19 Best and Unique Christmas Gifts For Her

Unique gifts ideas for her

A woman plays an important role in our lives, whether it is our mother, sister, girlfriend or wife.

“We move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are.”   – Rupi Kaur

Many of the times the sacrifices that they make are so underrated that they are taken for granted and not even noticed.

This Christmas show your appreciation and gratitude by gifting the women in your life something special.

We know that choosing a gift can be a tough task, so to help you out, we have prepared a list of ‘Christmas gifts for her’.

It will act as a perfect guide for you.

1. Foot Massager:

Foot massager

She handles the kids, the household and every other problem that arises, almost effortlessly.

She is constantly on her toes tackling obstacles left, right and center.

A foot massager is a perfect gift to soothe the nerves of this valiant warrior.

This gift is assured to put a wide smile on her face.

2. Wonder Woman Apron:

Wonder woman apron

Want to make your girl feel extra special?

Remind her that she is still the most charming and beautiful person in your life.

Gift her, this cute wonder woman apron and make her feel like she is the living embodiment of the goddess of beauty and prosperity.

Every time that she cooks food for you, she will realize just how special she is to you.

3. Oil Painting From Photo:

oil painting for her

Do you tell her how beautiful she is often enough?

Well if you can’t say it then show it to her by getting an oil painting from a photo done.

A portrait of herself is sure to put a wide smile on her face.

4. Tote Bags:

Chumbak tote bags

Thinking of gifting her some random handbag, how boring!

The tote bag is a youthful twist to your traditional handbag.

Many e-commerce sites like ‘Chumbak’ also give you the option of different colorful and funky prints on your tote bag.

It is a classic accessory to go with your chic fashion wear.

5. Cooking Book:

Cooking book

Not everybody is a master chef but with a little bit of support mastering, a craft can become easy.

Is she fond of experimenting and constantly looks to try out new dishes?

Well, a cooking book is a perfect gift for her as she can try out several dishes and feel like a true culinary expert.

Your cute little chef (and no I don’t mean ‘ratatouille’).

6. Watercolor Painting From Photo:

watercolor lady painting

Does she make you feel like the luckiest person alive or do you feel really important to have her in your life?

If you don’t get the opportunity to tell this to her every day then show it to her by getting a watercolor painting from the photo of herself.

7. Personalized Necklace:

Personalized necklace

There is nothing more appealing than a personalized gift and tell me, which woman can resist the temptations of a really beautiful necklace?

A mixture of these two aspects is a sure shot way to rock her world.

The perfect addition to her attire whether it is a formal, traditional or casual party!

This is a perfect gift and I assure you that there will be no regrets later.

8. Makeup Set:

Makeup set

We all know and it is a well-established fact that women have been big admirers of makeup since its inception.

This is because it gives them the chance to feel like the most beautiful person in the world even if it lasts for only about a couple of hours.

The makeup set is a 100% winning formula to capture her heart and show that she actually means the world to you.

9. Acrylic Painting From Photo:

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

I’m sure that you must have at some point or the other just looked and marveled at the amazing beauty that she posses.

Turn her most beautiful memory into a custom acrylic painting and watch as happiness and joy oozes out from her.

10. Mantra Band:

Mantra band

Want her to know that she is the best and a true fighter?

Want her to know that she means the whole world to you even when you aren’t around to tell her all these things?

We have the perfect fit for you.

Gift her, a band which is inscribed with the message that you wish to give her.

Before every important meeting or decision, she can always look at it and know that there is someone who will always believe in her no matter what.

At times a little affirmation and belief can work wonders in a person’s life.

11. Scented Candle:

Scented candles

Does the fragrance of lavender, vanilla, and other such substances bring a huge smile to her face?

Does she love to decorate the house for every party and festive occasion there is?

If the above is true then we have just the perfect gift for her.

Scented candles are sure to make her feel like a kid in a candy store.

The scented candles are a really good way to set up a great ambiance.

12. Charcoal Portrait From Photo:

photo to pencil sketch

Gift her, a charcoal portrait and it will as a reminder of your unfailing and unconditional love for her every single day.

Watch as this simple gesture strengthens the bond of love and affection that you both share together.

13. Personalized Mug:

Custom mugs

This may sound a little too cliché or may have been used many times but nevertheless, it is a great gifting option to make the other person feel really special.

You can write something meaningful on the box so that every time that she gets up to have tea or coffee in the morning it is the first thing that she sees.

14. Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth speaker

In today’s world who does not like to listen to music?

Some like groovy tracks, some funky while some jazzy but love for music is still universal.

Discover the amazement and jump to the joy of listening to your favorite tracks on your very own Bluetooth speaker.

15. Pencil Sketch From Photo:

photo to charcoal sketch

I know what some of you must be thinking, but I draw worse than a 7-year-old child.

No worries many online platforms like PortraitFlip have come up which can help you with this problem.

Gift her, a sketch of herself and watch as the smile on her face becomes as wide as ever.

16. Customized Shirt:

Custom t shirts

Don’t we all love something that is customized?

Isn’t it a great way to celebrate your creativeness?

Well, gift her, a customized t-shirt which will aptly capture her funky and awesome nature.

It can even have a small message on the front so that she can relate to it.

17. Fit Bit:

Fit bit

This Christmas make a pledge to have a healthier lifestyle.

Many times we completely ignore our health due to the chaotic pace at which our lives take place.

A fit bit is a perfect way to track your progress and give you important analytical updates.

18. Colored Pencil Sketch From Photo:

colored pencil photo to painting

This festive season gift your other half, lady luck or whatever cute little name that you call her, a colored pencil sketch of herself.

A personalized custom portrait is a perfect way to showcase your love and affection for her.

19. Wesley Personalized Rollerball Pen:

Christmas gifts for her

Let your loved one realize how much importance they hold in your life by gifting them an exotic personalized rollerball pen.

Its sleek design and killer look will surely mesmerize her.

Christmas is around the corner and her expectations high.

Delivering a stellar performance under such conditions can be a tough task.

“There are only three things, women need in life: food, water, and compliments.”  – Chris Rock

Our team here at portrait flip hopes that this article has been of at least some use to you.

If you have any interesting idea or view that you would like to share with us please leave a comment in the comments section below.

Your feedback will be much appreciated!

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