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12 Famous Self-Portraits Every Art Lover Should Know!

Famous self portraits cover photo

Self-portraits have existed since antiquity but gained relevance in the early 15th century. Thanks to all those geniuses who believed in this art and who, with every possible means, expressed their hearts out. From Vincent Van Gogh to Frida Kahlo to Pablo Picasso to Jan Van Eyck, nearly all the artists who made it big […]

11 Rococo Paintings (Art That Made French Rococo Popular)

A cover photo of 11 rococo paintings

Countless pieces of rococo art were made. Some touched the doors of renowned galleries and museums, while others remained an heirloom of art patrons. Before I present to you the most popular rococo paintings, let me give you a brief explanation of how it all started. Let’s learn what happened in European art in the […]

Watercolor vs. Acrylic: Is Watercolor Better than Acrylics?

Knowing which medium does what and which surface goes well with it makes you a better painter. Today’s debate is on watercolor vs. acrylics. It isn’t debate, actually, it’s comparison, although they share similar qualities in a bunch of areas. If you ask me which medium is better, I’d say acrylics, but I’d also say […]

10 Famous Angel Paintings: Glorifying Biblical Scenes!

Over hundreds of artworks were made depicting angels. Most of them belonged to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as angels play a key role in conveying God’s message to their respective prophets. But the ones that’ve conquered the hearts of millions and are predominantly spoken about on the internet belonged to art patrons who practice Christianity. […]

Chinese Art: Learn How Imperialism Shaped Chinese Art History

How we see Chinese art in today’s world is inherently different from ancient times. It’s more diverse, vast, and evolving than ever before.  But did you know Chinese art evolved, transformed, and moved beyond boundaries during Chinese imperialism? If Zhou, Qin, and the Han Dynasties hadn’t existed, China wouldn’t probably have seen advancement in its […]

Function of Art: Exploring Purpose of Art in Life

Cover photo of function of art

Art isn’t only about creativity; it is about everything! What we’ve seen, what we’ve heard, and what we’ve sensed—art has literally covered every aspect of our lives. Art came to the rescue when humans didn’t even know how to speak. It served as a tool to communicate, to learn, and to leave evidence for future […]

Repetition in Art: Understand the Science Behind Art Repetition!

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The commonality between the world’s famous artworks—The House of Parliament (Sunset), The Milkmaid, and Starry Night over the Rhone—is that they show the characteristics of repetition. What does that mean? In Claude Monet’s painting, you’ll see the same color used for the sky and the river. That means there’s color harmony, something that  is common […]

Emphasis in Art: Understanding Emphasis from Artist’s Lens

A well-qualified and experienced artist knows the importance of emphasis in art.  Without emphasis, your art will never leave an indelible mark on viewers’ minds. Viewers seeing your composition and not paying enough attention to subjects, points, or specific areas where you expect them to is disappointing! It feels like something has gone wrong. It […]

Value in Art: Understanding the Role of Value as an Art Element

Whether you’re planning to compose art or curious to know why some artworks are made with different color combinations, let me tell you you’re on the right page, as we’re here to discuss the role and importance of value in art. As we all know, there are seven art elements of art—value having the most […]

What is Mural Painting? Types of Mural Art and Its Importance

what is mural painting

The art that you see on the subway, on the street walls, or in parks is nothing but a kind of mural. Mural art has existed since prehistoric times, and every renowned painter has at least created one or two murals in their lifetime. As time moved on, murals lost their significance. But due to […]