Replace Face In Paintings

Add a little spice to your life by using PortraitFlip’s Replace Face feature to paint your face on the body of your favorite hero, heroine, character or even cartoon.

Replace My Face

How To Use Our Face Replace Feature?

  • Click on the button “Replace My Face”.
    a. Place your order with Custom Human Portraits.
    b. While uploading the photo, upload your photo and the photo of the famous person you want us to use.
  • You can also write to us with your choice at [email protected] and we will have a dedicated manager assigned to you.
  • If have any queries regarding this service, you can use our 24×7 live chat support to help you with the order.

With our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and such a beautiful way to portray ourselves, waiting longer will not be a good decision.

Replace The Face In Paintings

Have your face put on the body of your favorite icon.

We all, at least once in a lifetime, have wanted to be a part of either a movie seen or the face of a famous painting. Reality is far away from our wants but that is why imagination exists.

So PortraitFlip brings you the opportunity to be your favorite icon with its Replace Face feature!

Replace your face with the body of the most famous characters from movies, art, or the past.

When Go For Replace Face Feature In Custom Paintings?

  • Face Replacements can be an unconventional gift for a friend’s Birthday or Anniversary.
  • Replace Face Feature will always make you laugh whenever you see it kept beside your table.
  • Custom Replace Face Paintings can also be a great conversation starter especially when you are running out of topics.
  • You can also put your face on Famous paintings to be the masterpiece you always wanted to be.

We would love to see your face on the body of a famous superstar!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, all we need is your photo and the photo or the name of the old iconic painting. The rest of the face replacement will be done by our designers.

Yes, we can definitely put your face in a scene from a movie and paint it for you. While uploading the photos, make sure you send us a photo of the scene too. Please do not worry, the painting will only begin after you approve the design.

Face replaced paintings’ prices depend on the size and number of characters. You can check out our pricing here.