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13 Famous Artists of Japan Whose Stories Will Inspire You!

13 famous artists of japan

Painters, art critics, and professionals from other countries admire Japanese artists for several reasons.  Japanese artists have largely contributed to the world of art. And they discovered various art styles which are performed in western countries as well. A few Japanese artists have made it to the top; not only did they inspire generations in […]

12 Famous Paintings Of Jesus That Reveal Christ’s History!

12 famous paintings of Jesus

When words fail art speaks. That’s why there are dozens of Jesus Christ artworks that display his integrity, sacrifices, and spiritual aspects—which are worth millions of dollars.  Thanks to the artists from the Renaissance—who made several Jesus paintings that translated his story into art. Not only do they display his deepest purpose but they also […]

6 Dog Room Decor Ideas That’ll Make A Friendly Enclave For Your Pet!

Dog room decor ideas

Home is where your four-legged friend is.  You’ll either find him drooling over the edge of the couch or sleeping at the back of the bed. No matter whether he’s his separate beddings or pillows, he’ll end up stretching on your bed.  However, that doesn’t conclude that he doesn’t require his own dog room. Just […]

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

History Of Painting: Brief Introduction To Western, Eastern, & American Art

This is an attempt to take you back to the time when artifacts and artworks were created by pre-historic artists.  The history of painting is a vast subject that consists of various famous art movements, cultures, painting styles, and the origin of the painting. We’ve covered these aspects as well as others that include interesting […]

55+ Modern Home Decor Ideas That Can Enliven Your Space [2022 List]

55+ modern home decor ideas

This is a complete guide to modern home decor… From living space to entryway, we’ve shared 55+ practical ways to help you style or redesign a house of your choice! The best interior designers in the world had a lot to share about modern house decoration. But the fact is the modern decor idea that […]

25 “Just Because” Gifts That’ll Make Them Feel Loved (2022)

Win your favorite ones’ hearts by gifting one of these “Just Because” gifts. “Just Because” gifts are my favorite kind of gifts. The kind of gifts that barely need any reason to be given. Whether you’re planning to surprise your girlfriend or express gratitude to the savior of your life, these spontaneous gifts are perfect […]

11 Iconic Artists Of Cubism With Their Phenomenal Contribution To Art History

11 remarkable artists of Cubism

Cubism was the most influential movement in the 20th century which took a revolutionary shift in approach to creating art.  It was invented by iconic artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who inspired the whole next generation.  The progress of this movement dragged artists of other movements including Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Berlin Secession, […]

41 Gifts For A New Mother That Can Make Her Motherhood Journey Easier

41 gifts for a new mother

Postpartum is a life-altering experience.  For a new mother, it’s not easy to function smoothly in this uncharted territory.  However, you can gift something that can make this motherhood journey easier. I know, it’s quite intimidating to buy the best gift for a new mother—something that she can accept with open hands. BUT,  Here’s the […]

23 Paintings In The Louvre That’ll Convince You To Visit The Museum!

23 Paintings In The Louvre [Best Artwork In Paris Museum]

What comes to your mind when you hear or read about The Louvre Museum?  The permanent house of the Mona Lisa? Perhaps a sophisticated residence for all the finest artworks ever made in the history of art? You may recognize it for different reasons. But you know there is a lot to explore in the […]

Here’s What to Know About Picking a Home Decor Painting

home decor painting on a living room wall

You need a home decor painting to make that wall look better than ever.  A piece that can add interest, personality, and emotions to your walls.  Mounting a home decor painting offers several perks.  Before I share them with you, let me show you how a home decor painting will look if you mount it.  […]