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13 Famous Artists of Japan Whose Stories Will Inspire You!

13 famous artists of Japan

We mainly talk about Japan’s rich culture and traditions. But we barely discuss Japanese artists, who innovated several painting styles and techniques. Who enlightened millions of people, who endorsed and also wonderfully portrayed Japanese history and customs in their art. Despite discovering art styles that even Westerners follow, these Japanese artists didn’t get their due […]

PortraitFlip vs. Instapainting: Which One to Choose?

A cover photo of PortraitFlip vs Instapainting

What if I told you that you could get the best custom paintings from these two services, which have been dominating the photo to painting market? Yes, you heard that right. PortraitFlip and Instapainting are two companies that produce and deliver the finest pieces of art, whether you want a custom family portrait, a pet […]

The Beauty Of Choosing The Best Medium For Your Portraits

best medium for portraits featured image

We can’t expect a painter who is proficient in oil art to be excellent with the watercolor medium. Every artist is unique. Some prefer charcoal medium, some colored-pencil, and some other types of paint mediums.  For an artist, it is important to know which painting medium he/she is good at so they can make more […]

25 “Just Because” Gifts That’ll Make Them Feel Loved (2024)

Just because gifts

Win your favorite ones’ hearts by gifting one of these “Just Because” gifts. “Just Because” gifts are my favorite kind of gifts. The kind of gifts that barely need any reason to be given. Whether you’re planning to surprise your girlfriend or express gratitude to the savior of your life, these spontaneous gifts are perfect […]

40 Famous Abstract Paintings: Interpreting The Artist’s Reality

Cover of famous abstract paintings

The word “abstract” means something that is theoretical in nature.  It’s not meant to look stunning but to deliver a message to the viewer. To an ordinary eye, it might seem vague and incomplete. That is because of the absence of a subject, which makes it unapologetically hypothetical. One of the main philosophies of abstract […]

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners: 5 Proven Steps To Master Your Skill

Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners 5 Proven Steps To Master Your Skill

Despite being an amateur, you can make paintings like this… Also this. …this too However, you’ll require some tools, supplies, and importantly, the right technique through which you can make this happen. This is why we’ve decided to write this blog to explain to you the nitty-gritty of acrylic paintings.  What you just saw were […]

17 Female Painters: The Anonymous Contributors To The Art World

Frida khalo's photo on the cover photo of female painters

We think that it was only men who created the world’s most famous artworks. Look at The Starry Night, Salvator Mundi, or the Mona Lisa painting, for that matter!  One thing that is common between them is that their creators were men. Does that mean women from traditional times were incapable of accomplishing great heights? […]

49 Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts That’ll Impress Everyone In Your Life! 

I know it’s hard to find the best secret Santa gifts for friends and family members whom you see every day!  And it’s even harder to shop for a coworker who sits four desks away from you. However, gift-giving is a tradition on Christmas Day. And one needs to give a present to make the […]

75+ Cheap Gifts For Christmas That Look Lavish [2024 List]

A girl is smiling and opening the gifts which she received on Christmas day.

It’s pointless if you’re getting expensive Christmas gift ideas after searching for ‘cheap gifts for Christmas’.  Most bloggers have covered this topic with the aim of showing the best cheap Christmas gifts.  But they have missed sharing those Christmas gifts that are inexpensive.  You will find 50+ cheap Christmas gifts on their websites. But most […]