28 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas You Don’t Know About

28 dog birthday gift ideas you don’t know about

Have you been scrolling the web pages to find dog birthday gifts for your pooch’s friends?

Is the birthday of your Fido’s best friend coming up? And you cannot afford to upset his friend with a tedious gift which everyone has gifted already?

So stick till the end of this article to see your friend’s dog wagging his tail in joy! And you could also find some exciting dog birthday gift ideas for your dog as well.

The dog is a man’s best friend, though he is a major reason for causing massacre with your décor he still will be the last person we want to live without.

For dogs, their owners are their whole world. Dogs are not just pets they make sure we call them family for their perpetual love for us.

It is rightly said that the best therapist in this world has four legs, fur, and innocent eyes.

A dog brings people together and diffuses awkward tensions within them. Dog therapy works best for people with depression and lonely kids.

Even though dogs don’t know what their birthday means, owners find it exciting to celebrate their tail wager’s birthday because he is more than family.

And we know how difficult it gets when it comes to finding a perfect gift for a dog which is useful and fun at the same time. 

Sit back and relax we have got you covered. This article contains the best dog birthday gifts ideas in their category which will cut to the chase.

(*) beside names of the products denote a steal deal for dog lovers, watch out for it in the list!

1. Chuckit – Ball Thrower

Chuckit – ball thrower

This tennis ball thrower is the best thrower out there made by the dog toy specialists.

It will give the dog a 2 -3 times longer range to run and fetch.

It also helps the owner by giving a superior grip which helps in picking up the ball.

2. The Dogbrella

The dogbrella

Don’t you think it gets boring during those rainy days for dogs? Do you feel that your dog might catch a cold if you take him for a walk?

Here is dogbrella by LESYPET which not only protects your dog from the rain but also provides the ease of using it without tying anything to your pup!

Keep enjoying those long walks with your pooch without any worries.

3. Oil Painting of a Dog

Oil painting of a dog

Gifting an amazing oil painting made from the photo of your friend’s pup would be an amazing idea which is completely unique and fresh.

Portraitflip who specialize in making handmade portrait paintings from photos would be the perfect choice to order from.

4. Dog Necktie Collar

Dog necktie collar

Have you ever seen a dog flaunting a necktie? Doesn’t he look dapper in that attire?

How about you gift your dog or the birthday boy/girl with a present which will make him/her look insanely handsome and adorable.

Just imagine your dog coming out to celebrate his birthday with his doggie

friends in such a bow tie, it would fetch you a lot of best doggie mom/dad points!

5. Ifetch Ball Thrower

Ifetch ball thrower

Ifetch is a leading company who manufacture interactive pet toys which not only help them to play but also for stimulation of brain function.

Ifetch throws a tennis ball as a human would do without any human intervention, now isn’t that amazing?

6. Ifetch Frenzy

Ifetch frenzy

Ifetch has one more interactive toy for your tail wager, Ifrenzy is an amazing toy which throws small tennis balls in random directions to keep your pup entertained without any human effort.

7. Dog Tags

Dog tags

One of the saddest things in the world is losing your pet.

Dogs are full of energy and sometimes get lost unknowingly.

Well, we cannot stop them from running away from us but we can definitely hook a dog tag on their leash.

Their tags can be personalized by adding their name, their owner’s phone number, or anything one prefers while ordering.

8. GPS Tracking Leash*

Gps tracking leash

This is the perfect leash for your little one who seems to get lost now and then.

The leash has a GPS chip through which one can trace his/her dog from anywhere using an android application on his phone.

They offer a wide range of colors to select from and hence makes it one of the best dog birthday gifts in the expensive price bracket.

9. Foodie Puppies Potty Scooper*

Foodie puppies potty scooper

Dogs are cute, adorable, and fun but they poop everywhere in their growing years.

After potty training as well they still seem to poop for sometime.

Picking up that might get filthy and unhygienic for us.

Hence, Foodie Puppies have come with an amazing product which will add to everyone’s dog essentials lists.

Gone are the days of carrying gloves and getting embarrassed to pick up the poop of your dog from the streets, use this equipment and do it in style!

You just have to place it and pull the lever to get the poop into the equipment and then you throw it away, now isn’t that one hell of a product!

Hence, this makes it a cheap but most efficient dog birthday gift out there which makes the life of dog owners a lot easier.

10. A Watercolor Portrait of Dog Mom and her Dog*

A water color portrait painting of dog mom and her dog

Dog moms go beyond their limits to keep their Fido safe and healthy.

A candid portrait painting showcasing their love hung in the living area would be a good dog present idea.

The image would make the dog and the dog owner very happy and act as a great focal point in their room.

PortraitFlip is an amazing place to buy such portraits, once you send the image they turn the image into handmade painting and also provide customizing options like background editing.

Here is a link to their blog which showcases dog portraits made by them.

11. Pedigree Dentastix*

Pedigree dentastix

Oral care gets tricky for Fido’s because dogs don’t allow anything to be applied to their teeth.

But the dog dietary specialists Pedigree have come up with an X shaped bone like a stick which dogs love to grab and hold onto.

These stick contain zinc sulphate & sodium tripolyphosphate which prevent

Tartar build-up by up to 80%.

12. Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie Treat

Lazy dog cookie company original pup pie treat

This treat is not only about the delicious pie for the doggy but it also comes with a choice of note to be sent with it to the birthday boy/girl.

This makes it a good dog birthday gift idea.

13. Himalaya Erina EP Powder

Himalaya erina ep powder

It is definite that every dog feels irritated when he has to deal with fleas, itching, lice and ticks infestation.

Himalaya has introduced an Ayurvedic medicine which keeps your dog away from such irritation which leads to a happy and healthy tail wager who is everywhere in our house.

14. Andean Peaks Nina Vest

Andean peaks nina vest

Do you miss your little one when you go alone on walks in the snow?

Well, this vest will make your pet feel nice and toasty without getting uncomfortable as it is made from a dog-friendly material.

15. KONG ZoomGroom

Kong zoomgroom

This product is a dog grooming toy which will make him enjoy those baths which he runs away from.

The grooming tool is one of the best dog birthday gifts out there because it helps in blood circulation of pooches as well.

16. Petzy Treat Dispensing Camera

Petzy treat dispensing camera

Technology is making our life better which is true for our pets as well.

But who would have imagined a product which does all of the following when you are away from your pet.

Let us speak to them and listen as well

Take pictures of them

And on top of all that feed them snacks

All this, with just a click on petzy’s android application.

And hence this might be by farthest the best dog birthday gift ideas.

17. All-Season Secret Paw Protection

All season secret paw protection

Dogs often feel pain in their paws when they go out in the snow.

This makes a very smart dog birthday gift idea because it is very cheap and offers great benefits like repelling snow, sand, and dust.

It also acts as a great medicine for paw health.

18. Wag Wellies

Wag wellies

Wag willies are four boots which help your pet’s feet stay safe when he plays in backyard or outdoor.

These boots have four holes on them which make sure your pooch’s feet feel comfortable and are ventilated.

19. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower

Bubbletastic bacon bubble blower

It is not a secret that pets love bubbles, they love to catch and burst them. But it takes a lot of human effort to keep blowing the bubbles.

Bubbletastic blower automatically does this for you and offers beacon flavored liquid to keep your Fido excited!

This makes an excellent dog birthday gift, doesn’t it?

20. Colored Pencil Sketch of Dog With his Friends

Color pencil sketch of dog with his friends

I don’t need to tell you how we love portraits of our friends on our walls and tables. Won’t dogs love that as well?

Gifting color pencil sketch made from an old photograph is a secret dog birthday gifting option available out there which not many know about.

PortraitFlip.com is the perfect place you should land onto when you think about such gifts.

Guys at PortritFlip stay in touch with more than 100 artists around the globe, so they know how to perfectly convert an order into a memory.

21. Custom Made Cuddle Toy

Custom made cuddle toy

We as humans socialize which releases our stress and keeps us motivated. But dogs don’t have such liberty to hang out with their friends as much as we do.

Gifting them with a personalized soft toy which looks exactly like them will act as a cuddle toy for the pooch.

Not only the dog will be happy but dog moms would be impressed as well for being so thoughtful.

22. Front Carrier for Dogs

Front carrier for dogs

Dogs love to walk, run, and play.

But sometimes it is good to carry them when we know that the surface might harm the paws of your pooch or to offer the rest.

Front carrier for dogs as a great help which allows you to carry the dog and lets him enjoy the world from your perspective.

It comes with proper ventilation mechanism for your pooch’s comfort and also has pockets to keep balls or keys.

23. WildWash Dog Shampoo

Wildwash dog shampoo

Get the max out of your pooch’s bath by using Wild Wash shampoo which will help him get healthier.

It heals sore skin and insect bites also reduce redness and inflammation of the skin.

The shampoo not only fights and prevents dandruff but also relieves itching caused due to dandruff and dry skin.

This is an excellent birthday gift for dogs as it is low in cost but extremely useful.

24. SRI Grooming Kit

Sri grooming kit

We have our stylists who keep us groomed and keep our style game up.

We are stylists for our Fido’s which gives rise to grooming essentials. SRI grooming essentials contain:

  • Nail cutter
  • Brushes
  • Length- file
  • Hair Comb made with Stainless Steel

It can be a perfect dog birthday gift box for your Fido’s friend’s birthday.

25. A Portrait Photo of the Pet Family*

A portrait photo of the pet family

One might have 2-3 or more pets in his family.

Gifting a portrait painting made from a photo of the pet family is less famous hence a unique idea.

Pet owners love their pets if you gift them such a portrait painting it will improve your bond with dog moms/dads.

Portrait photos are classy! They go perfectly with the décor of the house.

PortraitFlip is one of the companies which offer great quality paintings with very decent pricing policy.

They have a range of mediums to choose from like

  • Oil Painting
  • Charcoal Painting
  • Pencil Sketch Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Color Pencil Sketch Painting
  • Watercolor Painting

26. PetSafe Drinkwell

Petsafe drinkwell

On average, a healthy dog drinks about 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.

It gets difficult for dog owners to maintain fresh and hygienic water availability for all their pets.

PetSafe Drinkwell has a capacity of 100 oz.

It comes with a motor which creates a fountain-like movement for water and attracts pooches.

It also comes with a filter which is to be cleaned once a week.

Now doesn’t that make one hell of a dog birthday gift idea!

27. Sunam’s Pet Bathing Tool*

Sunam's pet bathing tool

Everyone keeps their pet hygienic by giving them frequent baths, but you might often have to deal with bad odor and dog hair in bathrooms.

Also using the jet hurts pooches because of their high pressure.

Sunam’s Pet bathing tool is a portable shower which connects to any tap. So take your Fido into the lawn and say bye bye to odors in bathrooms.

It comes with an amazing attachment which controls the speed of the water, it also features a scrub cum shower which helps to massage the pet as well.

28. Walk Kit

Walk kit

Walk kit contains premium-looking leash, collar and also features a poop carrying bag with it.

It comes in multiple color variants and hence is an excellent dog birthday present idea for dog owners who love to show off their pooches.

Hope our list of best dog birthday gifts helped you make a good choice and avoided reading lists which feature the same old monotonous gifts.

If you think we missed out something, feel free to list it out in the comment box below and help others out there.

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Happy Petting!

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