75+ Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Lover! (2022 List)

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It’s that time of year again when you can show how much you love your darling with some lovely Valentine’s day gifts.

Coming up with pretty Valentine’s day gifts ideas can be a task when all you can find on the internet is Choclates’N Roses.

Ditch those love cards and chocolate boxes!  This Valentine’s day, impress your loved ones by getting something pleasant and meaningful.

Whether they are your darling, a family member,  or someone whom you know, Valentine’s day is to be celebrated with all.

Below, you’ll find 80+ lovely valentine’s day gifts for him, or her; and some of the best last-minute valentine’s day gifts and DIY gifts down below.

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Let’s roll!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

A cute vector image showing Valentine's day gifts for him

Getting gifts for men is never easy. You never know what they’ll like. Valentine’s day is a day to show him how much he means to you.

Even if he’s your brother or your dad, sure he deserves a gift this 14th February. So take this opportunity to browse through some cool gifts for your man and show him you’re the best.

A) Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, grandpa, or a person you call your best friend; here are some awesome valentine’s day gift ideas for him.

1) Daily Care Needs Basket

A brown box with all the daily needs

Life can be stressful for him, and in the daily hurdles of life, he may miss taking care of himself.

You can help your bae pamper himself by getting valentine’s day gifts baskets for him.

Include all the daily care stuff like shampoo, body wash, hair gel, deodorant, aftershave lotion, and all the stuff he likes to use.

2) Subtle Butt

Subtle butt gas neutralizers

Does your boyfriend stink up the whole room when he enters? Well just for that, here’s a helpful and funny valentine’s day gift for him—Subtle butt.

This filter on his butt will neutralize bad odor for good. Now, no one will complain of the smell of a decaying dumpster when your boyfriend is around.

3) Earphone Organizer

A hand holding an pink colored  earphone organizer with an earphone cable organized in it.

It’s a headache when the earphone cord decides to tangle and make your life hell when you take out them from the pocket…

In the era of wireless headphones and earbuds, if your man still treasures wired earphones, take the stress of him by getting an earphone organizer—he’ll thank you for that

4) Valentine’s Day Painting

A photo of couple is made into a handmade painting by artists of portraitflip
Focus! Can you tell which one is a painting and which one is a photograph?

Fortify the bond between you and your bae and show how much he means to you by giving him a valentine’s day painting this 14th Feb.

Handmade, artistic, and personal—this is the best valentine’s day gift!

Before ordering, remember that this handmade painting is not for the paint of heart. Just kidding, getting this valentine’s day gift for him will set your mind at easel 😉

5) Endoscope Camera For Dad

A phone screen flashing a closeup of a walnut. It is connected to a endoscope camera that is focused on a walnut.

Let your dad level up his repairing game with an endoscope camera that connects to a mobile. This Valentine’s Day Gift for dad will allow him to inspect hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas like compact places and inside of machines. 

6)  Grandparent Pen Pal Set— For the Grandpa

A grandparent pen pal set that has various games like Tik Tac Toe, Our favorites, and other games.

A thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift for grandpa—a great way to bridge the gap between generations is to get a Grandparent Pen Pal Set that comes with envelopes, letterhead sheets, and easy games that’ll keep both grandchild and grandpa or ma entertained.

7) 100 Movie Scratch-off Poster

A 100 movies scratch off poster

For a movie freak bae who is more obsessed with films than you—a 100 movie scratch-off poster will keep him entertained for the rest of the year. Now, he’ll get an excuse to watch movies with you.

8) Beer Cooler

A black colored beer cooler briefcase with beer can and bottles in it.

Let your man keep his pitcher perfect with a beer cooler that’ll let him enjoy his drink chilled when he’s on the go. Also, you can add a note, “Why to be salty when you can be malty!” before giving this valentine’s day gift to him.

9)  Duffel Bag

A man carrying a black duffle bag

Whether he’s a gym guy or not, a duffel bag is a thoughtful gift that’ll let him carry his stuff and will let him travel in style.

10) Timepiece

A closeup shot of a pink colored timepiece on a man's hand.

No matter what the occasion is, a timepiece is a lovely and practical gift that he will never mind using—it’s never a waist of time. 

Just to add a valentine’s day touch to the gift, you can get a pink or red theme timepiece to complement the moment.

11) Heart Crayons For The Little Guy

peach, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, purple colored heart crayons kept on a white surface

If you have a little brother or a son who likes to draw, this valentine’s day gift is great for the little fella.

Say “I heart you” with those cute heart crayons. But make sure that he doesn’t put the crayon in his mouth, or else he will catch “Crayola Virus” (Pun intended)


B) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend

For the person who lights up your day, here are six unique valentine’s day gifts for your boyfriend that’ll show how much he means to you.

1) Paper Game Set

Paper game sets like scrabble  are kept on a table

Do you want to hear a joke about paper?

Oh let it be… It’s tear-ible.

Coming back,  this valentine’s day, let your boyfriend ditch the screen for a while and let him play paper games like in the old days. You can join him and have some quality time—a great way to wind down.

2) Nintendo Switch

a guy playing a game on Nintendo Switch

A perfect valentine’s day for a gamer boyfriend—a Nintendo switch will give him an amazing gaming experience that’ll console him when he is down.

3) Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

A man holding a Rechargeable Electronic Lighter with purple sparks

For the boyfriend who loves smoking cigarettes or loves greens, get a rechargeable electronic lighter for him. He might have lost his lighters in the past, but I bet he won’t lose this one!

4) Scented Men’s Soap

4 blocks of men's scented soap are kept on a table.

How to tell your boyfriend that he stinks without telling him that he stinks?

By giving him scented soaps! Jokes aside, these perfume-infused soaps are a classy valentine’s day gift and will keep him feeling fresh throughout the day.  

5) Engraved Pocket Knife

A brown pocket knife with black blade, and has "James"  engraved on the handle.

For the military boyfriend or the bae who’s into trek and mountains, gifting an engraved pocket knife with a lovely message is a great and awesome way to gift this valentine’s day. And anyway, giving a knife as a valentine’s day gift is never pointless. 

6)  Online Workout Membership

A man doing mountain kicks exercise while looking at the screen

For the boyfriend who doesn’t have time to hit the gym (or is too lazy to go), getting an online workout membership for him will work out!  With the membership, he’d be able to make a weigh toward a healthier him.

C) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Husband

For the love of your life and for the man who’s the backbone of the family;  here are some awesome valentine’s day gifts for your husband—that are as cool as he is!

1) Sex Deck

"Sex deck cards" set with a few cards explaining sex positions.

This valentine’s day, skip the same-everyday stuff and try out new positions that’ll take your sex life to next level. I bet your husband will love it (and so will you!)

2) Royal Portrait

A Royal portrait showing a man as a king made by the artists of PortraitFlip.

Although he’s your king, this valentine’s day is a perfect time to prove that he’s the king of your life by getting a Royal portrait!

Your darling will love this cool handmade painting portraying him as a king, and it will make a great addition to the valentine’s day home decor!

3) Vinyl Coaster

different type of Vinyl Coasters

For the darling who treasures listing to music, vinyl coasters are surely gonna bring a smile to his face every morning!

Non-slip and artistic, these vine coasters will be the only coasters your hubby would want to be in the house (that’ll be a record!)

4) Pink Shirt!

A man wearing a formal pink shirt and smiling.

Switch up your husband’s style this valentine’s day by gifting him a pink shirt that’ll make him look classy! Now everyone in the office will see him celebrating valentine’s day.

5)  Retro Speaker

A big brown retro speaker is kept on a table beside books and succulent.

Let your husband take a dip of nostalgia with a retro speaker that’ll teleport him to the time when everything was simple.

With crystal clear sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and sleek design, this retro speaker is all you need for your husband.

6) Beer Brewing Kit

A craft beer kit along with required apparatus.

This valentine’s day, say, ‘I wish you beerly!” and give your husband a creative task with a beer brewing kit. Now he’ll be hoppy to brew his own drink at home.

D) Unique Valentine Day Gifts For Him

Now that you’ve browsed through 14th Feb gifts for husband and boyfriend, it’s time to see some unique valentine’s day gifts for the man in your life.

1) What I love about you

A page from "what I love about you" book

This Valentine’s day,  express your deeper emotions to your bae by filling up this cool “What I Love About You” book and giving it to him. Filled with a range of prompts, this book is a romantic way to show how you feel about him.    

2) CBD gummies

A closeup shot of pink, and blue CBD gummies

A perfect valentine’s day gift that will let your man destress and have a relaxing night every time. These gummies are a bonus if he has anxiety. Every time he eats those gummies, he will say to you, “you’re my best bud!”

3) Love note messenger

Love note messenger: a small box with colored heart.

What happens when technology combines with love? You get a love note messenger a.k.a The Lovebox. This unique valentine’s day gift for him lets you send a message, drawing, or animation.

No matter if you stay together or are in a long-distance relationship, this love note messenger is a great choice for February 14th. 

4) Portable Campfire

A portable campfire

Give your man a gift that is portable, small, and 100% practical—a portable campfire that he can carry anywhere: from the hall to his bedside desk.

5) Hatch Restore

A woman pressing the button of Hatch Restore that is lit in a dark room.

Hatch restore from Amazon is a great device for a relaxing good night’s sleep and waking up fresh like never before!

With the benefits of guided mediation, natural sounds and lights; your bae will love to use this valentine’s day gift every day. 

6) Bring A Memory Alive

A family photo is converted into a custom handmade painting by PortraitFlip's artists.
Just look at the vibrancy of the painting ❤

Valentine’s day is the day to show him how much he means to you—and the best way to do this is to say with a custom handmade painting of his favorite memory.

You know, everyone has a memory that they treasure the most, and you can make the best of it by bringing it alive with a portrait.

E) Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Listed down are the gifts that are inexpensive, yet they still qualify as lovable valentine’s day gifts.

1) Smart Water Bottle

A man holding a blue-black smart water bottle

A thoughtful and cheap valentine’s day gift for a health-conscious boo in your life—a smart water bottle will track his daily water intake and will remind him to stay hydrated.

2) Smoking Pipe

A thin metallic smoking pipe with tobacco in it.

If the man in your life loves to smoke tobacco or any other herb, a classy smoking pipe is what you should give him this valentine’s day.

3) Exotic Perfume

3 bottles of men's perfume kept on a table for photogenic purpose.

Let him smell nice with some exotic perfume whose smell will linger all day long!

Giving perfume makes scent (sense) as it is inexpensive and a classy gift to show him your love.

4) Beard Bib

A man trimming his beard while wearing a beard bib. The trimmed beard is caught on the beard bib

Don’t shave this cheap valentine’s day idea for later! A great gift for any man—a beard bib will save his efforts to clean the sink after he’s done with the trimming!

5) Whiskey Glasses Set

Two whiskey glasses with whiskey and Ice.

Time to get rid of old whiskey glasses this valentine’s day!  Get those cool whiskey glasses and let him enjoy his liquor with a new feel.

6) Classy T-shirts

A smiling man wearing a brown t-shirt giving a thumbs up

Give your boo a stylish look this valentine’s day by getting a useful and practical gift for any occasion—a bunch of t-shirts!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for her

A vector showing valentine's day gifts for her.

Valentine’s day gifts have to be special— as special as the woman in your life. Whether she’s your girlfriend, wife, mom, grandma, or sister; I’ve compiled some non-cheezy gifts that’ll show how much you love ’em!

A) Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

From an artistic gift to a basket full of her love, here are 11 adorable valentine’s day gifts for her that she’ll love with all her heart.

1) Candy Bra

A lady wearing a candy bra.

Shout Abracada-bra and get some sweet pouring on romantic valentine’s day night with a candy bra.

A Hot valentine’s day gift for her (just as hot as your bae is)—will keep you and her energized the whole night 😉  

2) Valentine’s Day Care Package

A small valentine's day themed bucket that has socks, champagne bottles,  valentine's day card, and popcorn.

Get a Valentine’s day gifts basket that has all her favorite things in one place, because why not?  

From daily care products to her favorite chocolate and stuff, this basket will have everything that she’ll need.

3) Talk, Flirt, Dare

A hand removing Talk, Flirt, Dare game cards

An awesome way to spend Valentine’s day evening is to Talk, Flirt, Dare!  A Funny yet romantic valentines day gift for her—this card deck will help you guys bond better. 

4) Coffee Mug Warmer

a cute pink coffee mug warmer with coffee in it.

For the girl who enjoys her coffee sip by sip from morning till afternoon—let her keep her drink warm with a cute coffee mug warmer.

5) Grandma Charm Bangle

a closeup of a woman wearing a bangle that has grandma written on it.

Show some love and get this valentine’s day gift for grandma too, after all, everything she has done for you, sure she deserves a gift this valentine’s day.

6) Bread Slippers

a closeup shot of a woman wearing Bread slippers

A cool and comfy valentine’s day gift for mom or sister (or bae): get her a loafer —oh, I mean these cute bread slippers.

7) Watercolor Painting

A photo of a woman is turned into a watercolor portrait by the artists of PortraitFlip.

Who said that you cannot give a gift that is artistic and romantic at the same time?

Lock her beauty forever with a handmade watercolor painting that’ll show how much you love her. A great addition to the wall, this portrait will remind her how adorable she is every day.

8) Sherpa Blanket

a grey sherpa blanket

A great alternative to wool blankets, Sherpa Blanket is one of the best things you can get to keep your bae warm. And ya know, getting this thoughtful valentine’s day gift for her won’t be a heavy decision.

9) Valentine’s Day Candles

4 red colored valentine's day candles are kept on a mat.

No need for waiting till wick-end to get aromatic candles—order some fragrant candles and give them to your bae to let her relax.

10) Heart Apron

a lady showing off her pink colored heart Apron

For the boo who’s obsessed with cooking, you can lay out your hand and save her precious dress by getting a cute heart apron.

11) Vape

A woman blowing  smoke while holding a Vape in her hand.

For the bae who finds smoking cigarettes stress-relieving—get her a vape, so she’ll get her nicotine fix in a new way.

B) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Whether she’s your new girlfriend or you’ve been in a relationship for years—check out some awesome valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend.

1) Wine With Wine Labels

3 wine bottles with wine labels

Don’t make a pour decision by getting just wine; add some cute labels to them before giving this soothing valentine’s day gift to your girlfriend.

2) Personalized Bar Necklace

2 golden colored Personalized bar necklace with names on it.

Everyone loves their name and what can be better than getting a personalized bar necklace that has your girlfriend’s name engraved?

3) Custom Stickers

Custom sticker of a woman wearing  yellow beanie.

Funky, humorous, and adorable—custom stickers are one of the cutest valentine’s day presents for her.

4) Baby Yoda Plush Toy

Baby yoda plush toy

For the gurl who’s a Star Wars fan, get this scute Baby Yoda Plush toy that she can snuggle with when you’re away.

5) Soft Pajamas

A chatty woman wearing pink Pajamas and talking on a phone.

Let her shine! Give your girl the comfort she needs by getting those comfy pajamas!

6) A Handmade Painting From Her Photo

A photo of a couple is turned into a handmade painting by the artists of PortraitFlip

Take a step ahead and pop the question this valentine’s day with not just a ring, but with a Couple Portrait too!

This personal and artistic valentine’s day gift will show that you’re damn serious about her, and when you pop the question, she’ll say yes!

C) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Wife

Show how much of a romantic partner you are by getting some pretty valentine’s day gifts for your wifey!

1) Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

Heart-shaped mini waffle maker kept on a brown table

A 14th February gift that doesn’t waffle! (or does it?)—get a cute heart-shaped mini waffle maker for the waffle-obsessed girl who likes to start her day with waffle and syrup!

2) Heart Necklace

a beautiful silver necklace with a heart pendant.

A classy gift for wife on valentine’s day—a charming heart necklace will make her feel she’s loved.

3) Cute Laptop Skin

A laptop with laptop skin.

For this special day, get cute laptop skin for your wife’s laptop and give the laptop a brand new feel!

4) Handwritten Bracelet

a close up shot of a woman wearing handwritten bracelet.

Show how much you love your wife by getting a personalized Valentine’s day gift that she’ll love to wear every day!

5) Non-smeary lipstick

a woman applying a non smeary red lipstick.

There could be nothing more frustrating than lipstick getting smeared! Save her time and gift a non-smeary lipstick this valentine’s day!

6) Instant camera

A focused shot of a white Instant camera .

1..2..3.. Smile!

Let your wife capture every special moment on a camera and obtain a photo instantly. Great for a photogenic, this Instant camera is an awesome valentine’s day gift for your wife.

D) Unique Valentine Day Gifts For Her

Some awesome and unique valentine’s day gifts for her that are just as unique as she is.

1) Kissing mugs

two beautiful kissing mugs! A red mug and white mugs are placed together to look as if they are kissing.

A romantic and unique valentine’s day gift for her—kissing mugs are a great companion for morning coffee 😉

2) Gold Heart earrings

A woman holding Gold heart earring between her fingers.

Let your bae boost her confidence, and look cute with heart earrings that show how much she means to you!

A great 14th February gift for her, these gold earrings will look great on her no matter what the occasion is.  

3) Shower Speaker

A black colored shower speaker attached to the towel rack near the shower.

Let her rock!

For a music-obsessed girl who can’t seem to leave her tune away even when she’s in the shower—a Shower speaker is one of the unique valentine’s day gifts for her.

4) A Painting Of Her Pet

a photo of a woman kissing her dog is made into an oil painting by the artists of portraitflip

This Valentine’s day, give your bae a gift that’ll stay close to her heart always! 

Apart from chocolate boxes and roses, a pet portrait of her and her little friend is something she’ll absolutely love to receive on Valentine’s day. So Don’t miss this chance to make her closer to you

5) Rose Candles

three round rose candles are lit on a table.

Calm, serene, and mood uplifter—lighting natural rose-scented candles are a great way to wind down for the day.

6) Mini Milk Frother

a mini frother frothing the milk and beside is a cup with coffee.

For the girl in your life who’s obsessed with cappuccinos, get a mini milk frother that’ll make her say, ‘I love you alate!’

E) Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

When you’re a little tight on budget but want to get something better than rose bouquets and cheap chocolate boxes…

1) Marshmallow Toasting Set

different marshmallow toasting kits kept on a table for decorative purpose,

If the girl in your life loves marshmallows, I have a great inexpensive valentine’s day gift for her. A marshmallow toasting set will let her toast he favorite marshmallow at home.

2) Personalized Photo Puzzle

a heart shaped photo puzzle of a couple.

A personalized and unique valentine’s day gift that’ll keep her engaged on weekends—get a  personalized photo puzzle for her.

3) Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate cup with cinnamon stick. Beside it is chocolate bars and cocoa powder in bowl,

Satiate her sweet tooth this Monday with a hot chocolate gift set that’ll let her brew her own hot drink.

4) Love Tokens

Different oval love tokens

Another way of saying I love you—show how much she means to you by getting some lovely love tokens for her this valentine’s day.

5) Cute Toiletry Bag

A pink toiletry bag with sunglasses, makeup stuff kept for decorative purpose.

Let her carry her daily care stuff everywhere she goes with a cute but stylish toiletry bag. This cheap valentine’s day gift is a nice way to show that you care about her.

6) Oil Mister

a oil mister with oil in it.

For the gurl who’s obsessed with frying food items and other delicacies, an oil mister is one of the best gifts you can give on this 14th February.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him And Her

A vector showing Last minute valentine's day gifts

Time’s up!

I know the article has gotten longer but here are a few last-minute Valentine’s day gifts for the folks who are running out of time.  Get those gifts for him or her and show them some love.

1) Gift Card For A Portrait

A valentine's day gift card from PortraitFlip

Handmade Painting Gift Card—for the time when you want to get the best valentine’s day gift but you don’t have much time. This gift card will let your bae choose the photo of their choice and get a custom handmade painting delivered to their place.

2) Noise Cancellation Headphones

a woman enjoying her music while wearing grey Noise Cancellation Headphones

When you’re not able to decide on a gift and valentine’s day is just around, get a noise cancellation headphone for superior sound quality—nobody will dislike that!

3) Rose Bouquet With Valentine’s Day Letter

 a man putting a letter in an envelope and beside it, is a rose bouquet.

When today is valentine’s day and the gift that you ordered is not here. Blame the logistics but you gotta get something, eh?

Go old school with this last-minute valentine’s day gift by getting a rose bouquet and a valentine’s day letter. 

4) Back And Neck Massager

A woman using neck and shoulder massager.

A soothing valentine’s day gift for anyone—get a Back And Neck Massager that’ll take their stress away. If they complain of back pain, you should definitely not miss getting this gift.

5) Their Favorite OTT Subscription

A group of friends streaming their favorite OTT platform.

Let your bae enjoy their favorite shows by getting annual membership of the OTT platform that they love to watch.

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts For Him And Her

A vector showing valentine's day DIY gift

When you want to put in the efforts by yourself in making the gift for your baby, here are 5 awesome valentine’s Day DIY gifts… because DIYed gift shows the love.

1) DIY Card

A beautiful DIY valentine's day gift card.

Brainstorm and pour your creativity to make this romantic DIY valentine’s day gift for them—Valentine’s day card!

2) DIY Paper Flower

People crafting paper flowers from paper.

Forget giving the flower that’ll last a day or two; instead, DIY some cute paper flowers and give them as a valentine’s day gift! Also, spray a mist of essential oils for fragrance! Now, your bae will receive flowers that won’t die (just like your love).

3) Heart Soap

green colored heart soaps is kept beside the ingredients like olives, coconut, flower, saffron

I soap this is one of the best DIY 14th February gifts that you can give to your bae. Homemade heart soaps that smell nice are a cute and useful gift for anyone. 

4) Handmade Fragrance Candles

A Pink colored handmade rose candle that resembles a small rose.

For the candle lover and for the person who needs to destress—give them handmade fragrance candles that’ll not only light up the room but will also take the stress away!

5) DIY Heart Cake

yellow heart cakes with pink topping on it.

If buying a cake for any occasion feels too mainstream to you, how about you make your own heart cake? Show your love and give them your “heart” this valentine’s day.

Yay! those were some unique and lovely valentine’s day gifts that you can give to him, her, and everyone you know.

but you don’t have to stop with just a gift to make your loved ones’ V-day special; you can plan some cute activities and make their day even more memorable!

Although each gift has its own essence, a custom handmade painting gift is the most unique present that you can give! It’s personalized, artistic, and lifelong!

Finally, here you are!

Thank you for taking your time to browse through 80+ Lovely Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him, Her, And Everyone!

For whoever you were looking to find a gift for, I hope you find the perfect valentine’s gift for them. If you feel that I can add another unique gift to the list, please mention it in the comments or reach out to us on our social media platforms:




If you’re a TikToker, don’t forget to check our TikTok. Also, check our gallery to see some awesome handmade paintings made by our artists!

You’ll definitely love it!

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