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Have you ever seen yourself pondering over art and trying to learn why it is made in such an unfamiliar and unconventional manner? If so, then PortraitFlip’s Artwork Analysis category will take you through those famous artworks and explain their background, objective, and creative process in the most understandable way.

The Wounded Deer Painting: Explaining Wounds of Frida’s Life

The Wounded Deer Painting: Explaining Wounds of Frida’s Life

“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares; I paint my own reality” One of the famous quotes by Frida Kahlo. Every artist presents their thoughts and feelings on canvas in one way or another. But no one has done it like Frida Kahlo. I would definitely agree on this, as whenever I came across her painting, […]

The Swing Painting: Exploring Eroticism and Desire with Fragonard

The Swing painting cover image

Does The Swing painting ring a bell to you?  A jovial beauty in the wilderness, happily hoisted in the air on her crimson cushioned seat of the swing.  With the charm of the lovely maiden, you almost miss out on the two figures on the ground level.  Yes, there are two men, one in front […]

The Death Of Socrates Painting: Descriptive Analysis of the Artwork

the death of socrates featured image

The Death of Socrates is a painting that holds a deeper meaning than what is shown on a canvas. It goes beyond Socrates voluntarily drinking hemlock and his students giving him patronage.  A creation by Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates pays homage to one of the greatest mathematicians of all, Socrates. Do you […]

Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement: Art History, Facts, & More

Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement: Art History, Facts, & More

This is the story of the year 1508.  The popes tasked a well-known artist to adorn the ceiling of the most famous place in Vatican City—Sistine Chapel. Now that I’ve mentioned the Sistine Chapel, can you guess the name of the artist? Who else other than the great Michelangelo? When you visit the Sistine Chapel, […]

Explaining The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Japanese Wave Art!)

Explaining The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Japanese Wave Art!)

In a mood for some stories? Then let me start my blog by narrating an interesting backstory about a country. 1639 was the year when a nation closed its borders and entirely disconnected itself from other countries. Western culture was banned, foreigners were dismissed, and entering or leaving the state became a punishable act. This […]

The Broken Column Explained: Frida Kahlo’s Unnerving Self-Portrait!

The Broken Column cover image

Many artists across the world have often surrendered to art to express any big and difficult emotions. The famous portrait artist Frida Kahlo is also one among them. And in today’s blog we are analyzing one of her special masterpieces, The Broken Column! For someone who has gifted the art world an avalanche of paintings […]

Café Terrace at Night by Van Gogh: Artists’ Depiction Of Rural France

Cafe terrace at night by van gogh featured image

Imagine you are in the streets of rural France, and it is nighttime. You are sitting in a little street-side cafe with a book in your hand, and a cup of creamy espresso with a croissant is set on your table! Despite being in a crowded cafe, you can still feel the solace in your […]

The Raft of the Medusa: A Horrific Tale of Survival Amid the Ocean

The Raft of the Medusa featured image

Art is a depiction of happening events, either in reality or in an artist’s imagination. Not necessarily that the events will always be pleasant or serene! And that is what lands us on the painting we are going to talk about today. The Raft of the Medusa! It is one of the famous paintings of […]

The Two Fridas: Analysis of Frida’s Double-Self Portrait

The Two Fridas: Analysis of Frida’s Double-Self Portrait

We have come across numerous renowned paintings in our lives. Each artwork tells you about its artist’s mindset and the places they’ve been influenced by. The histories behind those paintings are unique, capturing our minds. But today I came across an artwork whose saga captured my soul, leaving me with an emotional and aching feeling […]