31 Christmas Gifts Ideas For Grandpa Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Happy grandpa receiving Christmas gifts from his grandkid.

So where do you even begin getting Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa?

It is challenging to find a perfect Christmas gift for granddad – what do you even give someone who has everything?

Many of our fondest childhood memories are connected to our grandparents, so, understandably, we want to gift them the best of the best.

We have hunted down the best Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa to help you find the right one.

Here are our 31 best handpicked Christmas presents for Grandpa to give in 2021.

Our list includes something for all the unique grandpas out there, from the tech

he will use to the classic he still wants.

“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.”

A. Sentimental Gift for Grandpa

happy grandpa and granddaughter standing ahead of a beautiful christmas tree.
the list below includes sentimental gifts for grandpa.

We want our grandparents to feel happy with the gifts we give them.

These Christmas gift for grandpa will make him feel touched and leave a lasting impression.

Family painting from different photos

Here is a list of sentimental gifts for grandpa to give this Holiday. 

1. Grandpa Who Can Never Gets Enough Of His Grandkids A Family Portrait

A portrait painting from photo made by PortraitFlip. 
this image shows a photo of an old man with his three grandchildren (two girls and one boy) sitting in front of their grandpa, who is standing behind them.

Grandparents are the best kind of grownups, your gramps has always been there from being your first mentor to your best friend, he has been through everything with you.

What would be a better Christmas present for grandpa than a painting for his favorite grandkids with him?

Grandparents love to see the entire family together, even if you don’t have a good photo of the entire family together, you can always get different photos merged.

A family portrait will make your grandpa feel closer to your family when the family isn’t around.

This is the best sentimental grandpa gift.

A portrait painting is one of the perfect Christmas gift ideas for grandpa.

2. For the Grandpa that has a lot of stories to tell – My Life in a Book

Image Source: mylifeinabook

My Life in a Book is a Story Prompt Program that will send one thought-provoking question to your Grandpa every week for a year via email.

At the end of a year, or whenever he feels ready, they will compile all his stories in a beautiful keepsake book to be treasured for generations to come.

It’s also a great last-minute gift for a grandpa because it doesn’t require shipping!

Order now at mylifeinabook.com.

3. For The Grandpa Who Loves Walking In Style – A Moccasins

For all types of looks, get ready with a moccasins - a leather shoe shaped like loafer, which can complete every look for your grandpa.
this is great christmas gifts ideas for grandpa this year.
Image Source: pinterest

A moccasin has been around for a very long time and is loved by people who wear them.

They are often made out of genuine leather that gives a grounding feeling to your feet.

This makes for excellent Christmas gift ideas for grandpa but make sure they don’t have any major leg issues or are overweight.

4. Cell Phone Screen Magnifier 

A cell phone screen magnifier for your grandpa to comfortably enjoy his movies and browsing. 
This cheap christmas gift for grandpa is a good option if he hates small screens.
Image Source: Amazon

A cell phone Magnifier, as the name suggests; magnifies the screen of your smartphone.

This phone accessory makes it convenient to watch movies and play games among other activities.

This is a great option as a cheap Christmas gift if you are running low on budget.

This Christmas gift idea for grandpa is useful and affordable.

Joke Time

A dying grandfather tells his grandchild, “I want to leave you, my farm. That includes the barn, livestock, the harvest, the tractor, and other equipment, the farmhouse, and $24,548,750.45 in cash.”

The grandchild, absolutely floored and about to become rich says, “Oh grandpa, you are SO generous! I didn’t even know you had a farm. Where is it?”

With his last breath, Grandpa whispered, “Facebook…”

5. A Must For Those Movie Nights – Couch Tray

Image Source: pinterest

Who doesn’t need a couch Tray? This is a must for a movie night and family get-togethers.

It helps keep food and drinks in one place and prevent spillage.

A couch tray is a great Christmas present for granddad.

P.S. rent a few favorite Christmas movies of your gramps with this gift. A sure way to make his Christmas memorable.

6. For The Grandpa Who Doesn’t Like Cleaning – A Robot Vacuum

A vacuum robot that cleans all the mess  felt behind your grandpa.
It is a perfect Christmas gift for grandpa.
Image Source: bosch

A robot vacuum will be of great help for anyone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning, this is one of the most useful Christmas Gifts Ideas For Grandpa.

It can pick up crumbs, pet hair, or any regular dust off your floor, although it isn’t as good as your traditional vacuum or regular broom and mop.

But a robot vacuum is great for vacuuming in-between deep cleaning, it will help in reducing your gramps workload and allow him more time to rest.

This will make for good Christmas Gifts for Grandpa.

7. Eyeglasses Holder

A fancy and useful product; An eye glass holder make out of wood, shaped in a form of a face, mostly in a comical way.
Image Source: yourhomestyle

Does your grandpa also forget his glasses are over his head or around his neck and look all over the house?

Yeah, we all have been there telling him it is above his head.

Although, as entertaining as that is, losing spectacles is no fun and games.

Get him an eyeglass holder, making a designated space for his glasses and assuring that he doesn’t lose them often.

This is one of the practical gifts ideas for grandpa to give this Christmas.

8. World’s Best Grandpa Cap

the image shows two hats (one in white and the other in olive green).
Both of the hats are embroidered with the phase " Worlds BEST Grandpa"
this is an excellent Christmas gift for grandpa
Image Source: walmart

The World’s best grandpa cap is a gift you can’t go wrong with, as cliché as this Christmas gift idea is, it is equally heartwarming.

I mean who doesn’t like to know that they are the best or are your favorite person?

This Sentimental Gift for Grandpa is also a useful Christmas gift.

9. The Grandpa Who Loves His Lawn – A brand New Lawnmower

A grandpa who is passionate about his lawn, get a new lawnmower and is enjoying mowing his awn with his grandson.
A this an amazing Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa.
Image Source: lawnstarter

Men who love their lawns have an unparallel relationship with it.

If your grandpa is one of them, this would be a perfect Christmas gift idea.

Not only can you get him a new lawnmower but also newer tools for maintaining his lawn.

10. Herb Garden Seed Kit

The image shows 2 gardening kits, with different  types of seeds, pots to plant and sticks to dig. 
everything in the kit is eco-friendly, This is a good christmas gift idea for grandpa who loves to garden.
Image Source: Etsy

This gift is more than just a present, it is a hobby.

If you think he will enjoy gardening or wants an herb garden this will make for the perfect Christmas gifts for granpa.

It could also be something you can do with your gramps, an activity for you two to bond.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

-Mark Twain

11. His Favorite Bottle of Whiskey 

the image depicts whiskey being poured in to a glass filled with ice. 
A bottle of whiskey is one of the best  Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa.
Image Source: freepik

This is a no-brainer Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa.

He couldn’t be happier receiving his favorite bottle of whiskey.

This is a classic gift that will not fail to surprise your grandpa.

Please make sure you aren’t encouraging any habits or that your grandpa doesn’t have any medical restrictions on consuming alcohol.

B. Best Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

The photo depicts three men; grandpa, grandson and son as they are smiling bright and wearing a red christmas hat. 
The grandchild is holding a Christmas gift for the grandpa. 
The image suggests that the list below includes the best christmas gifts for grandpa.

Grandpas always give their best to us, so it’s natural to want to give them the best of the best when we can.

The below list has the best Christmas gift ideas for grandpa that he will truly appreciate.

1. The Grandpa Who Loves His Pajamas: A Classy Set of PJs

Classy old men dressed in their finest pajamas.
Showing viewers that A pajama set is a good christmas gifts ideas for grandpa.
Image Source: pinterest

Grandpas aren’t fond of dressing up, they love staying comfortable as much as possible.

A classy set of PJs is one of the Best Christmas Gifts for Grandpa.

This holiday gift your grandpa a pajama set that isn’t just comfortable but also looks good.

2. For The Grandparent Who’s Also A Pet Parent: A Custom Dog Portrait

A painting made by PortraitFlip of a sweet looking black pitbull who is standing amongst yellow flower.

If your grandpa has a pet, be it a dog, bird, or horse, you can always give him a painting made from his favorite photo of his pet/s with or without him.

It will be amongst the best grandpa gift ideas for Christmas.

The pet portrait will stay with him long after the pet, allowing him to treasure his precious memories.

It will not only serve as a reminder of the pet but also be a beautiful addition to the walls, making them look pretty.

This is a great Christmas gift idea for a grandpa who has a pet or recently lost one.

3. A Gratitude Gift Box For Him To Cherish His Memories 

A beautiful box wooden box that is hand painted with colourful flowers. 
used to store things of value.
Image Source: pinterest

Grandfathers have lived long life, filled with happy and sorrowful memories.

They often have their memories attached to certain small things; it could be an old wallet, pen, diary or photos, etc.

Gift him a Gratitude box to keep his precious items and allow him to cherish his beloved memories.

Joke time

A reporter was interviewing a 103-year-old grandfather: “And what do you think is the best thing about being 103?” the reporter asked.

He simply replied, “No peer pressure.”

4. For The Grandpa Who’s Missing His Masseuse: A Shoulder Massager

Image Source: Amazon

This Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa is perfect if he often complains about having a sore shoulder, especially after a long day.

compilation portrait for Christmas

Get him a shoulder massager this Christmas and help him relax.

5. A Technology They’ll Want To Use: Kindle Paperwhite

Image Source: cnet.com

Does your gramps love to read? Then this is the perfect gift to get him this Christmas.

A kindle will allow him to read comfortably at any time of the day and as well on long travels without much hassle.

6. For A Grandpa Who Loves To Snack:  A Snack Box

A snack box, filled with homemade sweets as a christmas gift for grandpa.
Image Source: Amazon

Is your grandpa snacks obsessed? Well, who isn’t?

Don’t we all love snacking, in addition, it’s a perfect stress buster!

Get your gramps an assorted box of his beloved snacks, although keep in mind any of his dietary restrictions.  

This Christmas gift for grandpa will make him happy and remind him of you fondly for the next few days (or however long the snacks last!)

7. A Grandpa Who Loves Reading To His Grandkids – Kids Storybooks

A grandpa reading book to his granddaughter.
Image Source: freepik

A perfect Christmas gift for a grandpa who adores his grandkids and will take any reason to spend time with them.

This unique gift for grandpa will also get the grandkids excited as well.

This gift is more than just books, it’s an experience, that will give them a memory to be cherished.

8. Audiobooks – For The Book Addict

On a stack of books a headphone is placed around it, to show as if its hearing the books - this signifies Audiobooks, books that can be heard.
Image Source: frontlist

Does your grandpa love reading, but because he gets tired often, he is not able to read as much as he wants?

This is the perfect solution, not only will it give rest to his eyes that are under constant stress, it will allow him to enjoy his books when he’s traveling.

9. BBQ Grill Set For The Grill Master

An old man happily Barbequing in a garden.
Image Source: ultimatebackyard

The best Christmas gift for grandpa this winter season.

A BBQ grill night is a perfect opportunity to get the entire family together this Christmas.

Let your gramps enjoy this Christmas with an amazing barbeque grill, and warm themselves with some delicious food.

Joke Time

Q: When is your grandpa’s bedtime?

A: Three hours after he falls asleep on the chair.

10. Reclining Chair For The Creature Of Comfort

An old man sleeping in a reclining chair
Image Source: pexels

If your gramps doesn’t already own a reclining chair, get him one this Christmas.

It will be one of those things he didn’t know he needed until he had it.

Holiday family portrait

This will make for a fun gift for grandpa.

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C. Personalized Gifts For Grandpa

A grandpa receiving a christmas gift from his granddaughter in front of a fireplace and Christmas tree.
the image also suggests that the below list includes personalized gifts for grandpa.

Are you looking for some amazing Personalised Christmas Grandad Gifts?

These Christmas gifts will make him feel special and make your presents seem thoughtful.

Here are some personalized grandpa gifts you can get inspiration from.

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1. A Grandpa With A Lot Of Stories To Tell: A personalized Journal

Image Source: Etsy

My Gramps usually loves to write and maintain a journal.

If your grandpa shares similar traits, this is the best Christmas gift for your grandpa.

Not only will this gift be useful but also it will be of meaning as it has a personalized message on it.

This is a perfect gift for a grandpa who has everything.

“To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.”

2. Personalized Hammer For The Handy Grandpa

A personalized hammer, with brown wooden handle and metal front.
A message engraved for granddad on the wooden handle
Image Source: Etsy

This Christmas gift idea for grandpa is perfect if he loves to fix things (and sometimes break them!)

This personalized gift for grandpa will absolutely make him happy this Christmas.

A hammer with their initials, name, or message that will remind him of you every time he uses it.

3. A Grandpa Who Loves To Read – Personalized Leather Bookmark

A personalized leather bookmark shown in two sizes, a long vertical bookmark and a small rectangular one.
Image Source: pinterest

My grandpa not only loves to write but also is an avid reader.

He loves his bookmarks but tends to lose those flimsy bookmarks quite often or they don’t last very long.

This is something he would want to have, a long-lasting, sturdy bookmark that is difficult to misplace.

This is definitely a great Christmas gift ideas for grandpa if he reads often.

4. Engraved Leather Wallet

A personalized leather wallet, engraved with the words grandpa and the date he became a grandpa. this sentimental gift is perfect christmas gift idea.
Image Source: Etsy

This Christmas gift for grandpa is a good option if he is using an old one.

A good quality leather wallet will last your grandad a long time and age like fine wine.

Having it engraved will only make it more special as it will be a reminder of you.

5. For grandpa Who Loves His Beer – A Customized Beer Glass 

A customized beer glass for grandpa as a christmas gift.
Image Source: igp.com

Men and their love for beer are unconditional.

Get your grandpa his very own personalized glass of beer (and also maybe take some beer too, he’ll appreciate it.)

This is a funny gift for grandpa.

6. Personalized Watering Can For The Gardener In Him

A grandpa is teaching his grandchild how to garden and water the plants with his personalized watering can.
A personalized watering can makes for a good Christmas gift.
Image Source: freepik

If your gramps loves gardening, this gift will get him all excited.

Gardening can also be a bonding activity between the family.

This is a great Christmas gift for grandpa who adores his plants and loves to spend time with them.

Personalized cufflinks for grandpa.
Image Source: Etsy

Is your grandpa always looking for an opportunity to dress up?

Then this is one of the best Christmas gifts ideas for grandpa.

8. For The Grandpa Who Loves Hand-Written Notes: A Personalized Pen

A personalized black pen with golden borders, this classic gift is perfect as a Christmas gift for grandpa
Image Source: Amazon

A pen that looks good and works well will surely be appreciated by your grandpa. 

This makes for a perfect Christmas gift for a grandfather if he loves to write.

9. Self-care Gift Box

The image depicts a grooming kit for men and a man who just finished grooming is admiring himself.
Mens grooming kit is an excellent idea for grandpa as a christmas gift.
Image Source: pinterest

Assortments for self-care items such as luxurious soaps, fancy snacks, leisure items, and a handwritten letter.

A box to let your grandpa know how much you appreciate and love him.

This can also be one of those DIY grandad gifts. You can also bake him snacks or make him a bath bomb or knit him a sweater, socks, etc.

Give this Christmas season a personalized Christmas gift for Grandpa to make him feel ultra-special.

10. A Custom Painting Of His Favorite Vintage Black And White Photo

A Charcoal Portrait made by PortraitFlip.
A photo of a old man driving car, wearing a cowboy with a cigarette in his mouth is sketched.

You can get his favorite vintage photo painted into a beautiful portrait.

A professionally painted portrait can make any image come alive, with life-like looks and vivid colors used in painting giving it a life of its own.

This personalized gift for grandpa will bring his memories to life.

This will surely will make for an amazing Christmas gift.

Old photos aren’t always in the best condition and loss their charm over time, getting them painted is a great way to preserve the image and the memory.

With PortraitFlip you can get any photo painted into a painting with just a few clicks.


These were our handpicked 31 Christmas gifts for grandpa, we hope you found the right gift for your grandpa.

But no matter what you gift to him, his most important gift is your love and the time you spend with him.

So always take time out to be with your family members, especially your grandparents.

“A grandfather is an unsung hero we all owe our success to, he is a simple person who is just happy by seeing us prosper”

Dear readers,

Let us know what you think of our selections in the comments below!

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Happy Gifting!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best gift is the gift of time, spend time with him regularly.
That will be the best gift for grandpa.

The perfect Gifts for a grandpa who has everything is your time.
He will cherish the movements he spent with you, to make those movements everlasting, gift him a portrait painting of you and him together.
It will be a gift that will represent your relationships. A relationship that he treasures and values which will resonate in your gift.
Now you can get your photos painting into a beautiful portrait with PortraitFlip.

The perfect gift for a first time grandpa would lots of toys and time to play with his grandkid. Along with it you can gift him something to commemorate the day or the movements he became a grandfather, Eg. an oil painting of him holding his grandchild for the first time or a wallet with engraved date of him becoming a grandad.

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