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If there is any achievement in life that is worthiest, then it would be Graduation. All the those all-nighters and continuous shots of coffee is not for nothing. Cherish the hard-work that a graduate has put into accomplishing the biggest milestone with a Graduation Painting.

The most important thing for students who graduate every year is the memories that they make. Don’t let these memories while away in a flick of a moment. Graduation Paintings are not just a mere graduation gift but a symbol of memories that they will always remember.!

Why Get A Graduation Painting?

  • A Graduation Painting can be a great gift for a recent graduation.
  • The graduation cap is the sign of Freedom of Scholarship. A Graduation Cap Painting will definitely be a thoughtful way of congratulating your close ones for achieving it.
  • Our Compilation Portrait Service can also include missing family members from a Graduation Portrait. It serves as a thoughtful gift for graduates who lost their family members before they graduated.
  • You can create a Memorial Graduation Painting for parents who never got the chance of seeing their children in cap and gown due to sudden mishaps. It often means a lot to them.
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How To Make The Graduation Painting Better?

It would not be very thoughtful to just take a photo and get a painting made out of it. Of course, it is going to look like you have not put in any efforts into getting a graduation gift. Make it unique by customizing the Graduation Portrait.

  • Get A Graduation Cap Painting:

It is a tradition to gift a graduation cap painting to recent graduates. Choose what you want to write on the graduation cap and place an order with us. We will for sure make the best painting possible. A Graduation gift that will always remain the very symbol of the person’s scholarly achievement. (Note – The painting will be on a canvas and not the actual Graduation Cap).

  • Add A Missing Loved One

You cannot always have all your loved ones around you to celebrate your achievements. But with our Merged Portraits, you can definitely feel like they were a part of it. If loved one couldn’t be a part of your Graduation, just send us their photo and we will create a painting that will look like they were always there!

  • Recreate A Memory

Life is not always fair. Sometimes, you have to deal with sudden loss of loved ones. If you know somebody who always wanted to see their children in a cap and gown but never could, this is your chance to get a surprise for them. Commission a Graduation Painting and recreate a memory that they thought was never possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A handmade Graduation painting can be a good idea for a graduation gift. It is a gift that lasts forever and will always remind the person of their biggest achievement.

Yes, we can make a person wear graduation attire in the painting. Just send us the kind of attire that you want us to use and we will have it incorporated in your Graduation Painting.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Place your order with Compilation Portrait and make sure to upload pictures of your son and your father. Let us know the exact appearance in the “suggestion box” and we will take care of the rest. Voila, a Graduation Painting of your dreams will be delivered to you within 2 weeks!

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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!