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Have you ever seen yourself pondering over art and trying to learn why it is made in such an unfamiliar and unconventional manner? If so, then PortraitFlip’s Artwork Analysis category will take you through those famous artworks and explain their background, objective, and creative process in the most understandable way.

La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli: A Mystic Tale Of Love and Marriage

La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli featured Image

Welcome to the mythological world of Botticelli, where mystical tales were carved on canvas. Today, we are going to talk about his famous creation, ‘La Primavera’. Almost looking like a scene from a spiritual book and being one of the biggest tempura panels, Sandro’s La Primavera was nonetheless a masterpiece. La Primavera was one of […]

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird: Inside Kahlo’s Symbolism!

Self portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird cover image

Who would’ve thought a Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird can also be a medium to channel divorce grief? This was done by none other than the queen of self-portraits, Frida Kahlo!  Kahlo is infamous for being an open book through her self portraits, depicting different events and emotions from her life.  The Thorn […]

The Soul of the Rose (My Sweet Rose): Explanation of John’s Romantic Art

The Soul of the Rose (My Sweet Rose): Explanation of John’s Romantic Art

Finding love, sensuality, affection, and misery in one painting has made me fall for it. Yes, I am in love! I am in love with the beauty that the painting offers, with the vivid yet graceful colors, and with the amount of love the woman has for the roses. You must be wondering: Does a […]

Henri’s Woman with a Hat: What’s the Controversy Behind It?

a cover photo of woman with a hat painting

Doesn’t Woman with a Hat look like the most enthralling artwork? It does, right? Bright, contrasting colors and the subject being beautifully portrayed add a wow factor to its composition. But do you know it caused a stir at the Paris exhibition in 1905? Which made it face rejection with a heavy dose of remarks […]

Almond Blossom by Van Gogh: The Essence of Life in a Blossom Tree Painting! 

Almond Blossom cover image

Of grace, finesse, and life—that is what the painting Almond Blossom by Van Gogh screams at one look!  From his collection of flower paintings, this blossom tree art has definitely won millions of hearts across the world.  The blue color itself is perceived to be associated with calmness and even melancholy. With the endearing blue […]

Matisse’s Dance Analysis: What Do the Figures Represent in Dance by Matisse?

Dance by Matisse

Today my eyes fell on a weird yet amusing painting. It showed a group of naked people dancing in a circle with uncanny expressions on their faces. And suddenly, my mind was flooded with questions. “Is the art promoting some kind of cult?” “What type of dance does the artist want to portray?” The curiosity […]

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog: The Most Underappreciated Work of Romanticism

The cover photo of Wanderer above the sea of fog

Over 33 popular historical and fictional books have used Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog as their cover. Isn’t it a big milestone? Even if it is, you’ll be surprised to know that Caspar’s Wanderer art never received attention or massive praise from critics when its artist was alive. It was overlooked and purposely kept […]

The Backstory of Da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine: History, Themes, & More!

Analysis of Da Vinci's Lady With an Ermine (In-Depth View)

An interesting fact: Before the famous Mona Lisa, there was an artwork that possessed similar traits. The artwork features a lady holding almost the same facial expression as that of the Mona Lisa.   This is another oil creation by Leonardo that remained away from the limelight.  I’m talking about the painting that you know but […]

The Weeping Woman By Picasso: Demonstrating Agony Through Cubist Art! 

The Weeping Woman By Picasso cover image

Oh, this is pain, this is anguish! I faint, I fail. Now my body thaws; I am unsealed, I am incandescent. – Virginia Woolf I personally thought that this moving quote by the great feminist author would best represent The Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso!  We would think it is impossible for an edgy and […]

Disturbing Painting “Ivan the Terrible and His Son” Explained!

Ivan the Terrible and His Son cover image

What comes to  mind when you come across Ivan the Terrible and His Son? The first time I came across this title, the following questions pooled in: Who is Ivan? Why is he called Ivan the Terrible? And why mention his son? Does his son not have a name? There is a whole stream of […]