40+ Amazing Dog Birthday Gifts That’ll Make  Your Furry Friend Go Crazy!

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Have you ever wondered why dogs are called man’s best friend? They are because of their loyalty, friendliness, and loving nature towards humans. 

Their wagging tails and enchanting eyes signify the level of excitement they have for their human friends. 

They are indeed very close to our heart, which is why their birthday means a lot to dog parents like us. 

Their paw-some moments such as dog birthdays deserve epic celebrations. 

And Dog birthday gifts are just the right things to increase the speed of their wagging tails.

However, your pooch might not be very choosy in this case, but you just want to give them the most precious gift of all time. 

My dear pet lovers, I have handpicked some of the most unique, valuable and inexpensive dog birthday gifts for your furry friends. 

20 General Dog Birthday Gifts 

1. Dog birthday cookie box 

A pack of different shaped white and blue colored cookies for dogs on a white background as dog birthday gifts.
 Image source: countryliving.com

There are two things that dogs love the most: Their companions and treats.

So how about a box full of delicious and colorful treats? 

Gift a cookie box to your doggo and witness the truest joy appear in their eyes. 

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2. Interactive dog treat puzzle 

A light blue colored dog treat puzzle with an orange button in center, a dog and a cat sitting in the bottom left corner with some pet food sprinkled beside them on a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com

Dogs also tend to overthink like humans. They might lose their natural temperament and feel exhausted quite often. 

Well, mental simulation is a remedy and precaution for situations like these. An interactive treat puzzle allows the dog to explore its senses to fetch a treat.   

Surprise your fur-baby with one of the most valuable dog birthday gifts and feel loved always. 

3. Dog water bottle 

A brown and white colored sitting with it's mouth open and a human hand in front of it with a water bottle cap. There's a water bottle kept in front of the dog and 4 bottles kept on the bottom left corner.
Image source: Amazon.com

Going for a trek? Why don’t you take your fur-ball along with you? Dogs love to explore new places with their owners. 

They might get tired running around and feel thirsty. With this dog water bottle you can conveniently quench their thirst, trekking mountains or camping lakeside. 

4. Monthly subscription box for dogs

A cardboard box containing 2 soft toys and 2 pink and purple colored cards behind them on a white background with BARK written on the box kept as dog birthday gifts.
Image source-menshealth.com

Dogs often get bored of their toys. You might’ve noticed, your good boy is not interested in that chew bone anymore. 

Here’s an absolutely genius idea: Get a monthly subscription dog birthday box for your pup. New and trendy toys every month will keep their mood and attention uplifted. 

It will save you the hassle of visiting the pet store every other day and make your pooch fall in love with these spectacular dog birthday gifts. 

5. Organic shampoo for dogs 

A bottle of 4 legger shampoo with a black cap on a white background kept as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Dogs are fun loving and energetic beings. If you take them near a pile of mud, your white husky might turn brown in minutes. 

Apart from that, some dogs hate bathing. However, if in future you find your doggo in such a situation, you can probably use this organic and dog-friendly shampoo

This can make the best dog birthday present, keeping budget in mind. 

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6. Nerf tennis ball blaster 

A blue and orange colored nerf gun with 3 different colored tennis balls beneath it on a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com

No matter how large or small, how young or old your dog is, he’ll enjoy this fetch game. 

Get this tennis ball blaster by Nerf for your retriever. Let their energy blast with the ball. 

7. Pupcorn and cookies bday pack 

Two packets of popcorn for dogs and 3 treats kept on a red packing material on a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: countryliving.com

Planning a binge watch with your friends? Don’t forget essential supplies such as soft drinks, graham crackers and of course, popcorn. 

Next time, when you plan on watching your dog’s favorite movie “Air buddies” with him, get a pack of pupcorn and cookies ready for movie night. 

Let him munch on these yummy snacks while spending quality time with you. 

8. Birthday cake biscuits 

A white packet with birthday cake written on it in pink color kept on a light pink background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: boccesbakery.com 

Birthdays are full of delicious and aromatic treats. Freshly baked biscuits can make anyone drool for sure. 

Since our doggos cannot consume what we eat, we can consider baking a dog birthday cookies and biscuits. 

I’m certain your dog will drool and nuzzle you for some more snacks. Tell me what else can be better than these dog birthday gifts?

9. Dog birthday cake kit 

A dog eating a cake from a table while sitting on a girl's lap in an outdoor setting. The dog and the girl both are wearing birthday caps.
Image source: Envato.com

Cakes are indispensable parts of birthday celebrations. Be it your birthday, your girlfriends or your furry friends birthday, cakes are very prominent.

Cakes symbolize completion of a milestone. It’s a special occasion for our furry friends that they’ve come all this way. Get a special birthday cake kit for dogs. 

Bake love for them and do not let them miss out on any special moment. This dog birthday cake kit is a fair contender for one of the best dog birthday gifts. 

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10. Funky Dog costume 

A dog wearing a black fur jacket, black goggles, a pearl necklace and a white and black check t-shirt sitting on white fur.
 Image source: Envato.com

Is your fur ball a heartthrob? He steals all the attention of the room!  

Let’s add a bit more style to his statement. Gift a funky costume to your doggo and just watch how they turn into “Mr. Steal your girl”. 

11. Chilly penguin treat toy 

A blue colored plastic penguin shaped toy with a star shaped opening in the center kept in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Wet treats can create a real mess, sometimes. Voila! This chilly penguin is here folks! This dog birthday gift would definitely cheer up your pup.   

Just fill the toy with your dog’s favorite gravy treat and freeze it for a while. Now, your pup can enjoy his favorite wet treat without spoiling the sofa anymore. 

12. Dog frisbee toy 

A black and white colored dog running  on grass with a blue colored frisbee in it's mouth.
Image source: Envato.com

Ever wondered what’s the easiest way to your dog’s heart? Just go out and play with him. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Get your doggo a frisbee as a birthday present and spend some great time with your pooch. 

“All they demand is your love and affection”. 

13. Comfy collar 

Four different and comfortable dog collars kept on each other in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: pennylark.com

Keeping the collar on for a long time might irritate your puppy. However, it cannot be avoided in situations such as traveling, potty training and walking. 

The collar needs to be there on the puppy’s neck to keep it safe with you.  

This name-day, surprise your dog with this comfy collar, it’ll not only remove the discomfort but also make it easy for you to put a collar on your pup whenever he requires it. 

14. Glowing dog safety collar

A black dog wearing a glowing green colored collar looking upwards.
Image source: Amazon.com

Is your pup a night owl and likes to roam around in your backyard till late hours? 

Nevertheless, there are a few risks associated with late night wandering such as road accidents. 

A glowing safety collar will decrease the chances of any road accident in case your doggo  jumps over the hedge in search of a little extra adventure. 

Get one of these for your fun-loving doggo on his birthday. 

15. Dog treat maker 

A black colored dog treat maker with 8 treats baked inside it kept on a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

As I mentioned earlier, treats make up for almost everything in a dog’s world. 

What if you’re able to prepare new and flavorful treats for your furry friend regularly? Sounds cool right! 

This treat maker is one of the perfect dog birthday gifts for your fur ball. Make your pup drool everyday with a variety of mouth-watering treats. 

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16. Hide a squirrel interactive dog toy 

A soft toy with 3 squirrels and a tree hole in a white background kept as dog birthday gifts.
Image source – walmart.com

Dogs are curious in nature. Hence they enjoy activities that involve adventure and thrill in all the senses. 

For a pooch who isn’t less than a cop’s dog, this hide a squirrel surprise dog toy makes up one of the best dog birthday gifts. 

It’s specifically designed to tickle doggo-senses while adding fun and excitement to the dog’s daily routine. 

17. Dog camera to keep a check 

A white colored camera with a dog treat dispensing out form it and a hand holding a phone with a dog's photograph in front of it on a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com

Worried about what your dog is up to when you’re not home? Get a dog cam and install it in a place where your fur ball spends most of their time. 

The next time you wonder who broke the jar and ate all the cookies, you might already have a suspect. 

18. Orthopedic bed for dogs 

A dog resting on a grey sofa in a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com

Dogs are athletic in nature. Their explosive energy keeps them running around at a very high speed. 

Due to this, their joints turn weaker and ache quite frequently, gradually affecting their activity level. 

However, this orthopedic bed will give some relief and it can make one of the most suitable dog birthday gifts for retired and veteran dogs.  

19. Indoor ball 

An orange and blue colored plush ball kept in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: walmart.com

You might want to spend some time with your doggo after coming home, but you already had a long and tiring day. You’re not willing step out anymore. 

On the other hand, your furry friend’s wagging tail is making it difficult for you to

Get an indoor ball for your pup to prevent boredom on days like these. 

20. American fast food toy set

A set of soft toys shaped like burger, fries, chicken leg piece and milkshake kept on a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: chewy.com 

Do you want to have your McCheese without sharing a bite with your pooch? 

No worries; here’s one of the deliciously amazing dog birthday gifts. 

This toy set of fast food snacks would make your dog’s drool go away in seconds. Now, your pup can attack his favorite fries anytime he craves for it. 

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5 Useful Birthday Gifts For Long-Haired Breeds 

A. Personalized grooming Kit 

A white dog with it's tongue out two pair of hands having scissors and comb in front of it.
 Image source: envato.com

Long-haired dog breeds such as golden retrievers and german shepherds go through a shedding (hairfall) phase twice a year. This might get a little frustrating for some owners.

Hair, hair everywhere! On the couch, on the rug, even on the kitchen towel! 

Say no more, because I know what you’re looking for. A personalized grooming kit for your pup, sounds like one of the best dog birthday gifts. 

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B. Omega-3 supplement 

A bottle of Omega-3 supplement with an orange cap in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Adequate nutrition is necessary for every long-hair dog breed . Negligence of nutrients may lead to excessive hair fall and other skin issues. 

I know you want your fur ball to be healthy and happy. Take a step in that direction and start giving them Omega 3 supplements in their diet. 

C. Tick collar 

Two black colored tick collars with there packet in the behind them in a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com

It’s itchy and irritating when a mosquito bites us. We retaliate. We find ways to kill them. 

What about our furry friends? They have limitations in this case. A lot of ticks and fleas crawl under their coats and trouble them.

Make your pooch happy by getting a tick collar for him. This collar repels ticks and fleas and keeps your puppy healthy. 

D. Shine shampoo

A bottle of smooth coat dog shampoo with a lime and orange peeking behind it with leaves kept in a white background kept as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

A shiny coat is all a poodle or an afghan hound dreams off. Get a shine shampoo for your fur baby. 

All cameras here, the fur-diva is in the house guys!

E. Paw butter 

A small round shaped box of oatmeal paw butter for dogs with "I love pet head" written on it, kept in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Have you found yourself in a situation where you’re struggling to find your car keys?  

You see yourself crawling in your yard, lying against the floor, checking under the bed, or standing above to check the cupboard. And you realize it’s your dog who is involved in this.

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No, I’m not kidding! Your doggo must’ve dug up a hole and hid your keys there. 

Dogs are awesome dig artists, but their paws can get damaged frequently. Get this paw butter for your furry friend; it’ll keep their paws soft and smooth. 

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5 Birthday Presents For Small Breeds 

A. Skateboard for dogs 

A golden colored Pomeranian sitting on a skate board on a road.
Image source: envato.com

Dogs love to try new games and activities. Specially small breed dogs such as corgis love skateboarding.

They enjoy the feeling of sliding on the roads. Surprise your pup with a skateboard as it makes one of the best dog birthday gifts. 

B. Tents for small dogs

A dog peeping out of a tent kept on a rock with a landscape in the background.
Image source: envato.com

If you happen to be a wanderlust, you might be a frequent visitor to places such as river side campings, treks and hikings etc. 

Taking your furry friend along with you is a bit of a task. Get a tent for your pup, so that he’ll not miss you and enjoy every adventure with you. 

C. Car seat booster for small dog breeds 

A dog sitting in a car seat booster  as dog birthday gifts with its head tilted towards left.
Image source: dogtime.com

Road Trips are fun. 

Whether you’re cruising through the prairies of Texas or offroading in the Rocky mountains, it’ll still be an amazing experience altogether. 

We tend to enjoy these trips to the fullest when we’re with our loved ones. How can you leave your pup at home while you go for an outing?  

Get a car seat booster and take your pooch for the long road trip next time. 

D. Playpen for dogs 

Two dogs sitting in the middle of a playpen in w a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com 

Puppies like to sneak up on you! They can stay in the play mode 24×7. Sometimes they might get a bit disobedient and might ignore your instructions. 

The puppy, sometimes, needs extra care as it’s essential to put them to a certain boundary to dispense their energy. 

Which is why, this puppy playpen can save your day and keep them busy. Plus, it’ll be very useful in stimulating puppy’s behavioral training in its puppy playtime.

E. Vinyl pet door opener 

A dog coming out of a pet door opener with a brown brick wall in the background.
Image source: Amazon.com 

Dogs with high activity levels often go outside and come back into the house. They do it like 100 times a day. 

This vinyl pet door opener allows the pet to do the to and fro whenever they wish to. This is one of the perfect dog birthday gifts for active dog breeds. 

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5 Birthday Gifts For Hyperactive Dogs 

A. Tug rope for chewers 

A golden retriever puppy holding a tug rope in its mouth in a white background.
Image Source: Amazon.com

 Active and muscular breeds such as pitbull and rottweilers need exercise to keep their muscle mass intact. 

Get a tug rope for their birthday and let them unleash “The Incredible Hulk” in them. 

B. Long line leash 

A white dog running with two girls holding its leash as dog birthday gifts on a grassy lawn with a clear sky.
Image source: envato.com

Hyperactive dogs can drag with the leash and can cause you serious injuries. 

Get a long line leash for your leash puller as a birthday gift. They’ll be happy to find out that they don’t have to pull the leash anymore. 

You’ll be happy to find out that you’ll not get dragged anymore. 

C. A royal portrait like a king

A dog portrait like a king hung on an off white wall above a cabinet.

Yes, your dog thinks that he’s the sole protector of your family and he can tear apart your enemies in a snap. 

Let’s cherish their thoughts with our arms wide open. We at PortraitFlip provide customized pet portrait services in every corner of the world. 

You can even get your golden retriever turned muscular with our handmade portraits!

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D. A gym membership 

A dog standing on a dumbell with a pile of dumbell in a rack behind it.
Image source: envato.com

A dog gym is a perfect place for muscular breeds living in apartments and small-sized homes.

They’ll get adequate amounts of exercise and muscular stimulation. Don’t let your doggo’s gains fall out. 

Gift them a dog gym membership and set an example as one of the best dog birthday gifts. 

E. DIY treasure hunt kit 

A dog digging on a soil lawn with its head down with both its paws.
Image source: envato.com

A healthy dog is always looking for an exploration no matter how exhausted or tired. Their dedication is unmatchable in this case. 

Prepare a DIY treasure hunt kit at home for your explorer. You can use ropes, cardboard boxes and other scrap stuff to build. 

Find a place to hide your doggo’s favorite toy and let him unfold the mystery using different clues. 

6 Birthday Gifts For Old And Aged Dogs

A. Soft and warm blankets 

Three blankets with paw imprints in a white background.
Image source: Amazon.com 

 Like humans, dogs also lose their immunity and resistance to cold and chilly weather with time. 

They might start feeling the need of a blanket with time. Give one of these soft and warm blankets to your furry friend. 

They’ve been at your service always, it’s time to pamper and comfort them. 

B. Mobility bites for better hip joint mobility

A small blue colored bottle of dog mobility bites in a white background kept as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Joint health problems are very common amongst aged and senior dogs. It’s a very disheartening fact that your hyperactive fur ball will not be able to match his own speed anymore. 

Bless your furry friend with a medicine that soothes their joint pain. This way, you can improve your pooch’s mobility and reduce his joint-health risk. 

C. Heighted food bowl 

A dog food bowl with a wooden frame and a dog eating food from the bowl as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

 Just like joint pain, dogs also face reduced neck mobility. So, it becomes a little difficult for them to bend towards their food bowl.

Get a heighted food bowl for your aged doggo and make their life easier by loving them the way they deserve.

D. Aloe vera ear wipes 

A box of Pet MD ear wipes for dogs in a white background as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: Amazon.com

Dogs are prone to ear infections, which is a major threat, which is why senior or adult dogs suffer from ear infections.

For dogs who are susceptible to ear infections, this Aloe Vera can act as a shield between the eardrum and the bacteria, and also make one of the best birthday gifts.

So look no further than this dog birthday present, and protect your furry friend from such vulnerabilities. 

E. Dog fleece jacket 

A beagle sitting on a gray carpet wearing a light blue jacket as dog birthday gifts.
Image source: envato.com

 When you take your senior dog out for a walk, they are prone to catch a lot of ticks and fleas. 

Cover them with this fleece jacket next time you walk them. After all, we’re responsible for taking care of them at this age. 

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F. Dog compilation portrait

A compilation portrait of two dogs on the right and their real photos on the left as dog birthday gifts.

Sometimes, those who made us laugh all along leave us in tears. Loss of a pet is a very tragic thing to happen. 

However, getting a new pet might help it to an extent. Thinking about honoring your dear doggo with a symbol of affection and respect?

Look no further. Get a compilation portrait made from PortraitFlip. You can put your lost and your current furry friend in a single frame. 

I can only imagine how cherishable it must be.                                             


Our furry friends play a very significant role in our lives. The unconditional love and affection they spread among us are unmatchable.

They deserve every inch of our hearts for always being with us no matter what. Whether we scold them, ignore them, or forget to take them for a walk. 

They always have a special place for us in their hearts. They are such pure souls who complete our lives with positive energy. 

Author’s Note

Hola Pet lovers!

Being a pet parent myself, writing about dogs takes my excitement to the next level. It has been a breath of fresh air writing about some really cool and useful dog birthday gifts. 

These gifts are not only going to add more value to your dog-human relationship but carve a lot of memories as well. However, the only gift a doggo demands is a little bit of your time and a pat on its back! 

If you guys have something to share regarding your furry friends, then I invite you to the comment box!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your furball you always fall short of ideas. Go check the above article for 35+ ideas for dog birthday gifts.

One common question for dogs is whether do dogs know when its their birthday? As they don’t have developed senses like humans it’s very unlikely that they would know or remember it’s their birthday.

Dog’s would like a present, but beware because unraveling it will be something that fascinates them more than the present.

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