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Cherish Your Four-Legged Best Friend with a Handmade Custom Dog Portrait.

hoto of a golden retriever sitting on a side fence of the road which is converted into dog portraits

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We know your dog means the world to you. Why not celebrate your four-legged buddy with a customized Dog Portrait?

Convert all those adorable pictures of your pet dog into a Dog Painting and get to cherish them for eternity. Order Today and feel the personal touch given by our skilled artists. Our customer’s favorite: Dog Oil Painting is a must to try!


Why Get Dog Portrait From Photo?

  • A Dog Portrait canvas can be a paw-some gift for a dog parent’s Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion.
  • Make a small space in your home for Memorial Dog Portrait to remember him for all he has done.
  • A Merged Dog Portrait lets you can compile all your dogs buddies into one handmade dog painting.
  • Show your love for the dog of your life by getting a Dog Oil Painting for your living room or bedroom.
  • With a Royal Pet Portrait, you can now suit your dog up into a Royal attire.
  • Commemorate your dog or gift others a Dog Portrait to remember and cherish these super dogs on Rainbow Bridge Day.
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What Else Do We Offer?

You can now customize your Dog Portrait Painting with the following services by PortraitFlip:

  • Add A Name, Date, or Message:

The day you brought home a dog is nothing less than the best day of your life. Most important a dog changes the entire way you look at your life and home. Customizing your dog portrait by adding a name, biographical data or message will always remind you of that special day. You can also add a custom message for your dog. He may not be able to read it, but the house will always speak of it in the Dog Portrait.

  • Convert The Photos into A Memorial Dog Portrait:

It is astonishing how much mirth and laughter a dog brings to our lives. So much so that the house feels dull and empty after they are gone. Help a grieving pet parent by gifting a Memorial Dog Portrait. It is a scientific fact that a painting can cure the void in one’s heart. It may not bring the dog back but it will always make his presence felt.

  • Merge Multiple Dogs Into One Dog Portrait

The more dog, the merrier. But it can be a task to get all of them into one frame. But with our Merged Photo Service, you can now get a Dog Portrait even if you have them in different photographs.
Interesting? Here’s How!

  • Royal Dog Portraits:

Dogs are nothing less than superheroes. They have saved us from an otherwise awful life. An adorable creature that has the power to lift us even in the darkest of days. Honor the hero within them with our Royal Dog Portraits. A wonderful way to humor one’s life!

Frequently Asked Questions:

PortraitFlip offers a service called the Royal Dog Portrait. You can place the order by clicking on this link and we will have your dog suited up in a royal costume. We will only begin the Dog Portrait once you have approved the photoshop design.

Yes, we can definitely do that for you! Leave your customization in the “Order Notes” section while placing the order and our artist will have it incorporated for you in the Custom Dog Portrait. PortraitFlip does not charge anything for customizations like background change or adding elements and will always wait for your approval before starting your Dog Portrait Painting.

We often tell our customers that in order to commission a good dog portrait, the photo of the dog should of high quality. Make sure that the focus is on the eyes, and there is enough light on the face of the dog. This will help the artist create a realistic dog portrait painting. I would also recommend to send multiple photos to your artist so that they can work around the feature.

Yes! We can customize your Dog Painting just the way you want it. All you have to do is mention these customizations in the “notes” box. Once the order is placed, we will send you a photoshop preview, and only after your approval shall we begin painting the portrait of your dog.

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Paint my pet portrait

100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!