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The Mona Lisa Painting: The Art Shrouded By Undiscovered Stories

The Mona Lisa painting

What’s the first name that comes to mind when you hear the word “famous painting”? Anyone would say the Mona Lisa painting. The art piece is popular for its enigmatic features, composition, controversy, and whatnot! The famous Mona Lisa painting was created by none other than the Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci, who spent nearly […]

Luncheon of the Boating Party: The Jewel of the Phillips Collection

the cover photo of luncheon of the boating party

Who painted the Luncheon of the Boating Party? The French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted the Luncheon of the Boating Party.  Luncheon of the Boating Party is a painting by Renoir of which you would want to be a part as there’s scrumptious food, imported drinks, music, a cold breeze, and whatnot! It’s just like a […]

Dogs Playing Poker: Why Canines Are Featured With Cigars & Beer?

a cover photo of dogs playing poker

Can a group of various dog breeds sit and hang out like humans?  Maybe, not. Through art, it can be possible. Actually, through imagination, everything is possible.  This thought seemed to be taken seriously by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, as he has produced 18 sketches of dogs for the series Dogs Playing Poker.  Each painting in […]

Harlem Renaissance: An Era Of African-American’s Triumph & Accomplishments

the cover photo of Harlem Renaissance

(Disclaimer: The word “black people” or “negro” is used to give readers clarity on certain subjects. We’re not meant to hurt or mock any race, creed, or group) Black people are unsung heroes, brave souls, somebody who is loyal and hardworking. They are significant and prominent contributors who also changed the views of the world […]

12 Surrealist Paintings That Inspire The Artists Of The 21st Century!

12 Surrealist Paintings That Inspire The Artists Of The 21st Century!

Surrealism, the most popular movement of the 20th century, produced countless artworks. Those paintings mainly depicted landscapes, dreamlike visuals, collage images, and others that had their roots in the theory of psychoanalysis. Among all, the biggest contributors were famous painters—Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Andre Breton—who also served as inspirational sources for other movements’ artists. […]

Claude Monet’s Paintings That Changed His Trajectory

Famous Claude Monet Paintings

What was Claude Monet famous for?  Claude Monet was known for his famous beach paintings and intense artworks. Claude Monet was someone who experienced fame, love, and money when he hit the golden age of his life. Throughout his life, he moved from one country to another in search of inspiration, livelihood, and experiences. The […]

11 Famous Cubist Paintings That Show Transition In The Movement

The cover photo of 11 cubist paintings

Why is Cubism the most influential movement of the 20th century? The reason is its influence over artists from other popular movements. Although the movement saw roots in the works of Post Impressionist Artists, its principles, values, and painting styles were unique and beyond one’s imagination. Dozens of painters have contributed to the movement, producing […]

12 Renaissance Artists Who Revived The Ancient Greek And Roman Ideas 

the cover photo of 12 renaissance artists

The phenomenon known as the Renaissance brought massive change to the social and cultural aspects of Europe in the 14th century. The ancient ideas, philosophy, culture, and traditions of Greece and Rome were revived when the Renaissance art movement came into existence. “Renaissance,” which means rebirth, produced a plethora of artists who made it big […]

13 Mexican Artists Who Fought Against Odds To Elevate The Mexican Art Community

the cover photo of mexican artists

Mexican art and culture are rich and diverse. It has significance in Latin America as well as in European countries. Thanks to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who built a platform where aspiring Mexican artists showcased their talents.  Frida and Diego’s works helped Mexican art progress beyond boundaries and acquire a special status in the […]

All About Surrealism & Its Influence On Modern-Day Painters

Andre Breton was a Dadaist and a mad follower of Sigmund Freud’s work in psychoanalysis. His decision to begin working on several eccentric concepts was a result of his exploration of Freud’s work. According to Andre, rational thoughts have their own significance in the art world.  However, change is inevitable when one goes beyond its […]