A Complete Guide To Christmas Gifts For Everyone

Extended family with their pets celebrating christmas.

Christmas is around the corner, and you don’t want to be that guy or gal who forgets to buy Christmas gifts for everyone or the person who gets last-minute gifts.

A gift should be able to speak beyond words.

We know it gets difficult to land on that perfect gift for someone who almost always has everything.

You don’t want to gift a Christmas Present which is as plain as a coffee mug!

So here is a list for Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Everyone:

PS: If you are looking for something basic and NOT thoughtful, you can ignore the list!

Christmas Gifts For Mom / Christmas Gifts For Mother In Law:

The first gift which anyone would buy for Christmas will be definitely for a mother!

For she teaches you the story behind Christmas and why is it celebrated every year.

Here are some gifting suggestions for the Wonder Woman!

Handmade Portrait Of Your Mother From Photo:

Christmas Gifts For Mom

A mother deserves a gift that is unique and thoughtful and hence here is a gifting option for you – A handmade painting from the photo.

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload a beautiful picture of your mother here.
  2. Select a medium amongst Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil, Acrylic, or Watercolor.
  3. Select a size.
  4. Add instructions (If Any) like her name or changing elements of the image.
  5. Apply the coupon code OFF10 for a 10% discount and Order!

And the portrait painting will be delivered to you anywhere in the country with absolutely No Shipping Charges!

Check out the mother’s day gallery of PortraitFlip here.

This is the closest you can get to pay her back!

What I Love About Mom Book:

What I Love About Mom Book

“What I Love About Mom” is a completely thoughtful gift for a mom who has spent a lifetime in raising you.

It features different pages with FIB’s which, when answered will leave your mom in tears!

Gardening Tools:

Gardening Tools

Every mother is as fond of her kids as she is for her plants in her backyard!

This Christmas, get her this Gardening Kit by Magnolia and express your thoughtfulness towards her.

You can simply get it from target.com anywhere in the world.

Christmas Gifts For Dad / Father-In-Law:

Here you are finding gifts for the person who dressed as a Santa and got you gifts, times have changed, and he would be so happy to see a gift for him especially coming from you!

Here are some gifting suggestions for your Daddy Cool!

Pet Portrait From Photo!

Pet Portrait From Photo

A pet portrait for dad is “The Best Christmas Gift” available out there!

You need to send an image of the dog or dogs to PortraitFlip on their order page and tailor the Handmade Painting based on Size, Medium, and Additional Changes and we will deliver it at your doorstep.

The painting will have one hell of a reaction, and he would be the happiest father when he receives the Happiness Package from PortraitFlip.

Watch one of our Happy Customer’s reaction on unwrapping the Happiness Package down here:

Fitbit Aria 2:

Fitbit Aria 2

A common trait in every father is they like to enjoy their Aged Glen Fiddich single malt to the sound of some jazz music or a pint of beer as well.

And they really don’t know when they got fat!

Get this fitness machine in his hands and let him track his Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, & Water Mass to get a real picture of his health.

Book A Getaway For Him:

Book A Getaway For Him

How about a getaway with his better half?

Book a tailored vacation for him because he deserves one just after the Christmas night that is packed with some amazing adventures and lip-smacking food!

He would definitely love this gesture of yours.

Suggested: Gifts For Father In-law Who Has Everything to find a perfect gift for your Not So Cool Daddy!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers or Pet Lovers:

Dog lovers are indeed the happiest people in the world, so what can make them happier?

Of course! Dog lover gifts that acknowledge their furry friend in life!

Here is our gift lineup for Christmas Dog Lover Gifts:

Handmade Portrait Happiness Box:

Handmade Portrait Happiness Box

Okay! So we need you to share this article because of our suggestion which is to get a handmade portrait from a photo of the dog parent in your life with his/her dog or just a painting of the Pooch!

You can also get a cat painting or any custom painting with PortraitFlip.

All you need to do is upload the photo of the Pooch or both the Pooch and the Parent on PortraitFlip’s order page.

Then tailor the painting by selecting aspects like

  • Size,
  • Framing Options among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped, or Framed,
  • Select medium amongst Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil or Acrylic.
  • Add personalization like Name, Dates, or the Occasion which is handwritten by the artist in calligraphic writing.

You can check out the pet painting gallery or watch what happens when PortraitFlip knocks the door with a happiness package!

PortraitFlip delivers anywhere you want in the world for absolutely No Shipping Charge + You get a 10% Discount when you use OFF10 during checkout.

Sculptures By Susan Lordi:

Sculptures By Susan Lordi

Susan Lordi’s handmade sculptures are the best Christmas gift for the dog parent in your life, which shows your love beyond words.

The dog figurine literally has the potential to connect with the dog parent at unimaginable levels.

The figurine holds a great emotional value for the person who owns it and is great support even after the dog or cat leaves the parent.

Get your willowtree.com.

Plush Cuddle Clone:

Plush Cuddle Clone

Cuddle clones are lookalikes of your pet which can be commissioned to a custom dog at cuddleclones.com.

The website allows you to get an exact clone of your dog or cat; all you have to do is send an image to the website.

They also let you choose the position in which you want your cuddle clone.

Check out the website now!

Now, isn’t that the best thoughtful Christmas gift for dog lovers!

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Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend:

Christmas is the best opportunity to impress your gal beyond her expectations for she is your go-to person when it comes to important decisions in life and the one who really cares for you.

Here are some Romantic Christmas gifts for girlfriend!

Couple Portrait From Photo – The Ultimate Romantic Gesture!

Couple Portrait From Photo

How about you surprise her with an exquisite Christmas Couple Portrait made from one of her beautiful photos!

With PortraitFlip you can convert her photo into an Oil, Charcoal, Watercolor, Pencil, Color Pencil, or an Acrylic Portrait.

Order from PortraitFlip and get a tailored experience with a Flat 10% Discount (OFF10).

Suggested: Watch one of our Happy Customer getting PortraitFlipped from his spouse in this video.

Birch Box:

Birch Box

Don’t spend hours in beauty stores or malls finding her cosmetics which she loves to wear, instead order them from Birch Box and remove the hassle!

Birch Box gives you the option to pick the exact products that are required and offers subscriptions as well.

Get the beauty box at birchbox.com.

Master Class Subscription – The Responsible BF Gift!

Master Class Subscription

Every boyfriend knows what her girl loves to do but never did because she doesn’t have enough time, money, or confidence to do it.

But you know it, and you can buy a Master class for her and gift it to her this Christmas because you want to support her with everything throughout her life, isn’t it?

You can buy any class she is interested in and let her learn from the industry’s giants!

You can also check out our blog on Christmas Gifts For Her to find a perfect gift for your gal!

Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend:

A perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend is the best way to elevate your relationship and feelings for each other.

Here are some Romantic Christmas Gift suggestions For Boyfriend:

Couple Portrait From PortraitFlip:

Couple Portrait From PortraitFlip

A couple portrait from PortraitFlip is the ultimate way to show your love for him this Christmas.

With PortraitFlip you can convert his photo into an Oil, Charcoal, Watercolor, Pencil, Color Pencil, or an Acrylic Portrait.

PortraitFlip offers Free Worldwide Shipping so that you don’t miss out on surprising him!

Men’s Grooming Essentials:

Men’s Grooming Essentials

Get Tiege Hanley’s grooming essentials for your man this Christmas and keep him smelling and looking good!

The skin solution range from Tiege Hanley comes with everything from Sunscreen to Night-Cream

Master Class Subscription – The Responsible GF Gift!

Master Class Subscription

Every girlfriend knows what his man loves to do but never did because he doesn’t have enough time, money, or confidence to go do it.

But you know it and you can buy a Master class for him and gift it to him this Christmas because you want to support him with everything throughout his life, isn’t it?

You can buy any class he is interested in and let him learn from the industry’s giants!

You can also check out our blog on 19 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Him to find a perfect gift for your guy!

Christmas Gifts For Friends:

Christmas is all about everyone coming together and exchanging love through gifts!

An important part of “everyone” are friends and sometimes the only part of everyone!

Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for friends:

For Everyone – A Handmade Portrait From Photo:

A Handmade Portrait From Photo:

A handmade painting photo is one of the cute Christmas gifts for friends out there.

The mere thought behind gifting a painting that is made from a photo is really cute.

Get yours from PortraitFlip as we offer:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Free Shipping Worldwide.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.

For The Men – A Personalized Whiskey Set:

A Personalized Whiskey Set

The premium whiskey set includes a Whiskey Decanter, 2 Glasses, and an Ice Bucket.

Everything can be personalized by adding a name to it.

Get this premium looking set on Etsy!

For The Ladies – Unwind Lavender Gift Set:

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Gift a relaxing routine that helps soothe your girlfriend into a peaceful slumber with the power of aromatherapy.

The kit includes:

A Lavender Grow Kit, Pillow Spray, Soy Blend Candle, and a Sleep Mask.

Get yours from the uncommon goods website.

Christmas Gifts For Children:

A Christmas gift for kids has a lot of importance in his/her life!

They live in their imaginary worlds where they think Santa would drop off a gift which they want and never stop believing their imaginary world and frankly you don’t want them to, because you know it would mean a lot when they grow up!

Here are some unique gifts for kids:

A Child Portrait From Photo:

Child Portrait From Photo

A child portrait is the best gift for your kid who is always looking for your attention and time.

Your child’s portrait gives an artistic look to your home spaces and elevates it to a more rich and happy environment.

You can easily get a handmade painting from a photo from PortraitFlip.

We follow a simple 3 step procedure and deliver the Happiness Package anywhere in the world with No Shipping Charges.

We can convert your child’s picture into Oil, Pencil, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Watercolor or Acrylic Painting and deliver it to your doorstep!

You can browse through some of our work or Order Now by applying OFF10 during checkout and get a 10% Flat Discount.

Gifts For All The Sheldon Coopers (Beginner Microscope Kit):

Gifts For All The Sheldon Coopers

So he/she (Yes she! did you forget about Amy Farrah Fowler) spends a lot of time in their room and loves the world of Physics, get them this Microscope Kit and elevate their love for science!

The kit comes with a Microscope, Reflecting Mirrors, ABS Case, and 2 AA Batteries.

Get yours from Amazon.

For The Artist In Your Home (Art Lab for Kids):

For The Artist In Your Home

Does your child like to paint, sketch, or basically loves to do any kind of art?

Then this is the gift for him.

The kit comes with 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists of All Ages.

Get yours from Amazon.

Christmas Gifts For Brother / Christmas Gifts For Brother-In-Law:

A brother is the only person who knows exactly what is running through his sister’s mind every time.

A brother adds fun to a sister’s life and is like the cream in the cake without which the whole thing is just a round piece of bread!

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for brother:

A Thoughtful & Unique Gift – An Handmade Charcoal Sketch From His Photo!

A Thoughtful & Unique Gift

A charcoal sketch made from one of his photos is one of the best and unique gifts for brother or brother-in-law.

Charcoal sketches have the ability to best depict the features of a man than any other mediums, the black and white contrasts look simply stunning!

You can easily get a charcoal drawing from PortraitFlip at your doorstep.

Charcoal Drawing by PortraitFlip is an unrefined experience of handmade artistic excellence and your sweet memories!

We offer:

  1. 100% Handmade Paintings by Professional Artists.
  2. Free Shipping Worldwide.
  3. No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  4. 9.7 Trustpilot Rating.

Order now and get a Flat 10% Discount when you apply OFF10 during checkout.

For The Bearded Brother – Premium Beard Grooming Kit:

Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Does your brother like to flaunt his mane?

Is he more worried about his beard than his future?

Then get him this grooming kit.

The kit includes:

Unscented Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Butter, Liquid Gold Argan Oil, Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Wooden Comb, Beard Shaping tool, Professional Barber Mustache Scissors, and a Bag.

Smart Bulb:

Smart Bulb

A smart bulb is the perfect Christmas gift for a brother who loves to go by the mood!

The smart bulb can change to every color under the sky and also turn his room into a romantic one! (You know why he needs that mode!)

Also, one of the best features is that it comes with a disco lighting mode as well.

The bulb can be operated with an app of the manufacturer of the bulb and connects via Bluetooth.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store.

If you need more suggestions, read our blog on 30 Christmas Gifts For Your Brother or 25 Christmas Gifts For Brother-In-Law, and make sure you light up Christmas for your brother this year!

Christmas Gifts For Sister / Sister-In-Law:

A sister is the best friend you can have in your life!

Although she gets a bit mischievous at times you know that she is the best secret keeper and that she knows you better than you yourselves do.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for my sister:

A Portrait Painting From Photo:

A Portrait Painting From Photo

Get her a stunning portrait of herself from one of her spectacular photos to go on one of the walls of her room.

She would be surprised beyond her imagination when she unwraps the happiness package from PortraitFlip.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and deliver a handmade painting anywhere in the world without any shipping charges!

Be sure to check out our paintings here.

Taylor Beauty Station:

Taylor Beauty Station

The beauty station has all to it,

  • An unusual gift, Check!
  • Female Friendly, Check!
  • Doesn’t make you look unthoughtful, Check!
  • In the budget, Check!

Then go buy it from Amazon.

Hanging Photo Display:

Hanging Photo Display

The hanging photo display is an amazing way to depict your fun memories together and showcase them in your living spaces with this display.

It can take as many photos as you want and comes with 25 wooden clips and goes very well on any wall.

Now isn’t that one of the best Christmas gifts for sisters.

Find it on Amazon.

Christmas Gifts For Wifey!

Your wife is the first person you think of to share your thoughts about anything and everything, she is a constant support system, savior, friend, soul mate and there are many more adjectives in the English dictionary to describe her.

Here are some suggestions for thoughtful Christmas gifts for your wife:

A Beautiful Painting From Photo:

A Beautiful Painting From Photo

Get your wifey a magnificent handmade portrait from photo which signifies your love beyond words.

Handmade portraits have an unusual vibe to it, which makes the receiver feel important as a painting is not commercial but a piece of art!

All you need to do is send the photo to PortraitFlip and select Size, Medium, and Finishing Option.

The painting is delivered to you at your doorstep without any shipping charges anywhere in the world.

PortraitFlip offers 100% Satisfaction or a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to its customers.

PS: It’s way too romantic and will make her very happy when she unwraps it just like this lady.

A Getaway:

A Getaway

By any chance, if you can’t be with your family this Christmas, take your better half on a getaway!

Plan a getaway that is tailored to her liking and includes activities which she loves to do like Hiking, skinny dipping, parasailing, kayaking, or a full body massage also works.

You can easily find websites which let you select a custom holiday plan like One Trip Vietnam or Make My Trip.

Portrait Of Your Wedding Vows:

Portrait Of Your Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are very special for every couple, how about you print them and gift a portrait of it on this Christmas to your wifey?

The idea is thoughtful because by hanging it, you both will be conscious of your promises thick and thin.

You can easily order one from Etsy.

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Christmas Gifts For Husband:

Your husband is the first person you think of to share your every random thought; he is indeed the Knight And Shining Armor in your life.

Hence he deserves the finest of gifts this Christmas.

Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas For Husband:

A Handmade Painting From Photo:

handmade masterpiece painting

Painting is something that expresses your love beyond words, the mere act of commissioning an artist to paint your husband is so thoughtful and will express his importance in your life which words just cannot do!

We at PortraitFlip would love to curate a handmade masterpiece painting for your hubby because we love to deliver happiness, which brings smiles to someone’s face and makes that day one of the best in their lifetime!

We are all about service; hence we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or you get a full refund.

We ship anywhere in the world with No Shipping Cost and can get you painting in any medium including Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil, and Watercolor painting.

If you want to know, what happens when PortraitFlip knocks on the door check this video out now!

Order no and get Flat 10% Discount when you checkout using coupon OFF10.



So has he made a Christmas Resolution of getting fit and hitting the gym more often?

Keep reminding him and watch his progress through a Fitbit.

Fitbit is basic, but you know what, it is very thoughtful, and when it comes from you he definitely would want to get fit quite happy because he knows that you care for him, and he will get fit for you!

A Vacation:

A Vacation

By any chance, if you can’t be with your family this Christmas, take your hubby on a getaway!

Plan a getaway which is tailored to his liking and includes activities which he loves to do like Hiking, skinny dipping, parasailing, kayaking, or a full body massage also works.

You can easily find websites that let you select a custom holiday plan like One Trip Vietnam or Make My Trip.

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Christmas Gifts For Grandparents:

Okay! So here’s the thing your grandparents might act cool and calm when they receive a gift from their grandchildren but believe us they completely love and want to tell the whole world that they got a Christmas Present From their Grandchildren.

Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents:

Portrait Painting From Photo Of The Retro Couple:

Portrait Painting From Photo Of The Retro Couple

Let them go through their young age through the road of memories when they would make tough decisions, love each other to the fullest, fights which don’t matter today with a painting from photo with PortraitFlip.

We would absolutely love to get you a handmade painting at your doorstep as we love to spread happiness through handmade art, which is actually one of the best gifts out there which is still pure and non-commercial.

We at PortraitFlip offer:

  • 100% Handmade Paintings By Professional Artists.
  • 24×7 Customer Support.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping.
  • Mediums like Oil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pencil, and Watercolor.

Check out our gallery and order from PortraitFlip to get a 10% Discount when you use OFF10 during checkout.

A Full Body Massage:

A Full Body Massage

What? Massage on Christmas.

Yes! Why not grandparents have everything they wish for (apart from one thing which we will get back to).

A massage not only relaxes them and gives them peace but also enhances their blood circulation and you can also pair it with a full-body checkup for both your grandparents.

The whole point is to not dig a hole in a grandchild’s saving and yet get the best.

Now, do you like it?

Then go book a slot for them!

Time! Your Time!

Time! Your Time!

The most important of all is booking that flight and meeting them at least on Christmas.

The mere act of spending time with them is the best Christmas gift you can give your grandparent.

Well, what to do at this time?

  • Ask for their suggestions for your future (They love it when you give them importance + Free Experienced Advice!)
  • Ask their life learnings and what are the three most important and three most immaterial things in life according to him.
  • Thank them for everything he did for the family and you respect him.
  • Ask your grandpa for some relationship advice.
  • Play Scrabble, Watch Movies, Pet their Dogs!

Basically create memories because they are not going to be there forever!

Suggested: Christmas Gifts For Grandpa

Gifts For Father In-law Who Has Everything

That was the last one guys!

Hope you found some Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for your Friends and Family.

If you think our content writers were good at getting you some amazing Christmas Gift Suggestions then please let us know in the comment section or share this blog with your friends and family.

Do check out PortraitFlip which makes handmade paintings from photos or click here to know more about PortraitFlip.

It was great having you here!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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