70 Gifts For Coworkers That Will Make Your C. W. Swoon

A co-worker receiving a gift from another co-worker
You’ll earn an "I’m awesome" badge once you give these coworker gifts to the people you work with.

Getting an office gift for the person whom you see every day can be a tad difficult—what do you get for someone whom you work with but don’t know personally?

But the bigger question remains: what will they actually like?

A congratulatory card for celebrating their promotion or a birthday cake sounds decent but is too mainstream.

The real deal is in giving a gift that is valuable and unique enough so they become friends with you even if you rarely exchange gazes 😉

Whatever the occasion might be, below you’ll find 70 amazing gifts for coworkers that’ll get ooh and aahs!

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Not Just A Coworker, But A Friend

A still from The Office, Season 4: Money

Ayee! I’m just telling you something useful, okay?

Before we explore coworker gifts, here’s an important note I’d like to share with you 🙂

You spend most of your time at the office, and the people with whom you work define your productivity and wellbeing.

Memorial Portrait

The things that happen in the office will often affect your personal life—stress, competitiveness, and shortcomings can leave you feeling vulnerable.

So, it’s vital that you look at the co-workers not just as “people with whom you work with” —rather you should communicate and treat them like your friends.

This way, it will be a pleasant and friendly environment for all the employees and will promote a healthy work-life balance.

So, celebrate their birthdays, milestones, goodbyes, retirement, and every little moment with joy and laughter.

Admire them with gifts and give ears to their thoughts when they need it the most. Because they’re not just your coworker, but also your friend!

Now let’s get back to the drill!

Unique Gift Ideas For Coworker

Whether it’s a retirement gift or a just-because gift to a colleague you admire the most; the below-listed colleague gifts are great for all the occasions.

1. Smart Bag For Dwight Shrute

A person wearing Smart Bag and looking at a distance.
Image Source: Amazon

A smart gift for a smart co-worker—this smart bag will let them keep their stuff organized! Not only do those smart bags have a USB charging station, but it also has an antitheft feature!

2. Dog Spec Holder To Keep Their Glasses Safe

A cute brown wooden dog spec holder with glasses.
Image Source: pinterest

A spec-tacular gift for the co-worker who misplaces their specs—this dog spec holder will help keep their spec safe and will make a cute addition to their table.

3. A Handmade Painting For The Dear One

a handmade painting of a lady is kept on stacked books  on a table. the painting is and by portraitflip's artist.

A gift that is worth more than 1000 words (or maybe more than 10000 words) — get a handmade painting for your coworker who fills your 9-7 with joy and laughter. I’m sure they’ll be emotional when they receive this gift!

Beware: this painting will surely make Pam jealous. (The Office fans will get the reference)

4. Anything Finder For The Forgetful

a hand keeping  keys attached to anything finder on a tray.
Image Source: Insider

Get a Bluetooth tag for the forgetful coworker who always asks you to find their misplaced purse!

5. Blue Light Filter Specs

two blue light filter specs on desk.
Image Source: Amazon

For the pals who spend their whole day in front of the screen, you can protect their eyes with blue light filter glasses! I’m sure they’ll never see blue again when you give this useful co-worker gift!

Hey! If you’re having Monday blues or are just bored, you might wanna check out funny office memes that you can relate to!

6) Bob Ross Plant

Bob ross plant
Image Source: pinterest

This cool gift will remind your colleague that there are “no mistakes, but just happy accidents”  whenever they feel down.

7) Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish coffee besides a fancy skull on a table.
Image Source: bizjournals

When the regular coffee isn’t enough to keep them awake during the day, get this powerful joe that’ll keep their eyes wide open till midnight.

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Funny Coworker Gifts

When you wanna give gifts that make your co-worker giggle when they open them—gag gifts is your best bet! Silly but sensible — below are 7 funny gifts that you can give to your friend at the desk!

1. Funny Mug

A white mug that has a quote written that says, "I survived another meeting that should have been an email"
Image Source: Amazon

—or may I say the reality mug? 

This “I survived another meeting that should’ve been an e-mail” is a perfect gag gift for the pal who hates attending meetings! Just don’t let your boss see this mug or else he’ll give a mugged look!

2. I am Groot…!

A cute Baby Groot Desk Flower Pot
Image Source: pinterest

You enjoy annoying him with your silly queries and dumb questions. But in the end, you love him more than anyone in the office.

Whether he’s a friend from the office or a companion in the outside world, this showpiece makes one of the best friendship day presents.

3. Funny Personalized Bobblehead

A funny bobble head of a lady.
Image Source: Etsy

This personalized gift that portrays them as action figures will keep their head bobbling through office hours.

4. Somehow I Managed

"Somehow I Manage" notebook with a funny cover that gives an impression that the book is written by Gary Scott from american sitcom: The Ofiice,
Image Source: Etsy

This book by Michael G. Scott will let your co-worker climb the ladder of success in no time! This book is an account of how Michael Scott became a business Tycoon.

(P. S: It’s just a notebook!)

5. Toilet Night Lamp

Toilet Night lamp lit in a dark bathroom.
Image Source: Amazon

When you wanna show your favorite coworker how much they mean to you, get this toilet night lamp to light up their night. I’m sure they’ll be flushed when they use this gift.

6. Tortila Blankets

a woman smiles as she is wrapped inside a tortila blanket.
Image Source: clickondetroit

Be an awesome co-worker and let them curl up like a burrito with a tortilla blanket!

7. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing with dignity adult playing card set.
Image Source: walmart

As the product is described as “Pictionary Meets Cards Against Humanity” —this adult party game is great for the co-worker who is always up for NSFW challenges.

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Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

When the Holiday season is around the corner, you can not miss giving these wonderful and practical Christmas gifts to the people who work with you 😉

1. A Handmade Painting For The One Who Misses Mom

oil portrait of a family. The painting is made by the artists of portraitflip.

Bring back the ‘long-gone’ people with a compilation portrait that’ll make anyone sentimental!

This piece of art will not only make a good present for Christmas but will last for seasons to come!  

Didn’t I tell you that this art piece will look great in home decor too?

P.S: you can get these amazing paintings for yourself too. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

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a still of Jim from The Office
A still of Jim from The Office

2. Double-Walled Bottle For The Long Commuter

a man in pink hood holds a white bottle   in one hand.
Image Source: thegadgetflow

Durable and Sleek- keep their drink hot for up to 12 hours and cold drink chilled for up to 24 hours with this bottle! Now, they’ll have their favorite drink at the perfect temperature while traveling.

3. Hand Warmer

a woman holding a hand warmer
Image Source: yankodesign

Warning: This gift is not cool!

Christmas is time for giving them a warm gift and what can be better than a hand warmer!

4. Books!

a focused photo of a stack of books in a  library.
Image Source: aubank.in

Reading is a novel idea (pun intended!)

Get your co-workers novels or self-help books (whatever they prefer) that’ll get their time moving!

5. Mini-Humidifier

Mini humidifier
Image Source: freepik

For the one who complains of a runny nose -this misting Christmas gift will take care of their allergies, and fill up the room with a pleasant aroma!

6. Cordless Wine Opener

a person opening a wine bottle with a cordless wine opener.
Image Source: thespruceeats

This corking gift will take away the stress of opening wine bottles this Christmas. No more spilled bottles now!

7. Adjustable Laptop Stand

a person using laptop attached to an adjustable laptop stand.
Image Source: Amazon

A holiday gift that any co-worker can stand to receive! This portable laptop stand with an ergonomic design will take the stress away from their back, regardless of whether they use the laptop on a sofa or bed.

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Birthday Gifts For Coworker

Say happy birthday and cake their day special by giving your coworkers wonderful birthday gifts!

1. Temp Control Coffee Mug

A temperature control coffee mug on a table
Image Source: digitaltrends

Make them pro-caffine-ator with this!

This Temperature control coffee mug will keep their drink warm throughout the day without the worry of their java getting cold.

2. Smart Watch

A person wearing black smart watch.
Image Source: freepik

Make your smart co-worker even smarter by giving them a smartwatch for their birthday. Now, on the one hand, they’ll have technology; on the other, they’ll have nothing.  Pun!

3. Moment Pebble

moment pebble
Image Source: techadvisor

A great gift to practice mindfulness—let them hit the pause button during the day with a moment pebble.

4. Funny Mousepad

a mouse pad that has a funny cartoonish pic of a cat using laptop. "Purr... My Last Email" is written on it.
Image Source: Etsy

Make their day more bearable with a funny mouse pad that your co-worker can use! Be it a cartoon-inspired pad or a pun printed simple mousepad—this gift is a nice choice for the person who is celebrating their birthday.

5. A Family Portrait

A family portrait of a man with his wife and child is turned into a

A priceless gift that’ll let them deeply bond with their family — a handmade painting made from digital photos is what you should get for your dear coworker this Christmas. We all have ups and downs, and the ones with whom we feel look up to in our family! So don’t miss giving this thoughtful gift to them 🙂

6. Aroma Therapy Kit 

various essentials oil kept inside a branded box.
Image Source: doterra

Get a Christmas gift for your coworker that is practical and costs only a few scents—Aroma Therapy Kit. This present will let the destress every night after long working hours!

7. Birth Month Flower Set

Birth month flower chart showing different flower for different month.
Image Source: freepik

Get clover basic birthday gift like cake and chocolate; instead gets some unique gift for your coworker: a birth month flower set.

Thank You Gifts For Coworker

Whether they help you with your work or if they occasionally get you coffee, or if they trained you in your field — sure your colleagues deserve thank you gifts. Take a look at the great 7 thank you gifts for coworkers below. 

1. Meditative Movement Pendulum

a snap of Movement pendulum
Image Source: Amazon

Don’t stress too much going back and forth with thank you gift ideas for coworkers! Get a Meditative Movement Pendulum that’ll help them keep calm when the work keeps piling up.

2. A DIYed Gift

Craft material  is kept on a blue background.
Image Source: freepik

Whether it’s a thank you card or a pie made by you; your coworker friend will truly appreciate any gift that is made by you.

3. Herbal Tea Kit

Different bowls containing Herbal teas
Image Source: westholmetea

For the coworker who adores tea but hates caffeine—a herbal tea kit is what you should get to show appreciation.

4. Dundies

Michael Scott presenting Dundies award
A still from The Office

Let them show everyone that they are the best employee by giving them a Dundie! I’m sure they will keep it at their desk always.

5. Succulents

A succulent growing on a white pot
Image Source: pexels

Appreciate them with gifts that are nature friendly and suit all the occasions! A succulent is the perfect thank you gift that they’ll love to receive.

6. Electric Glass Kettle

water boiling inside an electric glass kettle
Image Source: gulfnews

Give a glassy gift to your coworker that’ll let them heat up their water for warm drinks and cooking—an electric glass kettle.

7. Wine Infused Chocolate

wine infused chocolate  sprinkled with cocoa powder.
Image Source: freepik

A great gift that’ll let them destress every day—get them a gift that has their two favorite things: wine and chocolate.

Goodbye Gifts For Coworker

When it’s a sendoff, get an awesome farewell gift for your coworker that they will never forget who gave it to them. (You!)

1. Ugly Sweaters

A man wearing ugly sweater of a chicken.
Image Source: halloweencostumes

Let your co-worker leave in style with ugly sweaters. Ahem Ahem. I mean the best-looking sweaters. Not only a parting gift, but this is also a great kick-off for the holiday season too.

2. A Charcoal Sketch

a charcoal portrait of grandpa with his grandson is kept on a desk. painting made by the artists of PortraitFlip.

“The pain of a hard goodbye is the heart’s tribute to the privilege to love.”

– Beth Moore

It’s heart-wrenching saying goodbye to your dear co-worker, and they must feel the same about leaving the office. Why not give a farewell gift that’ll let them carry happy memories to their new office?  A charcoal sketch of their favorite memory will make them feel adored even when they’re at the new office.

3. Ideas Diary

a woman holding a pencil above a diary where "what's next?" is written.
Image Source: freepik

Let them jot down their thoughts and clear their mind with a diary! This cool gift will let them plan their journey ahead and jot down their creative ideas. Isn’t that interesting?

4. Portable Wi-Fi Device

an image featuring Portable Wifi
Image Source: Amazon

Connect with your coworker who is leaving by giving them a farewell gift that is quite useful; a portable wifi device. Now they’ll never have to worry about connection issues, whenever they’re on the move.

5. Lunch Bag

two cute lunch bags kept on table.
Image Source: Etsy

Don’t just wave a bye; give them a gift that’ll take them to the office every day: a classy lunch bag for a male coworker or a fancy lunch bag for the lady.

6. Coffee Soap

Coffee soap on a mat.
Image Source: coffeeaffection

Let them jump-start their day when they’re in the shower! A perfect gift for coffee lovers – now they will turn their procrastination into pro-caffination.

7. Business Card Holder (Leather)

an arm holding a leather  business card holder
Image Source: Etsy

Whether they are leaving for their dreams or to start their own venture—a leather business card holder will let them hand over their card in style.

Retirement Gifts For Coworkers

 A retired husband is often a wife’s full-time job.


It’s time to show some support and appreciation to the soon-to-be retiree with retirement gifts that’ll make their life easier and fun!

Below are 7 retirement gifts that are a great fit for appreciating your fellow coworker who is retiring.

1. Netflix and Sleep?

Netflix logo on screen
Image Source: indiatoday

With an OTT subscription of their choice, let them fill their free relaxation hours by watching their favorite TV shows and movies!

2. Travel Bag

Pink, green, and yellow travel bags
Image Source: freepik

Getting retired means that your beloved co-workers will spend a whole lot of time on vacation and catching up with people that they know. Traveling can become a task as you grow old — so get a travel bag that’ll help them pack their stuff and travel in style.

3. A Professional Camera

a professional camera focused on a subject.
Image Source: freepik

A no-negative gift for the retirement of a coworker: a professional camera that’ll let them capture moments professionally!

4. Jigsaw Puzzle

A hand moving a piece of Jigsaw puzzle
Image Source: freepik

Let them piece their free time together with a Jigsaw puzzle that’ll keep them occupied and keep their brain busy! After retirement, our brain tends to slow down and this gift will keep their neurons stimulated.

5. Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar support pillow
Image Source: nytimes

As their coworker, it’s your responsibility to support them! Get a lumbar support pillow and keep their back healthy 🙂

6. A Vacation Trip

a person stretching his arm while sitting on a cliff.
Image Source: Amazon

Let your soon-to-retire co-worker enjoy a leisure vacation, after all, they do deserve it!

7. Gift Card

a gift card
Image Source: freepik

For the time when you’re not sure what to get for them—a gift card always work like charm! From home decor items to handmade paintings, and from fancy gifts to food items—you can get a gift card for everything!

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Gifts For Male Coworker

From a fun desk game to an artistic gift that holds true value—you’ll find awesome gifts for the male coworker that they will love to receive on any occasion.

1. Football Table

a closeup shot of football table.
Image Source: pinterest

Is your coworker a football fan?  Let them kick their habit of talking football every time you meet with a football table!

2. Storm Cloud Barometer

A storm cloud barometer against blue background.
Image Source: thegadgetflow

Make your co-worker a forecaster without the need to become a climatologist first! With a Storm Cloud barometer,  they’ll become a weather expert in no time.

3. Reusable Planner

A reusable planner kept on a table.
Image Source: thejuneshop

For the plotter who loves to plan their every move—get a reusable planner that’ll let him organize his tasks.

4. Tool Pen

Tool pen set with different tools laid side by side on a white background.
Image Source: the-gadgeteer

For the co-worker who can’t get enough of his tools—get a tool pen that’ll make his work more convenient for him.

5. Best Employee Hat

A man wearing a turquoise t-shirt holds   a "Best Employee" hat.
Image Source: freepik

Show some love to your male coworker who works his ass off from 9-5 by getting a “Best Employee” hat. I’m pretty sure he’ll appreciate receiving it.

Painting of Two girls

6. Docking Station

A wooden Docking station with phone, watches, and sunglasses.
Image Source: pinterest

Let him charge his phone, watch, and keep all the accessories in the same place with a docking station.

7. A Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor portrait of a woman that is painted by artists of PortraitFlip.

Turn his favorite memory into a beautiful handpainted watercolor portrait that he can cherish for a lifetime—because those photos are better on canvas than on mobile phones!

Gifts For Female Coworkers

For the female coworker who makes your work a little more bearable—the following are 7 gifts that’ll show how much you appreciate her!

1. Zodiac Sign Socks

a collection of  colorful zodiac sign socks
Image Source: daniellamanini

For the lady in the office who is obsessed with the alignment of stars and moons—get her Zodiac sign socks that’ll keep her day shining!

2. Panda Light

a glowing Panda light
Image Source: bigsmall.in

An adorable panda that’ll guide your co-worker as she steps away from the bed in the darkness! 

3. Fruit Infuser Bottle

different fruit infuser bottles with fruits in it.
Image Source: rachelbustin

Show how grapeful you are to have her as a coworker by giving her a gift that’ll help her stay healthy and fit—a fruit infuser bottle.

4. Fruit Face Mask

a woman applying fruit face mask.
Image Source: freepik

A great gift for female coworkers—a fruit face mask will let her keep her face radiant throughout the day!

5. Cinema Box

a lit cinema box that reads " Find Joy In The Ordinary"
Image Source: Amazon

Motivate your bestie at work every day by illuminating her desk with a thoughtful message that’ll keep her enthusiastic!

6. Hair volumizer

Hair volumizer  products on a brown table.
Image Source: dreamstime

Brush her worries away by giving a gift that’ll let her keep her hair bouncy and shining—hair volumizer products. With this coworker gift, she will never have a bad hair day at work ever again!

7. Cat Flipflop

black, blue, orange, and cream colored flipflops
Image Source: aliexpress

A purrfect gift that is not a flop (actually it is)—get your female coworker cat Flipflops that she can wear indoors.

Cheap Gifts For Coworker

For the times when you wanna get a gift for your coworker, but payday is still far away—cheap but practical gifts for coworkers are your best bet.  Following are the 6 best gifts that are inexpensive but cool.

1. Funny Paperweight

a photograph of funny and weird faced paper weights.
Image Source: Etsy

Get an inexpensive but useful gift for coworkers—a funny paperweight—that’ll get them smiling while working.

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2. Desk Frame

Desk frame  with a photo of a mom and her daughter on a table.
Image Source: pepperfry

We love to treasure the memories in form of photographs and keep it close with us; and for that, give your co-worker a desk frame that’ll allow them to keep their dear photos with them as they work.

Psst, do you know you can get a pencil sketch for just $60? It’s cheap, unique, and worth every penny.

3. Phone Cover

a green Phone cover
Image Source: ebay

No matter what phone they use—android or ios—they sure need a phone cover to keep the phone safe. And that’s where you step in, a good coworker gifting a phone case!

4. Thermos

Pink and blue thermos bottle
Image Source: freepik

Let your coworker keep their hot drinks hot and cold beverages cold for a long time with a cheap coworker gift: a thermos.

5. Silk Eye Mask

white satin eye mask
Image Source: Amazon

For a light sleeper who always complains how they couldn’t sleep last night because of the faint light coming from the window—give them a silk eye mask that’ll help them sleep better.

6. Chocolates or Candy Box

A shot of candy box.
Image Source: photodune

When you’re looking for a cheap and last-minute gift for your co-worker for any occasion, a chocolate or candy box will save you every time!

7. Colorful Socks Set

colorful socks set
Image Source: freepik

A useful gift that your coworker will be able to use every day—give them socks set that’ll take the stress of searching for a pair of socks away!

So you know how to become their favorite, eh?

Coworkers are your friends in a professional environment, so never miss a chance to make them happy!

Whether it’s their birthday or a farewell party, you should appreciate them with kind gestures like something as little as giving a cup of coffee to them or helping them with work.

Also, don’t forget to give them some gifts!

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That’s What He Said!

Hey Fellas,

Thanks for sticking to the end, and I hope you found the gift for the coworker that you were looking for.

If you have any questions, you can comment down below.

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Depending upon the occasion, there are many gifts you can give to your fellow co-workers. Some of the best gifts include the Bob Ross plant, custom handmade painting, travel bag, reusable planner, and best employee cap.

Talk good about them, give them presents, be nice to them, and offer them help whenever you see them struggling with a task.

When the paycheck date is still far away, you can settle with inexpensive gifts like a power bank, a pencil sketch, chocolates, a bouquet, celebration cards, and more.

The type of gift you should give to a co-worker depends on the occasion and their liking. Although it’s always not possible for you to know what they’ll like, you can always settle with the gifts mentioned in this blog.

Whether they’re retiring or taking up a new challenge in their life, you can always give them some cool presents before they leave. While choosing a gift, you can always settle for a gag gift or a thing that they always wanted.

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