Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Christmas gifts for dog lovers

Christmas is around the corner and so is the hunt for Christmas Gifts!

We know how difficult it gets to find a last minute Christmas gift for your loved ones but it gets trickier to find Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

Don’t stress!

PortraitFlip is here with some fresh as well as funny Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

Hey! But before that did you think of a gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend for this Christmas?

So, without any further ado let’s rocket ourselves to some amazing gifts for dog parents.

1. Dog Laundry Bag:

Dog laundry bag

Okay, so that’s the cutest image on the Internet today!

The laundry bag would look adorable in a corner of the room, almost like your tail-wagger sitting in the corner.

Isn’t that one of the best gifts for dog parents?


Buy it from Amazon.


Let us suggest you a gift which tops our list and would make your friends hop in joy!

2. A Pet Portrait From Photo:

A pet portrait from photo

Pet portraits are one of the best personalized gifts for dog lovers.

Get a Pet Portrait this Christmas and make your friends open the happiness package with PortraitFlip.

PortraitFlip can convert an image into a genuine handmade painting and can deliver at your doorstep in just a few taps!

We can convert your image into an Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Color Pencil, Charcoal or Watercolor Portrait.

Our artists are handpicked from various parts of the world and dispatch paintings from our gallery which is supervised by the Quality Control Team.

We trust the expertise of our artists and their ability to curate a masterpiece which fuels us to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% Refund Guarantee.

Checkout our Pet Portraits and how PortraitFlip is going viral Worldwide!

Get a Pawsome painting by PortraitFlip and avail Flat 10% Discount Sitewide + FREE Shipping when you use OFF10 at checkout!

3. Dual Doggie Leash:

Dual doggie leash
FACT-ILICIOUS: 74% American Households Own A Pet! 45% Of Them Own 2 Tail-Waggers!  

So there is a high probability that your friend may need this to go to those long walks in the morning!

The leash:

  1. Can walk two dogs without tangling.
  2. Can stop dogs individually.
  3. Holds 50 lbs. per dog.
  4. Has reflective leads.
  5. Is patented with 360-degree spin technology.

Get this from Amazon as a Christmas Gifts for dog lovers!

4. Sculptures By Susan Lordi:

Sculptures by susan lordi

Susan Lordi is one of the best sculpture artists who make these amazing sculptures that are loved by everyone and hold a lot of emotional value to them.

The magnificent sculptures are made at the headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri and shipped at your doorstep.

You can find plaques for commemorating a lost dog or Figures, Ornaments, Cake Tops to celebrate the pet in their life!

This is by far one of the most thoughtful Christmas Gifts for dog lovers.

Get yours from Amazon.

5. Embroidered Pet Toy Storage Tote:

Embroidered pet toy storage tote
Embroidered pet toy storage tote

Gift the dog lover in your life with a tote bag for their monster who makes chaos out of the pets at their home.

The embroidered toy storage is the ultimate add on to their pet accessories as it looks so premium and clean.

Get yours from

6. The Funniest T-Shirt On The Internet:

The funniest t shirt on the internet

This is one of the funniest Christmas Gifts for dog lovers on the internet as it carries a subtle joke with it.

No wonder, Dog therapy is a thing out there!

Get your loved ones this Tee and let them flaunt their love for the 4 legged furry friends in their life.

7. For The Frenchie Lover:

The French bulldog ranks 4th in the World Ranking for dogs, no doubt they should!

There puffed body structure and of course, the strong jaw makes it the 4th popular among all the dogs!

There are high chances your friends or family have a French bulldog, get this thoughtful gift for them and make the best out of this Christmas.

5″ long and 25″ wide, truly a tiny Frenchie lover would love this beyond anything.

Get this one of the amazing Christmas gifts for dog parents from

8. Custom Pet Photo Pillow:

Custom pet photo pillow

Get some tailored experience to your dog loving friend with this Pet Photo Pillow.

All you need is 2 images of the dog and you are all set to get a big comfy pillow for your friend.

Now isn’t that one of the best personalized gifts for dog lovers!

Get yours from

9. A Thoughtful Coffee Mug:

A thoughtful coffee mug

This ceramic coffee mug is something your dog loving friends will love to add to their cutlery.

The message simply puts it out there about who is more important dogs or humans!

Get this funny personalized Christmas gift for dog lovers from Amazon.

10. Did You Feed The Dog?

Did you feed the dog

An amazing manual planner which makes sure that your furry little friend doesn’t starve for his/her food.

The planner works simply by moving the sliders as you feed the dog.

So your friend will never hear someone saying “I thought you fed the dogs

Get this tool at Amazon.

11. A Magnificent Oil Painting:

A magnificent oil painting

Imagine a painting of your friend with his/her dog hanging in the living room!

His/her reaction would be worth recording and watching it after many years like these people who opened the happiness package by PortraitFlip with a pet portrait inside.

PortraitFlip has handpicked specialist Oil Painters across the world to deliver a masterpiece every single time!

Our Quality Control Team makes sure that every painting qualifies to be a happiness package and nothing less than that.

Check out our Oil Painting Gallery and order using OFF10 to get a 10% discount for each order.

12. Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs:

Photographic encounters with 1000 dogs

Photographic Encounters with 1000 dogs is just a simple book featuring snaps of 1000 dogs from various parts of the world.

The book contains photographs from when the author encountered the first 1000 dogs in his journey.

This Christmas gift for dog owners is definitely unique and pawsome, find yours on Amazon.

13. Sterling Silver Dachshund Ring:

Sterling silver dachshund ring

The Dachshund ranks 12th among the most famous breeds, so there is a high chance for your dog loving friend or a family member has the German hound.

Get him/her this beautiful ring and make sure you bring in happiness to their house with this Christmas gift for dog lovers!

Get yours from Etsy.

14. Custom Dog Photo Frame:

Custom dog photo frame

Do you have some cute pics of your loved one’s furry friend?

Just get them printed on this wood frame and you are sorted for a Christmas gift this year.

Personalized gifts for dog lovers always have a lasting impression on the receiver’s mind, order yours from Amazon or Etsy.

15. Bark Box Trial:

Bark box trial

Introduce your dog-loving friends to the subscriptions of Bark Box, not only will the subscription cut down their efforts to get dog groceries and snacks also they don’t have to get a toy for their dog with the Bark Box subscription.

Introduce them this Christmas to the amazing service which keeps their pet happy throughout the year and allows them to choose a package of their choice.

Now isn’t that one of the amazing gifts for dog parents!

Get yours from

16. Zen Dog Sculpture:

Zen dog sculpture

How about a Zen dog sculpture in your friend’s garden or as an attractive element in their décor?

Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

It definitely is, the sculpture signifies the household has a furry friend and has maintained the peace in minds of the owners!

Get this unique Christmas gift for dog lovers from

17. Barkclips:


Add an interesting element into your stationery with these back clips for your friend’s pet.

May it be sending the Christmas invitations, invitations for the pup’s birthday party or any letter in general, your dog loving friend will always find these back clips handy.

By yours from

18. Dog Blueprint:

Dog blueprint

Whether your friend has an intelligent Labrador, a miniature pug, or any tail wagger.

You can gift this amazing dog blueprint from the 1950s.

Every blueprint is given a finishing which makes sure it looks vintage and preserved.

Get a blueprint for your dog from

19. Chuckit! Launchers:

Chuckit launchers

Make the game of fetch more interesting for the dog and less tiresome for your friend with this launcher.

The launcher clasps the ball without needing to fit it into the launcher and getting the hands dirty.

You can select a suitable size based on the speed and range you want for your friend.

The product comes in 4 choices for range and speed.

You can get yours from Amazon.

20. A Painting Of All His/Her dogs:

A painting of all his hers dogs

So imagine this, your friend unwrapping the happiness package with a stunning oil painting with all of his/her pets in it!

We know what you are thinking, you don’t have all of them in one frame and even if you have how this is possible?

It’s simple,

You send at least one image of each pet and our graphic designing team member merges it for FREE and takes approval from you before starting.

If you still want changes related to background, features, brightness or anything, you are at the right place as we feature Unlimited Free Revisions.

Check out what happens when someone receives the happiness package and be a part of the PortraitFlip happiness squad.

21. Dog Spirit Single Glasses

Dog spirit single glasses

Well, how about a whiskey glass with a custom breed shape engraved on it?

Your dog loving friend will love this Christmas gift and be excited drinking in these.

Dog lovers will beg for this fun yet sophisticated glass featuring their breed’s name and likeness.

Find yours on

22. Tail Wagging Dog Breed Clock

Tail wagging dog breed clock

This pooch pendulum clock in the shape of your favorite breed faithfully wags its tail every second.

The wood of the clock is cut in the shape of your friend’s tail wagger.

Your friend can use the clock in the living room and flaunt his thoughtfulness for his/her dog.

The wagging tail each second looks funny and cute, get this personalized gift for dog lovers from

23. Choose Your Dog Breed Necktie:

Choose your dog breed necktie

Let him carry his pooch wherever he goes with this dog necktie which can be ordered to a custom breed as well.

This is a quite thoughtful and unique Christmas gift for dog lovers as the necktie is very uncommon, ironically it is sold at

24. Entertaining Photo Puzzle:

Entertaining photo puzzle

We know you are bored of getting the same old personalized dog necklaces and earrings from Etsy.

Here are a fun and personalized Christmas gift for dog lovers which puts your friend’s creativity to work.

The personalized photo puzzle can be custom made to a specific dog photo and can take the name of the dog as well.

Find yours on

25. A Pawsome New Year Calendar:

A pawsome new year calendar

Wish your dog loving friend a Merry Christmas and a Really Happy New Year with this Pawsome calendar.

The calendar features 12 different photos of your friend’s pup on 12-month pages.

Imagine their reaction when they see the time you put into creating the calendar and the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Find yours from

26. Sprinkle Some DIY Magic In Your Gift:

Sprinkle some diy magic in your gift

There is nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift like a handmade painting by PortraitFlip or like this DIY plant holder.

Make this planter in 7 easy steps by referring to this guideline from

We are sure that your dog loving friend will love this gift and enjoy this Christmas to the fullest.

That was the last one,

But we could help you with finding gifts for your grandpa as well!

Hope you found some amazing gifting ideas for your dog loving friend.

To get a painting from photo head to PortraitFlip and get your friend a happiness package.

Until the next time,


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