95 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Any “Mom” In Your Life

mother's day gift ideas cover by portraitflip
Give some TLC to mom with these mother's day gift ideas. 

Not only does she deserve to be appreciated every single day of her life; Mother’s day is one of those days to show how much you love her.

You can take a day off and spend quality time with her—but don’t forget to admire her with a unique gift on mom’s day!

The Internet is full of wacky-tacky gifts when you’re looking for a mother’s day gift; but to make things easier, I’ve made a comprehensive mother’s day gift guide.

Whether she’s your mom, grandma, sister, or friend; or whether you’re looking for a present for your daughter or mother-in-law;  this guide includes gifts for every type of mom.

From an artistic gift to something that she can use in her daily skincare regime, you’ll find mother’s day presents that are chic—just like moms are.

So, check out the gift list below!

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Mother’s Day Gifts For Mom

Mom—it’s not just a word but an emotion!

I know you can relate to the fact that it’s impossible to express in mere words how amazing moms are—they’re sweet, caring, and always keep the house running, no matter what happens.

These souls shower unconditional love that surpasses all relation boundaries. Adore her on this special occasion by giving a present from our creative list of mother’s day gifts for mom.

1. Redesign Her Front Porch

a well decorated front porch as a gift for mom on motehr's day
Image credits: Freepik stock image

Porch, undoubtedly is one of the best places to unwind after a long day of work.  Make this little space of your mom’s house a little more comfortable by redesigning it!

One of the best mother’s day gifts for mom is to give her a gift that’ll add a dash of comfort to her life. Now, your mom won’t miss an evening sipping her favorite drink on the newly redesigned porch!

2. Massage Gun

a woman massaging her neck with a massage gun
Image credits: stock image

Take her pain away with percussive deep tissue therapy! Back pain and muscle soreness can be common since you get into your mid-thirties—help your mom with a massage gun.

This mother’s day gift idea will let her relax every day 🙂

3. “What I Love About Mom” Journal

What I love about mom Journal.
Image credits: amazon.com

This mother’s day, prove how much you love your mom by getting this cool gift— “What I Love About Mom” Journal.

Jot down your favorite memories with her, crack inside jokes to fill up the pages and give this journal to your mama.

4. Moss Ball

a Moss ball in  a fish aquarium with small fish.
Image credits: Christi Elliott from Pinterest

Brighten your mom’s fish tank with this lively gift this mother’s day—a rounded moss ball.

Not only do these live algae look good in the fish tank, but do also they filter water and create a healthy environment for fish—something that your mom would love.   

5. Reed Diffusers

a close up photo of reed diffusers against a white background.
Image credits: freepik stock image

Elevate your mom’s room with reed diffusers that’ll keep a pleasant fragrance in her room 24×7.

Not requiring any fuel or electricity to run, reed diffusers are one of the natural ways to add fragrance. So throw away the artificial fragrance bottles and give this mother’s day gift to your mom instead.

6. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

a blonde woman drying her hair with Dyson supersonic hairdryer.

Help your mom blow away her damp hair with a powerful hairdryer out there—Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer.

With high performance, fast drying speed, and strong airflow; this mother’s day gift will make a nice addition to her dresser.

Mother’s Day Gifts For New Mom

Entering motherhood can be one of the best feelings ever for a woman—so shall you give the ‘new mom’ in your life some cool presents this mother’s day, especially if it is her first year celebrating mother’s day.

1. Baby Portrait

a painting of woman and her baby is turned into a handmade painting by portraitflip's artists.
Handmade Oil painting by PortraitFlip

“There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.”

– Jared Padalecki

Give the new mom a gift that she can never forget in her life—a baby portrait of her newborn! This mother’s day gift for first-time moms will make her smile every day when she sees the beautiful painting on the wall.

Where to get this amazing mother’s day gift? Down Below

2. Vibrating Pad For Baby

a mom is working peacefully on her laptop as a baby sleeps on vibrating pad.
Image credits: amazon.com

A stressed baby means stressed mama!

To help fussy baby sleep better, get the new mom a vibrating pad that she can use to let her baby sleep quickly.

This mother’s day gift will prove to be a helpful and practical gift for the new mom

3. Facial Toner Machine

a woman using a facial toner machine on her face.
Image credits: made-in-china.com

Let the newly-become mom preserve her youth with a facial toner machine! This mini face massager improves blood circulation and will level up her skincare routine

4. The Mindfulness Journal

a few pages from mindfulness journal with a pencil and pen.
Image credits: runtastic.com

Entering motherhood can be one of the joyful things that can happen—but it can be stressful too. But with this journal, she’d be able to find peace no matter whatever she’s doing.

5. Baby Camera

 a baby monitor with a video of baby sleeping in crib playing.
Image credits: amazon.com

For the mom who can’t keep her eye on two places at the same time—get her a baby camera that’ll let her keep an eye on the little angel as she does her other chores.

6. Starry Night Jigsaw puzzle

a jigsaw puzzle of The Starry Nights.
Image credits: firstcry.com

Keep the mom out of boredom by getting an artistic gift that’ll keep her busy in her free time— the Starry Night Jigsaw puzzle. 

Mother’s Day Gifts To Daughter

Daughters! The mini version of moms does deserve unique gifts this mother’s day. Explore some of the best mother’s day gifts that you can give to your daughter.

1. Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble Tea Kit with 4 glasses filled with bubble tea of different flavors.
Image credits: etsy.com

Let your daughter brew a drink that she can chew! Bubble tea kit or boba tea, being originated in Taiwan, is one new way to drink tea that has chewy tapioca balls.

2. Farmers Market Blend Coffee

a photo of Farmer's market blend coffee

How does your daughter start her day?

If java is her daily morning fix, you shouldn’t miss giving this energetic mother’s day gift to your daughter. The sweet-bitter taste of Farmers Market Blend Coffee will let her start her day with energy.

3. Gravity Blanket

a smiling woman with a gravity blanket wrapped around her on bed.
Image credits: wwd.com

If your daughter is a light sleeper, you’d wanna consider getting this gift for mother’s day. A gravity blanket being heavy in weight promotes sleep—this will turn her into a sleeping beauty!

4. Gadgets Of Her Choice

a laptop, tablet, phone and desktop on a table.
Image credits: freepik stock image

A subtle way to win your daughter’s heart on mother’s day is to give her an electronic gadget that she has always wanted! Whether it is an apple watch, wireless earbuds, or a smartphone—your daughter would love to receive her favorite gadget.

5. Water Purification System

a hand holding a glass of  water near a water purification unit.
Image credits: freepik stock image

For the health-conscious lady in your life, get a Big Berkey Water Filter that’ll make sure that she gets clean drinking water, always! This mother’s day gift idea is great when she’s doubtful of the quality of water coming out of the tap.

6. Handmade Painting

a painting of a woman is made into a handmade oil portrait  by the artists of Portraitflip
Handmade Oil painting by PortraitFlip

Show how special your daughter is and how much she means to you by getting an oil painting of her!

Better than most of the gifts out there, a handmade painting is an aesthetic gift that she’ll love to receive on mother’s day. 

Mother’s Day Gifts For Sister

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect mother’s day gift for your sister, especially if you don’t know what she’ll like. There are tons of options to choose from—I’m here to save you from the dilemma!

Explore some of the best mother’s day gift ideas below.

1. Tory Burch

a woman wearing a brown Tory Burch cross-shoulder bag.
Image credits: people.com

Add Tory Burch to her wardrobe! With cool and aesthetic accessories from Tory Burch, your sister will always find an excuse to flaunt her new stuff!

2. Cute Throw Pillows

colorful throw pillows (lavender, white, red, black, orange, and yellow) kept on a sofa.
Image credits: Getty Images

Surprise your sister this Mother’s day with not just one throw pillow, but with too many! Get a dozen of them (or more) that’ll make her home decor much better.

3. Dainty Bracelet

A woman wearing silver and gold Dainty bracelet.
Image credits: elegantjewelbox.com

When you’re not sure of what to get your sister for mother’s day, you can always cash in on a dainty bracelet. This attractive bracelet will let your sister feel confident and she’ll always wear it on special occasions 😉

4. Organic Shea Butter

a woman holding a jar of shea butter with a small portion of it applied to her hand.
Image credits: freepik.com

Make your sister feel young with organic shea butter which is a good natural moisturizer and has antiageing properties—something your sister would love to use.

5. A Set Of Classy Claw Clips

Beautiful golden claw clips kept on a white background.
Image credits: coconevis.com

Help your with a set of claw clips—because they’re never enough!

Whether she wants to put on bangs or wanna style her hair a certain way—these claw clips will always come in handy.

6. Charging Bracelet

a black charging bracelet against white background.
Image credits: torrotravel.com

No more running out of battery for your sister’s phone! Get this cool mother’s day gift for your sister that’ll not only look nice but will allow her to charge her phone on the go.

So these were some of the best mothers day gift ideas for sisters. now let’s see some presents for your wifey.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Wife

Your wife—who is also the mother of your child—deserves a meaningful gift from you this mother’s day. So make your gift count!

Scroll down through the list of handpicked mother’s day gifts that you can (and should) give to your sweetheart.

1. Necklace

a woman in black dress showing off her   vibrant jewel necklace.
Image credits: freepik.com

Women don’t wear a necklace just for aesthetics, but it’s a way for them to express themselves—so make sure to get one for your wife on the occasion of mother’s day.

Also, giving your wife a necklace will let her know that you respect her freedom of expression

2. Soft Cotton Tee

a woman wearing a grey t-shirt looking at the camera.
Image credits: projectsocialt.com

Get your wife something that speaks of comfort this mother’s day—give her a dozen of soft cotton tee that’ll let her be comfortable when she’s at home.

3. Wedding Portrait

a photo of a couple is turned into a handmade painting by the artists of PortraitFlip
Handmade wedding painting by PortraitFlip

Mother’s day is just the right day to let your wife know that you made the most correct decision of your life—marrying her!

Let her know this gifting a wonderful handmade portrait of your wedding day! This gift will let her relive her wedding memory with a portrait.

4. Exotic Wine

a wine bottle and a glass with white wine is kept on table.
Image credits: freepik stock image

For the wine lover lady in your life- get a bottle of exotic wine that not only tastes better but is packed with antioxidants that’ll lock her beauty.

5. Pearl earrings

an old woman wearing a pearl earring posing for the camera.
Image credits: freepik stock image

Add charm to her attire and let her Pearl earrings steal the show! Women love jewelry and this gift is just perfect for your wife on mother’s day.

6. Water Flosser

a woman cleaning her teeth with a water flosser
Image credits: freepik.com

Let your wife level up her flossing in a modern way! This water flosser will floss her teeth efficiently and save time.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

Grandma, or let me call her “Supermom” cooks you food till you’re stuffed and gives you sound advice when you need it. This mother’s day, get her a gift that will be no less than an experience!

1. Herb Garden

a closeup shot of small Coriander plants growing in miniature pots.
Image credits: freepik.com

This mother’s day, get your grandma her own herb garden! Get herbs, planters, and tools that your grandam can use for gardening and watch her become a “Herb Queen”.

2. Air Fryer

a black Air fryer on the table. beside it, is red capsicum, onions, and garlic.
Image credits: freepik.com

Let your grandma cook some fried food that is not fried! With an air fryer, she’d be able to cook healthy fries and other delicacies without the concern of making the food too oily.

3. Sleep Aid device

A cyan, grey, and yellow sleep aid device on a table.
Image credits: aliexpress.com

You know the older one gets, the harder it is to fall and stay asleep. Help your grandma sleep peacefully every night with a sleep aid device—now she’ll wake up fresh every morning.

4. Vintage Frame

an aesthetic white vintage frame
Image credits: freepik.com

There’s no doubt grandmas treasure old belongings and have a love for retro. If your grandma is one of those, then you should get her a vintage frame where she could put her favorite photographs.

(By the way, if you have an old photograph, you can do something beautiful with it)

5. Traditional Jewellery

a grandma wearing a pearl traditional jewellery by the dresser and looking at the camera.
Image credits: freepik stock image

No modern jewels can beat the aesthetic beauty of traditional jewelry—so get some for your grandma as a mother’s day gift.

6. Perfume Sampler Set

a few colorful perfume sampler bottles on a white background,
Image credits: freepik stock image

Let your grandma explore some new “scent’ for herself by getting a perfume sampler set on Mother’s Day.

These were some of the unique mother’s day gift ideas for grandma. Let’s move on to our next category 🙂

Mother’s Day Gifts From Daughter

Mother’s day is a great day to strengthen the bond between you and your life-long mentor: mom.  Take mother’s day as a wonderful opportunity to appreciate her.

1. Acrylic Painting

a photo of a woman posing near the sea is turned into an acrylic painting by the artists of portraitflip
Handmade acrylic painting by PortraitFlip

Show your mom how much she means to you by getting an acrylic painting of you and your mom! probably the best mother’s day gift idea—a painting will remind her of the beautiful bond that you guys share. 

2. Beauty Kit

a pink bag with beauty product items like lipsticks, foundation, eye liner, highlighter, brushes etc.
Image credits: freepik stock image

It’s no lie that aging can take a toll on us… black hair can turn white in no time. You know that even a small wrinkle is enough to weigh you down—the same can be felt by your mom.

Stop the clock with a beauty kit that includes all the products that’ll help her preserve youth. 

3. Colorful Garden Stool

a white garden stool with blue geometrical designs is kept  by the chair in the living room.
Image credits: wayfair.com

Add colors to her decor with this colorful mother’s day gift idea—by getting a colorful garden stool.

Not only does it look good in the home decor, but it also can be used as extra sitting—just for the moment when there are guests at home.

4. Rainbow Maker

A Rainbow maker hung inside a window  and is reflecting rainbow lights,
Image credits: amazon.com

An awesome mother’s day gift idea from her daughter is a Rainbow Maker that’ll fill her room with rainbow lights!

This solar-powered decor is a nice addition to your mom’s home and she’d love to hang it on her windows too.

5. Sofa Lounger

a woman smiling looking at  her phone as she is sprawled on a red sofa lounger.

What’s more satisfying than watching your favorite TV show?

Reclining on a sofa lounger and watching it!  A nice Mother’s Day Gift for the mom who loves to chill—a super-soft lounger is what you should get for the chill mom.

6. Gorgeous Glassware

a dining table with elegant glassware like wine glasses, jars, containers etc.
Image credits: freepik stock image

Get some pretty glassware and give them to your mom as a mother’s day gift!

These chic pieces of glassware will make a nice addition to her dining table—great to leave an impression on guests.

Mother’s Day Gifts From Daughter In Law

Whether you’re looking for an expensive gift or want to settle for something simple; we have made a list of gifts to impress your mother-in-law. Check out the list below and pick a gift that’ll match your mother-in-law’s vibe!

1. Desktop Plants

A white study table decorated with indoor plants..
Image credits: freepik stock image

The workplace can get pretty boring, especially if your Mom in law’s office is—Home.

You can make her Working-From-Home experience more bearable by decorating her space with indoor plants.

This Mother’s day gift idea will take “work stress” off her.

2. Apple Watch

A closeup shot of apple watch kept on a rock.
Image credits: future

Two apples changed the world: Adam’s apple and Steve Job’s Apple!

While you can’t get Adam’s apple, you can surely buy the other apple— Apple watch! The elegant design and high-end technology of the Apple Watch will surely melt your mother-in-law’s heart.

3. Gold Chain

a closeup shot of a woman who is wearing a gold chain.
Image credits: etsy.com

Gold—one of the most precious metals on earth—makes a good choice as a gift for any occasion, so appreciate your mother-in-law this Mother’s day with a gold chain.

4. Hardcover Bound Letter Diary

a few hardcover bound letter diaries stacked together.
Image credits: alibaba.com

If your mother-in-law is a busy type—she’ll appreciate receiving a hardcover-bound letter diary as a mother’s day gift. This little gift will help her jot down her thoughts and organize her work.

5. Flowering Bonsai Tree

a bonsai with flowering pink flowers.
Image credits: freepik stock image

Get this wonderful mother’s day gift for your mother-in-law—a flowering bonsai tree that is a great addition to home decor. Not only does it purify the air, but it also promotes general wellbeing. 

6. Family Portrait

a compliation portrait is painted by the artists of portraitflip with 7 different photos.
A compilation Portrait by PortraitFlip

One of the best ways to deepen your relationship with your mother-in-law (and with the family too) is to get a Family Portrait made from photos. It’s a wonderful mother’s day gift and can make a great addition to home decor as well.

Mother’s Day Gifts From Son

Mom is the first female figure in every man’s life and the bond they both share is unique of all. To cherish the unique bond, explore our list of some amazing mother’s day gifts ideas for moms.

1. A Diamond Ring

a closeup shot of Diamond ring
Image credits: freepik stock image

Who said that you should give a diamond ring only to your significant other?  Your mom does deserve to be appreciated, so get a real diamond ring for her.

2. Bathtub Caddy

a wooden bathtub caddy with candles, towels, bath bombs, soap, shampoo is kept on  a bathtub.
Image credits: stylecaster.com

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re relaxing in the bathtub while reading and your book gets splashed by water? The same happens with moms.

Take the stress away from her and give her a calm bathing experience with a bathtub caddy. With this gift, she can easily access her favorite bath accessories, book, wine glass, and candles while taking a comfortable bath.

3. Timepiece

a woman wearing a timepiece on her wrist.
Image credits: nytimes.com

A watch can show you the time, but wearing a classy timepiece is timeless in itself! This Mother’s Day, make your mom feel classy with a timepiece that reflects her style.

4. The Williams Sonoma Kitchen

black colored pots and pans hung on above kitchen counter.
Image credits: williams-sonoma.com

One of the best mother’s day gifts from a son can be kitchenware from The Williams Sonoma.

This brand offers a wide range of high-quality and sleek cookware, cutlery, electronics, and bakery appliances that will make your mom enjoy cooking even more.

5. Savory Pantry

A gift box form Savory pantry containing assorted snacks and gourmets.
Image credits: Savory Pantry

All you need is love and… food! Food gifts from Savory Pantry are perfect for every occasion and so you can delight your mom’s senses this mother’s day.

6. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

three different flowers grown in jars that are kept on a shelf.
Image credits: uncommongoods.com

A bouquet may last for only a day or two, but this mother’s day gift can last for weeks and weeks!

This Birth Month Flower Grow Kit is an easy DIY that lets you choose your flower as per your birth month—a great gift for a gardening-loving mom.

These were some of the Mother’s Day gifts that you—a son—can give to mom. Now it’s time to explore a few cute other’s Day gifts that kids can give to their mumma!

Mother’s Day Gifts By Kids

Nothing can make a mom happier than the admiration she receives from her kids!

As it can be a daunting task for kids to find mother’s day gifts on their own, I’ve compiled a list of 6 fun and easy gifts that they can give their moms on this special occasion.

Let’s explore it!

1. Chocolates

Dark chocolate and a chocolate sauce kept on a table for photography
Image credits: freepik stock image

It’s no wonder that chocolates are the ultimate stress relievers—they boost your mood and make a healthy choice as desserts. And the best part? it’s easy to get!

So getting your mom chocolates as a mother’s day gift is a simple way to admire her on mother’s day. (Just make sure that you get favorites!)

2. DIYed Fingerprint Card

a handmade DIYed fingerprint card with heart stamp.
Image credits: kiddycharts.com

Give her the simple fingerprint card!

The most simple yet lovely mother’s day gift for mom is a DIYed gift that shows the love you put into making it. 

Here’s how you can make one:

Put red paint on your index finger and stamp it on paper at a slight angle. Stamp another print on the opposite to make it look like a heart. Viola! your lovely fingerprint card is ready!

3. Sweet Candy Box

a box with assorted sweet candies
Image credits: Freepik stock image

Satiate your mom’s tooth with all her favorite candies!

A sugary box with assorted candies is a nice mother’s day gift idea! to make things more fun, you can get a decorated box and fill it with the sugary treats that your mom likes.

4. Mom Apron

a mom wearing "i love you mom" apron posing for a photo
Image credits: freepik.com

Show your love for mom this mother’s day by getting a gift that is not only cute but also useful!

“I love you Mom” apron is one of the best gifts that you can get for your mom.

5. Mother’s Day Superhero Card

three mother's day superhero card made by kids are kept on a table.
Image credits: iheartcraftythings.com

Moms are no less than superheroes in your life—prove this by making a mother’s day superhero card and giving it to her on this occasion.

This cute gift will remind your mom every day that she does make a difference in everyone’s life.

6. Watercolor Portrait

a photo of couple is turned into a watercolor portrait by the artists of porrtaitflip
Handmade Watercolor painting by PortraitFlip

If you (and your siblings) have been saving up for a perfect mother’s day gift, then there’s no better gift other than a watercolor portrait made from her photo!

It’s inexpensive, easy to order, and the handmade painting is delivered to your doorstep.

Imagine how wonderful your mom will feel once she receives this amazing painting!

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

You can buy gifts and give them to your mom—but nothing is as charming as making the gift yourself and gifting it on mother’s day!

Those gifts are unique and one of the best things about DIY gifts is that it shows the love you put into making one—and ya it costs less than buying the regular old gifts.

Below, you’ll find 6 easy and DIY mother’s day gifts that you can make yourself!

1. Handmade Planters with Plants

black boots with flowering plants growing in it.
Image credits: goodhousekeeping.com

Make use of those empty cans in your home and turn them into planters that you can gift to your mom on mama’s day—just don’t forget to give plants with them too!

2. Mason Jar Mania!

a decorated mason jar with lights in it.
Image credits: etsy.com

If you are like most people in this world, you must have a few Mason jars lying idle on the kitchen shelf or boxes in the attic.

Use those spare glasses to make some cool crafts like Mason Jar lights or aquarium crafts.

3. Rainbow Letterboard DIY

a handmade rainbow letterboard with  text "I Love You More Than fries" written on it.
Image credits: hellogiggles.com

Letter Boards are inspiring and worth hanging on the wall. They might seem difficult but are easy to make.

Make your own Rainbow letterboard with an inspiring message to show how much your mom means to you and give it to her on mother’s day!

4. Positive Jar

A decorated jar with a lid that is filled with positive notes.
Image credits: countryliving.com

Get thoughtful with a positive jar!

Fill out a decorated mason jar with all inspiring notes and give it to your mom on mother’s day.

This pretty little gift will help your mom to keep going on the days she feels down.

5. Homemade Bath Bomb

colorful homemade bath bombs
Image credits: freepik.com

A bath bomb is a women’s favorite for a reason—not only do detoxify the body but also do they uplift mood, relieve sore muscle, and calm the mind.

Make a bath bomb at home with all your mom’s favorite ingredients and give this herbal product to your mom on Mother’s day. 

I’m sure she’ll appreciate this thoughtful mother’s day gift idea.

6. DIY Lip Balm

yellow lip balm kept on a table.
Image credits: musthavemom.com

Help your mama keep her lips hydrated and healthy with an organic lip balm that is handmade by you.

Not only is it a better option than an over-the-counter balm, but also you can add natural flavors.

These were mother’s day gift ideas for the people who have a creative itch. Now let’s see some gifts that are personal to her.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Giving a regular gift is cool but do you know what’s even better? Giving a personalized gift!

When you add a personal touch to a gift, the gift becomes unique and the person receiving it feels special.

So make your mom feel adored with a personalized mother’s day gift.

1. Personalized Necklace

a woman in black dress wearing a personalized keychain that spells "Nadia"
Image credits: smithjewels.com

Psychology says that people like to read their name—and what’s better than using this knowledge to your use? 

Get a personalized necklace with your mom’s name on it and give it to her on mother’s day.

2. Custom Photo Book

a custom photo book with  family photos,

Make a collection of your mom’s favorite photos and make a custom photo book with them! Add messages or make a story from it!

3. Personalized Puzzle

a jigsaw puzzle of a family photo with a couple and their two children.
Image credits: freepik stock image

Give your mom a gift that’ll also challenge her to practice her cognitive skills—with a personalized puzzle made from her photo.

4. Personalized Handmade Portrait

a woman's photo is converted into handmade painting by PortraitFlip's artist.
Handmade Oil painting by PortraitFlip

A handmade painting made from photos is the best persoanlized gift that you can give to your mom on mother’s day!

Take her personal best photograph and turn it into a painting. This gift will make her feel good about herself whenever she looks at the painting on the wall.

5. Personalized Items Like Phone Covers, Cups, Diaries

a personalized cup with mom's and daughter's photo. "you are the best mom. I love you forever" is written on it.

If simplicity is what you look for while giving gifts, you can make it more appealing by adding a personal touch to it. Whatever gift you wanna get—phone covers, mugs, diaries—make it personalized and give them to your mom on mother’s day.

6. Personalized Cutting Board

"The best Mom in the world. love, Anna and olga" is engraved on a brown cutting board.
Image credits: wgbgifts.com

Give your mom a wooden cutting board with a personalized message on it! Every time she’s chopping veggies, it will remind her how much she means to you!

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

All gifts are somewhat unique in themselves—but some gifts have a zest that makes them stand out. Check out some of the unique mother’s day gifts that your mom will surely find amusing.

a photo of Indian food that has gravy, tortila, and cumin rice.
Image credits: freepik.com

If you’re looking for a unique mother’s day gift idea, here’s what you should do: Instead of buying a gift from a store, treat your mom with viral food trends!

Let your mom take a break from the kitchen and let her enjoy her favorite meal.

2. Coffee Maker

Coffee maker machine is brewing a warm coffee in a white cup.
Image credits: freepik stock image

If your mom is a joe-lover, you shouldn’t miss giving a classy coffee-making machine to her on Mother’s day.

Not only will this appliance make awesome coffee, but it will look chic in her kitchen decor.

3. Mini Waffle Maker

a mini waffle maker with a wffle inside is kept on white table.
Image credits: freepik stock image

For the waffle-making mom who likes to have waffles for breakfast—get this cute mini waffle maker for her on mother’s day.

4. Miniature Faux Terrarium Plants

Different miniature faux terrarium plants are kept inside a jar planter.
Image credits: ubuy.co.in

This unique mother’s day gift idea is reserved for moms who love plants but forget to water them!

Get miniature faux terrarium plants that she can add to her decor. These artificial plants look real and will make a lively addition to her home.

5. Surprise Her With A Personalized Song

a man playing guitar
Image credits: freepik.com

This has to be probably one of the most unique gifts for mother’s day.

Grab your guitar or piano or any instrument that you are well versed with, and sing and compose a song just for her!

Even if you can’t play an instrument, you can find many music loops for free. Your mom would be surprised when she sees you singing a personalized song for her.

6. Shower Steamers

a close up shot of Shower steamers
Image credits: sweetnaturesbeauty.com

Commonly known as bath bombs for the shower—Shower Steamers are the new trends! These steamers are a nice way to take aromatherapy to next level and your mom would love using them while bathing.

These were some amazing gifts that you can gift your mom on mother’s day. Now let’s see some pretty gifts that you can buy for your mom even if you’re tight on pockets.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts

For the times when you’re tight on the budget but can’t miss getting a mother’s day gift for your mom – explore some of the best inexpensive gifts for mom.

A side note: regardless of the price of the gift – whether it’s cheap or costs hundred of dollars- you should spend quality time with your mom on mother’s day

1. Beautiful Bouquet

a rose bouquet with all the colorful roses.
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Flowers symbolize gracefulness and simplicity—so get a beautiful bouquet for your sweet lady. Also, if your mom is fond of a particular flower, get a bouquet of it too.

2. Reusable Tote Bag

a woman with a cream tote bag
Image credits: freepik stock image

Make your mom’s trip to the grocery store worthwhile with reusable tote bags that’ll help her carry groceries back home with style.

3. Warming Slippers  

greysih brown warming slippers
Image credits: freepik.com

A perfect remedy for cold feet or for the time when it’s cold—warming sleepers are the perfect cheap mother’s day gifts.

4. Painterly Mugs

Painterly mugs set on a table
Image credits: etsy.com

Instead of going with regular boring mugs, add a splash of color to it! Switch your mom’s regular mugs with painterly mugs that’ll add colors to her morning.

5. Handmade Charcoal Sketch Of Her

a photo of a woman is turned into a charcoal sketch by the artist of portraitflip.
A charcoal sketch by PortraitFlip

The best valuable and inexpensive mother’s day gift that you can give your mom on mother’s day is a handmade sketch of her!

Nope, you don’t have to spend hours mastering the art of sketching; instead, you just have to click the link below and a sketch will be delivered to your home!

Check out the gallery below

6. Crossbody Bag 

a  woman in white shirt and blue jeans showing off her brown crossbody bag.
Image credits: stylecaster.com

Let your mom go out in style with a crossbody bag that’ll allow her to look chic and organize her belongings in a comfy bag.

Mother’s Day Gift For A Friend

If your bestie or a person whom you know is a proud mama, you can consider giving the below gifts to her! After all, all moms deserve mother’s day gifts.

1. Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth trackers : a blue Tile tag and white round one. tracker; kept on a table.
Image credits: pcmag.com

A tiny device that can be attached to everyday items like keys, and a wallet—a Bluetooth tracker can help to locate the location of the item!

Get this mother’s day gift so that your “mom” friend can easily find misplaced items.

2. Pet Portrait

If your friend is a mama of pets, you can give a mother’s day gift to her that’ll stick with her till the last moment—a pet portrait of her pet. As a proud owner of pooch and kitties, your friend would treasure the portrait with all her heart.

3. Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon fire stick with its remote.

A device used to stream online media, Amazon Fire Stick will let her stream her favorite shows without hassle.

4. Percale Sheets

a bed with percale sheets.
Image credits: bedroommood.com

Percale sheets are soft, cool, and breathable bed sheets that remove moisture and maintain a low temperature—good for a person who finds it hard to fall (and stay) asleep.

Give your mama friend these sheets as a mother’s day gift.

5. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

a woman sleeping peacefully with her head rested on a white pillow.
Image credits: Jill Schildhouse for rd.com

Better than regular pillows, Mulberry silk pillows cause less friction on the skin and hai— which means that they prevent any skin irritation!

6.  Perfume

a perfume bottle beside white flowers
Image credits: freepik stock image

Perfumes are one of the essential gifts for any occasion—so get perfume as per your friend’s liking and give it to her on the occasion of Mother’s day.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day is just a couple of days away and you’re still clueless about gifts? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of last-minute mother’s day gifts that are well suited for moms and can be given at the last moment.

1. Handmade Painting Gift Card

A gift card by portraitflip.
A gift card

When you wanna give a precious gift to your mom but don’t have time left, you can always get a gift card that’ll add credits to your mom’s account. With it, she can get a handmade painting of her choice!

2. Heat Pack

a woman pressing heat pad against her shoulder
Image credits: stock photography

Help your mom release stress by getting a thoughtful last-minute gift—a heat pack that’ll help her soothe stiff and sore muscles.

3. Easy Homemade Perfume

a spray bottle with homemade perfume.
Image credits: hgtv.com

When you have got no time—literally no time—for getting a mother’s day gift, this last-minute idea will be a savior. 

Just mix the water and essential oil of your choice in a spray bottle and you’re done—your gift for mom is ready! If you have got time, you can also go with other chic homemade perfume ideas on the internet.

4. Online Subscription

a vector image representing online media.
Image credits: vector image from freepik

At the last hour, when you’ve exhausted all your energies on finding a last-minute mother’s day gift, this option will always come in handy: an online subscription.

Whether it’s an online membership to the OTT platform or a yoga class, your mom will love it.

5. Fruit Basket

A fruit basket with fruits in it.
Image credits: freepik.com

Give your mom a dose of health with a fruit basket! This last-minute gift idea is great for moms who wouldn’t mind a dash of health on Mother’s Day.

6. Subscription Box

A woman placing a subscription box on a table.
Image credits: freepik.com

A gift that keeps on giving—a subscription box is not only a last-minute gifting choice but also a great mother’s day gift for all the moms.

Whether it’s a subscription to ice cream, treats, or clothing needs—your mom will like to receive those gifts every week (or month).

So those were mother’s day gift ideas for the special occasion!

Although giving a gift is a nice way to appreciate your mom, it’s nowhere closer to spending quality time with her. So whether it’s mother’s day or any occasion, catch up with your mom regularly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIYing a Mother’s Day gift is one of the best mother’s day gift ideas for moms. It shows how much love you put into making the gift, instead of purchasing it from a store. To make a mother’s day gift, you’ll have to decide what you want to make and accordingly search for a step-by-step guide for DIY crafts.

The best gifts for mom depends upon what will she actually like to have—Is it something nice and sweet? Or does she want something for home decor? You’ll have to think about what your mom wants and get that gift on mother’s day.

As the world has inclined toward the digital world since the pandemic, buying gifts online has become easier than ever. Although you can visit a local store or supermarket, you can also find almost any gift online.

As the world has inclined toward the digital world since the pandemic, buying gifts online has become easier than ever. Although you can visit a local store or supermarket, you can also find almost any gift online.

Despite the fact that all gifts hold value to the receiver, some gifts can be regarded as a great fit for Mother’s day gifts. Here are a few of them: handmade painting, gravity blanket, sleep aid device, timepiece, and more.

If your mom is one of those people who are not fond of receiving gifts, you can get a custom handmade painting made from her photo. This unique personalized gift will impress her regardless of the fact whether she likes receiving gifts or not.

Here are a few suggestions that are a great fit for a mother’s day gift: a family portrait, gold chain, plants, apple watch, and DIYed gift.

Mother’s day gifts can be given to any person who is a mom. Whether she’s your mother, sister, aunt, grandma, mother-in-law, or a friend that you know—mother’s day gifts are for all moms!

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