two dogs placed together as step brothers poster

Step Brother

Portrait of a cat in queen’s outfit

Royal Queen

Portrait of a dog in astronaut’s outfit

Space Traveler

Portrait of a bulldog in general’s outfit

Duke Prince

Portrait of a cat dressed as the ambassador


The Mistresses

The Mistress

Sassy Queen

The Sergeant

The Sergeant

Choose Your Own Design

Next, Let Us Create A Royal Pet Portrait


Order Placed ✅

Just add your number of pets, size of canvas and the medium that you want us to use (we personally suggest Oil Pet Portrait).
Pay a 30% deposit and get started.

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Step 2:

Digital Customization 🖥

Our designers will work on the digital customization of the painting. From adding the body the fits right with your pet to making changes to the appearance, everything happens on this step. At this point, you can either request changes or approve it for painting.

Step 3:

The Painting Begins! 🎨

Painting begins after you approve the digital design. Our artists carefully handpaint your portrait to perfection. This process takes 8-15 days as per your selected service (Free Delivery or Express Service).

Step 4:

Your Painting is Ready 🖼

Your Happiness Manager will send you the preview of your Pet Royal Portrait as soon as it is ready. You can either suggest changes, or approve it for Shipping.

Step 5:

Final Payment and Shipping 🛳

If you have not yet paid the 70% of your remaining balance, complete it and we will start the shipping process for your Royal Pet Portrait.

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What Else Do We Offer?

To make your Royal Pet Portrait Unique, here are a few free customizations:

  • Include Attire Of Your Choice

PortraitFlip understands how every pet reflects a different personality and a general attire may not suit them. We are open to suggestions and would love to dress your pet according to your choice of attire.

It can be anything from a Knight’s Shining Armor to Superman with his cape. You name it and we will do it without any additional charges.

  • Face Swap

Have you ever wondered how interesting it would be if you could see the face of your dog on your body? Because our Face Swap feature allows you to do so. With this feature, you can swap the heads of your pet with the body of any other being.

It may look a bit out of the box but it is totally worth a laugh.

  • Merge Multiple Photos into A Compilation Cat Portrait:

Getting all your pets together in a frame for a purr-fect photograph can be a task. But with PortraitFlip, there isn’t anything to worry. All you have to do is send us photos of all your pets and we will club them together into a single Royal Pet Portrait.

This feature attracts no extra cost.

Click to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

PortraitFlip can make Renaissance Pet Art and that too in the most economical prices. All you have to do is send us the picture of your pet along with the image of the royal cloth you want it to wear. The rest shall be taken care of!

What if I told you that PortraitFlip would do this customization for you at no additional cost. Just pay for the number of pets, size of the canvas and the medium of painting. We will convert the picture into art as a complementary service. Be it a Cat Royal Portrait or Dog Royal Portrait, PortraitFlip has your back!

Yes, we paint a Royal Pet Portrait in a custom size of your choice. Choose the closest size to your choice of portrait size while placing the order and leave your customization in the “suggestion for painter” box. We will take care of the rest.

Yes, we can reach you within 18 days. All you have to do is checkout with our Express Service and mention the date you want your Royal Pet Portrait by. This way, we will get your artwork painted on priority and reach you through expedited shipping.

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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!