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24 Creative Hobbies That’ll Keep You Entertained and Productive

Creative hobbies cover

You can do better things in life to witness joy than mindlessly scroll through Instagram and stalk people online. Literally, this sucks your energy out, leaving you a lazy and unproductive person by the end of the day. You’re stuck! And it’s imperative that you leave this routine behind and focus more on what’s important […]

Understanding Space Element of Art and Its Four Types

Space plays an integral role in the art creation process. Even the slightest change in space can impact the dynamics of art. The way you comprehend art and later visualize it in your mind can be influenced by just a few modifications. If you look at Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s art, you’ll understand how brilliantly […]

Vet Clinic Designs: 5 Tips On Selecting Vet Clinic Layout

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Building a vet clinic on your own is no less than a big achievement. But setting up a vet clinic without taking a few things into consideration can give you nightmares for weeks. Unplanned and improper decision-making may put your dream in jeopardy, and you may end up losing your patients and eventually your business.  […]

Henri’s Woman with a Hat: What’s the Controversy Behind It?

a cover photo of woman with a hat painting

Doesn’t Woman with a Hat look like the most enthralling artwork? It does, right? Bright, contrasting colors and the subject being beautifully portrayed add a wow factor to its composition. But do you know it caused a stir at the Paris exhibition in 1905? Which made it face rejection with a heavy dose of remarks […]

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog: The Most Underappreciated Work of Romanticism

The cover photo of Wanderer above the sea of fog

Over 33 popular historical and fictional books have used Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog as their cover. Isn’t it a big milestone? Even if it is, you’ll be surprised to know that Caspar’s Wanderer art never received attention or massive praise from critics when its artist was alive. It was overlooked and purposely kept […]

Viking Art: Knowing The Tragic Backstory of Norse Art

History has been unkind to Viking art. I know it’s a harsh yet strong statement. But it’s true.  We’ve always overlooked the creations of Vikings.  All we do is pay attention to their animal carvings and stone art and feed our perceptions that are historically untrue. It is true that they were barbaric, violent, and […]

Illusionism Art: An Overview of Most Deceptive Form of Art

What if I told you that art is not just meant to take you through the artist’s mind; it is also meant to trick you—sometimes to manipulate you without any harm! Every piece of art ever made in history has either demonstrated scenes the artist was part of or come from his/her mind. But there […]

What is Fresco Painting: Ancient Mural Art That Boomed in Renaissance!

A cover photo of fresco painting

Here’s an ultimate guide to fresco painting, which evolved significantly with time and influenced geniuses like Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci. Look at some magnificent fresco paintings by these Renaissance artists. The Last Judgement, The Last Supper, The School of Athens, and others, which were made with the utmost care and affection, were actually […]

Indian Art: An Overview of India’s Diversified Art History

You may like it or not, but oftentimes we hear people crediting the Mughals or Britishers for the development of India’s art culture. It’ll be inappropriate, unreasonable, and invalid to wholly credit the Mughals or Britishers for India’s rich and vast art history. Of course, they introduced some painting techniques and styles to Indian art. […]

Psychedelic Art (A Guide To 1960’s Most Popular Trippy Art)

If you look at any psychedelic artwork, you’ll see a composition full of bright, contrasting colors and distorted images—something that’s messy, unorganized, and chaotic! But why on earth would anybody make such a type of art? The answer lies in its vast and mysterious history, which made the psychedelic art movement come into existence and […]